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  KEF Q100 Bookshelf Speakers

Music is the food for soul good music can make you forget about anything and let you live in the moment. For the best quality of music, there are many well-known companies, which make the best speakers and headphones to give you the best experiences. But when it comes to speakers, KEF is undoubtedly one of the best companies, lots of its models are best sellers, especially the KEF Q100. KEF is well known in the market for its unparalleled quality of sound and the classic experience of music that no other brand or company seem to provide.

KEF speakers have earned a name because they are the best and they make the best. From small speakers, to bookshelf speakers to large standing speakers, KEF makes them all. Kef is one of the top brands which manufacture the best speakers. Because they use scientific knowledge to enhance the quality of their sound mechanism, moreover the wood or the other materials they use for the formation of base are specially exported and carved by the best of the carvers in the world.

Their prices are on the lower side as compared to the expensive brands because they don’t charge extra and they don’t charge money for the brand name which so many of the international speaker making companies do. Kef provides the best speakers in best price. Whether it is high volumes, whether it is low pitch sounds, high pitch opera, commentary of a sport match, classical instrumental music to everyday pop and rock songs, this model from Kef runs them all on the volume of your choice. So this means that with the Kef Q100 you won’t be disrespected for music when you invite people at parties, or even at romantic settings, when you ask your beloved to be come, you won’t disappoint her because of music, or when alone and wanting to listen to music, you won’t be sad that your speakers aren’t of good quality. With the Kef Q100 you will amaze not only yourself but the people around you as well.

So what makes this specific model from Kef so great? Well Kef is an international company, which never disappoints its users. This model has been sold internationally and is a best seller from KEF. It uses the best technology and the best material to make sure that it delivers the best sound. When compared with other bigger models, it’s singular speaker gives out a standout performance than the other models which have more number of speakers. Because it uses the latest technology from KEF and it is everybody’s favourite. This speaker has the best specifications among other brands and it gives a standout performance even if compared with its counterparts from KEF.

They are the abilities and qualities of a device or a machine. In case of speaker, they are its power input, output, frequency, quality of the material, safety and lastly the warranty.

It is the amount of power required to generate the maximum sound. It can also be the amplifier input required to produce the best quality sound. Some speakers are built in such a way that they give the best performance while using the lowest amount of energy or power. In modern times, where electricity bills cost so much, one is always curious about the input a device requires. KEF Q100 doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to power input.

Output of a device is its ability to convert electrical energy into sound. Kef gives its users the best mechanism which converts most of the electricity effectively into sound. Generating high sounds is one of the perks of using Kef speakers. Especially Q100, as it allow the user to hear high quality sound at high volumes without effecting the quality of pitch and sound.

Frequency is the number of sound generated per second. Some speakers come with the ability to intercept sound waves from a very low frequency to high frequency. Kef is one of those speakers. It allows the user to play music having very low and similarly very high frequency too.

Interface is another important thing when it comes to electric devices. Devices with a complicated interface are very hard to handle sometimes but simple devices like Kef Q100 make it very easy to work with the interface as Kef has designed it very simply.

Good quality of sound depends on the quality of material that is used to manufacture the speaker Some companies in order to cheapen the price of speakers manipulate with its quality, but when they do so, sound quality automatically goes bad. Kef Q100 is made with the best materials present. And that is the main reasons of its success and the best quality sound.

Safety is the first and foremost concern of a user when it comes to working around with products that work with electricity. Kef Q100 uses the best insulators to make sure the device is entirely shock proof. Also it is pre tested and a certified speaker internationally.

The credibility of a device hugely depends upon the kind of warranty and customer support it has. Some sellers don’t give warranties for their products. Moreover they also try to manipulate the users by giving faulty devices and then saying that they must have checked it at the time of purchase. But Kef doesn’t do that. Kef provides its customers with the best customer support and a warranty that is limited but Is credible enough to either get your speaker repaired or changed if faulty from manufacture.

Based on these specifications, we will try to compare KEF Q-100 with other models of Kef in order to determine which is the best speaker?

