Find out Best Bookshelf Speakers Here

Best Bookshelf Speakers

If you are looking for the reasons so as to why you should buy bookshelf speakers? Or you are looking for the best bookshelf speakers for your room or lounge, in both the cases you are perfectly at right place. This article is intended to provide you a comprehensive detail upon the characteristics of the best bookshelf speakers. Which are the best ones as well as why you should be buying them. All these questions will be comprehensively answered in this article pertaining to all the questions come across in your mind. The best thing about bookshelf speakers is you can place them anywhere you want in your home, they can not only provide you with the best possible features but also enhances the interior beauty of your home. Their versatility and design provides your home with the best interior look that only enhances the look but also provides your home with the most glamorous look.

These best tiny creatures can be perched, place in the middle of the lounge or room or can be made fixed as your surroundings. In order to choose the best possible bookshelf speakers there exists various fantastic options available.

In order to enhance the level of entertainment at your home theatre system with sound bars are the possible options but these can never be as best as the bookshelf speakers are. You don’t need to consider the expensive home theatre options and don’t let your wallet empty that way. Best bookshelf speakers can provide you with the best feeling of home theatre in less amount than that of home theatre options. However, you need to look around the best characteristics before buying the bookshelf speakers for your home.

Characteristics of a Best Bookshelf Speakers:

Following are the features that you need to see whenever you are buying a bookshelf speaker. This will help you in choosing the best bookshelf speaker without any confusion.


Pragmatically, the sound each speaker produces is considered to meet the hearing need of a human ear. Be it the lowest that is 20 kHz or the highest that is 20,000 kHz. Bookshelf speakers the ones considered as the medium sound creator speakers that have the ability to meet the requirement of the listener. Therefore, in case of their productivity or performance you must need to consider the level of sound a speaker can produce up to what extent. This will ultimately determine your need and requirement level and this way it will be easier for you to choose the best bookshelf speaker for you.


 The shape and design of the speakers impact a lot on the Bass of the sound that impacts ultimately on the intensity and quality of sound one desire to listen. Bass actually inserts pressure outward that gives a flaring sound in the music and this causes additional effects in the sound.

Technically, the level and type of sound your speaker produces depends upon the size of your speakers. Small speakers creates less sound while large speakers creates huge sounds. Small speakers can be placed at narrow places or places like bookshelves. While large speaker’s needs large space as they have big woofers that produces big sounds.


Drivers are enclosed within the speakers and are the main creator of sound and are therefore referred to as the sound transducers. Usually the drivers are with low frequency that produces sounds with bass with medium ranged tunes complementing with a tweeter. On the other hand, high frequency drivers are made to produce high ranges of high sound frequencies. There exists a pathway to drivers that help them in executing the right sound with right bass and frequency, this pathway actually send signal to that frequency which ultimately produces the sound.  It is a known fact that large drivers are unable to produce sounds with high bass, they produces lower bass due to the movement of more air with extremely high pressure.

Besides, their manufacturing and the material for drivers used in the speakers also impacts upon the quality and the frequency of the sound a speaker is made to produce.

Sound Controls:

The speaker is the one which provides you with the facility to adjust the type of music you want to hear. Either with bass or without bass, in both the cases sounds can be controlled according to your mood, environment and desire. Therefore, always look around these options before buying the bookshelf speaker for your home.


Always go for those brands which provides you with the warranty of minimum a one year. This will enhance your level of trust upon your manufacturer. Besides, this will creates the reliable relationship between you and your manufacturer. On the other hand, in case your speakers creates any issues within the given time of warranty, you can contact the service center of your manufacturer even online to get help in order to get your speakers fixed within no time.

Top Six Most Recommended Bookshelf Speakers

Following are the top most recommended Bookshelf Speakers that you must consider before buying the ones for yourself.

Pioneer SP – BS 22 – LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loud Speakers (7-1/8” x 12-9/16” x 8-7/16” & weighs 9 lbs 2 oz)

The pioneer SP – BS 22 – LR is very beautiful, highly acclaimed and award winning series of speakers. The above bookshelf speakers is assembled with RF molded curved cabinets to reduce internal standing waves for the better sound results. Similarly they are designed with four structured surface woofer with oversized magnets and also have vented pole piece for improved and quality bass response. The above bookshelf speakers also have the one high efficiency soft dome tweeter which helps in smoothing the high frequency reproduction of speakers even at high volume levels. The speakers have six element complex crossover with perfectly blends audio between the woofer and tweeter for greater accuracy and better sound. The price ranges from 119 to 129$.

Polk Audio T 15 Bookshelf Speakers, Pair, Black

The above bookshelf speakers of the polk audio T 15 is known for superior home theater and music performance produced by the speakers. The Polk Audio’s have exclusive dynamic balance drivers and tweeters for wide response and low distortion of sound beets. The above bookshelf speakers have rubber driver which surrounds for a lifetime of reliability and high performance of sound beets. The bookshelf speakers of polk also have the wide dispersion drivers and tweeters in it. The speakers is designed with the magnetic shields enclosures for reducing the distortion in sound from nearby video sources and improved audio sound clarity. The above bookshelf speakers are also assembled with sonically matched speakers which work together with each other in a synergistic manner and each speaker is performing a specific function with an integrated speaker system with the balance response among all speakers for the quality and clarity of sound. Similarly the above bookshelf speakers have sensitivity with 89dB 5-1/4″ dynamic Balance polymer composite woofer surrounded by the rubber and 3/4″ dynamic Balance silk / polymer composite tweeter with neodymium magnet with help of which the speakers have the ability to deliver a lush, balanced soundscape for the user. The above bookshelf speakers also have the key whole slot for the mounting on wall and it can be used for optional mounting hardware which is not included. The price ranges from 49.98 to 70$.

Klipsch R-14M 4-Inch Reference Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black)

The above klipsch R – 14 M bookshelf speaker are designed in such a beautiful and an amazing way that it can fills the small to medium rooms with a powerful and lifelike performances. The said bookshelf speakers have 1-Inch aluminum Linear Travel Suspension and horn-loaded tweeter for the better sound. Similarly the bookshelf speakers also have 4-Inch copper-spun with high-output IMG woofer for the best bass production. The klipsch bookshelf speakers are assembled with brushed black polymer veneer cabinet for producing the soft and smooth sound to the listeners. The price ranges from 147 to 170$.

WALI One Pair of Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket with Tilt and Swivel for Large Surrounding Sound Speakers SWM201, Black

The above bookshelf speakers is known as side clamping speaker mounts having one pair to mount along with two speakers. The said speakers are very easy to install with 45 degrees swivels and 7.5 degrees tilts adjustable. Similarly the above bookshelf speakers have supportive speakers up to 55 lbs. having weight of 25 kg. And for the installation and better sound performance the speakers must be between the 5.3 and 11 inches wide to fit inside the clamp. The package of the above bookshelf speakers have one pair of side clamping mounts along with manual and mounting hardware. The price ranges from 15.59 to 22$.

Panasonic Micro Home Audio Sound System SC-HC39 (Metallic Silver) Bluetooth Music Play, Stylish Design

The Panasonic micro home bookshelf speakers have the sleek micro home audio system which is very easy to mount on the wall of home. You can enjoy the best audio sound with this bookshelf speakers because it have robust bass which is parallel to the largest music system. The said bookshelf speakers also have the best hear brighter vocals and crisper dialogue with lincs D-Amp and it is the best sound producing equipment in the speakers. The above Panasonic bookshelf have synced Bluetooth devices and you can enjoy the music and podcasts with this Bluetooth device. Similarly it also have power cord for better performance. The price ranges from 109.99 to 130$.

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair)

The Micca M B 42 X bookshelf speakers have the best balanced woven carbon fiber woofer. This woven carbon fiber woofer helps and enhances the transient voice with impactful bass for the improvement of the sounds. The above bookshelf speakers have the highest performance of silk dome tweeter which not only smoothens the treble but also helps in accurate the imaging of the sound for listeners. The said bookshelf speakers is assembled with high optimized 12 Db crossover along with zobel network and also have baffle step compensation for production of the soft sound impact for the listeners of music. Similarly the above bookshelf speakers have ported enclosure with this best ported enclosure the speakers deliver extended bass with lowest distortion of the music. By these great features of the Micca M B 42 X gives a dramatically transformation of the sound signature that is amazingly balanced, open and dynamic. And places a best impression upon the listeners. The price ranges from 59.99 to 80$.

Specifications Pioneer SP – BS 22 – LR Klipsch R-14M 4-Inch WALI One Pair of Side Clamping
Brand Name Pioneer Klipsch — — — — —
Model Number SP-BS22-LR R – 14M WL- SWM201
Color  Wood Black  Black
Speaker Type Bookshelf Outdoor/Surround Mounting Bracket
Speaker Connectivity Wired Wired — — — — —
Item Display Depth — — — — – — — — — —– – — — — — —
Frequency Response — — — — – — — — —- — — — — — — —
Price range $119.99 to $129.99 $ 147.00 to $ 167.00 $15.59 to $21.59


Conclusively, these bookshelf speakers are the best solution to your desire to incorporate home theater at your home. These speakers can provide you with the best feeling of home theater in half amount than that of home theater or any other most expensive option. Bookshelf speakers amazingly fits in your wall, you can perch them in there. You can fix them as your surroundings or you can adjust these speakers as your main things in your lounge or bedroom. Bookshelf speakers are therefore the best options for you in case you are looking for inexpensive speaker’s option that can meet your desire to upgrade the level of entertainment at your place as well as will meet your budget requirements. They can replace the floor standing speakers within the half cost one spent on floor speakers. Lastly, with this inexpensive budget deal which is providing you the facility to make your lounge floor a complete entertainment floor, be it a cinema or a dance floor.

You can enjoy with your bookshelf speakers within your budget requirements and your desire to make your room or lounge with full of entertainment. Therefore, if you are looking for the best bookshelf speakers that suits you the best, this article is a must read thing. As this is written to help you in selecting the best Bookshelf speakers range that meets your budget requirements as well.

Find Best Jawbone Bluetooth Here

Jawbone Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a common technology word which is used for data exchange over short distances and the main purpose of Bluetooth device is the communication between computers, mobiles and other devices via using short-range connections.

In the old days, the personal digital assistant needs to buy a three in one phone that could double as a portable phone at home or in the office for using Bluetooth connectivity. With the passage of time, things have been changed and now we can connect all the devices very easily over short distances via Bluetooth devices.

The short-wave length range of Bluetooth is from 2.4 to 2.485GHz which is mainly used for fixed and mobile devices and for making personal area networks. First time, Bluetooth was invented by Ericsson in 1994, later it was originally conceived as a wireless alternative.

Specifications of Jawbone Bluetooth:

Length 2 inches
WEIGHT 6 grams
Features Noise Assassin 3.0

No Wind sounds during call

Bigger Speakers 25%

HD Audio for all type of audio

MyTalk network Download apps and enjoy different functions, you can change language also
Colors Black, Silver, Brown, Red
Charger Micro-USB
Battery timings Up to 4 hours


Why consider a Jawbone Bluetooth??

Jawbone is an American company built in December 1, 1999 and the founder of company is Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman. It is present in San Francisco, California and they make wearable technology such as audio, video devices, wireless speakers, Bluetooth and related telecom products. In short, we can say Jawbone makes best internet things.

Jawbone has given freedom to all those people who talk a lot on the phone, internet or any digital device. Now a hands-free Bluetooth device will perform all the connectivity functions. Previously phone lovers had issue with wireless Bluetooth for long calls but now jawbone has sort out all the issues and they are presenting jawbone Bluetooth device in very fashionable design with all the main features. This device is the smallest and attractive device and you can wear it anytime anywhere without any hesitation. Let’s discuss its some further features in detail.

The Bluetooth headsets control many things such as answer or reject the call, end the call, switch between calls, end one and switch to another call, adjust volume according to your preference, pause or play your music file, in standby mode you can hear remaining battery level and press several times to play your resumed track or music file.


If we come to the unboxing of jawbone Bluetooth then I must tell you that it comes in three different sizes small, medium and large. I prefer the medium size because it is the most comfortable and easy to wear and it easily gets fit in your ears. The jawbone is surprisingly the best comfortable ear buds that get easily adjust in your ears. You can use it easily with one hand also furthermore the leather ear easily fits in the ear buds and these ones are extremely soft and comfortable.


