Best Humidifier Reviews 2017


Humidifier Reviews

Humidifiers are an innovative source of improving the dry air quality of home and office. It meant to provide moist air which reduces allergens, dust, irritation and congestion etc. it keeps the air fresh and worthy to inhale. There is variety of product available in the market to choose the best product having unique features to work productively. For this one needs to know the details of the functions. For this all the electronic manufacturer competitors introduce their products on website by providing complete features.


The best humidifier must have the ability to make the ambiance comfortable for allergy prone consumers. Humidifier helps reducing all the contaminated particles from the air and makes the air moisture and pure. For this humidifiers emit both warm and cool moist in order to retain the atmosphere of the room or office according to the need.

The silent humidifiers are preferred to keep the peace of mind. There are some products which have both the features of air purifier and humidifier for effective result. Humidifier also offers the digital LCD to display the information for maintenance or other indication to keep it going.

Boneco 7135 Review

The Boneco ultrasonic 7135 give value to money by offering high humidity output. It has large tank that works longer and handy to navigate LCD screen. It is very quiet ultra-motor built in timer. This unit runs while you sleep and automatically gets off while need arise. It is durable and with multiple features this is one of the best humidifiers in the market. It offers three years warranty. This is also toll free and contact number of the company is available on website to reach the agent immediately for any complain or service. For complete information regarding product one may surf the related website. Company has managed the FAQ page in order to facilitate their customers as much as they can.

This silent, ultrasonic humidifier emits both warm and cool mist. Both are equally important to reduce the humidity. It is adjustable according to the requirement of health. It is switched to warm mist setting if someone is sick and having allergies. This gentle heat also helps to kill the germs, bacteria and allergens from the environment. It is switched back to cool option if require to keep some other place. It reduces between 40 to 75 per cent humidity. Its auto mode adjusts itself to room environment by using other mist options. It regularly maintains the humidity level constantly. On high mineral contents, it requires to change the cartridge after every two to three months. It has automatically cleaning indicator to inform about the cleaning of the humidifier.

It is one of the best humidifier in the market.

Heaven Fresh HF 710 Review

 Heaven Fresh humidifier is one of the best competitors in the market. It has all the features good humidifiers have to maintain good will in the market. This humidifier emits both cool and warm mist for an efficient function. Though is does not have an inbuilt handle yet easy to carry. It retains the good level of mist in order to eliminate the dry air and irritants of bacteria and virus that creates sinus and allergy problems. The warm and cool mist humidifier are top ten products received Silver Award on their effective efficiency.

The Heaven Fresh HF 710 eliminates the nose irritation.  This product is sufficiently works for 650sq ft room. On its highest setting it produces warm mist. It evaporates 3.67 gallon mist into the air during 24hous and 1.9 gallons on the cool setting. It is an ultrasonic humidifier works on high frequency and does not make any noise. The unique feature of this product is having split nozzle at the top which permits to throw mist in two different directions. It covers the three years warranty. One can take help from the manufacturer if some defects appear in the product. Further additional support is available in the company website. The whole information about the HF 710 is also found on website. Like other competitors this company also has FAQs page and answer all the queries of the customers.

This humidifier is very useful product for those who suffers from allergies and easily affected by airborne pollutants. It is completely silent and does not bother the user by any spluttering or gurgling sounds. It consumes less energy to run for hours. It uses less power than a-watt light bulb.

Pure Guardian H4610 Review

The PureGuardian H4610 is patented technology and Bronze Award winner. Its moisture leaves white dust on furniture.  It has built in demineralization filter which need to be changed after three to four months depends on the usage. It is durable and fights both mold and mildew in the tank. It emits both warm and cool mist. It helps reducing the dryness of air and eliminates airborne pollutants cause allergy and itchy skin. It soothes the patient in both the situations. It maintains the humidity level of the office or home either warm or cool.

On its highest speed it converts 1.5 gallon of water into mist during 24 hours. It is reasonable for 650sq ft area. It is ultrasonic air humidifier and works without making noise. On the lowest speed this unit can run for several days without refilling of water. The manufacturer recommends to operate it on cool mode in children room as the warm mist produce the hot water which cause scalding hazard. On the other hand the unit may be tripped. This unit automatically stops working on low water level. Its digital control has soft light and able you to adjust even in darkness.

This humidifier has no humidistat to measure the humidity of the area. Therefore it has timer function to set on four, eight, twelve hours to work before it automatically shuts off. It offers three years warranty and there is toll free contact numbers for the consumers to establish contact at the time of any inquiry or complaint. This company like other competitors has FAQs to answer all the questions of the customers related to their product. It is large humidifier with effective system to remove germ and allergens from the air. It eliminates unwanted virus, mold and humidity from the home or office.

