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 Kitchenaid gas cooktop

In modern times where cooktop run by electricity and induction have sensationalized the cooktop industry, traditional gas cooktop haven’t lost their worth and importance. Gas cooktops have a higher High output as compared to their electric and induction counter-parts. They give the free hand of manual temperature adjustment to the buyer. Plus they are way more durable than the electric and induction cooktops because they don’t use any wires or digital interfaces that may get faulty overtime because of even the smallest of electricity fluctuations. These are the best creation for your kitchen that helps you in cooking your meal without any kind of discomfort.

They also are cheaper in price as compared to electric and gas cooktops. Moreover the gas bills of the gas cooktops are far less than the endearing electricity costs of electric and induction heaters. So if you’re in a fix to buying a cooktop choosing a gas cooktop is economic and durable. Due to their endurance to extreme conditions and temperatures gas cooktops not only save you huge sums of money that would be spent on repairing the electric and induction cooktops , they even save your precious time.

There are many companies that provide quality cooktops but Kitchenaid is an international company. It enjoys a niche over other brands internationally because they provide durable products that are in the best quality. They just don’t compromise on the quality of the product over price. Kitchenaid gas cooktops have the best quality and their prices are very low as compared to other brands. Their annual sales top most of the international brands and that is because they produce quality materials that are durable and last longer than the other cooktop brands. This is because they manufacture hardened cooktops from the best quality stainless steel unlike some brands who to cheapen down the price of the cooktops compromise on its quality. Kitchenaid also provides its valued customers with an effective warranty and a very good customer support. They know how to keep and satisfy their customers the best. Kitchenaid gas cooktops are very common all over the world. Some of the cooktops come with the option of a microwave oven as well, which costs a little over than the simple gas cooktop. They also provide a catalogue of various products they made. From home to industrial use, they have the different types of cooktops.

Before buying a cooktop it is very important to know the specifications of the device. For home and for industrial purposes, cooktops are different in their size, ability to cook food and the number of burners attached to them. So it is important to know the specifications of a cooktop before buying it. Moreover kitchenaid provides its customers with a variety of gas  cooktops that have different specifications, so for choosing the best cooktop one must overlook its specifications and its qualities.

Specifications of a device or a machine are its abilities and qualities. When it comes to gas cooktops they are the types of material used, quality of material, heat output of a cooktop, number of burners, its size and lastly the type of gas it work with.

Heat output of a gas cooktop is its ability to cook food compared with the gas it consumes. Different gas cooktops have different heat outputs. They are based on the material and size and the burners it uses. For industrial purposes cooktops are generally manufactured in a way in which they will produce more heat output as compared to the ones that are used at home. So before buying a cooktop it is really important to know it’s heat output.

Industrial cooktops usually come with more number of burners as compared to the ones to be used at home. So kitchenaid cooktops provide its customers with varying number of burners on their cooktops. But the more important thing is heat output when it comes to choosing between an industrial or a home gas cooktop.

Due to the high demand of cooktops, many brands in order to make their brands cheaper compromise on the overall quality of the cooktops. But kitchenaid mostly uses hardened stainless steel, tempered glass and cast iron to manufacture their cooktops. Which makes the cooktops more durable and easy to clean. But some users prefer cooktops that are made of different materials like titanium, so they can opt for those as well.

Kitchenaid gas cooktops comes in different shapes and sizes. To maintain the décor of the kitchen, they produce stylish cooktops that add to the beauty of the kitchen. But they don’t compromise on the quality of the cooktops. Moreover for different purposes, different sizes of cooktops are available. For home use there are smaller cooktops as compared to the industrial gas cooktops which are larger in their sizes. Also some cooktops come with the option that they need to be fixed in the kitchen while others can be placed anywhere.

Kitchenaid manufactures cooktops that run on different types of gases for the ease of their customers. Usually LNG and NG are used so cooktops are designed in such a way that they run on either one of them or sometimes both. So before buying a cooktop it is important to know that what type of gas the cooktop works on.

When it comes to appliances that work with gas, the first and the foremost concern of a buyer is that whether the cooktop Is safe to use or not. Whether its knobs are made with quality materials or not as if not they can heat up and burn the hand. Moreover whether the cooktop is hard enough to stop leaks from happening or not. Kitchenaid usually provides its customers with hardened stainless steel which is both durable and safe to use. Also their cooktops are pre tested and are leak proof. Even after this, one must check the seal of the cooktop and ensure whether the cooktop is pretested or not. And if it isn’t tested, it must therefore be tested before buying.

Kitchenaid also provides its customers with cooktops that have oven attached to them. It depends on the buyer whether they want to buy a cooktop with a microwave oven or not

Some sellers don’t provide their customers with any warranty or customer support. Kitchenaid although gives its customers a good customer support and warranties as well, but still it is important to check whether the product has a warranty or not, as some of the cooktops are refurbished and they don’t have a warranty on them. So in order to save one’s self from the high cost of repairing bills and time, they must check the product for warranty.

Based on all these specifications we have reviewed and recommended 10 of the best kitchenaid gas cooktops.

