Best External Cd Drive Review 2017

                                           External Cd Drive

There are moments in our lives where our Cd-Rom or disk drives get faulty, or because of our work and our requirements, on Cd-drive is not enough, or our computer or tablet or mac doesn’t have a CD Drive and we want to run Cds and we want to be able to read Cds and write them even, In such cases, we need an external Cd-Drive. So basically external CD-drive is not going to fit in your pc or laptop, you have to place it on the laptop or somewhere else. And then you have to connect a CD drive with your computer or laptop or mac through the USB. After some time the CD rom will install drivers automatically, and once it is done with that, you can put in cds and dvds in it and run them, and some of the Cd drives come with the option of writing Cds and dvds, so you can create your own.

Because there is a great demand for such external Cd-drives, there are numerous brands that produce them. And then there are flagship companies like LG, Dell which also produce them. But the other companies have a tough time in competing with the flagship brands, so they try to innovate their devices. This innovation not always goes the right way. So their products become faulty. In order to avoid that, we have reviewed some of the best products from both flagship brands and common brands and also compared them to find out which external Cd drive is of your choice. Our review is based on a set of specifications.

Specifications are basically abilities and qualities that a device, machine and a product has. They tell the user about the know how of the device, also they make sure that the customer buys the product of their choice. When it comes to external Cd drives, its specifications are its quality, its design, its interface and warranty.

Quality of the product is always the most important specification. It determines two things, first one being the overall durability and the second one being the performance. If a device has been made with top quality materials, it definitely will last longer than other products and similarly would perform better as well. One must always check the quality of a product before buying it to ensure that the product they are buying will last for the desired period of time.

Although design is not as much important as quality. But in today’s time, design has an impact on our lives. If a device has been design in a bad looking way, it will give an extremely bad and out dated outlook. As the designs of every product were improved with time and were a proponent of modernity too. So always look for Cd drives having a good design.

In the interface section, we have also covered the overall performance and the capabilities of the external Cd Drives. So basically the Cd drives come in different types, some are R/W Cd drives, some have the ability to run and burn Dvds. Choosing the right type depends entirely on the preference of the user.

Warranty is on the last of our list of specifications. But it is surely not the least because it determines the credibility of the seller and also the overall quality of the product. If the product has a warranty on it, it saves you from a lot of trouble in getting the device repaired or exchanged in case you have got a faulty one.

Based on these specifications, we have reviewed and recommended some of the best products.

Dell DW316 External USB Slim DVD R/W Optical Drive 429-AAUX:

This is a plug and play Cd drive, which means you just have to plug it in and it will work perfectly. It is very light and weighs just 200 grams, also it is very low price and is just 14mm thick. This External Cd drive has the ability to read and write Cds and Dvds. It has a very simple design and the trademark dell logo on top. It can be bought for just 25-55$.
ASUS ZenDrive Ultra Slim Mac Compatible External DVD Optical Drive:

This ultra slim Cd drive is just 13mm thick. It is one of the lightest external Cd drives. It has the ability to read and write Cds. It has a great design and also it has compatibility for both windows and mac. The price of this product is on the lower side and can be bought for 14-34$.
LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 Super Multi Ultra Slim Portable DVD Drive:

This amazing product from LG has a USB 2.0 interface (up to 480Mbits/s, USB 3.0 Compatible). It has Maximum 8x DVDR Write Speed and Maximum 24x CD Write Speed. It has a total thickness of just 14mm. It can be bought in a price range of 15-35$.
Cocopa USB 3.0 External CD Drive:

This is one of the most stylish external cd drives. It has a USB 3.0 support and it is also plug and play which makes it extremely easy to use. This device has support for windows, mac and linux as well. It is ultra thin and it can be bought for just 18-38$.
Gipow External DVD CD Drive & CD DVD +/-RW Writer:

This is one of the most exquisite Cd drives in the market with a 3.0 usb interface and a wonderful plug and play design. It also has multi professional use and with this u can read and write Cds and Dvds. Moreover the seller provides a 30 day money back guarantee and also a 12 month warranty on the product. It can be bought in a price range of 16-36$.

Product Description Dell-Dw316  Cd-Drive Asus Zen drive Cocopa External Cd Drive Gipow External Cd Drive
Supports Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac
Plug and play Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified 12 months
Price 15-55$ 14-24$ 18-38$ 16-36$

The flagship companies and other brands share the same price, and the same specifications. Their qualities are also very good and they are designed in such a way that they have great designs and also that they give a great outlook. They are not very expensive and are a must have for every person in need of them.

Top Most Total Wireless Review 2017

                                      Total Wireless Review

Total wireless is a USA based telecommunication company which is a sub brand of TracFone Wireless. Total Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network operator (MVNO) that uses Verizon’s CDMA network. Before early 2017, Total Wireless products were only sold at Walmart. They are now sold at other major retail stores such as Target and Dollar General. They offer several different rate plans starting at $25/month, and all plans include unlimited talk minutes and texting. Data is also available on plans starting at $35/month for 5GB of data. Before May 2016, only 3G phones were sold and supported by Total Wireless. In May 2016 Total Wireless gained support for Verizon’s 4G network, and started selling phones with that support on its own website (as well as Walmart’s website. Moreover total Wireless has also some signature cell phones which it sells along with the sim cards. They also have mobile hotspot softwares which allows one user to share their internet through their cell phones.

Total Wireless is getting a lot of fame lately and that is merely because of three things, the first one is that the service and reception total wireless has is unparalleled, the second thing that boosts the business of the company is the Customer Support they provide their customers, and the third thing which is good about them is that the plans they offer are absolutely worth it. They provide unlimited calls and text messages in just 25$/ month and also they provide 5GB data for an additional 10$ which makes the price go at 35$. If we try to look at things and observe them analytically we will come to the conclusion that they have the best packages to price ratio. We here are therefore reviewing some of the products from Total Wireless to check whether the company is worth it or not. Our review is based on three sections, in the first one, we will cover Sim cards and data plans, in the second we will cover mobile hotspot from total wireless and lastly we will try to review the cell phones being sold by total wireless.

