Best Electric String Trimmer Review 2017

Best Electric String Trimmers

You must be looking for a best reason so as to why buy an electric string trimmer or why consider or prefer it over gas string trimmers. This article is written to address these questions of yours. So, whenever you are going to buy new trimmer always consider its features importantly, its design, its string, power range and lastly the warranty provided by its manufacturer. These features helps you in selecting the best one for you according to your requirements. Your requirements include the size of your lawn, your level of work and lastly your budget requirements matters the most. Always choose the product which best suits your budget requirements. Find out the best string trimmer here which is not only cost ineffective rather is the best one that can get your trimming job done in a half time. Therefore, do read this article which help you in guiding through this process of selection the best trimmer.

Following are the things that you need to consider before buying an electric string trimmer for your lawn.


Always consider its design that is shape. Because shape and matters the most while using it. If its design is not handy then you won’t be able to work with this trimmer quickly. Besides, it gives you tough time in handling. Therefore, for a trimmer to be handy is the most important thing. Always consider the trimmer that is handy or that contains adjustable shafts. Adjustable shafts provide you the opportunity to adjust it according to the height of the user. Therefore, a user friendly design is a must before buying the electric string trimmer. As an electric string trimmer is a machine that you need to carry along to trim your lawn. Therefore, its shape and design must be considered. The lesser in weight the trimmer; the easier it would be to carry it along and get your trimming work done with it within no time. Colors of the trimmers are also the most important thing that you need to consider, as the more colorful the trimmer; the more it would be attractive for the user. These colors not only makes the trimmer attractive rather it increases the interest of the worker to work with this trimmer.


The size of your lawn also matters the most. If your yard is small then you can opt for the single battery trimmers but if the size of your lawn is larger than you can choose the other option that provides you with double battery options. Double battery options don’t let your work stops during your trimming job until its gets completed.

Safety Point:

Safety measures should be taken into account before buying a new string trimmer for your lawn. Always buy that one which contains the adjustable shaft sizes. Besides, the size of the shaft, its design must be considered. On the other hand, proper costume like long shoes in or order to avoid any other creature to hurt you from the grass. Do wear glasses and mask in order to avoid the debris that might hurt your eyes or face. Instead of going for the gas trimmers, electric trimmers are the best among all due to their less heavy in size. Due to them being less cost effective as compare to the gas trimmers. Above all, they capture very small area. On the other hand, the gas trimmers captures the large area and the change of oil and fuel is also another risk factor that makes the user vulnerable.

Battery Life and Power Options:

Power and battery are the imperative factors to consider before buying an electric trimmer as the one with low power battery options it is useless to rely on the trimmer especially for your job. In case it utilizes the more power it will become costly for you. Therefore always go for that option that complete your work within no time in one battery option. It also depends upon your lawn size as well. If the size of your lawn is small than go for one battery option. If you have larger are to trim then one battery options will be useless for you. You have to choose the trimmer according to your requirements and power options. These considerations will help you in getting done with your job in less time.  On the other hand, gas trimmer will consume oil and fuel. This refilling of oil and fuel actually frustrates you at time when your trimmer stops working


Its shafts must be sharp and wide to cover the larger area as well as to cut or trim the grass sharply. It should be in a way to reach the side areas where you cannot trim the grass easily. Besides, its width also matters because if it is wide enough then you can cover the larger area and get your trimming job done in lesser time. Therefore, always consider the size, shape and area of the shaft before buying a trimmer for yourself.


Always consider the warranty and support services provided by the manufacturer. Do consider the well reputed manufacturer in terms of customer services and warranty options. Well reputation can be assessed by viewing the reviews of the users about the products. Always read the product reviews as well as the manufacturer reviews, this will help you in selecting the best of all option for yourself.

Top Most Recommended Electric Trimmers

Following are the top most recommended electric string trimmers, you need to consider before buying the best one for yourself. These are recommended after reviewing all the products, their related reviews and extensive research.


The price of this weed eater ranges from 254 to 260$. The cutting shafts are 15 with o.o8 line touches up to 0.095. Brushless motor which enhances the efficiency of the work with the help of increasing the running time and ultimately enhances the life of the motor. Speed control contains hi or low levels which ever suits the user. This weed eater is of ergonomic design which is the lightest as compared to the other trimmers.

Lawn Master-GT1313:

The prices ranges from 43 to 45$. As it names implies that this machine is a master in shaping your lawn within no time. This weed eater contains 4.2amp motor which help in getting done with the trimming work within one run time. The shaft contains a dual line comprising of 13-inch long blade with built in cord retainer. This weed eater is retractable that is the trimming has become convenient with retracting built cord retainers and retractable directions.  Above all this device is handy for the user and safe for the surroundings.

Black Decker-GH900-6-5Amp:

This trimmer contains the automatic system that contains the continuity in the work with zero hindrance rate. Its 6.5amp enhances the level of performance with high torque. Above all this weed eater is sourced through electric cord.


