27 Inch Monitor Review 2017

27 Inch Monitor


Technology is prospering day by day and getting more complex as well as more innovative. 27 inch monitors is one of the examples that clearly potray the innovation and creativity in technological world. These monitors are the source of display when connected to the laptop or the desktop sytem that is the PC. These monitors play a significant role as they show what are you up to whether it is gaming, work or just entertainment. To make a worth a watch it is immensly important that you choose the most appropriate and incredible monitor that does not impose any harm to your health that is eyes or cause you come out of your comfort zone.

General Specification

These 27 inch monitors are of high quality with distinctive features that give you much diversity to choose from. They are High Definition(HD) monitors with IPS displays that give you lasting experience and multiple options for connectivity makes it more compatible. There response time decides for their efficiency that how efficient they are at performing their task. The following monitors from various brands with multifarious features gives you a in depth detail of these monitors.

Best Recommended 27 inch Monitors With Their Brief Specifications

  1. BenQ is known brand in the field of technology. It has worked out greatly intelligent monitors as well. One of which is the BenQ ZOWIE 27 inch full HD Gaming Monitor which is full of features that truly amaze you allure you towards itself. This monitor has 1ms(GTG) response time and ultra-low input lag technology for console gaming which makes it an appropriate choice for true gamers who love to play with consoles. It does not have the effects of smearing or ghosting. It has an exclusive feature of Color Enhancer that is the black eQualizer increases the visibility in the dark environments as well which allows you to play games late at night with friends in dark ambience to enjoy it with full effects as it does not need bright exposure to display every detail with optimum clarity. It is surely a best feature it beholds as this makes your nights more fun filled and exciting. There is Zeroflicker and Low Blue Light filter that reduces the strain on the eyes which will prevent any kind of harm to your eyes and keeps you safe and healthy as it will keep you comfortable while long gaming sessions. It has RTS, FPS and Fighting preset modes along with Smart Scaling/Display Mode for customizing the size of your screen being displayed. This feature gives you full control over the monitor to operate it according to your needs and preferrences. It is so diverse that it is compatible with Console and PC platforms also it has multiple inputs(Dual HDMI ports, DVI-D, D-Sub and Headphone jack/line-in ports) available that makes it more feasible for you to use. This monitor also has the retractable headphone hook and angular slip-resistant base for controller storage which makes it a stable and firm monitor to keep. It has specially designed frame that reduce the reflection and glare effect giving you uninterrupted gaming or view. The screen of the monitor can be adjusted to your level easily by tilting it slightly according to your need. It has VESA mount ready and most prominently built-in speakers for the full effects if you dont have earphones available.
  2. HP is another brand that has researched deeply in the world of technology and it has produced some really great and innovative products that last longer with you. The newest HP monitor with 27 inches of screen with full HD resolution has amazing and incredible performance with intense clarity. It has dynamic contrast ratio that gives you extremely good quality view. It is designed in such a manner that your comfort level is not reduced rather keeps you in your comfort zone by providing ultra-wide viewing angles and vivid 1920×1080 resolution, 178degree horizontal andverticle viewing angles. This monitor also has the VGA Input, 2 x HDMI inputs, Myriad of connectivity options: 2 HDMI( with HDCP support). The sleek design of this monitor is really a catchy feature that amazes people also it has thinnest/ ultrafast IPS display which gives stunning display and 7ms response time makes it more efficient as compared to other brand monitors. The color of this monitor is natural silver and weighs about 8.4 pounds that makes it a light weight monitor that is easy to handle. Hence, this monitor is altogether a good and smart choice to make.
  3. Acer is another brand in the qeueu of best quality products. They invest much in their research and develeopment of products to make high quality and attractive products. This Acer 27 inch Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor is one of its own kind. This monitor is colored black which makes it more attractive and complements your PC. This monitor of G-series with high definition resolution along with amazing display of 1920×1080 resolution. The response time of this monitor is 6 ms which eventually reduces the deviation in transition time of moving pictures or images which brings immersive graphics to your movies and graphics. The DVI-D input and High-bandwidth Digital Content protection (HDCP) feature of this monitor allows you to view the movies and copy-protected media. However it does not include HDMI ports though they can be purchased seperately if you need them. This high quality monitor is all you need when it comes to crystal clear view of images and movies.
  4. Another model of HP is also you really need to ponder over while making a choice when you are planning to buy a compact sized monitor. This HP 27er 27 Inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor is another version of monitors that HP offers to its potential customers. This monitor has Bezel-less display that means there is no bezel encircling the display. It has has an ultra-wide viewing display that will give you an experience that you would never forget. It also has the Panoramic view that is it has the vibrant detailed view from practically any position you turn it to with consistent color and image clarity that is maintained across the ultra-wide 178degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles. This monitor also has HD resolution for vibrant, crisp and sharp images that would give you an amazing viewing experience. This monitor also has the User Control OSD settings which is a feature provided by HP to its potential users that they can save their personalized and preferred settings with the help of HP MyDisplay software. This monitor has easy port access that makes it easier for you to connect your screen with your PC or laptop for comfortable and convenient view. Hence HP takes care of your comfort and feasibilty by giving you extensive features that would surely allure you towrds itself.