KEF Q100 Bookshelf Loudspeakers – Black Oak:

Kef Q100 is the fantastic choice for every arrangement. Whether parties, whether office, whether restaurants or whether at home, they provide the best quality sound when compared with other speakers of the world. It has a very elegant design and comes in 4 different and beautiful colours Ash black, White, Rosewood and American walnut. This is an international best seller from KEF but that is not due to its design. So what makes this speaker so great? There are many things. It has the uni-q driver installed in it which has a very impressive and a very large size of 5.25 inches. It has the ability to intercept a frequency range of 49 Hz to over 40 KHz from a singular source. The specially crafted Uni-Q driver array from KEF has the ability to extend the frequency spectrum to a great extent while keeping the stereo image balanced, which allows the user to hear the same clear and quality sound no matter what the user’s position in the room is. In other words the Kef Q100 which has a Uni-Q driver array with a 1 inch Aluminium dome tweeter at its acoustic centre which offers fast and clean midrange response. This is made possible because of the braced magnesium/aluminium alloy cone with the KEF’s Z-flex surround which smoothens the transition to the front panel. Because of the state of the art HF driver developed from the KEF’s flagship Blade, the Q-100 boasts a very large dome tweeter for enhanced quality of sound and distortion free power handling. Moreover the KEF Q-100 is a very compact device and it just stands under a foot tall with the dimensions of 11.8 x 7.1 x 10.7 inches. It allows the user a 360 immersive sound experience and because it comes in a pair it makes the necessary boom and the quality that the song requires. Because of its small size, it is called a bookshelf speaker because it can fit in any bookshelf. It weighs just 13 pounds so this means that it can be carried to anywhere in the house easily. But don’t get swayed away by its small size, it can be very much effective for home entertainment or for small parties at home as it produces a very large output of sound which is more than 107dB. So for home entertainment or parties and even for smaller areas and for modest listening to -music, the KEF Q-100 wins the battle over other brands and its opponents. The KEF Q-100 can also be paired up with any of the floor standing or centre channels and even subwoofers from the KEF Q series and hence making a home theatre system. Thus ensuring an even more outstanding experience. But the pair of KEF Q-100 provides the best sound experience. Better than some of the home theatre systems present today. And it is not very expensive and stands at 480$ which is reduced to more during sales. So Kef Q-100 based on these specifications is one of the best speakers in the market. But let’s do a comparison with other speakers from the KEF so that we can see the differences between this maestro and other options available at KEF for small speakers at home.

KEF Q300WH Bookshelf Loudspeakers – White (Pair):

This KEF Q-300 is a newer model than its counterpart the KEF Q-100. It has a 100$+ more price than the classic KEF Q-100. When it comes to specifications, this speaker has a little upper hand in the output, which is just 3dB more than that of KEF Q-100. And the remaining specifications are just alike. It too comes in 4 different colours. It has a 6.5 inches Uni-Q driver which ensures high quality surround music but it doesn’t have much effect on the maximum output or the general sound quality as compared to the Q-100. It has a 2 inch aluminium coil to ensure good low frequency handling but it just makes a difference of un -noticeable difference of 5 Hz as compared to the Q-100. It looks the exact same as its counter-part the Q-100 but weighs 3 pounds more and takes more energy to produce the required sound. It stands at just 14 inches tall and a foot deep, which makes sure that it can stand up on any bookshelf without much trouble. It can be connected to different speakers from the KEF Q series to ensure home theatre quality sound. Its specifications are almost the same as that of the Q-100 but it costs 100$ more.

KEF R100 Bookshelf Loudspeaker – Rosewood (Pair):

This Kef R-100 has a 5.25 inch Uni-Q driver array which consists of both high and mid range frequency drivers. The main purpose of this array is to make sure that it has the both frequencies coming from the same place and allowing them to integrate with one another to have the perfect quality of sound. Surrounding the Uni-Q driver array is the Z-flex surround which projects audio more efficiently into the listening space. It is just 1 feet tall and is 7 inches wide. Comes in 4 colours and has a black grill for the front of the speaker. This speaker has almost the same or probably lesser specifications than the Q-100 at it is 2 times more expensive than the Q-100. Its price stands between 751$-1191.99$.

KEF LS50 Mini Monitor – High Gloss Piano Black (Pair):

This highly glossy and stylish speaker from Kef is worth 3 times more than the Kef Q-100. It uses the same Uni-Q driver array. And almost has the same functions as that of the Q-100. Rather a bit lesser. It’s elegant design makes it the most expensive speakers from Kef. But it has a very smaller size as compared to the Q-100, so it has the same specifications in a small size.

Product description KEF Q-100 KEF R-100 KEF Q-300 KEF LS50
Uni-Q driver Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frequency Response 49Hz-40kHz 56Hz-28kHz 42Hz-40KHz 79hz-28KHz
Amplifier Requirement 10-100W 25-100dB 15-120dB 25-100dB
Sensitivity 86dB 86dB 87dB 85dB
Max Output 107dB 1007dB 110dB 106dB
Weight 13 pounds 14.5 pounds 17 pounds 15.9 pounds
Price 480$ 649$ 1199.99$ 1499.99$

Final Verdict:

KEF Q-100 when compared with other models of KEF has almost the same specifications. What makes this speaker so great is its price.

It gives the same, rather a little better specifications than its counterparts in a much cheaper price of more than hundreds of dollars lesser than other speakers from the same brand.

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