Sim Cards and packages:

There are important specifications for sim cards and they are reception and compatibility. Total wireless provides its customers with service in all of the United States. So that means it has a great reception. The next specification is compatibility. Different cell phones have different compatibility to network. Some of them run CDMA while others run Gsm. Total wireless only works with CDMA that too from Verizon. But they have different sizes of sim cards like nano, and micro and standard size sims. Some of the Simcards and packages are listed below.

Total Wireless Universal CDMA Sim Kit:

So this sim kit has a 3 in 1 operation. It has only CDMA network compatibility so this means it is not going to work with GSM models. The second thing is that it has a standard sim, a micro sim and a nano sim along with it. So this means that any 3g or 4g enabled cell phone can run this sim card. This is just the sim kit and the plans are sold separately which can be bought from any good store. The price of this sim kit is low and can be bought for 3-9$.
Total Wireless CDMA 4G LTE Nano Sim Card for Smartphones:

This pack includes one nano sim. It can be used with smartphones which run on nano sim. But it has a 4g Lte capability so all the phones having 4g will be able to run it on this sim. It only works with Verizon smartphones like iphone and Samsung etc. This is just the sim card so it means there is no service or any package included. Its model number is TWAPIPHCSIMKITV2. It can be bought in a very cheap price range of just 6-9$.
Total wireless packages:

There are different packages of total wireless. The most important and commonly used two are the unlimited data and voice plan, which can be bought for 25$. The second one is the one having unlimited calls and text messages and a 5GB data plan as well, which can be bought for just 35$. There are other packages which cover multiples lines and their prices vary based on the usage. The link to 35 dollar plan with unlimited voice and texts and 5Gb data is given.

Total Wireless mobile hotspot:

So this device basically is a mobile hotspot or a router which uses Total Wireless network and converts the data to Wifi to let multiple users use it. It is not contract based. This hotspot is a UNIMAX U240c, it has a 3 hours battery life, and it can be charged easily. It has a really good interface which is simple and easy to use. It can be bought in a price range of 40-60$.  Now we have covered the sim cards and the mobile hotspot from Total wireless, we would move to other products.

Total Wireless Smartphones:

Total wireless has different smartphones which have been made in such a way that they work with total wireless. They are contract based and sometimes they also are contract free. Total basically works with Verizon smartphones, so they cover models from Samsung, LG and Zte. A brief review of one of the smartphones from Total Wireless is given below along with the link.

Total Wireless – LG 238C Prepaid Cell Phone – Black

This is one of the smartphones that Total wireless sells. It has a 1.3 mega pixel camera, also it has a 2.3 hour talk time and a 7 day standby battery. This is just a smartphone, so no package or plan is included. It is 3G enabled. It can be bought in a price range of 40-60$.

Total wireless is an emerging telecommunication company and it is one of the fastest growing networks in the US. Their ability to provide great call and text plans along with data for an inexpensive price, their customer support and lastly their network reception is what makes them great. They suit all types of people and their packages are designed in such a way that they fulfil the needs of their customers. But the final choice is of the user. If they want to buy a network, which gives them great packages, a great reception and cheap prices, then Total Wireless is the right company for them.


Best Winter Gloves Review 2017

Winter Gloves

Winter gloves are considered as the must buy thing especially in winters and especially in those areas which faces the harsh winters, the warm gloves are the best deal which keeps your hands warm and cozy. Usually people buy gloves offline and never consider the online options. This makes their option of buying gloves not only limited rather less durable. Mostly, offline manufacturers’ claim that they design the best cozy winter gloves for you that does not lasts for longer. Buying online provides you with the best customer reviews along with the best specifications of the product. Besides, online you can analyze the cost and benefit consequences on buying such a product. On the other hand, online manufacturer provides you with the help and support services as well that you can avail at any point of time.

However, before even buying online you need to consider various important specifications of the product like winter gloves which are considered as must have things. Likewise, in winter gloves you must consider the material of the inner side of the gloves as this material will keep your hands warm and cozy for a longer time period. With inner lining, the surface material also needs to be considered. The whole material should be considered as this will provides you the washing guide because various material cannot be washed through the washing machines. They can only be clean through hand washing. Besides, the most important thing nowadays that whether your winter gloves contains touch screen options or not. Those who wants their fingers to be naked can look around for mitten cover gloves. These gloves contains the option through which you can uncover your fingers in case that make you uneasy while working or writing. Your winter gloves deal should be water resistant only then it can be able to keep your hands warm. Its inner lining should be made up of material that keeps your hands warm for longer time period and you will be able to do several tasks regardless of the coldest winter. We have picked few best winter glove options for you that you must consider before buying the one for yourself.

Top Most Recommended Winter Gloves

Following are the top most recommended Winter Gloves that we have picked for you. You must consider these following before buying the one for yourself.

Tomily Womens’ Touch Screen Phone Fleece Windproof Gloves Winter Warm Water:

Fleece is a trustworthy brand when it comes to warm and windproof winter gloves that keeps your hands warm even in harsh and thick snow. It is made up of warm fabric material which keeps your hands warm as well as soft and convenient to work while putting them on. It contains three buttons decoration which looks decent and elegant. Its touch screen design makes it handier in keeping it warm even in coldest weathers. They are best in for outdoor usages. Its sizes varies usually designed with 8.5 cm length of a middle finger with 9cm width of a palm. Its material is flexible and convenient to carry. They are the best deal especially for winters, you can even carry them while driving and even for your style.

Carhartt Womens’ Quilts Insulated Glove with Waterproof Wicking Insert:

The material is 100 percent polyester and 100% polyethylene and purely imported. They can wash by hands only. It is designed with polyurethane palm as well as with polyurethane reinforcements. It contains flexible fleece cuff along with adjustable hooks that can be used for closure as well. It also contains nose wipe and elasticity in the wrist area that prevents your wrist from getting uncomfortable while wearing it. It is water proof as well as made up of fast dry technology that also keep your sweating dry due to its inner lining. They are ultra-soft due to its material which is used inside while keeping in mind. This is ultra-soft due to polyfil insulation material equipped inside it. It is designed with rip stop taffeta with quilted stitching which contains polyurethane palm. The price of these amazingly designed Winter Gloves ranges from 11 to 30 USD. Carhartt so far is the best manufacturer of winter gloves that you must consider before buying the one for your comfortable winters.