Winix AW600 Review

Winix AW600 is unparalleled two in one product.  It is versatile due to its unique features. It is air purifier–cum-humidifier with multiple function and sophisticated features. It is one of the heaviest humidifiers and large enough for some household. This product works efficiently and very easily maintained. Its dual function as air purifier and humidifier, it is very effective to remove all the dust, allergens, contamination and airborne pollutants from home or office. It makes the environment healthy to live in. it removes all smell cause by cigarette smoke, cooking, and animal dander.

This product sensor is very impressive. When it gets dark, its lights go off and fan speed automatically slows down. Winix is recognized due to its high performance air purifier and humidifier. It maintains the air purification without making it dry. It works silently and on sleeping mode turns off its light and adjusts fan to the lowest settings at night. It is ultrasonic humidifier and creates mist through vibration. The in built discs have an antimicrobial coating, and the humidifier Plasma Wave technology as well as a dual HEPA and carbon combination filters help for additional quality and purity of air.  All these feature work together to get rid of foul and unpleasant unhealthy particles from the surroundings. It cleans and humidifies the air in areas up to 600sq ft. This is something of a hybrid machine and it does not work like other humidifiers like emission of warm and cool mist yet offers same kind of benefits.

The control panel is very easy to use due to its digital display. It works silently without any distraction. This unit turns off when the water level gets low. It is the heaviest product weighing around 15.4pounds. it is not recommended for small areas. It offers three years warranty like other products in the market. If customers run into problem they can contact with company conveniently through email or by phone. Company also has FAQs on its website to answer all the queries.

Vornado Evap2 Review

Vornado is not an ultrasonic humidifier and makes noise on high speed. It offers five years warranty and the longest among any of such product. It claims that it does not leave any white dust on furniture as other ultrasonic humidifier usually does. It functions different from other similar products. It does not emit warm mist. It just releases cool mist to purify and keep the environment moisture. It eliminates the dryness and reduces the causes of allergy prone diseases by removing dust, allergens and other pollutants from the indoor air. The Vornado Evap2 is known as evaporative humidifier that absorbs dry air, moves through wet wick and then turns it into moist air by using powerful inbuilt fan. This product converts 2gallon of water into mist within 24 hours and reasonable for 600sq ft.

It has a unique feature like humidistat which regulates the level of humidity of the room. It works only as a cool mist humidifier. This makes the humidifier safer for children and a better humidifier for a baby than some other models. It works as fan as well as humidifier so does not have auto shut off feature. So it stays on working mode on lower water level on less risk of overheating. It has well-lit display buttons that allow you to operate the controls in the dark.

If consumer encounters situation may check the product manual on the company’s website. They also have access to a toll-free phone number or email support if need help related to device for setting.

Sunpentown SU-4010 Review

The Sunpentown SU-4010 is an ultrasonic humidifier soothes air commendably and functions inaudibly enough not to be irritating or disturbing sleep. It is slim and adjust anywhere in a small area. This filter costs higher. The Sunpentown SU-4010 is a suitable, quiet and proficient humidifier that efficiently gets rid of symptoms caused by dry air. It lacks the feature of inbuilt humidistat to measure the humidity of the area it is installed. It yields approximately 2.5gallons of water every 20 hours. It is convenient for 500sq ft area. This is an ultrasonic humidifier and works almost 12 hours on cool mist mode while on warm mist setting it runs 10 hours.

It runs silently and does not disturb sleep at night. It is ideal humidifier on cool mist as keep the ambiance favourable for youngsters. Doctors also recommend the cool mist mode for kids that help to avoid any situation. For adults hot mist is good to reduce the effect of congestion but should be operated by ensuring all the safety measures for kids.

This is an ultrasonic humidifier, so it uses vibration to convert water into a sufficient mist. Water containing a high level of contaminations not only reduces a humidifier life but also leave fine white dust on furniture when the mist dissolves. The typical of ultrasonic humidifiers, is to use and replace the filter according to the manufacturer guidelines. Fortunately, Sunpentown contains a replaceable filter with the SU-4010 to prevent minerals from building up inside it and recommends you buy a spare every six months. The replacement of filter is costly than other humidifiers. It is the best product with maximum features. This itself turn off on lowering the water level.

One of the exceptional features of the Sunpentown SU-4010 is its long, thin design. It is adjustable at small palace. It is over 5 inches wide and may be fit at various places. Despite the unit’s narrow size yet its tank holds over a gallon of water, which is plenty to keep the humidifier running for a long time. When you need to refill the clear tank, it separates easily from the base and, with the built-in handle, is easy to transport to the sink. Like other products this humidifier company also has website to complete information regarding the product. It has the facility of a toll-free number on the manufacturer’s website. In addition, one can send an email to the manufacturer. There is also a product manual on the company’s website in case come across any situation.


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