Best Blue Yeti Microphones Review 2017

Blue Yeti Microphones


Singing is a passion to some people and others love to listen to what people have to say about them. Every other person has a different need, choice and desire. Sound plays a vital role in everyone’s life and to capture these sounds with great accuracy and care that is the most important part. To do so Blue Microphones have created a whole family of Yeti Microphones which are highly efficient at their job. This Yeti family of microphones have different and variant microphones that have exclusive features that may fulfill all your needs.


It is very important that we know what the product has to offer us. And to have a look on that we go for its specifications. These are basically the features or the characteristics this microphone beholds and hence the most significant part of anything. They tell us what type of material is used to make this product, what kind of maintenance it requires, how long will it work, the types, the color and the shape of the product are the prominent features or specifically the specifications of a product to help us know the product completely and deeply. Thereby to understand the product more accurately following are the description oif the Yeti family.


First and foremost thing we all look for in every product is its design. The outlook of every product plays a very significant role as that is the main part of any product that attracts you towards it. Hence the design of the Yeti microphones is very unique and full of peculiarities that help it perform its task more efficiently and with great precision. The innovation of these microphones start from its structuring as the way it is designed is amazing as it allows you to move around easily while you are using it that is it permits you to adjust the best angle or position in which you feel the most comfortable you can secure your microphone in that place so that the quality of sound is optimal. It is shaped in such a way that you can use it face to face that is it is a side-address microphone that helps you record the best sound quality audios. Moreover it can be folded down so that you can easily carry it or simply completely remove it from its base and even mount it on the microphone stand. This allows much diversity in the way it can be used.

System Requirements

Moving to the requirements it needs to operate are very essential. This Yeti microphone is so compatible with most of the systems that it can connect to them and play easily. If you are using it with windows then it world need 7,8 or 10th version of windows to operate optimally. And the USB port with windows system it needs is 1.1/2.0 or the newer versions of it so that it can connect easily and properly with out any difficulty. Lastly for the windos system the amount of RAM it will require is 64MB or better than this so that it works without any interruptions or jamming. Coming to the Macintosh system it will need Mac OSX 10.4.11 or above that to function properly. And the USB port it will need in Macintosh is 1.1/2.0 so that the connection is full proof and strong. And the amount of RAM it will need in Mac operating system is minimum 64MB so that it plays easily and smoothly without creating any hinderence.


The most significant and attractive part of any product is its features and the characteristics this Yerti beholds are that this microphone is the ultimate destination for you if you were looking for professional USB microphone for using it as a tool to step up in your professional career. It has the Tri-capsule array which has three condenser capsules that can easily record in what ever the situation is with clarity and uniformity. Furthermore it has multiple pattern election available to you that is you can chose the mode in which you want to use this microphone, whether you like to go with cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, or stereo mode of the microphone to record the audio sound. These microphones give you much control over it that is you can mute the microphone with just a simple touch of button and the output it gives in headphones is of zero-latency so that you hear clear and crisp sound. The design is uniquely structured that you can position it at your comfort level.


It surely fulfills the purpose it is used for whether it is for perfect vocal sound recording, recording or playing the sound of different musical instruments, pod casting, voice overs, interviews, field recordings, conference calls or any other purpose as it has maximum features to support its design, structure and technology to cater all your needs.

Customer Care

Blue Microphone believes in its customers and keep them as their priority hence they take care of their customer bfore, while and after the purchase of the product that is they offer the best quality of goods in a wide variety, then they give you the best knowlege of the product that is according to your need and after that they provide you with best solutions in shape of help if any problem occurs while using it respectively.

To understand its Technicalities a table is given below.

Power Required 5V 150mA
Sample Rate 48 kHz
Bit Rate 16-Bit
Capsules 3 Blue- Proprietary 14mm Condenser Capsules
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Max SPL 120dB (THD: 0.5 % 1kHz)
Weight 1.2 Pounds
Dimensions 12cm x 12.5cm x 29.5cm