Timberland Mens’ Magic Glove with Touchscreen Technology:

Timberland is the remarkable manufacturer and a well-known as well that enjoys the trust of several hundred thousand customers’ across the globe. Likewise, they manufactures the best winter gloves as well. Their logo is dispatched on the cuff. These are made up of 100% acrylic. They can be washed in washing machine as well due to their material. They 0.5 in length and 4cm wide from palm. They are called as solid and well-knit gloves along with three-finger touchscreen conductivity. They are designed with ribbed wrists and contains the logo of the Timberland above the cuffs. The price of this amazingly designed winter glove by Timberland ranges from 4 to 12 USD with zero returns.

Womens’ Texting Touchscreen Winter Cold Weather Super Warm Cozy Wool Knit Thick Fleece Lined Gloves Mitten:

They contains super warm lining inside that makes them coziest and the warmest deal for women in winters. They contains touchscreen functions. They are made up of 70% wool, 10% rabbit fur and 20% nylon. The inner lining is made up of 100% polyester. The touch point is designed with 70% wool and 30% nylon. They are available in amazing color deals that attracts the most women in town due to their stylish designs and colors. They are the best gifts in winters for women. The price of this cozy diva ranges from 8 to 22 USD.

Vbiger Winter Gloves Warm Wool Mittens with Mitten Covers:

They are made with a wool blend material which keeps you warm even in coldest winters. They are stylish as well as designed in a way that they can easily be folded back mittens for men. They are flexible and comfortable in size and flexibility and can fits all adults’ finger. They perform the dual functions along with the flip opening cover. It is designed in a way that can uncover your five fingers with classic splicing color ranges. They are the best and the most amazing deal in case you need to warm your hands and you need to work outdoors in harsh winters. The price of this amazing cozy glove ranges from 6 to 20 USD.








Find out Best Umbrella Here 2017

Best Umbrella

Whether it’s a summer or a winter an umbrella has remain a useful thing. In summers it is helpful in protecting oneself from harsh weather. Besides, mostly people think that why umbrellas broke too early and why aren’t they durable? This is due to the fact that mostly people prefer to buy them offline. Buying such products offline will never provide you with the best durable product ever. On the other hand, if you buy it online you can easily read its specifications, material etc. besides, customer reviews are the best judgments. Just read customer reviews about the product and analyze yourself. Therefore, this article is prepare as a guide to you. We are providing you with the best Umbrellas’ available online. Before buying an umbrella you should be looking around following best options that whether this umbrella is durable or not. Whether this manufacturer is worthy of trusting or not, if it is heat resistant or it is already tested means customer reviews. Lastly whether it is sturdy enough or not.

If you use Umbrella on daily basis than make sure you choose the one with J-shaped handle. The biggest advantage of J-shaped umbrella is it will never cause pain in your wrist or hand and it will never spin from your hands. Secondly, do not ever consider a convenient option of one button to open an Umbrella as such Umbrellas’ are made with more parts that means they can easily be broken into pieces and will be of no use to you. Thirdly, always consider its weight an Umbrella must be a little more than a pound, it should weigh and also look around for its diameter as well. The more it is wider, the more area it will cover and so more people can take refuge in it during rainy season.

Several uses of Umbrellas’:

There are several other uses of Umbrellas’ other than just protecting you from rain. They can be helpful in hanging behind at the beach on your chair to help you in reading and taking rest. They can be helpful in pouring toys when dropped upside down in a pool while open. They can be helpful in protecting your plants and seeds from sun and rain. In home, you can also use these Umbrellas’ to cover your lamps to make it more stylish. Their different colors can be helpful in designing and decoration of your house and backyards.

Top Most Recommended Best Umbrellas’ of 2017

Following are the top most recommended picks that we have selected for you. These are the best selected durable Umbrellas’ that you must consider before buying the one for yourself.

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating:

The best thing about this product is it is automatic and compact along with super lights. Its automatic function can automatically open and close the umbrella with only single handed usage. It is 11.5 in its length as well as less than 1lb in its weight. This weight and length it is convenient to carry it along. It is engineered with nine ribs with wind defying technology. Majority of the Umbrellas’ are made up of six or eight aluminum ribs Repel is the only one which creates distinction on constructing it with 9 ribs. These ribs are made up of reinforced fiberglass which is considered as the most durable as they remain attached with the powerful gusts without turning inside out. Repel is the best when it comes to water repellency. They are best in defending you from water and dry it instantly. There is nothing best than that of Repel. It is engineered with chrome plated metal shafts which provides it with strong metal frame and this allows it to maintain the highest stability in high wind areas. Its handle is made up of rubbery material with ergonomic material which is slip proof and this also includes its travel sleeve as well. Another best thing about Repel is they provides you an Umbrella with lifetime replacement policy. If at any place and time anything happens to your Umbrella then Repel will replace it within no time, with no returns. You will get a brand new Umbrella from the company right at the place. The price of this amazingly designed Umbrella ranges from 11 to 30 USD.

Rain Mate Compact Travel Umbrella- Windproof, Reinforced Canopy:

It is designed with windproof material which protects you even in higher windy areas. It is engineered with nine reinforced ribs that provides it a complete metal frame and its shaft makes it highly resistant to wind and rain. No matter how the weather is harsh, this is engineered to protect you even in outdoors as well. It is compact and stylish with lightweight that can be carried along anywhere easily. Rain Mat is considered as your best mate in protecting you from rain and harsh weathers. It is made up of fail-safe flip technology. It is amazingly indestructible canopy with water proof technology. This technology along with its fiberglass hinges which inverts it but will never let it break or bend inside that can cause a damage to an Umbrella. It is made up a heavy duty Umbrella as it is guaranteed in providing you the utmost protection from the ultimate harshness of weather. The manufacturer is durable and trustable enough to provide you with the best life time replacement policy. If at any time of life anything happens to your Umbrella, you are just a contact away from the manufacturer. As soon as you contact the manufacturer, they will send you a brand new canopy instantly with no returns. Rain mate covers all kinds of damages caused to your Umbrella. It contains the best size that can carry along during travelling without any inconvenience. It also contains travel sleeve that keeps your belongings dry especially your bag. It is that adjustable in size that can easily fit in your travel bag, brief case or car’s. It contains automatic button open and close button that can automatically open or close your Umbrella. All you need to do is to touch a button that is made up of rubbery ergonomic material. This ergonomic material automatically extends your Umbrella and the same way you can close it without any inconvenience. The price of this Umbrella ranges from 9 to 20 USD.






