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Do you have kids? Are you worried about their sanitation habits? Are you concerned about the fact that they don’t wash hands after playing or before meals? And when you know that the reason behind such attitude of theirs is that they can’t reach the faucet in the washroom even if they try? Well faucet extenders answers to and solves all your problems. Faucet extenders are basically products which are used directly on the faucet to extend the water coming out of the faucet. Why are they used? Because when kids want to reach to faucet in order to wash hands or to brush teeth, they can’t reach the water supply because of their small arms, so in order to avoid that you put a faucet extender. With which reaching the water coming from the faucet becomes really easy. Moreover you are giving your kids a much needed privacy while them washing their hands or doing anything with the water.

These faucet extenders come in different sizes and shapes and designs. If you are buying a faucet extender for your kid then a more vibrant and a colourful extender is what you need. But there are people who don’t like colours too much and have a very elegant décor of the house that can’t be disrupted so to avoid that there are faucet extenders that come in simple and plain colours. But anyway, faucet extenders are the requirement of every house. With their help you are not only bettering the sanitation habits of your kid but also enabling them to be independent of you while doing such things. And this is a really good and an important thing, to teach your kids to be independent and to make their decisions themselves. Moreover this independence increases the overall confidence of your kids and they feel proud that they have cleaned themselves up without the help of their parents.

There are many brands in the market today that produce quality faucet extenders, they range from size, shape, design, quality material and the colours. But because of the high market of these faucet extenders, those brands when competing with other top quality faucet produce can only do 2 things, first one is to make the product unique and built with exceptional quality materials. The second thing and the most unfortunate thing is that they try to decrease the price of the product and this could only happen when they lower the quality of the product. Such bad quality product is very weak and it can break any moment. So in order to avoid such an unfortunate event we have tried to review some of the best faucet extenders to help you determine and choose which faucet extender suits your requirements. Our review Is based on a set of different specifications.

Specifications are really important as they help the customer determine what is inside the box and what are they buying. Specifications are the abilities and qualities that a product has. It Is really necessary to check the specifications of a product before buying it as you can buy the wrong product and it can cost you money as well as time, which you would put in getting the extender replaced or changed. When it comes to faucet extenders, its specifications are the quality of the extender, the size and fitting of the extender, its design, the colours it comes in and lastly the warranty on the product.

Quality of a product is really important as it directly influences the overall durability of the product. Buying a product with cheap quality can put you in trouble of getting the extender changed and replaced again and again. Because of the huge market of these extenders there are several companies that are producing them. Now because of the competition they try to cheapen the price of the product and this only happens when they reduce the overall quality of the product. So before buying, make sure that you check the quality of the faucet extender. This will save you time and money.

In modern times there are many brands that produce faucets. The faucets come in different sizes and shapes. So there is a chance that the faucet extender you are buying might not fit your faucet. In order to avoid that you have to double check the size of the faucet extender to make sure that it is made to fit your type of faucets. Buying a product with the wrong size is absolutely useless.

There are hundreds if brands and companies that make faucet extenders. They differ from one another in size, quality, design and material. Some are made with hard plastic, some with stainless steel, some with porcelain while others with silicon. There is a chance of algae growth on plastic faucet extenders but that is solved by buying a silicon faucet extender. Choosing which material would suit the user best entirely depends on their usage. If the user wishes to use the faucet extender roughly then plastic is the best option for them.

To catch several eyes and to look good in a bathroom, faucet extenders are designed so to maintain both these things. But usually one buys a faucet extender to be put in their kid’s washroom, so most of the faucet extenders are designed in such a way that they would look cute and would make your kids happy. They either are based on some Disney character or are made colourful so to make sure that your kid likes using them. But if you have an elegant house and a beautiful décor than the colourful faucet extenders won’t sit well in your washroom. In order to satisfy such customers, some faucet extenders come in really elegant colours, like gray, white and even black so to look good in your setting.

Warranty of a product is really Important, as it helps determine the overall credibility of the seller. If the seller is not willing to provide any warranty, then it only indicates that their product might not be credible. But some companies and brands provide the best customer support and some even go one step further by introducing a lifetime warranty on their products. So it is better to first check the warranty of a product before buying it, also it is a good thing to see whether the seller is willing to provide the necessary customer support.

Based on these specifications, we have reviewed and recommended a few of the best faucet extenders which are an everyday need for every household having kids.