KitchenAid 30″ Stainless Steel 5-Burner Gas Cooktop KCGS550ESS:
This cooktop from kitchenaid is made of stainless steel. It has a compact size of 30’’ but It has 5 top quality burners. The maximum heat output from the main burner is 17000 BTU (British thermal units), The main burner has a dual ring professional quality with which it is built. It works with NG but LNG conversion kit is also available with the pack.
Kitchenaid KGCC506RWW 4 Burners Gas-on-Glass Surface:

This modern cooktop from kitchenaid is from the designer’s collection. It is beautifully crafted and has 4 high quality burners, which produce tremendous heat outputs. The main burner has a heat output of 17000 BTU. It is made with tempered glass which makes not only makes it really easy to clean but also give this gas cooktop a beautiful outlook as well.
Kitchenaid KGCU483VSS Commercial-Style Gas Cooktop:

This 48’’ giant cooktop from kitchenaid is used for commercial purposes. It has 6 high heat output burners that cook food faster. It is made with porcelain coated steel which makes the cooktop more durable. It has a maximum heat output of 20,000 BTU from the main burner. It has even heat chrome griddle technology. It works with both LPG and NG
Kitchen Aid KCGS556ESS 36 Stainless 5 Burner Gas Cooktop:

Kitchen Aid KCGS556ESS is made with stainless steel which makes this cooktop very hard and durable as well. It has a size of 36’’. It has 5 top quality burners that produce a heat output of 20000 BTU. It capitalises even heat technology. This cooktop runs with NG but LNG conversion kits are available. The grates of this cooktop are made with cast iron which makes it more endurable to high temperatures. It can both be used at home and restaurants.
Kitchenaid KDRU783VSS Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range:

This commercial cooktop comes with a convection microwave oven. Which means that you can cook food by both gas and microwave as well. It has 6 burners that use even heat technology. It is a hardened cooktop made with stainless steel. It has a heat output of 20000 BTU from the main burner. It has a giant size of 48 inches, but it can be used at home as well.
Kitchen Aid KCGS956ESS:

This burner from kitchen aid is very elegant and stylish. It has 5 high quality burners that produce a heat output which ranges from 6000-20000 BTU. The professional dual ring main burner has a heat output of 20000 BTU. The cookshield finish protects the cooktop from stains. Size of this cooktop is 36’’.
Kitchenaid KFGU706VSS 5 Burners Stainless Steel Clear Coat Surface:

This cooktop is from the designer series. It is manufactured in such a way that it will look good in the kitchen. It has 5 high heat burners that cook food fast. Its heat output ranges from 6000 to 15000 BTU. The main burner has the ability to produce massive heat output of 15000 BTU. It has a glass panel under its glass knobs. Also it comes with electric interface, which means that it controls temperature digitally. But this cooktop is not very easy to clean.
KITCHENAID KCGS350ESS 30″ Gas Cooktop with 5 Sealed Burners:

KITCHENAID KCGS350ESS has a 30’’ size. This cooktop has 5 high heat output burners that range from 5000 BTU to 17000 BTU. It is made with stainless steel which makes the cooktop durable and easy to clean. It has an electronic ignition. It also has cast iron grates which don’t melt even after high term uses. The control knobs are made with metal.

KITCHENAID KCGS356ESS 36″ Gas Cooktop with 5 Sealed Burners:

This cooktop from kitchenaid has 5 top quality burners that produce a heat output of 6000 to 19000 BTU. It has a good size of 36’’. It works with NG but also has LNG conversion kits with it. The grates are made with cast iron while burner heat controllers are made with metal.
Kitchenaid KGRS505XBL 30-Inch, 5-Burner:

This cooktop from kitchenaid comes with a microwave oven as well which means that you can cook food by both gas and electricity. It is freestanding and can be placed anywhere due to its compact size of 30 inches. It has 5 top quality burners which are sealed. It comes in black colour which enhances the overall beauty and décor of the kitchen where it is placed. But this oven cum cooktop is very heavy and it stands at 235 pounds, so moving it is not an easy deal. Its oven can produce a heat up to 175 degrees, with even heat convection.

Specification KitchenAid 30″KCGS550ESS Kitchenaid KGCC506RWW Kitchenaid KGCU483VSS Kitchen Aid KCGS556ESS
Material Stainless steel Tempered Glass Porcelain steel Stainless steel
Heat-output 17000 BTU 17000 BTU 20000 BTU 20000 BTU
Burners 5 4 6 5
Oven No No No No
Size 30’’ 30’’ 48’’ 36’’
Price 1209.23$ 1236.92$ 3943.08$ 1456.92$

Kitchenaid provides its customers with valuable customer support. They also give various warranties for their products to ensure quality control. Moreover they give a catalogue for choosing the cooktop of our own choice. Their qualities and heat outputs are generally better than almost all other brands. They also make their cooktops with quality materials and offer different range of them
Why choose kitchenaid cooktops over other brands?

Therefore stop thinking and making yourself confused over this decision. Buy now to bring ease, comfort and luxury into your life style.  Kitchen Aid gas cooktop considered as the best choice for your kitchen. Instead of going for cheaper and second best options, choose the number 1 for yourself.


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