Best USB to Micro USB Review 2017

USB To Micro USB


As time moves on, things are getting bigger and complex to understand. It is very important that we comprehend things properly to bring them in use to their fullest. Technology is developing day by day and bringing new ideas into reality to bring ease to the people. Hence here is another creation of science to cater your needs on the go that is the USB to Micro USB cable which is a need of every person who is used to gadgets. USB(Universal Serial Bus) is a tool that helps you to connect your device to other different devices, basically it is used to make connections to external hardware in the computer.This is a tool that helps you to connect your device whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, keyboard or what so ever to the host system that is a computer or any other gadget.


To understand and comprehend every product is essential to get the fruitful usage of the product. Thereby specifications of any product are the key features and qualities that are present in the product the brands are trying to offer. These are the technicalities and appearance of the product that is defined in the specification section of the product.


Moving to the very first and foremost feature that is design of the USB to Micro USB cable. Different brands shape their product in new and innovative manner to impress the customers and increase the feasibility of the product for them. These USB to Micro USB cables have unique design that helps to increase their feasibility by providing long cable that is as long as 6 feet. Moreover some brands make the receptacles of the USB as gold plated to increase their worth and value in the market for customers.


After that comes the compatibility of these USB to Micro USB cables. Well most of these USB to micro USB cables have universal compatibility with the major device brands namingly Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony and many more.

Life of the Product

When you have a vast range of products of in front of you it is advised to do a good cost and benefit analysis and then go for the purchase. Every expensive thing is not of high quality and and every cheap thing is of low quality, it merely depends upon the brand and its reputation. However going for cheap things always may damage your things in future thereby it is advised to pick the best thing fr yourself. Some brands offer 12 months warranty along with 24 hours customer care services for any help or queries.

Best Recommended USB to Micro USB with their Key Components

To help you make a smart choice here are few best quality USB to Micro USB cables presented by various brands.

Micro USB Cable – Zeal Tech. This is USB to Micro USB cable by Zeal-Tech to provide with best connections. It has a durable 3 foot cable that can be bent in different positions. This is a compact cable with heat resistant quality and to add up more to its features it has gold tip heads so that it can provide secure connection and fit in easily. This pack of 5 USB to Micro USB cables can be bought in only $9-$10.

Vanzon Micro USB Cable. Here is another USB to Micro USB cable from Vanzon which is a reputed brand that is trying to bring best to its customers. It has high speed and good charging performance. The cable used is highly durable and long lasting and it is covered with premium quality braided nylon jacket to keep it safe. This allows you to syc and charge your phone at the same time allowing you to do multi-tasking and saving up your time. This pack of 3 high quality cables is available in $10-$11.

Ksmile® 2 Pack USB 2.0 Micro USB is another amazing piece of innovation. This USB to Micro USB is compactly designed and full of quality features. This is a pack of two and these on the go featured USB to Micro USB is just amazing. They are convinient to use as they have no cable so its tangle free and carry wherever you want to. These can be purchased in $4-$5.

iXCC 10 Feet Extra Long Micro USB Cable. Here is another option that is great for those who have lots of things going on together. It has a long 10 feet cable which is a high guage low impedence wire which inturn enables it to give high performance. Moreover it offers a 24 month warranty so that their customers are satisfied with their purchase. It is available in the price range of $5-$6.

AmazonBasics Micro-USB to USB 2.0 Cable. This is another trusted option available for you which is offering a pack of 3 USB cables. It has a cable that is 3 feet long and made out of good quality wire. It has gold plated connecters that resist corrosion and gives signal purity. Furthermore it offers 1 year limited warranty. The price range it falls in is $6-$7.


UGREEN Micro USB is one of the best quality USB to Micro USB which is compatible to most of the brands. This on the go device is best tool to charge and sync it to other devices for transfering data. It gives high charging speed along with good performance. It offers a 12 month warranty along with lifetime services from the manufacturer. It can be bought in $5-$6.

Anker PowerLine Micro USB is yet another flawless USB to Micro USB cable that is meticulously designed. This cable is 6 feet long made with premium quality wire and offer a 18 month warranty to its valuable customers. It gives you faster charging and strengthened connections. It falls between $6-$7.

Micro USB Cable, Redlink. Market is full of different brands and this is one of the good brands that offers quality products. Redlink has made its cable as long as 10 feet which is made of high quality wire to keep your gadgets safe from any short circuit losing any charging. It is extremely durable and a long lasting product and they offer you a 12 month warranty. This pack of 3 cables may cost you around $9-$10.

Micro USB Cable, Rankie. This is another option available to you to ponder upon and get for yourself. It has stainless steel connectors that are heat resistant as well as durable. This has 3 feet long cable which gives quich transmission of signals. It is best to have for secure connections. You can have this pack of 3 cable in just $7-$8.

Cable Matters (2-Pack) Gold-Plated Retractable USB to Micro-USB. Lastly here is another brand in the queue that brings quality and innovation together. This is retractable USB to Micro USB cable which is compactly and wisely designed. The design provides you with tangle free connection and durable product. This pack of 2 can be bought in just $7-$8.

Final Words

It is wise to keep yourself updated and brace yourself for the shortcomings and stay calm to face them. Technology has brought solutions to your problems. Here you have a USB to Micro USB cable that can be used on the go and make things easier for you. It can charge and transfer data easily with great speed any where you are. This is so compactly designed that it can be placed in your bags easily. Some of the best ones are mentioned above on which you can contemplate over and have one for yourself at quite low rates.