Jawbone Bluetooth is smallest and stylish headset with brilliant connectivity features. This gadget is so small and secretive kind of device that we have seen this kind of product first time. We can wear it anytime without any fear of judgement.

This jawbone Bluetooth has very light weight which is just six grams. The weight is nothing as compare to any other head set, it is very light weight device and its length is only 2 inches long. This hand set is 42% smaller than its previous version. It is available in many different colors such as black, silver, brown and red. It is consisted of an ear bud, soft silicon ear gel cover and a power switch.

Jawbone Bluetooth has micro-usb charging port which is present on the back side of head set. This is a big change because we have seen mostly headsets require proper cable or connector for their charging. The device has multifunction command button that is present aside from the power switch.

Noise Deduction:

Jawbone has improved a lot in this Bluetooth head set because the main issue of users was background noise in long calls. This time they have sort it out via small rubbery which is present next to power switch. The purpose of this rubbery is to vanish the background noise on calls. The jawbone has installed Noise Assassin 4.0 for the removal of noise background.

How does this device work?

If you will press it once it will answer or end a call furthermore it switches calls if two are active. If we press it 2-times it will make a redial whereas pressing it 3-times will start your phone’s music player with the last resumed music track. The biggest issue with this jawbone Bluetooth is adjusting volume level because it lacks a volume control slot. If we want to adjust volume level we must press the command key for few seconds to cycle volume low or high.

Let’s look at their comfortable ear kit in which they have provided a simple procedure to follow. You just put handset in your ears and it will be easily slipped its ear bud in one direction. Down side of this headset is in curve shape which gives us better channel audio into ear canal. This head set has best positioned ear buds. Upper side of the gel carries a hook that is made to curl around the inner fold of your ear lobe. It comes with multiple ear gels.


If we compare it with other devices then I will must tell you it is the better head set than any other because other devices usually take about 15 to 20 seconds to adjust comfortably in your ears. The Jabra Motion’s large rubbery ear piece and ear loop provides much better fitting than this Jawbone one. It is much more comfortable than Plantronics Voyager Legend head set.

If we set up the Jawbone Bluetooth from start without reading any manual was child’s play. You just need to switch the gadget on while holding down the command for a few seconds. It will go in to pairing mode and then you can link it with smart phone.

Mobile Application:

Jawbone mobile app is used to search any near jawbone gear and it will search automatically the device. The application offers some other brilliant features also which includes finding the era if you have misplaced it furthermore it has ability to customize your command button’s function. It also gives us some tips to how to use the product perfectly via FAQ and other documents.

The application has some other features also in which one is to speak to others in different form of voices. This is fun type of thing and it has many different voices such as gruff mobster, MI7 like ace, arcade and the sultry bombshell. It looks like full entertainment package to keep the fun factor high. These things always make the device interesting and catchy.

The application is the best thing to work with jawbone Bluetooth headset. The best feature of this application with these headsets is automatically reminder and even it can automatically dial into conference call if you have set any. The software is quiet smart to collect all the numbers in dial-in codes. We haven’t tried this device personally so we can tell any perfect results.

Crystal Clear Voice:

The best thing about Jawbone Bluetooth head set is voice clarity because of its noise assassin. It has provided us best results in voice as compare to any other head set even indoor home its clarity is like landline voice clarity. This is the very big achievement to have voice clarity like landline number even we are on road and highly traffic rush, caller will hear only our voice even we have tried it in jungle and it has given us totally brilliant results.

One thing which users have felt in this headset is addition is noise before user spoke. The main reason of this issue is fractional delay before the voice activity sensor that means sometimes voice sensor works faster than the user voice. Sometimes the noise assassination got mixed up with the noise-cancellation circuit. When we compared this jawbone Bluetooth with Plantronics headset, Plantronics one couldn’t beat the superior quality of jawbone one.

Battery Comparison:

Let’s compare it with other devices in case of battery timings, sadly Jawbone Bluetooth has disappointed us in battery section. It is providing us only 4 hours with full 100% charging and it provides 10 hours with its optional battery case whereas the other headsets such as Jabra Motion and Plantronics Voyager are providing 7 hours continuously. The price of Jawbone Bluetooth also arises very quickly as compare to other two headsets. This is a biggest draw back in jawbone headset else it works brilliantly.


The best part of jawbone Bluetooth is its USB-Charger because we can connect it with any data cable and it easily starts charging. Previously we have seen that mostly headsets come up with mini usb charger which makes issue because for that you should also keep its specific cable with you. Now with USB-charger you are free to move with only one data cable.

Recommended Bluetooth Headsets:

Related Product:



  • Fully Wireless
  • Best sound quality for every genre of music
  • Strong Wireless Connectivity
  • Easy to wear and secure
  • Sweat Proof
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • One Year Warranty

Related Product:



  • Plastic case, easy to carry, protected cover
  • High quality sound
  • Fast charge, 9 hours talk time
  • Compatible with almost all smart phones
  • Accessible Mute button
  • Micro-usb charging

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  • Sweat proof
  • 3D neck
  • High Quality Audio
  • Dual Battery
  • Receiver every app notification

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Bluetooth Headphones Amoner Sweatproof:


  • 0 noise cancellation
  • Easy to fit
  • Longer Playtime
  • Excellent Wireless Connectivity
  • Universal Connectivity

Related Product:



  • 8610 noise cancellation
  • Usb car charger support
  • Flexible ear buds
  • Connectivity of two devices at one time
  • Strong signals strength
  • Easily paring, clear music quality
  • Usb car charger support
  • Automatic voice prompt
  • Extra car charger for emergency 

Related Product:

Wireless Bluetooth Fantime Headphone:


  • Bigger Battery, long-lasting time
  • Extraordinary charge box
  • Compatible with all devices
  • High quality audio
  • Built in mic
  • Access of ending calls
  • Ear Caps available

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Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Sweatproof:


  • 5000 mAh portable charging case
  • Latest Bluetooth
  • Clear sound and beep
  • Stereo Mode
  • Easy wears
  • Fully wireless connectivity
  • Mono mode
  • Sweat proof


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  • No wire
  • Built in mic
  • Fast Magnetic Charging
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Easy to connect and use
  • Easy and secure to wear
  • Water proof
  • Sweat proof
  • Good for Showering
  • One year warranty

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  • Easy and secure fit
  • Light weight
  • Stereo and mono mode
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Latest Bluetooth technology
  • Best signal strength


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Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Battery Magnetic:


  • Full Wireless Connectivity, no need of cable
  • Magnetic charging
  • Built in Mic
  • Sweat proof
  • Easy to fit and full secure
  • Strong battery with long-lasting power


Jawbone headset is better in almost all ways and the first best thing is its perfect little size, which easily adjusts in your ear buds moreover it is totally soft and comfortably one. These are the best stereo headphones among all other and it has no comparison in its stereo testing. It can disappear the whole world in your imagination because of its stereo power and these headsets makes you feel that only you and the sound which you have chosen to play has existed in this world.

The biggest bad point of jawbone Bluetooth headsets is battery timings because it has weak power than its competitors. So, if you want good battery timings then you can pick the other two Jabra motion or Plantronics headsets. Except the battery timings issue, the jawbone Bluetooth headsets has worked perfectly for me.

Jawbone Bluetooth headsets has best noise assassin as compare to all other ones and this is the main reason that it will easily attract more customers towards it rather than any else. People can compromise on battery timings but better voice quality cannot be compromised. So, Jawbone Bluetooth has scored better points in voice quality. It is little bit expensive device if we compare it with the other ones but as we all know that if we want best then you must pay some extra for it.



Top Fitbit Reviews

Fitbit Reviews

Fitbit is a first name comes to your mind when we want some expert for our health and daily routine because it has the best ability to record every step of your life, your sleeping pattern, jogging, heart rate etc. In 2017, Fitbit has launched Fitbit Alta HR whereas in 2016 they have been gained a lot of success with Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2.

Some products of Fitbit such as Zip, Charge and Flex are specially for simple users while Blaze and surge are for tech people and for those people who are into their exercise happy.

Let’s go and check some amazing devices of Fitbit.

Fitbit Charge 2:

Fitbit charge 2 has some major advantages plus some major dis advantages. First, I will tell you it’s advantage that it has much larger screen as compare to other previous Fitbit devices furthermore it has the comfortable strap which easily fits in your end. Charge 2 can easily record your daily routine that includes jogging, running, walking etc. It calculates every step of your life. The main dis advantage of Fitbit Charge 2 is limited notification, it has limited access to your notification bar. The other disadvantage is it No connectivity to GPS.

Fitbit Blaze:

Fitbit blaze has some different design shape which some user’s like and some people dislike it. By design, it doesn’t look like some smart watch because it has so much originality with real watch. It has amazing battery life which is the biggest advantage because people don’t have much time to charge the devices every time. It has some interesting fitness features such as Smart Track but it is also packed with limited notifications.

Fitbit Surge:

Fitbit surge is totally opposite to the above-mentioned devices because it is designed like some 80’s classic watches plus it has built-in GPS via which we can easily record our walking, jogging track. It also records our daily walk and provides us full info of health on dashboard. The main bad point of Fitbit surge is weak battery life because it doesn’t provide us as long-lasting battery as some other Fitbit devices provides us.

Fitbit Alta HR:

Fitbit Alta HR has the slimmest, stylish, trendy and fashionable looks among all other its competitors. It is packed with accurate and quick heart readings because it can calculate your heart beats, heart-rate and everything related to heart. The screen is little bit unresponsive which impacts a bad point plus it works very bad in bright lights.

Fitbit Flex 2:

Fitbit flex 2 carries very entertaining software which has many fun-filled features. It is very light and easy to wear but it doesn’t have good battery timings and the battery takes too much time while charging.

Fitbit Alta:

Fitbit Alta has good stylish design with long-lasting battery life. This device is not waterproof at all.

Fitbit Zip:

Fitbit Zip easily gets fixed with your pocket and it has perfect and accurate tracking record.

Recommended Fitbits:

Following are the most recommended Fitbit reviews;

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband:

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband is packed with dual big features which we can see from its name. One major feature is heart rate calculator and other one is fitness calculator. This wristband has automatic calculator which calculates each calorie and even tell us how much u have burnt or you need to burn. The best part of this smart watch is Notification status, via which we can receive phone calls, SMS and other social platform notifications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. All the features will be displayed on its perfect OLED screen. This Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband has better understanding of user’s because it tells us fitness level score via which we can improve our heath in very less time. It is your daily routine calculator which goes everywhere with you and a perfect health companion.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch:

Fitbit blaze smart fitness watch is a best heart zone calculator which records perfectly your every heartbeat, heart rate and its requires no uncomfortable chest strap during its calculation. It works best even without them furthermore it has multi functions such as it calculates your running, jogging, cardio, biking, cycling etc. It records every exercise and compare other workouts to your dashboard. This Fitbit blaze smart fitness watch just connect with GPS and it records your duration and distance of your jogging/ walking and any other exercise. It also provides us the SMS access also by which we can get SMS reminder even though we can receive reminders on our social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. It provides full instruction and guidance to its users.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch:

Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch is your one in all companion because it records from heart beat to your fitness level. It records every heart rate, heart beat and everything plus it is the easy to handle device during exercise, hiking or jogging. It simply records your tracks and tells us which is the easy way to follow. It makes summary of your every workout and exercise and provides us the info that which day we did best furthermore calorie calculator also works in Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch. The watch provides us the SMS/Call access also by which we can get SMS reminder even though we can receive reminders on our social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. The new thing which we have seen in this watch is its automatically syncing to your computer/ laptop and it is compatible with 150 leading smart phones.

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband:

The Fitbit charge watch automatically sync with your computer and laptop furthermore it is compatible of connecting with 150 latest smart phones. It has latest Bluetooth version 4.0 installed in it and for syncing, it needs an internet connection and USB port. The syncing range is only 20 feet. This watch is totally water resistant that means it can work with sweat, rain but this doesn’t work good while swimming or shower. It works better if the skin stays dry and clean because battery can get damage with water. Its battery long-lasts for almost 5 days. This wrist band is loaded with so many excellent features such as distance calculator, calories burn calculator, sleep measure table, pedometer and so many more. This watch calculates each step even though it fully records your distance, place and much more. It works during walking, running even in virtual pacer too.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker:

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker is the best sleeping monitor because it can easily record that how long and how well you have slept. It wakes you easily with a silent alarm and it doesn’t disturb your partner. We can easily sync it with computer/ laptop and it has latest Bluetooth technology 4.0. It set goals for you and we can view the progress of our fitness easily via it furthermore it records our daily steps, distance, calories and stairs climbed.