The price of this machine ranges from 183 to 185$, this machine will save your 30$. The amazing thing about this weed eater is that it is brushless which makes it more efficient and enhances the efficacy of work. Dewalt contains 13inch long shaft along with 0.08 dual line complementing speed control triggers. These speed controls can help you in controlling speed and enhancing the run time of machine to get the work done in one time. Dewalt weed eater contains 20V, 5.0AH battery containing Lithium Ion with a charger.


In order to get done with the trimming work in less time and your lawn is small than this devise suits you the best. Remington weed eater not only is fast but also convenient to handle that is user friendly as well as speedy in flourishing the shape of the yard. This weed eater can be handled easily as its handle can be rotated to 180 degree that makes the trimming of the lawn convenient and fast for you. Remington weed eater contains dual line comprising of 14-inches length with 0.065 inch line that ensures best trimming of your lawn. The shafts can be adjusted easily with the height of the user and can be easily stored for further usage.

Green Works-25223-Cordless Batteries:

The price of this weed eater ranges from 275 to 280$. Green works contains 40V battery containing Lithium Ion with two batteries enclosed in it and a charger. The shaft is 19inch long in length. The lever is single that contains 7-positions height adjustable from 1-1/8 inch to 3-inch. Green works is a 3 in 1 package comprising of the rear baggage for reuse, can release raw material at any time with mulching. The front wheels are of 7-inch long while the rear wheels are 10-inch long, making this machine convenient to handle with encouraging results.


The price of Toro weed eater ranges from 120 to 123$. A handy machine that is convenient to carry along anywhere a user needs to. The shaft is 24 inches in length with the cutting blade containing dual action. This weed eater can trim the branches which are 5/8 inches thick. This means that this weed eater contains the lot of capacity to handle the heavy and thick grass within no time. The handle can be treated at 90 degree to the vertical side cutting. Toro is a cordless weed eater contains lithium-ion battery. It can reach up to 8 by 8 inches length by 36inches wide. The most amazing thing about this weed eater is that it contains the warranty of two years. The users can rely upon the manufacturers for two years. This makes this device desirable in terms of its manufacturers’ reliability.

Black Decker-GH3000:

Black Decker weed eater is an orange in color. This device can handle the largest and the strongest weeds due to an extra transfer of power from motor to the shafts. Groomed in the N’Edge technology that makes it handy for the user to quickly shift from cutting to the edging within no time. The edging wheels provides the user to trim the sidewalks and edges with comfort. The price of this phenomenal handy machine ranges from 55 to 58$.

Product Reviews MTE912-6.5AMP DCST970X1 Green Works-25223
Shapes Cordless Ergonomic Advanced
Shafts/Trimmers Adjustable 15inch (0.08-0.09) 19inch
Power Source 6.5 amp yes 40V (Li-Ion)
Torque ———— ————– ————-
Convertible Wheeled edge ————- Four Wheeled
Price Range $ 84.99-130.44 254 to 260 275 to 280
Warranty ———— yes yes
Charger yes yes yes
Brushless ———— yes ————-
Speed Controls ———- yes yes
Weight —————– Lightest Heavy
Wheels ————— ———— 7inch (front)-10inch(rear)

The aforementioned table is the comparison between the chosen best electric strings trimmers that you need to consider before buying the new one for your yard.

Comparison between electric string trimmer and gas string trimmer:

Comparatively, electric string trimmers are the less contributors in noise and environmental pollution. Both these are spread by the gas string trimmers which makes the environment vulnerable in terms of fumes that a gas string trimmer releases. On the other hand, electric string trimmers are handy and less heavy in weight. While gas string trimmers are heavy in their weight which makes them trickier to handle. Secondly, refueling is the job that cannot be done by anyone. One needs to be very keen when refueling the string trimmer.

Specifications Electric String Trimmer Gas String Trimmer
Design and shape Light weight Heavy weight
Safety Measures Ensured Not ensured
Environmental Threats Environment friendly Unfriendly
Charger Yes ————–
Warranty/Support Guaranteed Less reliable
Cost Analysis  Inexpensive Expensive


Buying an electric string trimmer for your lawn is no longer a challenge for you. Always consider reading the customer reviews about the products, this help you in learning about the performativity of the product and this makes the manufacturer more reliable for you. Besides, don’t forget to consider your own requirements before buying the electric string trimmer for your yard. The size of your lawn, the level of work that is whether you need a trimmer for your domestic chore or want it for the professional purposes, this will decide whichever suits you the best. On the other hand, the specifications needs to be viewed keenly. Always go for that option which contains the maximum features. This article is written to address these questions of yours. So, whenever you are going to buy new trimmer always consider its features importantly, its design, its string, power range and lastly the warranty provided by its manufacturer. These features helps you in selecting the best one for you according to your requirements. Your requirements include the size of your lawn, your level of work and lastly your budget requirements matters the most.

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