Find out Best Wire Cutters Here 2017

Wire Cutter

Wire cutter is an everyday use tool for people having any affiliation with electricity, people working with electric cables, also for steel cables and for the people who use it at home to cut wires and mend their ways themselves. Wire Cutter has usually one purpose and it so ensure that the person using this cuts the wire smoothly up to their preferred length. But apart from that, some people also use the wire cutter as a tool to strip the wire to get the copper out from the plastic cover of the wire or the cable. Wire cutters are a must have for all electricians, also it is a good tool to have in every house, because every now and then, one needs to make changes to the wiring for their smooth working, color, textures and uses. There are multi-purpose tools which have a wire cutter, there are simple wire cutters and lastly there are complicated wire cutters, which have a set of different functions as well, like clipper, a stripper and a small plier. Choosing the right type of wire cutter is a difficult feat because wire cutters generally differ from one another in a lot of things and choosing the right wire cutter becomes difficult. We here have recommended some of the best wire cutters, also we have tried to review them to help you find your preferred tool. Our review is based on a set of specifications. Specifications are the abilities and qualities that a product has, they help the user to determine the capabilities of the product.

Quality of a product has a direct relationship with the durability of a product. If a product is made from the best quality of materials, it will undoubtedly have the most durability to harsh environment. Also the quality of the product directly influences the price of a product, so if a product has been made with rugged materials, it will cost a little higher. One should never compromise on the quality of the product for price.

Design is the second most important specification. It allows the user to buy the product of their choice. There are different types of wire cutters, some are simple, some are complex multi-tools and some have compact designs. Choosing the right type of design for your wire cutter mainly depends on your needs and your preferences. But always make sure that the product you are buying meets all your requirements.

A wire cutter has usually been made to ensure your safety. But even if they are, you must always take precautionary measures to ensure safe usage of the product. Also if the product has sharp edges or bad handles, you should get it replaced or changed.

A product having a warranty on it is better than the product which doesn’t have warranty. Because warranty determines the credibility of the seller, along with giving you a free hand of getting the product repaired or replaced in case it is faulty.

Based on these specifications, we have recommended and reviewed some of the best products.

Zoto Cutting Pliers Tool for Industry 10-24 AWG Stranded Wire:

This is a multi-purpose tool from Zoto. It is one of the best wire cutters present in the market today. It has three functions, a wire cutter, a wire stripper and a cable cutter crimper. It has a comfortable handle to ensure that you use the product smoothly. It also has a 12 months warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee as well. It can be bought in a price range of 9-19$
Stanley 84-105 6-Inch Diagonal Cutting Plier;

This is one of the most rugged pliers in the market. It has a 6 inch diagonal cutting edge. Which is made from steel, hence ensuring its durability. It is rust proof along with having a nickel finish to make it even more rugged. It can be bought in a range of 2-10$.
IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter, 2078309:

This is a multi-purpose wire cutter. It has a wire cutter, a wire stripper and a wire crimper. It also has a bolt cutter as well. The cutter works on 10-22 Awg cables. It also crimps insulated and non-insulated cables. It can be bought in a price range of 8$ to13$.
TEKTON 8-Inch Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter | 3386:

This is one of the most easy to use wire cutters. It has a great design which allows u to cut wires and bolts, and steel chains easily. It comes in different sizes. But this one is 8 inches. It has rubber grips to ensure that the tool doesn’t slip. It can be bought for 4-10$.
Stanley FatMax 89-874 8-Inch Curved Jaw Cable Cutter:

This tool has a curved jaw, which allows you to cut wires smoothly. It also reduces the effort by 45%. The edge is hand made and also it has a alloy finish to make sure it is durable and also serve you the best in all conditions. It can be bought in a range of 10-18$.
Electriduct Wire Stripper, Cutter, Crimper Multi-Function Hand Tool:

This is a multi-purpose tool. It can be used as a wire stripper, a cutter, and a crimper. It has ergonomic handles to make sure that you can use the tool in sweaty conditions without much trouble. The price of this tool is low and it can be bought in a price range of 5-15$.

Product Description Zoto Cutting Pliers Stanley 84-105 TEKTON 8-Inch Electriduct Wire cutter
Multi-tool Yes No No Yes
Handle Plastic-Cushion Grip Plain handles Rolled steel, rubber grip Ergonomic handles
Price 9-19$ 2-10$ 4-10$ 5-15$
Warranty 12 months No Yes No

Final Verdict:

Wire Cutters are everyday use tool and they are essential for every house and for every person who has a relationship with electricity or any maintenance feat regarding wires.  There are several companies that produce quality products having great designs. But you have to choose the right type of wire cutter according to your preferences and not the company image or the design. A wire cutter having multi tool is a better option than the simple one, but then again some people want simple wire cutters which have a rugged design. So it all comes to your preference.

Best Phone Tripod Review 2017

                                                Phone Tripod

This is a must have accessory for every household and for every person who like to take photos and wants to be a part of them as well. A tripod allows you to place your phone on the tripod, turn  the camera on, run onto the scene and there you go, an actual group photo where you and all your friends and family members are present in it. The perfect moment has been captured with the help of a really compact and changeable size product called a tripod and whose price is not so much and can be bought easily by everyone. This small tool has made so many lives easier and niftier.

Now with the help of the phone tripod, you don’t have to find a person who will take pictures of yourself and also you don’t have to worry about not being a part of the group photo because there was no one to take that photo. Moreover for the people who don’t have expensive Dslr cameras and their tripods, they can take somewhat good photos with their phones placed on the phone tripod. Also some of the tripods have a Bluetooth option, which connects your cell to the tripod and you can actually control the zoom and shutter from that remote. Which allows you to take photos without rushing to the scene after setting the timer on.

Because this is such a great gadget and because it is a must have item, there are hundreds of companies that produce tripods. They differ from one another on their sizes, shapes, designs and even colours. Determining which the right product is for you is important. And sometimes difficult, but to make things easy for you we have recommended and reviewed some of the best products for you. Our review is based on a set of different specifications.