River son Fitness Tracker Watch:

River son Fitness activity tracker is one way ahead than the Fitbit Watches because most of them are available with GPS integration that allows the satellites very quickly to calculate the accurate track where you do your jogging, exercise or any other health related thing even it works under the tree also. River Son Fitness Tracker watch calculates each step even though it fully records your distance, place and much more furthermore It works during walking, running even in virtual pacer too. This River Son Fitness Tracker watch tracks your whole routine of full day which includes your swimming, running, walking, biking etc. and you can manually also set the time of any exercise. It is also capable of calculating heart rate, heart monitoring whole day with full perfection. The new and latest feature of this smart watch is sleep tracker in which it tells us how much hours you need to sleep or how much hours you lack. The watch provides us the SMS/Call access also by which we can get SMS reminder even though we can receive reminders on our social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. It has built-in charger via which we can easily charge it anywhere, while doing exercise, jogging anywhere without any need of wire.

Anmier Fitness Tracker Watch:

Anmier Fitness Activity Tracker Bracelet is your daily calculator which calculates each step of your routine which contains your track steps, your every distance, how much calories you have burnt, sleep calculator and your daily exercise, jogging plan. It has some also latest features such as remote control, calling emergency phone if you lost your phone furthermore this watch has access of SMS notification moreover we can get notifications via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. This fitness Tracker also capable of calculating heart rate, heart monitoring whole day with full perfection moreover the new and latest feature of this smart watch is sleep tracker in which it tells us how much hours you require to sleep or how much hours you want more.

Toprime Fitness Tracker Watch:

Toprime fitness tracker watch is multi-functional watch which calculates your sleep plus heart rate, it is two in one functional one. It records your every bit of heart beat, heart zone and your pulse moreover the sleep recorder records you every day sleep routine. It even tells us how much more sleep you require or need which is a very good point. For Notification, we can access it via SMS/Call. It will automatically starts sending us SMS furthermore we can get notifications on our social media platform such as WhatsApp. Facebook, Twitter etc. It has 0.96 OLED touch screen with the brilliant display which shows every notification about our health furthermore it shows date and time also. We can connect with any computer/ smart phone and it is compatible with all leading android and IOS devices. The Toprime fitness activity tracker is water resistant means it will work with sweat and rain but it doesn’t work during swimming, raining or shower.

Ikeepi Fitness Tracker Watch:

Ikeepi Fitness Tracker Watch is loaded with 8 different modes. These different modes are walking, running, treadmill, cycling, pedestrianism, fitness, basketball and badminton furthermore we can add another mode like tennis, soccer, mountain climbing, cycling, yoga and dancing, according to your different sport’s criteria. The watch can send us the SMS/Call access also by which we can get SMS/Call reminder even though we can receive messages on our social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. It can connect with all the latest device because it has latest Bluetooth technology 4.0 in it, via it we can connect it with any latest android or IOS smart phone.

X-Cheng Fitness Tracker Watch:

X-cheng Fitness Tracker is Waterproof Activity Tracker Bracelet is your daily calculator which calculates each step of your routine which contains your track steps, your every distance, how much calories you have burnt, sleep calculator and your daily exercise, jogging plan. The device is packed with some latest features such as remote control, calling emergency phone if you lost your phone it works for it furthermore this watch has access of SMS notification moreover we can get notifications via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. The X-Cheng Fitness Activity Tracker Bracelet also monitors your heart rate, heart calculation and every measurement related to your heat. It has 0.96-inch LCD capacitive touch screen which allows the users to easily slide and change the screen function.  This device has also G-sensor with powerful microchip and 3-axis, these both will help pedometer to show more perfect and accurate results furthermore it automatically lights up. It gives us long-lasting standby hours and charging time in only one hour and fifteen minutes. It is compatible with android version 4.4 or above than that and for apple users it supports IOS 7.1 or above versions.

Final Remarks:

Lastly , this article has reviewed the best fitbits for you. Our research is based on the online research as well as the personal usage of the product based on our personal experiences.

Therefore, you can trust our most recommended Fitbit reviews in order to maintain your health.


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Air Purifier Reviews

To keep our surroundings pollutant free is a big challenge now a day.  In this modern life, technology has replaced so many things to increase the work efficiency as to meet the required demand. Likewise pollutant free ambiance of the home is difficult to maintain without the help of innovative technology like air purifier. It keeps the indoor environment allergen free and provides us healthy air to escape from allergic prone diseases.

To ensure the air purity, electronic manufacturers have introduced advanced air purifiers with multiple specifications by keeping in view the customer need and demand. For this electronic constructors have been trying their level best to compete in the market by binging about commendable improvements in such a compact machine which not only satisfy the user requirement but also go along the decor of the house.

There is variety of air purifiers available in the market and user finds it hard to choose. Here are reviews of the best purifiers work efficiently and known by their performance.  They achieve their maximum end to bring around the buyer and won their trust. The features that built the repute of the manufacturer are

Blueair Purifier Reviews

The main purpose of the air purifier is to make the indoor environment free from all kinds of allergens, dust, smoke, odour of pet animals, cigarette and cooking smoke, and microorganism like bacteria and virus cause different types of allergy and flu. The air purifier which does not require filter change or any maintenance is considers the best purifier. All we want to turn on the purifier and forget about it. Blue air purifier is the classic model of purifier. It has been striving hard to exceed the best standard in order to perform best. It works on silent mode and highly recommended air sanitizer. All the models have five excellent features in common regardless of different models. It has HEPA silent technology and cleanses 99.97% air pollutant. It is energy efficient and consumes electricity equivalent to a small light bulb. It is known as award winning design. It is AHAM certified. It has magnetic air filter timer to keep you update regarding filter change. It is suitable for 240sq ft to 700sq ft rooms depends on the selection of model. It has air control speed fan numbers depend on the model installation. All the models are well designed and enhance the decor of the room.

Smart Air & Mighty Air Purifier Reviews 

Almost in every review of air purifier focuses on the serenity of environment for peace of mind. The customer prefers to take a noiseless product to avoid further mess. So all of them specifically mentioned about the product of being silent which is considered the utmost quality of an air purifier. They want their surrounding serene and comfortable and for this look for a silent, noiseless product to retain the peace of mind. The best air purifiers available in the market are having complete silent mode. Coway is one of the best purifiers appreciated and recommended by the customers. It is known as “Life Care Purifier”.  It is preferred due to its filtrations process. It works at four stages to purify the indoor air. The washable pre filter traps all the large dust particle, hair and air pollutants, then comes odor filter purifies the smell , animal odor, cigarette smoke and cooking odor, next is true HEPA filter captures 99.97 allergen particles from the air, last the ionizer which send negative ions in the air and diminish the rest of the air pollutants. Customers like its 3 fan speed to maintain the air of the room without any noise. It has shut off timer which indicates the filter change timely. It has air quality indicator to inform about air purity. Due to its superb quality it is certified by AHAM and energy star certified. They cover 256sq ft to 361sq ft area respectively.

GermGuardian Air Purifier Reviews

The frequently learned specification about GermGuardian Air purifier is 3 in 1air cleaning system. The true HEPA filter removes all the air born pollutant like dust, pet dander, pollen and purifies 99.97% of air pollutants. The next is UV-C light kills all the microorganisms like bacteria and virus and all allergens cause different types of allergies. Last the charcoal absorbs all kinds of odor and smell from the house. It is AHAM and energy star certified. It facilitates the customer by providing lifetime warranty and support. It works silently and maintains the fan speed automatically as per requirement. The filter needs to be changed after 5-8 months depends on the usage of the product. It safety is ensured and durability meets the expectation of the consumer.

Envion Air Purifier Reviews

Envion air purifier work quietly and one does not feel like intruded by its running. It has ionic filtration device that sucks the micro air pollutant and clean 99.97% of pollutants. It has no filter change hassle. It operates through ionic plats so there is no need to change filter but plates need to be washed to enjoy the clean air. It has multiple fan speed to keep the air pure and clean. It starts with one touch of button. It is as energy efficient as consume less than a small bulb consumes the power. It has a cleaning indicator keep you update about the purity. It is made for medium to large room.

Alen Air Purifier Reviews

Alen has customised option, offers nine colour front panels to go along the room décor. Its HEPA filters provides you with option of maximum air purification. It is HEPA pure, HEPA silver, HEPA fresh plus, HEPA odor/smell.   HEPA Pure deals with dust and allergens, HEPA Silver reduce the bacteria, allergens and germs. HEPA fresh plus chemical vapours and odor, HEPA Odor cell diminishes the smoke and heavy odors. It works very silently and its sensor monitors the air quality and adjusts the cleaning power. ION mode helps reducing the more powerful germs from the air. It has light off mode ensure the good night sleep. It covers almost 1100 sq ft. It is also energy certified purifier.

Honeywell Air Purifier Review

Honeywell air purifier is made for small area and that is why is portable. It uses the HEPA filter reduces almost 99.97% of allergens, bacteria, dust, mold, gases and smell. It is AHAM certified and energy star certified. The carbon pre filter saves the HEPA from large particles to trap and enhances its life. It is handy and very easy to control the system by a single tap.  It gives five years warranty. It is basically pre filtration assistance. Its electronic indicator tells when to change the filter.

Best Choice Products Air Purifier Reviews

It is made up of stainless steel and solid cherry wood construction. The ionic plates are of plastic.

It has two ceramic washable plats eliminate all kind of particle from the air and minimize the pollutants to keep the air clean. Its reusable ceramic plats reduce the cost of filter change. It is made for 3500sq ft. it is finely tuned for ionizing fan speed and ozone generation. It consumes power as less as a small light bulb. It removes all the smell and odor produced by indoor activity like cooking, smoking and animal dander etc. It is noticed that not all the particle attach to the plats, some fall on the floor thus need to be vacuumed for complete cleanliness. It increases the burden of work. Some of the customers complained about its ozone setting make a buzzing noise which is scary and using such a product at the cost of money and peace of mind in home may be avoidable too.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier 

The BioGS HEPA reduces all allergens from the house and prolongs the filter life It is stylish, and energy efficient. The HEPA air purifier traps all contaminants in filter and Works efficiently.. It reduces the growth of bacteria and virus on the filter. It purifies the indoor surroundings by going through five stages. First, pre filter effectively eliminates the large size of allergens, dust and pollutants. Follow the medium filter reduces air born particles as pollen, mold and pet dander.  Then it has germs, allergy, toxin and odor removing filter. Then BioGS HEPA removes 99.97% of airborne allergens. It cost ranges from $399 upto $ 499. It covers room up to 625sq ft and has 5 year warranty. It has customized filter and panel suit to the customer need and requirement.

Whirlpool AP51030K Whispure Review

This purifier works effectively so far as the removal of all the particles from the air is concerned. Consumers say that noticeable change in the air is felt after operating Whirlpool A AP51030K Whispure in the area. It performs efficiently and costs less as compare to other premium air cleaners. Its electric control make it user friendly. It completely eliminates the pollen, dust, smoke, animal dander as having HEPA filter and carbon filter. It works silently and does not disturb the ambience of surroundings. It filter change is costly and carbon filter only works for light odor.  Its air output also feels irritable sometimes yet consumers get satisfied when use it as it is the best air cleaner. Whirlpool AAP51030 exceedingly meets the expectation of the user and consumer said it the best buy. It got good rating on noise at high and low speed is very low and not at all noticeable. It is very handy and easy to replace the filter without much hassle. It got the rating and found ten of the best purifiers.