  5. Asus is another well-known brand that tries to fulfill your technological needs with full creativity and innovation. This Asus 27 inch Backlit LED monitor is amazing product that it has to offer to its valuable customers. The wide screen of 27 inches it has is of high quality and comes with 1920 x 1080 resolution that is it gives full HD quality view to its user. This monitor has single input that is HDMI x 2, D-sub, HDMI-to-DVI cable along with stereo speakers of high quality. This monitor has incredible feature of Splendid Video Intelligence Technology which gives you high quality video viewing giving you an amazing expeience. It has smart contrast ratio that makes it even more vibrant. As Asus tries to keep a bond with its valuable customers hence it gives you 3 years warranty under Asus Rapid Replacement policy. Hence it is a good decision to make while choosing a monitor for your PC or laptop. It gives you amaing picture quality and video experience.
  6. BenQ has much diversity in its product range hence it has given you multiple choices to choose from. This BenQ 27 inch LED monitor is another model that it produces. This monitor is black colored which makes it even more attractive. This monitor gives you a rapid response of 2ms which makes it even more sharp and efficient in its task like gaming, work or entertainment. Another amazing feature that this monitor beholds is this that it has Low Blue Light Technology which gives you an eye strain relief experience which keeps you comfortable for long gaming sessions or long lasting view at home or work. This monitor has ultra high contrast ratio that gives you amazing high quality view that gives you sharp and crisp image and most eminently smooth pictures. It has the multiple ports for connectivity; D-Sub, DVI, HDMI and headphone jack for sound as well. Another amazing feature it has is the Senseye 3 Visual Solution that delivers best viewing quality in each preset modes let it be Standard, Movie, Gaming, Photo, Reading, M-Book, sRGB and with Eco mode to save power and money. As it keeps intense care of conserving energy so that it can keep its environment clean and green. BenQ offers a 3 year warranty to its user so that they can maintain their loyalty to their customers.
  7. Another best brand that sells amazing quality monitors is Sceptre. This Sceptre E-Series 27 inch Screen LED-lit monitor is full of extensively incredible features. It has High Contrast Ratio which gives you clear and smooth image and video experience that will bring joy from the choice you have made. The response time it has is 5ms which makes it a smart monitor that gives amazing view. For connectivity this monitor has HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs. It also has dual speakers which saves your cost of buying speakers seperately when you are low on budget. It is a cost effective monitor. It also has the VESA Wall mount ready. This monitor is best for incredible gaming experience or even for work and entertainment.
  8. Samsung is a brand that needs no introduction to its stance in this technological world. It has amazing and highly innovative products to offer. This Samsung 27 inch screen LED-Lit monitor is full of amazing and mesmerizing features. This is a 27 inch FHD gaming monitor that is the most appropriate monitor for best gaming experience without any delays with short transition time. You can play uninterruptedly and go smooth with your games with 1ms fast response time. To give you a more intense and real experience it has even darker blacks with game mode so you can have the real intense experience that you never forget. This monitor has the eye saver mode which gives you more natural viewing comfort that lets you have long lasting view. Samsung is an amazing brand that tries to fulfill your needs by producing products that go as per your want.
  9. Dell is another brand that comes in the top of the list for best technological products that are of high quality and innovation. This Dell 27 inch full HD monitor is amazing as it gives 1920 x 1080 resolution which gives you better quality view. This Dell monitor has stylish sleek design which is highly attractive with thin glossy bezels, mattescreen and sturdy base for a clean and mesmerizing look. This monitor has much diversity as it is compatible with both legacy and currentPCs through VGA and HDMI connectivity. The quality of display offered by Dell is highly amazing and incredible. Dell offers 1 year Advanced Exchange Service along with 1 year Limited Hardware Warranty that keeps its customers satisfied.
  10. Viewsonic is another brand that offers good quality products which consists of multiple products like speakers, monitors etc. This monitor of ViewSonic is a frameless LED Monitor of 27 inches. It is a IPS monitor with HDMI and VGA inputs. It has superior color rendering with dual integrated speakers that deliver quality and value performance let it be at home or at work. It has the modern slim bezel with muted black finish that makes it more attractive. This monitor is adjustable by tilting it backward or forward. It also has the feature of anti-glare hard coating panel surface which makes it firm monitor for use. It has dynamic contrast ratio giving clear and smooth picture and video experience. This monitor is Energy Star Certified and offers you a 3 years warranty which keeps you satisfied and comfortable with your choice.

Final Remarks

In todays technological world it is very important that you keep yourself updated with high quality and latest model of products and gadgets. When it comes to computers a monitor is an essential part of it and plays the most significant role as monitors provide you with display of the things you are doing or want to do. The best 27 inch monitors are mentioned above which are of high quality and full of extensively incredible features that may fulfill your needs. These monitors by different brands depict the competition between the brands which is a sign of healthy prospering market and a constant challenge of coming up with new and better technology to give you much better and long lasting experience

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