They are the abilities and qualities that a device machine or a product have. Specifications help us determine the overall capabilities of a product we are buying. They are important to be checked before buying any product because if you buy the wrong product you would have to get it changed. When it comes to phone tripods, its specifications are its quality, design, size, material, interface and lastly warranty.

The first and the foremost specification is the quality of a product. Quality determines the overall durability and life of a product. If the product has been made from top quality materials it is supposed to have a bigger lifetime compared to the product which has been made with cheap materials. Therefore you must always choose a device which has the best quality.

Design of a product give us the general outlook of the product. Although tripod is that type of a product whose design doesn’t matter, but it is important to buy a product with a good and a simple design, because a too colourful and badly designed pod can ruin your image. Also tripods come in various shapes and ranging sizes so it is important to see which design would meet your requirements the best.

Some tripods have a Bluetooth function which is a plus point for phone tripods. Because with the help of Bluetooth tripod you can take pictures from a great distance and also it allows you to get rid of all that rush you would have to do incase your tripod doesn’t have Bluetooth.

Warranty is the last specification but it is definitely not the least. Warranty helps determine a lot of things about the product and it also determines the credibility of the seller. Also it is a good thing to buy a product from the seller who provides a warranty than the one who doesn’t.
Based on these specifications we have reviewed and recommended some of the best products available in the market.

Acuvar 50″ Inch Aluminum Camera Tripod:

This is one of the best tripods in the market today, it has a total length of 50 inches. It has soft pads to make sure no damage is done to the cell phone. It has a Bluetooth remote with the help of which you can take photos from even 30 feet away. It can be bought for 14-22$.

Ailun Phone Tripod:

This is a simple phone tripod, which means that it doesn’t have a Bluetooth function and you have to set the timer on the phone and then take photos. It has bendable legs and an adjustable size. The price of this amazing tripod is very low and can be bought for 3-9$.
Phone tripod, UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder:

This tripod from Ubeesize is one of the best tripods in the market. It has octopus style legs which can be adjustable. The grip allows the tripod to stay firm to the ground. It has a Bluetooth remote which works from even 30 feet away. It can be bought for 7-15$.
DogXiong 110cm Portable Camera Tripod:

This adjustable tripod is made with aluminium which makes it extremely rugged. It also has rubber grips which make sure that it doesn’t slip while usage. This tripod is the simple one and doesn’t have any Bluetooth. It can be bought in a cheap price range of 8-16$
LONENESSL Digital Cam Phone Tripod Set:

This product is made with rugged materials to ensure durability. It also has a very lightweight design and can be carried easily. It has a Bluetooth function which has universal compatibility. It can be bought in a very cheap price range of just 6-14$.

Product Description Acuvar phone tripod Ailun phone tripod Ubeesize phone tripod Dogxiong phone tripod
Bluetooth Yes No Yes No
Warranty No Yes, 12 months No No
Price 14-22$ 3-9$ 7-15$ 8-16$


Final Verdict:

There is a variety of phone tripods in the market. They differ from one another on quality, size, Bluetooth and design. Choosing the right type of product is the choice of the user. For example if they want a simple and a rugged tripod they should buy the one with no Bluetooth, but if they want and add on feature and want to take photos with the help of the remote, the Bluetooth phone tripod is the best option. But before buying a product the customer must always have the specifications of the product in their minds to make sure they buy the product of their choice.

Best Kindle Paper White Cases Review

                                       Kindle Paperwhite cases

Amazon produced its e reader tablets and named them Kindle. Kindle Paper white is a model from Kindle series by amazon. It is basically a device that helps its user to have a great online and a great e reading experience. It is better than reading from other tablets, or computers because it has a special design which is made especially for the e readers to ensure that their eyes stay safe during reading, and also increasing the battery life of the product to allow the user to read books, magazines and newspapers for longer periods of time without worrying for the battery and power of the device.

With the invention of Kindle Paper white, also came its cases. They are basically protective covers that wrap one side, back and the screen of the tablet. The original kindle paper white case from Amazon was built in such a way that when you put the case on the screen, the screen would turn off and similarly when you take it off, the screen will turn off. This auto turn on and off function was made possible by installing special sensors in the tablet and designed in such a way that the kindle would respond to its signal. There are many companies and brands that produce kindle paper white cases. Determining which case suits you the best entirely depends on your preferences, which can be known by checking the specifications of the product.

Specifications are the abilities and qualities that a device, machine, tool or product has. They are important to be known because they give the customers a general idea of what they are buying. When it comes to Kindle Paperwhite cases, its specifications are, its quality, design and warranty.

The quality of a product determines a lot of things and the most important of them is the durability. If the product, in this case, kindle paper white case, is made of cheap materials, then it would not lost long and eventually it will be wasted after a short span of time. Therefore one must always be concerned about the quality of the case and also one should make sure that the product has been made from the best quality of materials.

The second most important specification after quality the case is its design. These cases range from one another on the basis of their designs. Some are plain, while others have printed designs and some of them even have graffiti on them. Determining which one is the best for you depends entirely on your choice. The second thing in design is that, some of the cases are designed in such a way that they have an auto function, which means they have a sensor which turns the product off once it covers the kindle. While others don’t have this function.

Warranty of a product determines the overall credibility of the seller and also the overall quality of the product you are buying. It also saves you from the trouble of getting the product replaced or repaired in case you have bought a faulty one. So it is always better to buy a product having a warranty than the one which doesn’t have one. Based on these specifications we have recommended some of the best products and also reviewed them to make it easy for you to chose the case of your liking.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case, Onyx Black:

This product is the official kindle paperwhite case from Amazon. It has six different colours, but this one has an onyx black. It is made with natural leather for a durable life and a great style. It has a magnetic clasp which ensures it is secretly closed. It also has a an auto sleep and wake function. It has a very low price and can be bought in a range of 30-50$.
Walnew Leather Cover Case for Kindle Paperwhite:

This product comes in different colourful cases and has various designs to choose from. It too like the amazon case has an auto sleep and wake function along with magnetic clasp. It has a PU leather quality. It has a very low price and can be bought in a range of 6-14$.
Fintie SmartShell Case for Kindle Paperwhite:

This case is Available in a variety of bright and Fun colours. It has a synthetic leather quality and a soft interior. It also has an auto sleep and wake option along with a magnetic clasp. It has a very low price range, and it can be bought in a range of just 6$ to 14$.
OMOTON Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover:

This is one of the best kindle paperwhite cases present in the market today. It has a magnetic clasp feature, an auto sleep and wake function and has a PU leather quality. It comes in various colours but has a simple design. It can be bought in a range of 10-18$.
Fintie Folio Case for Kindle Paperwhite:

This wonderful product comes in several designs and different colours. It has an interior pocket in which u can put important things. Moreover it has a synthetic leather for durability and also has soft interior to make sure that your device stays scratchless. The price of this case is on the lower side and it can be bought in a price range of just 12-20$.