Winix WAC5500 True HEPA Air Cleaner with Plasma Wave Technology

Winix is one of the best among air purifiers. It eliminates 99.97% of airborne pollutants and contamination of air. It is AHAM and energy star certified. It does not add much to the utility bills. Its TRUE HEPA filter eliminates all the air contamination cause asthma, allergy and other diseases like flue as a result of air allergens. Its true HEPA filter and plasma wave technology process at three stages to completely remove the airborne particles from indoor environment. HEPA filter reduced efficiently the large particles; carbon filter eliminates all the odor of the house caused by smoking, cooking or animal dander etc.  Plasma waves attack pollutants at molecular level to eliminate viruses and bacteria, chemical vapours. Its smart auto sensor changes the setting itself according to the air requirement. Wixin is constantly pursuing to attain the international standard of the market and successfully competing by enhancing the sophistication of the product as per requirement of the time.

Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier, 3 Speeds plus Optional Ionizer, HAP242-NUC

All the HEPA filter with carbon filter air purifier work very well and very efficiently reduce the 99.97% of airborne pollutants and reduce the air contamination equal to none. It has 3 speed setting offers options to deal with different conditions and optional ionizer assists in particle removel. It is recommended for 109sq ft area.  This purifier is a dual position slim design. It can be set horizontally and vertically according to the suitability of the area. Its three cleaning speed keeps he air fresh and clean inside. It works well on both high and low speed. But to avoid noise, better to keep at low speed while at home and turn to higher speed while away to keep the environment intact. Its optional ionizer emits the ions that binds with the small particles and turn them to the larger one to capture easily by the filter. It is odor fighter, allergen eliminator, and pollutant removel and air freshener. It is very useful to keep the indoor air pollutant and contamination free.

The best air purifier have True HEPA filter along with ionizer to wash away all the pollutants in our surrounding. To keep the ambiance intact, noiseless air purifier is preferable. Auto mode to indicate the filter change and air pollution reduces the hassle of to keep check and balance for filter change or making the fan high and low. It is added quality which is liked by the entire consumers.



Find out the Best Celectron Sky Prodigy Telescope

Interesting facts about telescope

Following are the most interesting facts about telescopes that you need to know before buying the one for yourself.

Celestron Skyprodigy

Celestron Prodigy is the landmark in the field of telescope advancement. The automatic alignment of this telescope helps wonderfully the in selection from myriad of objects scattered in the sky. Its automatic alignment requires a single touch to facilitate us in order to choose among the thousands of sky objects to look at. Its amazing features of sky tour option display a customized list of the objects in the sky to read exact time and location anywhere in the world. Pressing a single button and one enjoys the infinite beauty of the sky.

 This telescope had integrated imaging camera along with patent star sense technology automatically aline with the night sky and detects where the telescope is currently pointing at. Its internal camera takes the sky pictures automatically for internal process to positively identify the star in consideration. Once the matched is found, sky prodigy focuses on the captured image.

This process is repeated twice so that to ensure the alignment point so that image can be used for accurate model of the sky. With this accurate data information, sky prodigy itself moves to the right position. Its internal camera does not allow the user to take an output image, the captured image only be used for internal self-alignment of celestron sky prodigy. It is fully automatic and computerized alignment procedure. This is one of the best products available in the market.

Why should consider Celestron Sky prodigy?

Following are the reasons that why you should consider the Celestron Sky prodigy;

Celestron Sky prodigy is the smartest revolutionary product among all competitors.  It is very handy and offers maximum features to capture the true image for alignment. It is very sophisticated and efficiently manages the whole process.  It has fully automatic and computerized system.

Its battery provides 30 hour of power. It is star sense technology and automatically locates 4000 celestial objects. It has automatic alignment system, an intelligent on board computer, digital camera to internally capture images for true alignment with the object to take accurate model of the night sky. It is unrivalled in the field of telescope technology due to its delicate procedures and systems. It gives two years warranty and workmanship depends on the situation. Celestron replaces such product which finds defective on part of the company. The Price ranges from $935 up to $955.


Specification for the Celestron Sky prodigy

Following are the specifications of Celestron Sky prodigy that you need to consider;


Weight (8.16 kg) 18 lbs
Focal Length 650 mm (25.59 in)
Finder scope Star Pointer
Aperture 130 mm (5.12 in)
Mount Motorized Altazimuth
Magnification 1: 26 x
Resolution (Dawes) 89 arcsec
Light Gathering Power 345 x
Optical Coatings  Aluminium with SiO2 overcoat
Highest Useful Magnification 307 x
Angular Field of View 1.9
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 13.1
Resolution 1.07 arcsec
Linear Field of View (@1000 yds)  103
Secondary Mirror Obstruction 1.7 in (43.18 mm)
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter 33.2 %
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area 11 %
Computer Hand Control 


Fully Computerized / Flash Upgradeable
Focal Ratio 5
Tracking Rates:  Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
Tracking Modes Alt-Az
Resolution:  400 line/mm ft (31.39 m)
Optical Design Reflector
Slew Speeds Nine slew
Eyepiece 1 25 mm (0.98 in)
Alignment Procedures Star Sense
Tripod Steel
Accessory Tray, No Tool


The Sky X First Light Edition astronomy software
Highest Useful Magnification 307 x
Eyepiece 2 9 mm (0.35 in)
Magnification 2 72 x


3°/sec, 2°/sec, 1°/sec, .5°/sec, 32x, 16x, 8x, 4x, 2x
Automatic Alignment, Solar System Align
Angular Field of View 1.9
Light Gathering Power 345 x
Linear Field of View (@1000 yds) 103 ft (31.39 m)
Resolution (Dawes) 0.89 arcsec
Photographic Resolution  400 line/mm
Limiting Stellar Magnitude  13.1
Resolution (Rayleigh):  1.07 arcsec
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area 11 %
Computer Hand Control Fully Computerized / Flash Upgradeable
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter 33.2 %
Slew Speeds Nine slew speeds 3°/sec, 2°/sec, 1°/sec, .5°/sec, 32x, 16x, 8x, 4x, 2x
Tracking Rates  Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
Alignment Procedures Star Sense Automatic Alignment, Solar System Align
Optical Coatings Aluminium with SiO2 overcoat
Secondary Mirror Obstruction 1.7 in (43.18 mm)
Tracking Modes Alt-Az

Recommended Telescopes

Following are the most recommended telescopes that we have reviews extensively after doing an extensive research for you. Do consider these review before buying the one for yourself.

Gskyer Telescope, Powerseeker 600x90mm AZ Refractor Telescope, German Technology Scope

Gskyer has been recognized for twenty year in optical advanced technology. It is high standard telescope with some extra nice qualities like correct image prism. they are committed to provide high quality telescopes and well known in China. It is portable and handy. It is assembled in very short period of time. It is available on affordable Price. Its warranty can be requested from customer services office. It costs from $233 upto $253.

Specification of Gskyer

Following are the specifications of the Gskyer that you must consider before buying tone one.

Aperture 90mm(3.5in)
Eyepiece3 5mm(0.196n)
Max Magnification 360
Magnification3  120X
Eyepiece2 10mm(0.39in)
Barlow lens 3X
Tripod 1.27inch stainless steel Tripod
Angular Field of View 1°36″
Optical coating Multi Antireflection Green Film
Magnification2 60X
Focal Ratio F6.7
Mount AZ Altazimuth Mount
Resolution ≤2.8
Focal Length 600mm(23.62in)
Finderscope 6*30
Tuble connection Hook Dovetail Plate
Eyepiece1 25mm(0.98in)
Zenith Mirrors 48°Erecting BAK7 prism
Magnification1 24X

Meade Eclipse View 76mm Day or Night Telescope with Removable Filter, for proper viewing of the Solar Eclipse on August 21st (227003)

This telescope is used for both day and night. It is very easy to use with slow motion control rod to track celestial objects. It is CE & ISO certified.  It is bonus atuo star and very much suitable for astronomy. The warranty of the product can be requested from customer services. It Price ranges from 126.99 upto $145.99.

Specification of Meade

Following are the specifications of a Meade telescope;

Shipping Weight 13.9 pounds
Best Sellers Rank #7,262 in Camera & Photo
Item model number 227003
Product Dimensions 13.4 x 7.7 x 32.4 inches
Item Weight 7.2 pounds

Solomark 76700 Reflector Telescope with Tripod and 1.25 inch 10mm Eyepiece Smartphone Adapter

 It intends to a common observing. It has eye power eye piece, low power eyepiece, an adjustable tripod. It has fine adjustment control for panning. It is portable and very handy to use. It is very sophisticated and provides the rich view of celestial objects. It is very easy to set and pack.  The package includes1X Telescope,1X Tripod, 1X 45 Degree diagonal mirror, 1X 3X Barlow Lens, 1XFinder Scope, 1X K20mm Eyepiece, 1X K9mm Eyepiece, 1X 1.25”10mm Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter.  Its cost ranges from $99.99 to $120.

Specification of Solomark

Following are the specifications of Solomark that you should consider;

Finderscope: 5*24
Eyepiece1 25mm(0.98in) 10mm(0.39in)
Optical Design: Reflector
Aperture: 76mm(2.99in)
Barlow lens 3X
Angular Field of View: 2°24″”
Tripod Aluminium Alloy Tripod
Focal Length 700mm(27.56in)
Resolution ≤3.1
Focal Ratio F5.7

Orion 8944 Sky Quest XT6 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

It is available on affordable Price. It is very handy and portable. It is easy to sep up and manage. One can have a good view of the celestial objects of the sky with great ease. It offers very easy point-and-view navigator and convenient handle to carry. It has a parabolic mirror and beginners can use it expertly. It costs from $260 up to $280.

Specification of Orion

Following are the specifications of Orion telescope;

Aperture 6″
parabolic mirror 6″ diameter f/8
telescope  60mm
Magnification Minimum 2X
Aperture modes 150mm-200mm

TOP-MAX 700x76mm Reflector Telescope with Tripod and Eyepieces Barlow Lens Anascope

It is perfect for the beginners. This telescope is high performance accessory sockets because of its up to date construction. It is easy shifting from celestial image for terrestrial viewing. It locates the sky objects easily. It fulfils the purpose of advanced hobby astronomers. It provides you the opportunity to reach at stars without putting much effort. This high performance telescope Works unbelievably excellent. It provides value for money and enables the beginner the simple entrance in the field of astronomy. It is sophisticated and modern and with this combination provides high contrast images. It also provides high class workmanship and satisfied the buyer. It cost ranges from $60 up to $80.

Specification of Top- Max

Following are the specifications of Top-Max;

reflector telescope 76*700 Newtonian
Magnification with Barlow-Lens and eye piece SR4mm = 350x, H12.5mm = 112x, H20mm = 70x
Magnification SR4mm 175x, H12.5mm = 56x, H20mm = 35x,
Product Dimensions 28.7 x 10.2 x 9.1 inches

Educacional Insights Geo Safari Omega Refractor Telescope

This powerful telescope explores the sky deep phenomenon. It has high quality refractor and magnifiers. It includes lenses, standard eye piece, Barlow lens, deluxe tripod. It offers STEM learning and provides experience with scientific tools. It is sleek, modern and high quality built telescope. It costs from $70 up to $80.

Specification of Geo Safari Omega

Following are the specifications of Geo Safari Omega telescope;

refractor telescope 700 mm
magnification 30x, 60x, 120x, and 240x
objective lens 60 mm 3 U.S
standard eyepieces 1.25″
Barlow lens 2, 5 x 24 mm
element achromatic objective lens. 2

GEERTOP 90X Portable Astronomical Refractor Table top Telescope, 360X50mm

This Telescope is highly efficient and increasingly satisfies the need of amateurs and children fond of experience the celestial objects. The range of different magnifiers provides opportunity to observe the distant and closer objects. This telescope can move vertically and horizontally due to altitude azimuth mounting. It is useful for entry levels. It costs from $25 up to $44.99.


Specifications of GEERTOP 90X

Following are the specifications of GEERTOP 90X telescope;

Item Dimensions 8.27 x 3.94 x 17.32 inches
Magnification 18X, 27X, 60X, 90X(6mm Eyepiece + Magnification = 60X; 6mm Eyepiece + Magnification with 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece = 90X; 20mm Eyepiece + Manification= 18X; 20mm Eyepiece + Manification with 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece = 27X)

Vivitar TEL50600 60X/120X Telescope Refractor with Tripod (Black)

Vivitar is one of the leading electronics manufactures in the field of technology.  It is very exciting experience with vivitar to have crystal clear picture of sky objects. It is because of its powerful magnifiers and refractors and adjustable tripods. This Telescope has unique features of 3x finder scope to help us locating things with ease and faster. It costs from $10.82 to $20.99.