Top Best Recommended Blue Yeti Microphones

  1. Now here is the Blue Yeti microphone which is a USB microphone that is of silver color that looks very attractive and beautiful as it enhances the outlook of your whole system and gives you more professional look. This Yeti microphone comes with a pop shield universal pop filter microphone that captures the best sound and produces the best crisp sound that is sharp and good to your ears as well. The price range in which this Yeti microphone falls in is $125-$130 which is quite affordable as you need to make a one time investment and relex for the rest of the time. It is the one the best Yeti microphones that give you the best results.
  2. Here is another version of Blue Yeti microphone which is yet another innovation of Blue Microphones. This Yeti microphone has a blend of colors that is black and silver which looks very attractive and amazing at the same time. This is a Pro Yeti Microphone which is best for your professional use and for other uses as well that are podcasting, voiceovers and what not. This microphone is optimal for all the purposes you need it for. This microphone comes with a stand so that you dont have to hold it in your hands hence it stands on its own support. The price range between which it falls is $240-$255 which is affordable to you if you save and invest in this most useful tool to produce best sound.
  3. This is yet another Yeti Microphone which is a good choice to make . This USB micophone has silver color that looks amazing and spectacular as it may complement your whole sound system. This enriches your voice as it gives you clear and beautiful sound production. You just need to plug and start pplaying with its extensive features that allow you have fun with your musical instruments and other activities like podcasting. Overall it is a good piece of microphone that works amazingly and accurate in all the situations and this microphone is so light weight that you can carry it easily wherever you want to and start playing on it. The price range in which you can get this spectacular microphone is $120-$130 that is quite cheap.
  4. For those who love black and love to go with a gothic theme this black microphone is here to add more to your sound system and complete it with its presence. This black colored Yeti microphone is amazing as it is equipped with all the features that would help you get the best outcome you want as per your desire. This is an exclusive microphone from the Blackout Edition which is a must buy for those who love black. And above of all this special edition black microphone is not expensive at all it is of $130 near about which is available to you on affordable price. This is something you need to get your hands on as soon as possible before it runs out so dont get late and go for it.
  5. People love colors and for those who love to blend in different colors, shapes and sizes of different thingsw into a whole system here is an opportunity for them to get these Midnight Blue Yeti Microphones which look amazing and fabulous as the color of this stands out amongst all other brand microphones as the finsh of this miscrophone is shiny and classy. Moreover this microphone is available in a very economical price range that is $128-$132 which is easily accessible to you. these microphones are built to last for longer times hence they are durable and reliable product to have and invest your money in. Earning is difficult and investing is easy but the charm of spending your money is only when you spend your money wisely and smartly hence this is surely a microphone which is a smart choice to make.
  6. From a wide range of Blue Microphones Yeti family here is another Yeti microphone which has space grey color that looks fantastic and amazing. This can create a more light and bright decorum of your studio or wherever you are using it. It will surely complement the system and enhance the outlook of everything overall. This microphone is compatibe with both the systems that is windows and macintosh. The price tag it has is of $131 which is light on your pocket as this is an intelligent choice to make as opting for the best quality product is intelligence and hence Blue Microphones try their level best to maintain the trust of their customers by bringing the best quality product to them.
  7. This is another version of Yeti Microphone by Blue microphones that is unique and most importantly enriched with all the amazing and fabulous features that help you achieve your targets. This Blue Yeti Microphone is all white out which is one of its own kind. This can connect with any of the system available to you that is windos or macintosh with the help of USB. It is surely a best option as it is highly compatible. The price range in which it falls is $125-$130 which is affordable. This microphone lets you do multiple things that is voiceovers, podcasting or even playing different musical instruments and the sound that it gives is just flawless and hence it is the best microphone to flaunt your friends and family and even professional collegues with due to its amazing output with out any hassle.
  8. From the vast collection of microphones of Blue Yeti Microphones here is another microphone which is beautiful yet very attractive at the same time. This microphone has beautiful platinum color that looks fabulous and very discreet from other microphones. This beholds all the amazing features so that you can enjoy to the fullest. The price range it falls in is $125-$130. Hence it is wise choice to make.
  9. Now here is an amazing offer by Blue Yeti Microphones for its valuable customers. This is a black yeti microphone which looks spectacular and alluring. But the surprise in here is this that Blue microphones is offering a studio headphone along with this microphone which is simply amazing as it gives you cost effectivity and above of all in a very economical price range that is $148-$151 which allows you to save up on your budget abd get the best thing availbale.
  10. Lastly this is another amazing microphone from Yeti collection of microphones which is functional to all your needs and gives you best sound output. The price tag it has is $245-$250. The quality and type of sound it produces is not comparable with any other brand microphone hence it is a good microphone for your multiple purposes.


Sound is a vital part of our lives as it allows you to live life more enthusiastically and happily. To produce sharp and amazing sound it is important that you invest your money wisely. This Blue Yeti Microphone collection is the one where your money is smartly being invested as it allows you to have best features and amazing quality sound.

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