Product Description Amazon Kindlepaperwhite original case Walnew leathercase Finite smartshell Omoton Paperwhite case
Material Natural leather Pu leather Synthetic Pu leather
Design Simple Colourful and painted Colourful and painted Simple
Colours Various Various Various Various
Magnetic-Clasp Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Sleep/wake Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price 30-50 6-14$ 6-14$ 10-18$

Final Verdict:

There are many cases of Amazon kindle paper white, which are produced by various companies and brands in the market. Determining which case suits your needs the best depends on your preference. The original and official case from amazon has a higher price compared to other brands, which is mainly because of the fact that Amazon used natural and pure leather to make this case and it also has a great design. All other cases are the copies of the case by amazon for its flagship kindle paper white. But then again, you must always choose a product that serves your needs the best.

Best Zippo Hand Warmer Review 2017

Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo hand warmer is the best thing to buy in winters. If you are planning to buy a hand warmer for yourself or you want to buy a gift pack then you are at right place. A hand warmer is the best gift for those who live in extreme cold areas or for those who love to enjoy hiking, camping and skiing etc. in winters. Now the type of warmer you need depends upon your requirements. Basically, there are three types of warmers namely; electric warmers, fuel warmers and the third one is in the form of heating sacks. You just have to put one in your pocket or socks and these packets will keep on warming you.

Precautionary Measures in using the Hand Warmers

The followings are the precautionary measures while using the Hand warmers. That are given as under

  • Always keep on checking the fuel level in the hand warmer
  • In case you have electric hand warmer, make sure you have charged your hand warmer before leaving home or office.
  • Keep the fuel bottle or even fueling cups away from the reach of the children
  • Do read the reader manual before start using your hand warmer
  • Always buy the one that meets your requirements
  • Do not forget to keep the charger of the electric hand warmer in case you are leaving for a long trip or camping in winters.Here we have given few of the best options that you need to consider before buying a hand warmer for upcoming winters. Following are the top and best zippo hand warmers you need to consider before buying. The following are the best zippo hand warmers given as under

Top Recommended Hand Warmers

Zippo Hand Warmer 2011:

The price of this warmer ranges from 7 to 18$. Its sleek design makes it handy as well as the most recommended hand warmer for winters. Its battery lasts for twelve hours that keeps your hands and fingers warmth and cozy with only one time fueling. It gives out less odor which is less problematic for those having allergic issue with the odor. Besides, it is the best choice for those who play football, skiing, hunting etc. in winters. Zippo hand warmer 2011 includes its bag or pouch with the cup through which fuel is filled and a hand warmer itself excluding fluid.

The Outdoors Way-Rechargeable Hand Warmer:

If you are looking for a cozy holding that gives warmth to your fingers do consider this tiny rechargeable hand warmer. Its price ranges from 25 to 40$. The individuals with the blood circulation issues in their hands, this gives heat from both sides and this makes it a best choice of those who are looking for such hand warmers. This contains the adjustable heat button through which you can control the level of heat ranges from 105 to 115. This means that if you need warmth you can fix it to 105 degrees or else at 115 in case you need intense heat. This is best for those who spent or work outdoor in winters. Besides, those who love hunting, fishing, camping etc. should not miss this must-have thing. This device can make your hunting more exciting, adventurous as well as more cozy. Regardless of the temperature in winters this device works for ten hours consecutive to keep your hands and fingers warm. This hand warmer contains 1.5A battery which lasts for twenty four hour. Besides, it is equipped with backlight torch that is helpful in dark areas with SOS system. It also contains SOS strobe which is helpful in signaling in case of emergency. As in bonus Outdoors Way gives you the pouch to carry it. Outdoors is the most trusted hand warmer brand in Colorado, proudly manufacturing zippo hand warmers to keep your hands warm in winters.

Personalized Zippo Black Matte:

The price of this versatile hand warmer ranges from 15 to 35$. It is equipped with advanced technology as well as with the facility to engrave your name on it. It can be gifted this way to anyone while engraving that person’s name upon it. The engraving of name is completely free of cost, you can provide up to fifteen characters that can easily be written on it. It can keep your hands and fingers warm up to twelve hours. It is available in genuine sealed packaging. This is the best gift for those who either work outdoors or like to stay out for long in winters as hunters, skiers etc. therefore, if you are planning to buy one, do consider the best option for yourself or for your friends because you deserve the best.

Zippo 12 Hour Moss Green Hand Warmer:

The price of this device ranges from 8 to 15$. This warmer is available in amazing green color with various systems. It can be refilled conveniently without any hurdle or problem. It contains very simple design with no complications in handling. It is accredited with providing heat up to twelve hours continuous without any flame. Its performance based on the timely filling of fuel in it. It is manufactured with metal. This metal helps it in keeping your hands warm. Besides, its sleek design makes it easier for the user to hold it for hours to feel the warmth in winters.

Zippo Set of Four Polished Black Hand Warmers:

The price of this family package ranges from 45 to 65$. This package contains four hand warmers with the easiest handling and refueling. Its cups are improved to avoid further spilling of fuel. It keeps your hands and fingers warm up to twelve hours. It provides heat without any flame that is it contains no harm for you to hold it in your hands for longer in order to keep your hands warm and cozy. This is the best package for the whole family and friends who love to stay outside in winters and needs a complete package to keep their hands and fingers cozy and warm.