Specification of Vivitar TEL50600 60X/120X Telescope

Following are the specifications of Vivitar TEL50600 60X/120X Telescope;

Eyepiece Lense 60x and 120x
Tripode TEL-50600 60/120X
Product dimension 28.8 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches

Aomekie AO2002 400x70mm Terrestrial Refractor Astronomy Telescope

This Telescope performs efficiently and claims to be suitable for the amateur and childern to satisfy their fondness.  It can be useful for both viewing the celestial and land objects with clarity. Its magnifier along with tripod enhances the quality of observing far off objects in the sky. It is an amazing telescope to have an experience with. It ranges from $70 up to $80.


Specification of Aomekie AO2002 400x70mm

stable aluminium tripod 15- 51 inches
MAGNIFICATION 16-66X with 6mm, 25mm eyepiece and 5×24 finder scope, 400mm focal length
Package list 1 x Telescope tube
1 x k25mm eyepiece (X16)
1 x k6mm eyepiece (X66)
1 x Adjustable aluminum tripod
1 x 45° diagonal mirror
1 x 5×24 finder scope
1 x User manual 

SVBONY 60mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope 420x60mm

SVBONY astronomical Telescope completely equipped with all the pre-requisites of reliable equipment. It is useful, handy and easy to set.  It is entry level refractor Telescope.  It achieves the good level as astronomical Telescope.  It has 1×60/420mm astronomical Telescope,
1xK9mm eyepiece,1xK20mm eyepiece, 1xBarlow lens 3x, 1×1.25″ 90 degree zenith mirror,1x5x20 finder scope,1xtelescope cell phone mount adapter, 1xfinder scope holder, 1xsilver aluminum tripod, 1xmap of outer space, 1xmoon map, 1xEnglish user manual. It costs from $60.99 up to $79.99.

Specification of SVBONY 60mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope 420x60mm


Magnification 21x to141x
Objective diameter 60mm
Focal length 420mm
Eyepieces K20mm;K9mm
Barlow lens 3x
Net weight 1.45kg

The main purpose of telescope is collection of light.  The bigger telescope can see the objects clearly and record the details by side image camera. So the bigger telescopes gather more light and therefore can see the faraway object more clearly and meticulously. They can identify the things at greater distance and widen the expanse of observable thing.

It is fact that most of the beginners or amateur believe that the purpose of the telescope is to magnify objects to make them bigger. It means choosing a telescope should be simple.  Buy a telescope with the biggest objective lens or mirror that you can afford because the focused image formed by the objective lens of a telescope is magnified by a smaller second lens call an eyepiece. A telescope that collects more light gives a better image.

Lastly, this article is written to help you in selecting the best Celestron Skyprodigy for you. Buying a telescope needs serious and careful attentions. However, this article is helpful for you in selecting the best one among all.


Best Idylis Air Purifier

Idylis Air Purifier

Idylis air purifier is a unique Brand and new collection in air purifiers. It is tremendous machine offers to breath fresh air by eliminating all contamination found in air. Idylis provides you the opportunity to lay on hand a reasonable cost air purifier. It provides clean air to breathe in to keep us away from all allergies and suffocated particles threaten our health. It is a compact purifier look good along smooth clean flat facing, offers simple to clean layout that goes any kind of house decor.

Idylis air purifier is tremendous addition in recent technology that improves the quality of life by shedding away the dust scattered all around us and made our ambiance worth living. This is blessing for those who have been living in high polluted áreas and suffer from high fever, it removes allergens from the air using filter technology so the air we breathe in our homes is free of any pollution or allergens.

Why Consider Idylis Air Purifier

Idylis is one of the excellent purifier available in the market on reasonable Price and truly offer values for your money. It is made by a Korean Company who are covering the 40% of the market. It retains more than 50% share of the market for drinking wáter purification product. This device has HEPA filtration system which removes the 99.97% of all air based contamination which may worsen the delicate allergy symptoms.

Specification for the best Air Purifier


It purifies areas up to 150 up to 310-sq ft with a CADR of 125 up to 200 and having HEPA filter eliminates all kind of pollutants spread by air, animals, plants and other things around. It has Filter change indicator tells the time to replace the filter. It is highly efficient to clean indoor pollutants and available at competitive Price.  It is energy Certified products saves money on utility bills without compromising performance, style or comfort.  It is having UV-C sanitizer eliminate bacteria and viruses with a powerful light.  Its Control panel offers easy selection of three settings and having power cord storage.

Its Carbon filter clears away smell and smoke particles for a healthy environment. The cost of the filter one should be careful about when buying mid-range and cheap purifier. With the Idylis purifier, filter replacement is affordable. The filer replacement for Idylis 280 cost $70 for both filters and the filer replacement for Idylis 200 cost $50 for both filters. A good purifier like Idylis hardly makes a noise and durable. Low price purifier can-not run for a long time and make high noise on their highest settings. While it does not make noise even on high settings. The most important it has filter change indicator and time programmable settings.




Idylis Air Purifier assures the safety. It is available in different sizes and colours it costs from $239.99 up to $250

Specifications Air Purifier
Safety Ensured
Noise Free Yes
Odour Free Yes
Kills micro-organism Up to 99.9%
Ozone Free ü
Handling Portable
Coverage 300-550 sq. ft
Ionizer Free Yes
Warranty 1-10 years

Recommended Air Purifiers

Following are the most recommended Air purifier reviews

Airfree Onix(Air Sterilizer)

The above mentioned Air Free Sterilisers deal with fungi, molds, bacteria by using heat. It runs completely silent, no noise or disturbance is felt. It is of high quality, very effective, durable and reliable. It is Handy and meet the expectation of the customers.  It covers minimum space, blends with household decor, and the most important aspect of it, no filter change. The interesting thing is where all the time pets, dust, bacteria leave bad smell in house, and this product Works wonder and helps removing them all instantly. It makes no noise, keep intact the indoor atmosphere. It makes the indoor environment pollution free by working smartly. It maintain room 450sq ft upt 650 sq ft. This is made in Portugal. It is completely eliminates almost 99.99% micro-organism. No filter change is required. It is energy efficient and it covers maximum 650sq ft without fan. It Works regularly and having auto shut technology. It is ISO, CE and UL certified. It outflow is at the top and inflow is the bottom. It is ozone free technology. It is effective and reasonable in Price. It costs from $250 up to $260. 

Coway AP1512HH AP-1512HH 

This is the smallest HEPA air purifier unit made by Coway, quiet and serene. It is Handy and portable from one room to another according to requirement. The main issue With Coway is not having any productive support to satisfy their customers by answering their potential questions. The reviews show that this product is the best among all available in the market.  Most of the reviews tell us that is the smallest, energy efficient, Works wonders, and conveniently safe. It is the best Clean Air Delivery Rate scores. It eliminates all the pollutants out of the small room with ease. No doubt with versatile capabilities it satisfies the customer needs and value for money. It is available $181 up to $229.

How Effective the Unit is?

These are the most effective units available in market made by Coway Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K , Idylis AC-2118. The Coway is made and designed the air purifier for the small rooms yet it Works for the midsize rooms as well. It eliminates all the allergens and impurities and completely clean the room of about 360sq ft. Though is does not have the best CADR score yet purifies all the pollutants. It filters at four stages. The washable pre filter absorbs large particles like hair and dust, and during that no need to replace filter at all. Secondly, carbon filter removes the smell from the room, next HEPA captures the small insects, particles left in the room. Furthermore, it has ionizer for outgoing which health professional most of the times complains. It is an optional feature in this. It can be turned off. It does not have a sleeping mode but it Works without disturbing the sleep at night, very silent and senses that air quality in the room and accordingly adjusts the settings   to maximize.

The Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K

This is the best air purifier technology that eliminates and purifies all the pollutants born by the air indoor and efficiently kills them all to make the room neat and clean from all allergens. It has an excellent CADR scores. It is auto mode that adjusts the control depends on the air quality of the lacks few features like auto and remote control yet known as the best cleaning capabilities. It offers the five years guarantee on its purifier which helps you protect from manufacturing faults. It is the longest warranty industry.

It is energy saver and its CARD scores by following the AHAMs testing standards. The ARB certification indicates the purifiers do not damage the air quality.  It pulls 118 watts, so it isn’t the most energy efficient purifier according to reviews. It is the heaviest in weight around 20pounds. It makes maximum 55dB of noise on its highest setting. It is having a timer and give the option to set specific times to start of stop operation. It also has filter changing indicator and let you know when to change the filter. Its cost ranges from $230 up to $231. It covers 500sq ft.

Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier

It purifies 390sq ft room efficiently. It filter can be vacuumed to increase its life. It is replaced from 3-5 years’ time. It is having glass fibre HEPA filter thick captures almost 99.97% of micro particles. It enhances the air purity by removing the smell through canbon activation, it is basically pre filtration assistance. Its electronic indicator tells when to change the filter. It costs ranges from $140 up to $145, no shipping charges. Noiseless and compatible. 

Germ Guardian AC4825 

Germ Guardian AC4825 is 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA Filter. It is UV-C Sanitizer, eliminates allergen and reduces odour. It is Slim and sleek. It is of 22 inches air purifier. It is best for small size room. It HEPA filter removes 99.97% allergens from indoor. It help to reduce the allergies and the dust and micro-organism oriented diseases. Its carbon filters like other products helps in removing all the smell from home like of pets, cooking and other odours. The UV-C light technology Works With Titanium Dioxide to eliminate bacteria, viruses, germs and molds. The filter needs to be changed after 5-8 months depends on the usage of the product. It safety is ensured and durability meets the expectation of the consumer. It costs from $132 up to $135.

AeraMax 300 Air Purifier 

This is large room allergen removal and reduces the asthma by purifying indoor ambiance at four stages.  It is true HEPA filter and area smart technology. It detect the foul organisms in air and removes 99.97% of all the air born particles which cause allergy, asthma and other breathing issues. It eliminates viruses, germs, dust, mites, molds and smokes that are produced of cigarette, cooking or any other indoor fumes. It is recommended for 300sq ft to 600 sq ft room. AeraMax 300 Air Purifier is special mode of cold and flu season. It is very much effective in capturing influenza and flu viruses from indoor environment.  It is of $174 up to $201.09 in market.

Oransi OV200 Air Purifier

This claims to say good bye to nasal stiffness, and cleaning indoor air to have a good sleep. It is perfect for pets as well as have no ionizer and no ozone in it. It is handy and make breathe easy. Its filter is easily available, no complication in set up as remote control. It offers 10 years warranty of investment and provide filter maintenance within due time. It helps to removes all the micro-organism cause, allergy, asthma, flu etc. It is ideal for bedrooms. It costs only $328 up to $330.   

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier 

It is stylish, and energy efficient. It has customized filter and panel suit to the customer need and requirement. It has germs, allergy, toxin and odour eliminating filter. The HEPA air purifier traps all contaminants in filter and Works efficiently. The BioGS HEPA reduces all allergens from the house and prolong the filter life. It reduces the growth of bacteria and virus on the filter. It purifies the indoor environment by going through five stages.i.e pre filter effectively eliminates the large size of allergens, dust and pollutants. Next, medium filter reduces air born particles as pollen, mold and pet dander. Then BioGS HEPA removes 99.97% of air born allergens. It cost ranges from $399 up to $ 499. It covers room up to 625sq ft and have 5 year warranty.

Levoit Air Purifier 

Levoit Air Purifier is true HEPA technology and 99.97% efficient. It filter almost all allergens, pollens, dust, pet dander, cooking odour, smoke etc. and cleanse the environment of home and. It filter all these pollutants on three stages and Works effectively. It has indicator shows the air quality and suggests the speed of the purifier. It is having sleeping mode as well, keeps on working without making noise. It is equipped and designed with reliable material. It is designed by keeping in view the safety measures. It has two years warranty and filter is required to be changed after every six months. Filter does not cost much and available in market. It covers 322sq ft.  It is much too reliable to use and it costs ranges from $139 up $1599. 

 Gideon Electronic Plug-in Air Purifier

This air purifier is available in market costs from $59.00 up to 15.04(25%off) with free shipping.