Aqueduck Faucet Extender, Gray:

This elegant faucet extender is made of polyethylene plastic, and it can be bought for a price range from 5$ to 12$. It comes in gray colour so that means that it will sit well in every décor. It is both best for use by adults and by kids. This faucet extender is really easy to use and it has a very simple functioning along with easy installation. Moreover the seller provides a lifetime warranty on the product. So this makes it one of the best faucet extenders in the market.

Zhoma 2 Pack Faucet Extender – Grey:

This faucet extender from Zhoma comes in a pack of two. It can be bought in a price range of just 4$ to 10$. It comes in grey and white elegant colours which allow the user to maintain the decorum of the washroom. It is really easy to install and directs the water where you need it. It is made with durable and soft plastic which enhances the overall quality of the product.

Lictin Pack of 2 Faucet Handle Extender Sink Handle Extender:

This adorable faucet extender is designed in such a way that it gives the outlook of leaves. It comes in two colours, blue green and brown green. It is made with 100% food quality polyethylene plastic which not only makes it durable but also very safe to use as well. Due to its adorable design, the kids of the customers would have a fun time washing their hands.
It can be bought for a price range of around 5-10$ which is cheap if compared to qualities of product.

Leyaron Faucet Extender Sink Handle Extender:

This faucet extender is made with long lasting soft, durable plastic, non-toxic materials, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. It comes in three really cute colours, blue yellow, pink yellow and rosy yellow. These colours are eye catching they allow the user to make sure that their kids have a good time washing their hands. It can be bought in a price range of 7-15$.

Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender, Gumball Green:

This elegant faucet extender has the ability to go well in all sorts of decors. It has an elegant design and a gumball green and gray colour which allows you to use it with easy. It can be bought in a price range of 4-9$. It has the ability to extend so to fit on every shape and size of different faucets. It is BPA PVC and phthalate free. It is good for elegant décor.

PROMENE 4 Pack Faucet Extender – Sink Handle Extender:

This elegant faucet extender comes in a pack of 4 and has 4 different colours. It has a blue gray and blue yellow along with a pink gray and pink yellow colour. It comes under a 1 year money back guarantee from the seller which means that if you are not satisfied by the product, you can actually return the product and get your money back. It has a very cheap price as compared to it’s specifications and its quantity and can be bought for 5 to 12$.

Faucet Extender Bathroom Sink Handle Extender for Toddlers Kids:

This wonderful faucet extender comes in two designs, a blue elephant and a yellow duck. This set becomes really adorable and fun for the kids to use. It can be bought in a price range of 8$ to 22$. Moreover this extender has a lifetime money back guarantee on it as well.

NewCool 3 Pack Faucet Extender Sink Handle Extender:

This wonderful faucet extender comes in a set of 3. The package come in different cute shapes, kitten, piggy and tigerkin. And two bright colours blue and orange makes your child love hand washing, also encourages good hygiene and promotes independence. This faucet extender can be bought for a price range of 3 to 12$. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Faucet Extender – Set of 2 Sink Handle Extenders:

This faucet extender comes in a pack of two. One blue and one orange. It has very good colours and a cute design which make hand washing fun for your kid. This faucet extender can be bought for a price range of 3-9$. It has rounded edges to ensure safety of your child.

Aipleril Faucet Extender – Pack of 2 Silicone Sink Handle Extender:

This faucet extender has vibrant orange and blue colours. It comes in a set of two faucet extenders. It is made with Silicon and it is BPA and PVC free. It can be bought for 3 to 9$.

Product Description Aqueduck Faucet Extender ZHOMA Faucet Extender Promene Faucet Extender New=Cool Faucet Extender
Design Plain Plain For kids For kids
Colours Gray Gray 4 different 3 different
Price 5 to 12$ 4 to 10$ 5 to 12$ 3-9$
Quantity 1 2 4 3
Warranty Lifetime No 1 year Lifetime


Final Verdict:

There are numerous brands out there that sell top quality faucet extenders. Choosing which one is the best depends on the length of the faucet, if it fits it then it means that it will serve your purpose well. The second important thing is the colour of the faucet extender, if it is too vibrant and your house has an elegant décor then it might not sit well in your washroom, but if you are buying it for your kid’s washroom, it is the best when full of colours. So this means that the kind of faucet extender suitable for you depends on your preferences. But after liking a faucet extender be sure to check its quality, as there are many hawk of brands that would do anything to sell their products. Beware of such brands and companies.


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