Zippo Hand Warmer with NFL Realtree Pouch:

If you want to buy the used one than it will cost you around 5 to 12$ that excludes the order and the shipping cost. Order and shipping cost when includes it will cost you from 24 to 35$. It provides you with the best performance of continuous heat without any complications to keep your fingers and hands warm due to its flame-less heating system. It is manufactured with metal that keeps the warmer heated up to twelve hours. This is inclusive of fueling cup that makes refilling easiest with warming bag that helps in maintaining the intensity of heat. Amazingly, this contains lowest odor which is best for those who have serious allergic issues. One time filling can last for longer time. This is the best gift for those who likes to live outdoors or work outdoors in winters.

Best Ear Buds with Mic Review 2017

Ear Buds with Mic

Ear Buds are often called Bluetooth only, is a device that lets one talk over to his or her peers without using the cell phone lively. In short, it reduces the effort of gluing the phone to one’s ears. The Ear Buds have a very long history. It is so long that one needs to go back decades in the memory lane to make one aware of the problems that existed before the innovation of this very much – needed innovation. But, in order to combat the problems being raised and being confronted by many, this innovation was used to tackle all at once. The Ear Buds are the best assembled device that can facilitates you in using your cell phones, IPad, IPod and other devices in a very good and sophisticated way., The review is based on the Ear Buds with facility of Mic as well. And we have also given the recommended devices in this regard along with the features and price ranges as well for the facilitation of the buyers in this regard.

Top Most Recommended Ear Buds with Mic

The Following are the top most recommended Ear buds with mic with the best provided features along the price range are given as under.

Dreamyth Wireless Bluetooth In – Ear Ear Hook Earphone Sweat proof Hand free Sport Stereo Earbuds Headset with Mic

The above Dreamyth Wireless Bluetooth is designed in a very sophisticated way. The above mentioned ear bud is manufactured with the best features in a very reasonable price. The above unit have the version of Bluetooth V 3.0. Similarly the unit also have the operation range of about 10 m. The unit is assembled with the talk time of three hours having the stand by time of 50 hours. In addition to the above the unit also have the Mic phone for making your call easy and you can enjoy the free talk with this beautiful device. The above mentioned unit also designed with the best applications which supports any device such as IPAD, tablet, desktop computer with the best Bluetooth device along with the class phones as well. The above mentioned unit also facilitates you for not carrying a Bluetooth and it enables the desktop computers that can be used with a Bluetooth adapter. The price range of the above mentioned ear bud is from $ 3.11 to $ 7.11.

ZEUS SPORT Bluetooth earphones

These nifty and stylish earbuds come with waterproof and sweat proof technology with a rating of Ipx 4.1. It comes in two stylish colors, red black and white blue. It has a range of 33 feet. It has a Bluetooth V4.1 tech and also comes in with Cvc 6.0 noise cancellation feature. It has a universal connectivity. It comes in with a battery life of up to 8 hours. It uses polymer battery which is easily charged in under 2 hours. The seller provides a warranty of 30 days.

Sakar My Little Pony Aged Up Earbuds w / In-Line Mic and Case (11857P – TRU)

The above device is comfortable and secure to wear due to its design and shape. It provides the user with a good battery life. It is compatible with most of the MP3 / MP4 players easily. It comes in a different colors and is the best to be used in gym and while doing sports along with the exercise as well. It has a universal connectivity with the high quality and full range Stereo sound. The price range of the above mentioned device is from $ 5.00 to $ 10.00.


The range of these earbuds is up to 38 feet. It uses aptx technology for best music quality. It is water resistant and has an impressive battery life of up to 9 hours with only a charge of 1.5 hours. It also uses sound amplifiers to further boost the quality of sound. It has a lifetime warranty.

Dreamyth Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earphone Sweat proof Waterproof Hand free Sport Stereo Earbuds Headset with Mic

The above Dreamyth Wireless Bluetooth is designed in a very special way. The above mentioned ear bud is manufactured with the best features in a very reasonable price. The unit of the Dreamyth have the version of Bluetooth V 4.1. Similarly the unit also have the operation range of about 10 m. The unit is assembled with the talk time of 4 hours with the charging time of 1-2 hours only and having the stand by time of 160 hours. In addition to the above the unit also have the Mic phone along with the following functions such as call dialing, remote answer / end / reject / switch, telephone redial, mute, volume control, English switch, smart one for two, music pause / play, up and down the song. And with this device you can enjoy the free talk. The above mentioned unit also designed with the best applications which supports any device such as IPAD, tablet, desktop computer with the best Bluetooth device along with the class phones as well. The above mentioned unit also facilitates you for not carrying a Bluetooth and it enables the desktop computers that can be used with a Bluetooth adapter. The price range of the above mentioned ear bud is from $ 5.99 to $ 11.99.

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

These Bluetooth earbuds have the waterproof and sweat proof Ipx 7.0 technology. They provide the user with a battery life of up to 8 hours on calls and music play along with a standby time of 240 hours. The product is charged fully within 1.5 hours. It has a CVC 6.0 Noise cancellation technology along with Bluetooth 4.1. The seller also provides a 1 year warranty for the product and a 30 day no questions asked return policy as well.

Dreamyth Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds Headset Sport Stereo Music Earphone with Mic for Phone iPhone

The above mentioned earbuds are really comfy to wear and are very lightweight. They come in with a Csr chip that provides the best experience for music play. The unit of the Dreamyth have the version of Bluetooth V 4.0. Similarly the unit also have the operation range of about 10 m. The unit is assembled with the talk time of 4 to 5 hours with the charging time of 2 hours only and having the stand by time of 3 to 4 hours. The device also have the ability to connect with the two phones at the same time. The price range of the above mentioned device is from $ 5.99 to $ 15.99.

Product name



SENSO Bluetooth
Battery life 9 hours 8 hours 7 hours
Range 38 feet 33 feet 34 feet
Warranty lifetime 30 days 1 year
Price Range $ 39.99 – $ 49.99  $ 31.91 – $ 41.91  $ 36.96 – $ 46.96