This is easy and safe way to reduce all germs, allergens, pollutants, air born germs, bacteria from indoor environment. Its ultraviolet light kills 98% of germs and purifies all the odour. It is having quiet whisper technology fan system that cleanse the air silently. It consumes only 8 watt of energy. It has two stainless steel filters that can easily be cleaned and no need to replace them. It is very safe and having 1 year warranty. Perfect for area up to 150sq ft.

Specification Idylis Air Purifier


Air free Onix

The Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K


Honeywell 50250-S Germ Guardian AC4825


AeraMax 300 Air Purifier


Price $238

Up to


$250 upto


$230 up to


$140 up to


$132 upto$135 $174 up to $201
Area 150-310sq ft 450-650

sq ft

500sq ft 390sq ft ——- 300-600sq ft
Auto yes yes yes yes yes yes
Sound silent Silent silent silent silent silent
Efficiency 99.97% 99.97% 99.97% 99.97% 99.97% 99.97%
warranty ——- —– 5 year ——- —— ——-

Why Choose a Bluetooth Earbud?

 Best Bluetooth earbuds under 50$

Bluetooth earbuds are the new cool; apple reintegrated the trend by introducing no audio jack in the all new iPhone 7 introduced in 2017.

Now if you lose the earphones provided by apple, you have to opt for Bluetooth earbuds. provides its buyers with the best earbuds from authorised sellers. Who also provide various guarantees for the product to be sold.

After Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth earbuds came to the market of sound products and marginalised the traditional wire earphones. This acclaimed a lot of propaganda from the traditional users. But the new earbuds, oh my are they nifty? You no longer have to settle your earphone cord again and again, moreover the earphones because of the slightest of the cuts on the earphone wire, also no more worrying about the length of the cord, as this botheration is soothed by the Bluetooth earbuds that provide all the solutions of the problems that came with the traditional corded earbuds.

 Proven by research, Bluetooth earbuds come in different shapes and sizes. They use of Bluetooth technology, is in no way harmful to the human health. Besides being nifty and small, they are easy to use and have a very simple machination.
But why choose a Bluetooth earbud?

Bluetooth earbuds are easy to us, you have to connect it to the cell phone, and start listening to music. After first connection, the earbud connects to your phone automatically. Plus because of the long range of Bluetooth connectivity, you no longer have to put the phone in your hand and listen to music. Instead, your friend will turn on the earbuds and voila, there you go.

Then there’s this issue of cord breaking with the traditional earpieces which is solved by the Bluetooth earbuds. You no longer have to change your earphones because of the cord breakage. It is a great deal when it comes to money savings, as they usually last over a year, which is 4 times more than the traditional earphones. And when it comes to design, amazon provides the best and the slickest of the Bluetooth earbuds, that start the trend and are really cool to wear. Even the James bond character has a cordless Bluetooth earbud in his ear. Why don’t you?

Specifications for the best Bluetooth earbud

Specifications are the qualities that a machine you are buying possess. They are the things that you need to consider before choosing the machine of your type. The qualities like weight of the machine you are buying, its shape, how does it look, what is the battery timing of the device, what are the guarantees that the seller is providing, what is the machination of the device, whether the interface is easy to use or not, whether the seller provides customer support or not and lastly, whether it is a good deal for the money you are paying or not?

All these qualities cumulatively are the specifications of the device you are buying. So therefore let’s take a brief look at some of the qualities that an electric weed eater must possess..

Shape of the device:

The Bluetooth earbuds come in many shapes. Some have a large earpiece, while other use a controls everything. The tricky part is the weight of the device. Because of the micro computer in the earbud, its weight increases. So the lighter the device is the better. Usually the ones that have the computer in the hard cord that goes behind the neck are niftier and lighter. As they put the weight on the neck, unlike the ones that have the computer on the earpiece and it becomes tough for the user to manage such weight on his ears.

Battery life:

Battery life is another important feature that the buyer needs to consider before buying an earbud, Different sellers claim different battery lives for their devices. It ranges from 2 hours of music play to 30 hours of music play with one charge. So before buying an earbud one must compare all the earbud’s battery life. Many have lion battery technology, which usually is just for advertising. So it’s important to first discover the authenticity of the buyer, and then compare the battery lives of different devices.


Safety comes before everything. So a buyer must be aware of the proper working of the device. He should be aware that the earbud won’t cause damage to the buyer’s general health and that the Bluetooth radiation is minimum. This can be checked from the seller. Some cheap earbuds cause damage to not only the charger but to the electric socket as well. So before buying an earbud one must check for quality and insulation assurance.


Some Bluetooth earbuds don’t come in with a mic. Mic is a very important specification as you can make calls with the earbuds. Before buying an earbud one must be aware that whether the earbud provides a mic or not?


Different earbuds have different ranges. They usually have a connectivity range up to a few meters. Choosing a device that has the most range is a good option as you can actually listen to music while being in the field and with your phone placed away from you


Customer support is another important thing that matters. When it comes to repairing the device, or needing support in connectivity, a seller might or might not provide these luxuries. So you must overlook the fact that whether the seller is providing you with any guarantees and whether he provides a money back guarantee whether you get a faulty device or not. Because it is really important as it’s your money at the stake.

Some earbuds come in with waterproof and sweat proof technology which is a good feature to have if you are a workout and a gym freak. As sweat after the workout won’t affect the earbuds and they will stay in a good condition. Waterproof earbuds are usually more expensive than the non-waterproof

Earbuds offering noise cancellation are usually better than the ones that don’t give this option to the users. The technology used is nifty and provides the user with the luxury of using the earbuds on call without noise from the outside environment interfering it. Usually the earbuds with Cpx 6.0 noise cancellation are recommended.

Recommended Bluetooth earbuds:

We have analysed a few earbuds and chosen the 10 best among them. They are analysed on the basis of the specifications they provide and the authenticity of the seller. The final say is the user’s who is going to do a cost and benefit analysis first. Following are the recommended earbuds.


­­­This cheap but good quality earbud comes with CV 6.0 and Dsp techs which are used in noise cancellation. It is also sweat proof and has battery life of up to 5 hours. It has only one colour and that is white. It is a good deal for money, it is also sweat proof. And has the computer installed at the hard cord which makes it lighter. It also has a warranty of 18 months, which means that in case of malfunction, it will be replaced by the company.

NMPB H12 Wireless Stereo Headset

This Bluetooth earbud is made of silicone which makes it a good insulator. It also has a good battery life of 7 hours, along with a good range. The seller also provides a good warranty of 2 years. It also has options for switching songs and changing volume on the device itself.
It also comes in with three pieces of soft earplugs of different sizes and shapes

TREBLAB J1 Bluetooth Earbuds

This HD Bluetooth earbud is made with a cutting edge technology. It has an advanced Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX technology. It has a very good battery life of 9 hours. It provides the user with the options of multi connectivity. It is also sweat proof and water proof. It enhanced music quality is claimed to be the best in the market. It also provides a 2 year warranty for the users. It has a range of 38 feet, which means that u can listen to music from 38 feet away from your phone or computer.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

These Bluetooth earbuds have the waterproof and sweat proof Ipx 7.0 technology. They provide the user with a battery life of up to 8 hours on calls and music play along with a standby time of 240 hours. The product is charged fully within 1.5 hours. It has a CVC 6.0 Noise cancellation technology along with Bluetooth 4.1. The seller also provides a 1 year warranty for the product and a 30 day no questions asked return policy as well.

Otium Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones:

These in ear earbuds use ipvx 7.0 technology for better quality. They are the best to be used by iPhone and android smartphones. They have a battery life of up to 8 hours. They also have a charging light indication which saves a good deal of energy.

ZEUS SPORT Bluetooth earphones:

These nifty and stylish earbuds come with waterproof and sweat proof technology with a rating of Ipx 4.1. It comes in two stylish colours, red black and white blue. It has a range of 33 feet. It has a Bluetooth V4.1 tech and also comes in with Cvc 6.0 noise cancellation feature. It has a universal connectivity. It comes in with a battery life of up to 8 hours. It uses polymer battery which is easily charged in under 2 hours. The seller provides a warranty of 30 days.

Joyful Heart JH-100:

Jh-100 is comfortable and secure to wear due to its design. It provides the user with a good battery life of 6-8 hours with one hour of charging. It comes in red and black colour and is the best to be used in gym and while doing sports. It has a universal connectivity and can connect 2 devices simultaneously. It also has a warranty of 1 year with 30 days return policy without any questions asked.

Phaiser BHS-730:

It has 8mm speaker that provide with a powerful bass. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 which is perfect for connectivity. The bullet-shaped Comply T-400 M memory foam tips provide Total Isolation from external noise. They come with noise reduction in the mic due to the t-400 technology. They have a sweat proof technology and provide a lifetime warranty if the earbuds get damaged due to sweat.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones:

These sport earbuds are really comfy to wear and are very lightweight. They just weigh 0.46 Oz. They come in with a Csr chip that provides the best experience for music play. These earbuds have a battery life of 6-7 hours on music play and are fully charged in 2 hours. They work within a great range of 33 feet.


The range of these earbuds is up to 38 feet. It uses aptx technology for best music quality. It is water resistant and has an impressive battery life of up to 9 hours with only a charge of 1.5 hours. It also uses sound amplifiers to further boost the quality of sound. It has a lifetime warranty.

Product name



Range 38 feet 33 feet 34 feet 38 feet
Battery life 9 hours 8 hours 7 hours 9 hours
Warranty lifetime 30 days 1 year 2 years
Price 39.99$ 31.91$ 36.96 $ 38.35$

Why choose a Bluetooth earbud over a traditional one?

Because these earbuds use Bluetooth technology, which means that they are wireless. Which in turn solves all the problems related to cords, like broken cords, cut cords, short circuits and much more. Secondly they are a good deal when it comes to cost and benefit as they usually last longer than the traditional earpieces. Third reason to choose a Bluetooth earbud over the traditional one is that they are really cool in outlook and are the new trend. And fourthly, because most of them are sweat proof, they can be used during workouts and running.


Find out the Best Video Doorbell Here

      Video doorbell

In the modern times when theft, burglary and street crimes are common, every person is concerned for their security. A gadget like a video doorbell becomes invaluable, and provides your house or office with a hint of security. You don’t have to go and see who is standing there at the door through the keyhole or the knob mirror Y.

ou can see yourself on the phone, live feed of who is standing outside, you can hear them, and even talk to them. This life feed can even be accessed from miles away on internet. You can ask whoever is standing on the door that you can’t come down, or anything like that and they can go. Usually burglars come to your house, ring the bell and if nobody answers they get in the house.

However with the video doorbell, you can effectively maneuver burglars without much trouble. Video doorbell provide you with the luxury of not only 24/7 surveillance, but you can actually record the feed on your cell phone which is stored in the cloud storage of the doorbell.

Even during blackouts, when traditional doorbells don’t work, some video doorbells have a battery installed inside them and they give a good backup time too. Video doorbell has not only secured the houses and lives  of it users, it also provided them with the ability to check and see who enters their house and when. Plus you can actually check who delivered your package and at what time and whether the package was manipulated by some third party or not.

Before buying a video doorbell, it is essential to know the mechanism with which they work, and the pre-requisites of a video doorbell.

There must be an electrical connection where bell needs to be placed. There must be wifi at hone, with which the device will be connected. The doorbell would save the feed in its cloud storage for viewing later. While live feed is shown with the help of satellites. Image is channelled to cell phone from the doorbell via satellite witb the help of a working wifi network.

Video doorbells come in many shapes and sizes, they have different specifications.

Specifications are the qualities and the abilities a device has or possess which is of value and matters. When it comes to video doorbells it is its ability to record videos in daylight and during lowlight, it’s camera resolution, it’s cloud storage, its 2 way audio system and whether it’s weather proof or not.

Our review is based upon selecting the best 10 video doorbells on the basis of the following specifications.


The most important feature of a video doorbell is its ability to record videos and to take pictures. That is widely dependent on the quality of camera that comes in with the device. What is the pixel density of the camera? What is the resolution of the camera? What type of  lens is used?. What is the quality of the video it takes? These are all valuable details that a buyer must be aware of before buying a video doorbell. The better the camera of the doorbell the better will its feed be.

Night vision:
Some video doorbells come with the option of night vision while others  have a brilliant low light camera. Devices with night vision are usually better because they don’t have an led attached to them which might alert the person on the door of the presence of video camera.
But some devices that use top led lights usually make their devices in such manner that it would alert the perpetuator.

