Best Paper Shredder Review 2017



Every invention has its own significance according to the time it is invented in as need is the mother of all inventions it surely advocated this point that shredders were a need in 20th century. In 1935 it was invented for the first time by Adolf Hitler as he needed this tool to shred the anti-nazi propaganda so that he can avoid the investigation of the higher authorities. As time passed on the use of this tool became more and more common. These shredders are a machine which shreds the paper into strips so that there is no waste of paper.


These shredders have immense importance in todays time as they hold great significance in daily lives and even in official use. The most prominent significance these shredders behold is this that you can avoid paper theft of important documents. This is a tool that destroys the paper completely so that any important information is not left for others who may misuse it. Moreover this can be used to destroy the useless material so that there is no piles of waste material in the workplace or home.

Types of Shredders

There are multiple types of these shredders that come in different styles and designs that help you in different ways. They have different features and unique qualities so that it can perform its specific tasks. There is mobile shredding truck, kiosks and some provide shredding services by outsourcing which is a good option.

Recycling Waste

It is very important that we reduce waste as much as possible. And to do so there are various methods that is recycle the waste we produce. The waste created by shredded material can be recycles in a very smart manner. Firstly it can be used as animal bedding which can provide them warm and comfortable bedding. Moreover it can be used for coid filling of the transportation goods. Another very innovative use of these shredded waste material is the briquettes which is an alternative to the non-renewable fuels. While on the other hand this shredded waste material can be used with other materials to make a compound that can be used for further insulation of the underside of the roof.

Best Recommended Shredders with their Key Features

Here are few of the best shredders that can be bought according to your use that is whether you want to use it for homely purposes or you want to use it for commercial reasons.

Sentinel FM101P 10-Sheet High Security Micro-Cut Paper/Credit Card Shredder. This is an amazing shredder that can shred credit cards as well. This highly secured shredder shreds the paper into minute pieces that it is extremely difficult to reassemble it. It can shred about 10 sheets at one pass and one credit card at a single pass. It has the feature of auto start and stop with reverse feature as well. It is noise less shredder that works quitely. The manufacturers offer a 1 year limited warranty. You can get this in just $90.

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder. Now here is another shredder which is manufactured by AmazonBasics which can shred multiple things like paper, credit cards and CDs even which is a difficult task to do so. This shredder cuts the material into strips that are very thin to reassemble. There is auto and manual reverse function so that there are no jams while it is operating. This is a very efficient shredding maching which is available in just $30 which is very cheap.

Bonsaii DocShred C156-D 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder with 5.5 Gallon Wastebasket Capacity and Window. Bonsaii is another brand in the queue which makes quality shredders that work very efficiently and smartly. This is cross-cut shredder which shreds the paper into small pieces. This shredder has a basket which has much capacity that can hold waste of around 5.5 gallons. This shredder is available in just $55-$57.

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Jam Proof 16-Sheet Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder. Fellowes is a brand that is extremely pro in making these shredders. They produce multiple types of shredder depending upon your use. They make shredders for offices, homes and even for commercial use. This is a jam proof shredder that would not stuck in between its work rather complet its task. This shredder even has an LED indicator for guiding you that the basket is full and needs to be emptied. This is suitable for using in small offices or home offices. This shredder can be bought at a price of $168-$170.


Bonsaii EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Cross-cut Paper Shredder with 60 Minutes Running Time, 6 Gallon Wastebasket Capacity and 4 Casters. Here is another model of shredder by Bonsaii which is full of extensive features again that are highly helpful. This shredder has 4 casters which makes it portable and you can move it to those spaces where it suits you best. It has a continuous running time of 60 minuites which is best for small offices as their usage is not of that high level. This amazing shredder can be bought in just $156-$158.

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder with Pullout Basket. Now this shredder has some more unique features. It has a pull out basket so that you can check whether it is full or needs to be emptied. It shreds paper into tiny pieces that are difficult to recover. Thereby you can buy this in just $64-$66.

Aurora 6-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper/Credit Card Shredder without Wastebasket. Now here is a cheap option available for you. That is you can get this shredder at a very low price of $20-$22. This shredder does not include a basket hence any other basket can be used with it as it is appropriate for using it at your home.

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder. Now here is another version of shredder by Fellowes. this shredder beholds qualities like SafeSense Technology that is it stops the shredding of paper when hands touch the paper opening. It cross cuts 18 sheets in one pass which is extremely usefull. Hence you can get this shredder for your organization in just $30-$34.

Fellowes Powershred W11C, 11-Sheet Cross-cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder with Safety Lock (3103201). Now this model of Fellowes has some other technology like SafetyLock that is a patented feature of Fellowes which disables the shredder for safety purposes. This efficient shredder can be bought in just $62-$64.

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder. here is another shredder by AmazonBasics which is capable of cutting paper into pieces in one go easily. It has LED indicators along with angled feed entry for the added protection. You can get this in just $34-$36.

Final Words

Working is fun when you get the best tools to work with. Keeping your documents safe and sound is very important. But if there are any documents that are useless to you but useful to some other person it is very important that you destroy them so that they are not used in improper manner. Hence shredders are the best tool to get rid of these documents. Some of the best ones are mentioned above from which you can select for your yourself depending upon the level of need and budget. Lastly the waste is even recycled which is healthy manner to work in.

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