Best Downton Abbey Season 5 DVD Review 2017

Downton Abbey Season 5 DVD


In present times life has become very difficult and occupied, people rarely get time to relax and spend their leisure time with their family. Everyone has a different priority and various ways to relax. Some people like to relax by having a cup of coffee and read a good book while others might like to entertain themselves by watching a good movie or season. There are numerous seasons to watch depends which genre you prefer to watch. There are seasons which have theme that is horror, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, historical and many more. One such season is Downton Abbey which is basically a historical season that focuses basically on the era that dates back to 1912-1926. This is the era in which gaining power was the priority. The lust to rule others was one of the things which every royal wanted to have. people of royal family played different games and tricks to attain this power and get the throne to rule the kingdom. In the very same manner in Downton Abbey, strategizing for power and rule is being shown. As in this era there was aristocracy everywhere thereby this season is very interesting and compiled in such a way that it occupies all your attention to let you relax and have fun while you watch how royals of that tried hard to get the throne.

Story Line and Cast

In Downton Abbey it depicts the Crawley Family and their domestic servants in the post Edwardian era where great events in history took place which had an effect on their lives and on the British social hierarchy. There are some major events that are encompass your attention which took place in those times for instance the sinking of Titanic, British general elections in 1923 and many more such events that hold great importance in history and up til now due to the lessons they give. The main cast of the Crawley family is led by HughBonneville as Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham, and Elizabeth McGovern as his wife Cora Crawley, the Countess of Grantham. Their three daughters are depicted by MichelleDockery as Lady Mary Crawley, Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith Crawley and JessicaBrown Findlay as Lady Sybil Crawley (Branson). Maggie Smith is Robert Crawley’s mother Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham. Samantha Bond portrays Lady Rosamund Painswick, Robert’s sister who resides in Belgrave Square, London. These are the prominent characters of the Downton Abbey around which the whole season revolves. .


This season is designed with such intricate and minute detail that it has won multiple awards in regard of its good work and the cast of the season is appreciated on most of the forums and ceremonies. It was even recognized by Guinness World Records for its outstanding work. And not only this but it has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries or Television Film and a Prime time Emmy Award for Outstanding Miniseries or Movie which speaks of its credibility and good work and also the hard work of its cast and crew.


This season is located on the most beautiful places. The Highclere Castle in north Hampshire is used for exterior shots of Downton Abbey and most of the interior filming which gives it the most classy look. Moreover the Bridgewater House in the St James area of London served as the family’s London home which is again very beautiful and amazingly designed.

Seasons Overview

This drama consists of 6 seasons. Different seasons cover multiple historical events that hold much significance. For instance, the first season has seven episodes in which it basically covers the sinking of Titanic. Then in the second season it covers the outbreak of First World War, Spanish influenza pandemic, and the Marconi scandal which are the eminent events of history. The Irish War of Independence leading to the formation of the Irish Free State was covered in the third series which is very interesting season. The Teapot Dome scandal is another major event of history that is covered in the fourth season. The British general election of 1923, the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, and the Beer Hall Putsch was the highlight of the fifth season. The sixth and final series introduces the rise of the working class during the interwar period and hints towards the eventual decline of the British aristocracy.

Best Recommended Downton Abbey Season 5 DVD Prints

Here are the DVDs suggested for you to watch the fifth season of Downton Abbey in the best print so that you can enjoy the historical era and enjoy the interesting moves of the Crawley family to get their hands on the throne to achieve power and authority.

Masterpiece: Downton Abbey Season 5. Here is the fifth season of Downton Abbey which focuses on the major events of the history that gives you spark of excitement and curiosity to end the whole season as soon as possible. The cost of this DVD is $99-$101.

Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey: Seasons 1-5. Here is this Dvd pack which consists the whole set in which there are whole 5 seasons of Downton Abbey which can be enjoyed whenever you like to. The cost of this whole set of 5 dvds is just $40-$42.

Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey – Seasons 1-6 Complete Collections with Bonus. This is again the whole set of DVDs which consists of all the seasons that is from 1 to 6 so that you can enjoy it whenever you feel like. The cost of this whole set of DVDs is just $99-$101.

Final Words

Hence here you have the most interesting season of the time that is the amalgamation of multiple genres that is there is love, suspense, history and planning as well. There is a mix of various emotions and feelings that you can feel and enjoy as you watch the series. this is a whole series of 6 seasons which you can watch whenever you have free time or want to enjoy your leisure time. This is a good informative and historical season you can enjoy. This whole set of DVDs can be bought in a very affordable price range and that also in a very good print.

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