Quality of material:
Video doorbells are made of different materials. They are either made of aluminium, stainless steel or either hard plastic. The durability of a device is dependent upon its quality. Some people when get alert, they try to dismantle the video doorbell. But if it is of good quality, dismantling it is not an easy feat.

Audio recording and mic:
Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, video doorbells come with a 2 way audio system. This means that you can actually record sound and hear the person who is standing outside along with telling him what to do, even from miles away. The quality of  microphone and speaker is really important, because if there isn’t proper communication a wrong message can be delivered.

Phone Application and interface:
Doorbells usually provide with their own designed application, which is used to connect to the doorbell with the help of wifi connection and satellite servers. The quality of the interface is an Important feature. A messy interface can waste seconds of live feed, also it become a hindrance in effective communication.

Power source:
Some doorbells have the ability to work when there is a blackout, while others run on AC current. The ones with the battery are charged when there isn’t any power source. The backup time of a doorbell depends on the quality of the batteries used and the extent of usage of the doorbell

Weather proof:
Video doorbells are placed outside of the house, which means that they require to be weather proof. Some cheap brands don’t make the videobells water proof which hinders there ability to work during outcast conditions. Also it effects the durability of the device widely.

Warranty and customer support:
Video doorbells run with an online application. At times there arrives a need when the live video feed won’t work or the cloud storage isn’t recording the video. During these times of emergency, a buyer needs customer support from the seller in order to get over the issue they are having. So the best way to ensure quality customer support is buying from authentic dealers.
Even after being provided with valuable customer support, it still isn’t enough. Because Video doorbells are electric devices and there may be errors in the hardware that can’t be solved online. This is when the warranty of the device comes in and play its role. Different Video doorbells have a different warranty.

Recommended devices:
Based on these specifications, we have recommended some of the best video doorbells for you

SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Version 2.0 Classic:
This elegant video doorbell has a silver color which adds to its beauty. With the help of motion sensors it can even detect who didn’t press the bell. It then alerts the user of this movement. It has a wide angle camera, which records videos at a stunning resolution of 1080p. It has Infrared settings when dark. But it’s motion sensor can lag a little bit during heavy rainfall. It requires no batteries and runs on ac power. It’s interface is really simple with cloud storage, free of course. And it has no leds attached to it and it isn’t weather proof

Ring Video Doorbell Pro:
This weather proof device has leds attached with it. It records HD videos at over 1080p. It’s motion sensor is really good and doesn’t lag like the skybell. It too has no batteries and runs only on Ac power. It has a really powerful interface that allows the user to record videos without any hindrance. The user gets a free cloud storage of 30 days and after that they have to pay for it.

Zmodo Greet -WiFi Video Doorbell with Zmodo Beam:
Zmodo Greet is a new device in the market, it has built in night vision and doesn’t  need any leds that would vandalise it. This device runs on Ac power and doesn’t need any battery. It’s motion sensor is not so good but it records impressive videos at 1080p. It has a limited cloud storage. It is built with two way audio.

RemoBell WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell:
Remobell is wireless and doesn’t need Ac power supply. It runs on batteries which needs to be charged. It doesn’t have any led and uses night vision during nightfall. It has a 720p camera and its motion sensor is really good. It’s not weather proof. It has a 2 way audio system that records quality sounds. It’s interface is not as good as other international brands. It doesn’t have cloud storage.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel:
This doorbell has an impressive motion senor and allows the user to control the focus areas manually through their cell phones. Whether its day or night, ring video doorbell uses IR and night vision to record HD videos at an impressive 720p. It has two way audio system along with night vision which makes it record quality sound. It too like the pro version provides a free cloud storage of a month.

Wifi Doorbell Video Doorbell Camera Video Door Phone:
This doorbell can be connected with multiple phones and accessed at the same time. It has a really simple interface as compared to other brands. It is made of hard plastic. This doorbell records videos at 720p. It uses night vision during night time. It runs on Ac power and needs no batteries. It isn’t weather proof. It has a good night vision but it doesn’t provide the users with cloud storage

SkyBell HD Silver WiFi Video Doorbell:
Skyybell HD records stunning videos at 1080p. It has an impressive motion sensor that even alerts the user if somebody doesn’t ring the bell. It has night vision and IR but also has the feature of top  led which makes it record even more stunning videos. It provides the user with an unlimited cloud storage. The seller also provides a one year return warranty in case of any malfunction or error in the original device.

VueBell WIFI HD Camera Video Doorbell:
This compact doorbell has a really hard material. It records impressive videos of 720p HD. It doesn’t have any cloud storage but the user can access live video playback and live talk for free. It has a great motion sensor which detects activity outside and alert the user about it. It runs on both ac and dc power supply, but special wiring is required. It has no leds and no night vision but it record good videos during night. The seller provides the buyers with an assured quality and gives a warranty of upto 18 months.

ERAY WiFi Wireless Enabled Video Doorbell Smart Home Security Camera IP65 Waterproof:
Eray doorbell is waterproof and has a tamper alarm which adds to its durability. It records good quality videos of 720p. It has night vision to record videos during night. It also provides the user with cloud storage. But this device doesn’t run on Ac power supply. Instead it runs on batteries. But its motion sensor is not very good and it lags during coarse conditions. Also this doorbell hasn’t any wide lens camera, which makes it unable to record wider picutes.

PowPro Pdor PP-05B Wifi Waterproof Video Doorbell:
This waterproof doorbell is really hard and durable. It has an HD Cmos camera, that has wide lens and a nifty motion sensor. It can alarm the user if the somebody stays outside the user’s house for more than the specified time. It has a 2 way audio system and an easy interface. This is a smart device but its no cloud storage is a con.

Product name SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Zmodo Greet – Video Doorbell RemoBell WiFi Video Doorbell
Camera 1080p 1080p 1080p 720p
Led Yes No No Yes
Night vision Yes Yes No Yes
Cloud storage Unlimited Limited Limited No
Weather proof No Yes No Yes
Price 229$ 249$ 95$ 179$

Final verdict:
Video doorbells comes in different qualities and shapes. It depends upon the content of your need. But buying a video doorbell is a must, a video doorbell that works with a cell phone is more effective than the one that uses already placed screens, because with a cell phone, we can actually check live feed from miles away over wifi connection.

Video doorbells have added to the security of every man. They are affordable and are a good alternative to traditional bells and burglar alarms.


Best Bookshelf Speaker-KEF Q100

  KEF Q100 Bookshelf Speakers

Music is the food for soul good music can make you forget about anything and let you live in the moment. For the best quality of music, there are many well-known companies, which make the best speakers and headphones to give you the best experiences. But when it comes to speakers, KEF is undoubtedly one of the best companies, lots of its models are best sellers, especially the KEF Q100. KEF is well known in the market for its unparalleled quality of sound and the classic experience of music that no other brand or company seem to provide.

KEF speakers have earned a name because they are the best and they make the best. From small speakers, to bookshelf speakers to large standing speakers, KEF makes them all. Kef is one of the top brands which manufacture the best speakers. Because they use scientific knowledge to enhance the quality of their sound mechanism, moreover the wood or the other materials they use for the formation of base are specially exported and carved by the best of the carvers in the world.

Their prices are on the lower side as compared to the expensive brands because they don’t charge extra and they don’t charge money for the brand name which so many of the international speaker making companies do. Kef provides the best speakers in best price. Whether it is high volumes, whether it is low pitch sounds, high pitch opera, commentary of a sport match, classical instrumental music to everyday pop and rock songs, this model from Kef runs them all on the volume of your choice. So this means that with the Kef Q100 you won’t be disrespected for music when you invite people at parties, or even at romantic settings, when you ask your beloved to be come, you won’t disappoint her because of music, or when alone and wanting to listen to music, you won’t be sad that your speakers aren’t of good quality. With the Kef Q100 you will amaze not only yourself but the people around you as well.

So what makes this specific model from Kef so great? Well Kef is an international company, which never disappoints its users. This model has been sold internationally and is a best seller from KEF. It uses the best technology and the best material to make sure that it delivers the best sound. When compared with other bigger models, it’s singular speaker gives out a standout performance than the other models which have more number of speakers. Because it uses the latest technology from KEF and it is everybody’s favourite. This speaker has the best specifications among other brands and it gives a standout performance even if compared with its counterparts from KEF.

They are the abilities and qualities of a device or a machine. In case of speaker, they are its power input, output, frequency, quality of the material, safety and lastly the warranty.

It is the amount of power required to generate the maximum sound. It can also be the amplifier input required to produce the best quality sound. Some speakers are built in such a way that they give the best performance while using the lowest amount of energy or power. In modern times, where electricity bills cost so much, one is always curious about the input a device requires. KEF Q100 doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to power input.

Output of a device is its ability to convert electrical energy into sound. Kef gives its users the best mechanism which converts most of the electricity effectively into sound. Generating high sounds is one of the perks of using Kef speakers. Especially Q100, as it allow the user to hear high quality sound at high volumes without effecting the quality of pitch and sound.

Frequency is the number of sound generated per second. Some speakers come with the ability to intercept sound waves from a very low frequency to high frequency. Kef is one of those speakers. It allows the user to play music having very low and similarly very high frequency too.

Interface is another important thing when it comes to electric devices. Devices with a complicated interface are very hard to handle sometimes but simple devices like Kef Q100 make it very easy to work with the interface as Kef has designed it very simply.

Good quality of sound depends on the quality of material that is used to manufacture the speaker Some companies in order to cheapen the price of speakers manipulate with its quality, but when they do so, sound quality automatically goes bad. Kef Q100 is made with the best materials present. And that is the main reasons of its success and the best quality sound.

Safety is the first and foremost concern of a user when it comes to working around with products that work with electricity. Kef Q100 uses the best insulators to make sure the device is entirely shock proof. Also it is pre tested and a certified speaker internationally.

The credibility of a device hugely depends upon the kind of warranty and customer support it has. Some sellers don’t give warranties for their products. Moreover they also try to manipulate the users by giving faulty devices and then saying that they must have checked it at the time of purchase. But Kef doesn’t do that. Kef provides its customers with the best customer support and a warranty that is limited but Is credible enough to either get your speaker repaired or changed if faulty from manufacture.

Based on these specifications, we will try to compare KEF Q-100 with other models of Kef in order to determine which is the best speaker?

KEF Q100 Bookshelf Loudspeakers – Black Oak:

Kef Q100 is the fantastic choice for every arrangement. Whether parties, whether office, whether restaurants or whether at home, they provide the best quality sound when compared with other speakers of the world. It has a very elegant design and comes in 4 different and beautiful colours Ash black, White, Rosewood and American walnut. This is an international best seller from KEF but that is not due to its design. So what makes this speaker so great? There are many things. It has the uni-q driver installed in it which has a very impressive and a very large size of 5.25 inches. It has the ability to intercept a frequency range of 49 Hz to over 40 KHz from a singular source. The specially crafted Uni-Q driver array from KEF has the ability to extend the frequency spectrum to a great extent while keeping the stereo image balanced, which allows the user to hear the same clear and quality sound no matter what the user’s position in the room is. In other words the Kef Q100 which has a Uni-Q driver array with a 1 inch Aluminium dome tweeter at its acoustic centre which offers fast and clean midrange response. This is made possible because of the braced magnesium/aluminium alloy cone with the KEF’s Z-flex surround which smoothens the transition to the front panel. Because of the state of the art HF driver developed from the KEF’s flagship Blade, the Q-100 boasts a very large dome tweeter for enhanced quality of sound and distortion free power handling. Moreover the KEF Q-100 is a very compact device and it just stands under a foot tall with the dimensions of 11.8 x 7.1 x 10.7 inches. It allows the user a 360 immersive sound experience and because it comes in a pair it makes the necessary boom and the quality that the song requires. Because of its small size, it is called a bookshelf speaker because it can fit in any bookshelf. It weighs just 13 pounds so this means that it can be carried to anywhere in the house easily. But don’t get swayed away by its small size, it can be very much effective for home entertainment or for small parties at home as it produces a very large output of sound which is more than 107dB. So for home entertainment or parties and even for smaller areas and for modest listening to -music, the KEF Q-100 wins the battle over other brands and its opponents. The KEF Q-100 can also be paired up with any of the floor standing or centre channels and even subwoofers from the KEF Q series and hence making a home theatre system. Thus ensuring an even more outstanding experience. But the pair of KEF Q-100 provides the best sound experience. Better than some of the home theatre systems present today. And it is not very expensive and stands at 480$ which is reduced to more during sales. So Kef Q-100 based on these specifications is one of the best speakers in the market. But let’s do a comparison with other speakers from the KEF so that we can see the differences between this maestro and other options available at KEF for small speakers at home.

