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Cell phones have revolutionized our lives and they have a great impact on a lot of things regarding our lives and other things. They are the basis of modernity. Connectivity has been made extremely easy. The cell phones are used for many purposes, and they have e great impact on our everyday lives. Because of their usefulness and because of their ability to make connections and conversations easy, they have become a viable part of everyday life and without them, it seems that the life on the planet might halt and see many downs.

Cell phones basically use a rechargeable battery, which needs to be charged now and then, for that purpose, there are many chargers, which when plugged to the socket give life to our cellphones. But there are occasions in life, where we don’t have a socket nearby, and at times when our phones aren’t charged, we get worried and want to do something to get it charged. There are times, when we go for a ride in our cars, our phones run out of battery and we need solutions for that. Well, there is the invention of a car charger. Car charger is basically a product which is used to charge the phone while you are driving or need to get the phone charged.

Because there is a huge market of car chargers, there are numerous brands and companies that produce them. The chargers differ from one another on the basis of a lot of things. They have various functions. Some of them are used for android phones, some for apple, some for Symbian, while some are there for specific models. There are also chargers, which have a USB port, in which you have to plug your phone’s USB connection cable, and it would charge your phone. Such car chargers are universal and are used for every phone.

There are so many different companies that make car chargers. Therefore choosing the right kind of company and the suitable product can become really hard. But we are here to make that choosing the best product easy for you, and for that purpose, we have reviewed some of the best car chargers and also compared them with one another to find the best product. Our review is based on a set of specifications which need to be checked before buying anything.

They are abilities and qualities that a device, machine or a product have. Specifications allow the users to determine the overall quality of the product, along with giving them a general idea about the product and also knowing its capabilities. Specifications are really important, as buying a product without checking its specifications can land you in trouble, and that trouble would be getting the product replaced in case you have bought the wrong one. When it comes to car charger, its specifications are its quality, design, interface, durability, material, performance and warranty.

Quality is a really important specification. It determines the overall durability and performance of the product. A product built with good quality materials and exceptional engineering is not only durable but would perform better than the product with bad quality.

Because of modernity, design today has become really important and has a direct relation with the personality of the user. A product with a great design must always be preferred over the one with a sloppy design.

Products with simpler interfaces are better than the ones with a complex interface. A simple product allows you to have the much needed ease of access, along with getting to know the product better.

Warranty is the last specification, but it is surely not the least. Warranty of the product determines the credibility of the seller along with giving a general idea about the quality of the product to be bought. Therefore a product with a warranty on it must be preferred over the one which doesn’t have it.

Based on these specifications, we have reviewed some of the best car chargers in the market.

AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger for Apple & Android:

This classical product from amazon basics has 2 ports which have 20 watt electricity along with having a 4 amp current. The dual usb charger has an led indicator as well. It also comes with a limited one year warranty from amazon basics which can get the product replaced or repaired in case its faulty. It can be bought in a price of just 3-9$ range.
Car Charger, JETech Dual Rapid USB Car Charger w/Micro USB:

This is one of the best products in the market. It is a dual charger. It has a usb cable which can be used to charge android devices. It also has a USB port with which you can connect the usb cable of any cell phone. It can be bought in a price range of just 5-15$.

Tiergrade High Speed Car Charger, 3 Port QC 3.0 Powerful Car Charger:

The pure copper connect allows you to charge your phones faster with this car charger. It has 3 ports for great experience. The three port give a total current of 7.8 amps, with two 2.4 amp ports and one 3 amp port. It can be bought in a price range of just 5-15$.
iXCC 36W/7.2A 3 Port Car Charger, Fast Car Charger Adapter:

This is great product. It has an auto sense technology which detects your smartphone and give the optimal current upto 2.4 amp. It has 7.2 amp total current which is delivered by the 3 usb ports. It has an extremely low price and it can be bought in a price range of 3-9$.
Car Charger, Jelly Comb 6 Ports 65W/13A Lightning Car Charger:

This is one of the most powerful products available in the market. It has a total power of 65 watts and current of 13 amps. It has 6 ports and a 3.3 feet cable which makes it backseat friendly. It has a very optimal price and can be bought in a range of just 8-18$.
Car chargers range from having cables to not having cables. They have different number of ports and different values of current they provide. Determining the best product depends on the preference of the customers, but they must always check the specifications before buying anything.

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