KEF Q300WH Bookshelf Loudspeakers – White (Pair):

This KEF Q-300 is a newer model than its counterpart the KEF Q-100. It has a 100$+ more price than the classic KEF Q-100. When it comes to specifications, this speaker has a little upper hand in the output, which is just 3dB more than that of KEF Q-100. And the remaining specifications are just alike. It too comes in 4 different colours. It has a 6.5 inches Uni-Q driver which ensures high quality surround music but it doesn’t have much effect on the maximum output or the general sound quality as compared to the Q-100. It has a 2 inch aluminium coil to ensure good low frequency handling but it just makes a difference of un -noticeable difference of 5 Hz as compared to the Q-100. It looks the exact same as its counter-part the Q-100 but weighs 3 pounds more and takes more energy to produce the required sound. It stands at just 14 inches tall and a foot deep, which makes sure that it can stand up on any bookshelf without much trouble. It can be connected to different speakers from the KEF Q series to ensure home theatre quality sound. Its specifications are almost the same as that of the Q-100 but it costs 100$ more.

KEF R100 Bookshelf Loudspeaker – Rosewood (Pair):

This Kef R-100 has a 5.25 inch Uni-Q driver array which consists of both high and mid range frequency drivers. The main purpose of this array is to make sure that it has the both frequencies coming from the same place and allowing them to integrate with one another to have the perfect quality of sound. Surrounding the Uni-Q driver array is the Z-flex surround which projects audio more efficiently into the listening space. It is just 1 feet tall and is 7 inches wide. Comes in 4 colours and has a black grill for the front of the speaker. This speaker has almost the same or probably lesser specifications than the Q-100 at it is 2 times more expensive than the Q-100. Its price stands between 751$-1191.99$.

KEF LS50 Mini Monitor – High Gloss Piano Black (Pair):

This highly glossy and stylish speaker from Kef is worth 3 times more than the Kef Q-100. It uses the same Uni-Q driver array. And almost has the same functions as that of the Q-100. Rather a bit lesser. It’s elegant design makes it the most expensive speakers from Kef. But it has a very smaller size as compared to the Q-100, so it has the same specifications in a small size.

Product description KEF Q-100 KEF R-100 KEF Q-300 KEF LS50
Uni-Q driver Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frequency Response 49Hz-40kHz 56Hz-28kHz 42Hz-40KHz 79hz-28KHz
Amplifier Requirement 10-100W 25-100dB 15-120dB 25-100dB
Sensitivity 86dB 86dB 87dB 85dB
Max Output 107dB 1007dB 110dB 106dB
Weight 13 pounds 14.5 pounds 17 pounds 15.9 pounds
Price 480$ 649$ 1199.99$ 1499.99$

Final Verdict:

KEF Q-100 when compared with other models of KEF has almost the same specifications. What makes this speaker so great is its price.

It gives the same, rather a little better specifications than its counterparts in a much cheaper price of more than hundreds of dollars lesser than other speakers from the same brand.

Camping Coffee Percolator Reviews 2017

  Camping coffee percolator

In modern times where coffee is used by huge masses, there are many devices that are used to make coffee easily and in lesser time. The coffee brewers are of many types, like French presses, dip coffee brewers, electric coffee brewers. Although there are many devices that get the required job done but they lose the original taste of the coffee due to their indifferent methods. But the classic coffee percolators don’t let you down. They not only brew coffee easily but also maintain the taste of it.

The traditional coffee percolators date back to the 18th century. They are used to brew and make coffee that tastes just like the coffee you make at home. They have a metallic or a glass flask which can retain high amount of heat and maintain the taste of the coffee. So when on camping and with a group of people, you need to make good coffee from grounded coffee beans you will need camping coffee percolators. Camping coffee percolators usually have a large flask which enables them to make coffee in large amounts.

The procedure for making coffee is really easy. First of all you need to put water in the camping coffee percolator to the given mark, make sure that you don’t overfill the percolator. The next step is that you add freshly grounded coffee on the top of the filter. Then put the percolator on heat. The water will come to boil. Once this happens you need to lower the heat and put the burner on simmer. After that the water bubbles will rise up from the percolator tube and go into the coffee. The water will mix with the grounded coffee and it will in the form of droplets pour down in the boiling water. After that all you have to do is wait, and in the next 5 to 6 minutes your coffee is ready. Camping coffee percolators are cheaper than other coffee brewing machines. They save you a lot of money along with precious time which indicates that a percolator will make fresh coffee in less than 15 minutes. Saving you lots of time.


Coffee percolators either come in with the option to be heated by a stove or a burner, or they have a pre-installed electric input, which when connected to a source of electricity heat themselves up to boil the water inside. Due to their high demand, There are many companies that offer good quality coffee percolators. But some brands and companies in order to lower down the price of the devices compromise on the quality and produce products that are either faulty or don’t last very long. While the big international companies that manufacture top quality percolators make their products so expensive that the common man cannot afford. So in such a fix, when choosing the best camping coffee percolators it can become really hard for somebody. We have reviewed and selected 10 of the best coffee percolators on the basis of their specifications and their abilities to get their jobs done. But before buying a coffee percolator, one must ensure that it has the right specifications which would satisfy the user.

They are the qualities and the abilities of a device or a machine. When buying a coffee percolator one must ensure that the product will satisfy the needs of the user. In case of  coffee percolators its specifications are the type of material used, quality of material, whether the percolator works with electricity or direct heat from the stove, how much cups of coffee can it make and finally whether the percolator has guarantees from the seller or not.

Camping coffee percolators come in different types. They either use stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, tempered glass and even platinum. Choosing which is the best type depends upon the usage. For example the stainless steel percolators are really hard as compared to the ones using glass, which makes them the best choice for outdoors. But the platinum ones are good too.

Some brands to lower down the price of the percolators and to get a good market, they make their coffee percolators with degraded quality materials which are cheaper than the original and good quality. So before buying a percolator it is important to check its quality. Because the durability of the percolator depends upon the material it is made with.

Camping coffee percolators come in two types. First ones are those which need direct heat from the stove or camping fire. They are a good option for people who use them in outdoors where there is no facility of electricity. The other type of coffee percolators is the one which already has an electric input attached to it. All you have to do is connect the percolator to an electric source and in lesser time than the traditional percolators coffee will be made.

Coffee percolators come in a wide range of numbers of cups of coffee they can make. From a single cup to over 10 cups of coffee, they can make. Usually people who go on trips and camping alone or with one partner they buy coffee percolators which make one to two cups of coffee. The coffee percolators that do so are very compact and small in size, and they can be easily carried in a bag. Moreover they are a good option while hiking. But there are certain people who travel in groups, and to make more amount of coffee, they need bigger percolators which can make from 1-2 cups of coffee to more than 10 cups of coffee.

When using devices that work with heat, one is always concerned with their safety. Coffee percolators that are built with cheap materials usually end up with accidents. But the companies which provide quality coffee percolators ensure the safety of its customers. But still when buying a coffee percolator one must ensure whether it is safe to use or not.

When it comes to faulty devices a good customer service matters a lot. Some companies don’t provide its customers with the invaluable customer support. They don’t even have warranties in case the product is faulty from manufacturing. So to avoid that the buyer must buy its products from good sellers which provide the needed customer support.

Based upon these specifications we have recommended a few of the best coffee percolators.

Chinook Timberline Stainless Steel 3 Cup Coffee Percolator: 

This Chinook timberline coffee percolator has the ability to make 3 cups of coffee that are roughly about 710ml. It is made with good quality stainless steel which not only makes this device durable and hard but also very easy to clean. It has permawood handle which is a very good insulator and it won’t burn your hand. This percolator is dishwasher friendly.
Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 8-Cup Coffee Percolator:

Farberware Classic coffee percolator is made with stainless steel. It has a clear plastic knob which lets you know when the coffee percolation has started and when to take it off. This percolator is called classic because it has the clean polished surface that gives the outlook of a mirror. It has a very stylish and compact design that lets you make up to 8 cups of coffee.

Elite Platinum EC-120 Maxi-Matic 12 Cup Percolator:

This elite class coffee percolator by maximatic is made with stainless steel, which makes it a very brittle device, easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. It has a removable electric output for easy cleaning of the percolator flask. This percolator is designed in such a way that it can make and brew up 12 cups of coffee. It is best used indoors but can be taken for camping where electricity is available. This coffee percolator unlike the traditional ones has the ability to boil water faster due to its high heat output. Moreover it has a high quality glass knob with which you can actually see the when has the percolation process started and when it ends.

 Coleman 12 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator:

This stainless steel coffee percolator from Coleman has the ability to make 12 cups of coffee while ensuring that the coffee doesn’t lose its original taste. It has a corrosion resistant base which makes this percolator very durable. It comes with a glass knob with which you can see the percolation process. So that you can take it off the heat source when the percolation is complete.

2-Cup Stovetop Espresso Moka Coffee Maker Pot:

This coffee percolator has the ability to make 2 cups of good coffee. It has a perfect and a compact design. It is made with high quality stainless steel which makes sure that this is easy to clean and durable. This coffee percolator has a permanent filter but it is dishwasher friendly and can easily be cleaned. It has a high insulation plastic handles which ensure that your hands are safe after taking the percolator off of the heat source. It’s polished design makes it very elegant. And its compact design makes it easier to carry as well.

GSI Outdoors 8 Cup Enameled Steel Percolator Coffee Pot:

This Gsi outdoors coffee percolator has the traditional outlook. It is blue in colour and has enamelled surface which gives it a classier outlook. It is made with steel and it has the ability to make up to 8 cups of coffee without losing the original taste of the coffee.

Coleman 14 Cup Percolator:

This ingenious coffee percolator from Coleman is made with high quality stainless steel, it has a double enamelled surface and its compact design enables it to make 14 cups of coffee. This coffee percolator is the best option when it comes to making more amount of coffee.

Tops 55704 Rapid Brew Stovetop Coffee Percolator, Stainless Steel:

This coffee percolator from tops is made with polished stainless steel which gives it a very shiny and a classier outlook. It is made with the ability to withstand large sums of heat. It can make 2 to 9 cups of coffee in a very short span of time. It has a wooden handle which makes it a very good insulator and saves your hand from the heat of the stove. It has a hardened plastic knob which is transparent and allows you to control the percolation process.
Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator, 2-3 cup:

This coffee percolator is best for outdoor camping. This percolator has the ability to brew 2-3 cups of coffee while ensuring the quality and taste of the coffee. It is made with stainless steel and a classier outlook. The handle of this percolator is made with permawood Stanley 6-Cup Adventure Percolator, Stainless Steel, 1.1 quart:

This coffee percolator from Stanley(corp) has the ability to brew and make upto 6 cups of coffee. It is made with stainless steel which not only makes it easy to clean but durable as well. It comes with a silicone handle which is a very good insulator. Moreover its silicone handle can be removed which ensure the usage of coffee percolators on big heat flames as well. This stylish and compact coffee percolator has a very lightweight and a compact design hence making it very suitable for camping and outdoors as it can be carried very easily.

Product description Chinook Timberline Farberware Classic 120 Maxi-Matic Coleman 14 Cup Moka Coffee Maker Pot
No of cups 3 8 12 14 2
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Coated steel
Electric No No No No No
Price 33$ 16-30$ 16-48$ 16-30$ 10-14$

Final verdict:

In today’s times where there are so many brands and companies that offer the best coffee percolators choosing the best one for yourself can be a hard thing. We have reviewed 10 of the best coffee percolators but the final decision lies with the person who is going to buy it because coffee percolators come with different sizes and types.

They range in prices even. The smaller coffee percolators are cheaper as compared to the larger coffee percolators. But prices don’t matter as long as the quality of the coffee percolator is up to the mark because coffee is something we all cannot compromise on.