Best Idylis Air Purifier

Idylis Air Purifier

Idylis air purifier is a unique Brand and new collection in air purifiers. It is tremendous machine offers to breath fresh air by eliminating all contamination found in air. Idylis provides you the opportunity to lay on hand a reasonable cost air purifier. It provides clean air to breathe in to keep us away from all allergies and suffocated particles threaten our health. It is a compact purifier look good along smooth clean flat facing, offers simple to clean layout that goes any kind of house decor.

Idylis air purifier is tremendous addition in recent technology that improves the quality of life by shedding away the dust scattered all around us and made our ambiance worth living. This is blessing for those who have been living in high polluted áreas and suffer from high fever, it removes allergens from the air using filter technology so the air we breathe in our homes is free of any pollution or allergens.

Why Consider Idylis Air Purifier

Idylis is one of the excellent purifier available in the market on reasonable Price and truly offer values for your money. It is made by a Korean Company who are covering the 40% of the market. It retains more than 50% share of the market for drinking wáter purification product. This device has HEPA filtration system which removes the 99.97% of all air based contamination which may worsen the delicate allergy symptoms.

Specification for the best Air Purifier


It purifies areas up to 150 up to 310-sq ft with a CADR of 125 up to 200 and having HEPA filter eliminates all kind of pollutants spread by air, animals, plants and other things around. It has Filter change indicator tells the time to replace the filter. It is highly efficient to clean indoor pollutants and available at competitive Price.  It is energy Certified products saves money on utility bills without compromising performance, style or comfort.  It is having UV-C sanitizer eliminate bacteria and viruses with a powerful light.  Its Control panel offers easy selection of three settings and having power cord storage.

Its Carbon filter clears away smell and smoke particles for a healthy environment. The cost of the filter one should be careful about when buying mid-range and cheap purifier. With the Idylis purifier, filter replacement is affordable. The filer replacement for Idylis 280 cost $70 for both filters and the filer replacement for Idylis 200 cost $50 for both filters. A good purifier like Idylis hardly makes a noise and durable. Low price purifier can-not run for a long time and make high noise on their highest settings. While it does not make noise even on high settings. The most important it has filter change indicator and time programmable settings.




Idylis Air Purifier assures the safety. It is available in different sizes and colours it costs from $239.99 up to $250

Specifications Air Purifier
Safety Ensured
Noise Free Yes
Odour Free Yes
Kills micro-organism Up to 99.9%
Ozone Free ü
Handling Portable
Coverage 300-550 sq. ft
Ionizer Free Yes
Warranty 1-10 years

Recommended Air Purifiers

Following are the most recommended Air purifier reviews

Airfree Onix(Air Sterilizer)

The above mentioned Air Free Sterilisers deal with fungi, molds, bacteria by using heat. It runs completely silent, no noise or disturbance is felt. It is of high quality, very effective, durable and reliable. It is Handy and meet the expectation of the customers.  It covers minimum space, blends with household decor, and the most important aspect of it, no filter change. The interesting thing is where all the time pets, dust, bacteria leave bad smell in house, and this product Works wonder and helps removing them all instantly. It makes no noise, keep intact the indoor atmosphere. It makes the indoor environment pollution free by working smartly. It maintain room 450sq ft upt 650 sq ft. This is made in Portugal. It is completely eliminates almost 99.99% micro-organism. No filter change is required. It is energy efficient and it covers maximum 650sq ft without fan. It Works regularly and having auto shut technology. It is ISO, CE and UL certified. It outflow is at the top and inflow is the bottom. It is ozone free technology. It is effective and reasonable in Price. It costs from $250 up to $260. 

Coway AP1512HH AP-1512HH 

This is the smallest HEPA air purifier unit made by Coway, quiet and serene. It is Handy and portable from one room to another according to requirement. The main issue With Coway is not having any productive support to satisfy their customers by answering their potential questions. The reviews show that this product is the best among all available in the market.  Most of the reviews tell us that is the smallest, energy efficient, Works wonders, and conveniently safe. It is the best Clean Air Delivery Rate scores. It eliminates all the pollutants out of the small room with ease. No doubt with versatile capabilities it satisfies the customer needs and value for money. It is available $181 up to $229.

How Effective the Unit is?

These are the most effective units available in market made by Coway Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K , Idylis AC-2118. The Coway is made and designed the air purifier for the small rooms yet it Works for the midsize rooms as well. It eliminates all the allergens and impurities and completely clean the room of about 360sq ft. Though is does not have the best CADR score yet purifies all the pollutants. It filters at four stages. The washable pre filter absorbs large particles like hair and dust, and during that no need to replace filter at all. Secondly, carbon filter removes the smell from the room, next HEPA captures the small insects, particles left in the room. Furthermore, it has ionizer for outgoing which health professional most of the times complains. It is an optional feature in this. It can be turned off. It does not have a sleeping mode but it Works without disturbing the sleep at night, very silent and senses that air quality in the room and accordingly adjusts the settings   to maximize.

The Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K

This is the best air purifier technology that eliminates and purifies all the pollutants born by the air indoor and efficiently kills them all to make the room neat and clean from all allergens. It has an excellent CADR scores. It is auto mode that adjusts the control depends on the air quality of the lacks few features like auto and remote control yet known as the best cleaning capabilities. It offers the five years guarantee on its purifier which helps you protect from manufacturing faults. It is the longest warranty industry.

It is energy saver and its CARD scores by following the AHAMs testing standards. The ARB certification indicates the purifiers do not damage the air quality.  It pulls 118 watts, so it isn’t the most energy efficient purifier according to reviews. It is the heaviest in weight around 20pounds. It makes maximum 55dB of noise on its highest setting. It is having a timer and give the option to set specific times to start of stop operation. It also has filter changing indicator and let you know when to change the filter. Its cost ranges from $230 up to $231. It covers 500sq ft.

Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier

It purifies 390sq ft room efficiently. It filter can be vacuumed to increase its life. It is replaced from 3-5 years’ time. It is having glass fibre HEPA filter thick captures almost 99.97% of micro particles. It enhances the air purity by removing the smell through canbon activation, it is basically pre filtration assistance. Its electronic indicator tells when to change the filter. It costs ranges from $140 up to $145, no shipping charges. Noiseless and compatible. 

Germ Guardian AC4825 

Germ Guardian AC4825 is 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA Filter. It is UV-C Sanitizer, eliminates allergen and reduces odour. It is Slim and sleek. It is of 22 inches air purifier. It is best for small size room. It HEPA filter removes 99.97% allergens from indoor. It help to reduce the allergies and the dust and micro-organism oriented diseases. Its carbon filters like other products helps in removing all the smell from home like of pets, cooking and other odours. The UV-C light technology Works With Titanium Dioxide to eliminate bacteria, viruses, germs and molds. The filter needs to be changed after 5-8 months depends on the usage of the product. It safety is ensured and durability meets the expectation of the consumer. It costs from $132 up to $135.

AeraMax 300 Air Purifier 

This is large room allergen removal and reduces the asthma by purifying indoor ambiance at four stages.  It is true HEPA filter and area smart technology. It detect the foul organisms in air and removes 99.97% of all the air born particles which cause allergy, asthma and other breathing issues. It eliminates viruses, germs, dust, mites, molds and smokes that are produced of cigarette, cooking or any other indoor fumes. It is recommended for 300sq ft to 600 sq ft room. AeraMax 300 Air Purifier is special mode of cold and flu season. It is very much effective in capturing influenza and flu viruses from indoor environment.  It is of $174 up to $201.09 in market.

Oransi OV200 Air Purifier

This claims to say good bye to nasal stiffness, and cleaning indoor air to have a good sleep. It is perfect for pets as well as have no ionizer and no ozone in it. It is handy and make breathe easy. Its filter is easily available, no complication in set up as remote control. It offers 10 years warranty of investment and provide filter maintenance within due time. It helps to removes all the micro-organism cause, allergy, asthma, flu etc. It is ideal for bedrooms. It costs only $328 up to $330.   

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier 

It is stylish, and energy efficient. It has customized filter and panel suit to the customer need and requirement. It has germs, allergy, toxin and odour eliminating filter. The HEPA air purifier traps all contaminants in filter and Works efficiently. The BioGS HEPA reduces all allergens from the house and prolong the filter life. It reduces the growth of bacteria and virus on the filter. It purifies the indoor environment by going through five stages.i.e pre filter effectively eliminates the large size of allergens, dust and pollutants. Next, medium filter reduces air born particles as pollen, mold and pet dander. Then BioGS HEPA removes 99.97% of air born allergens. It cost ranges from $399 up to $ 499. It covers room up to 625sq ft and have 5 year warranty.

Levoit Air Purifier 

Levoit Air Purifier is true HEPA technology and 99.97% efficient. It filter almost all allergens, pollens, dust, pet dander, cooking odour, smoke etc. and cleanse the environment of home and. It filter all these pollutants on three stages and Works effectively. It has indicator shows the air quality and suggests the speed of the purifier. It is having sleeping mode as well, keeps on working without making noise. It is equipped and designed with reliable material. It is designed by keeping in view the safety measures. It has two years warranty and filter is required to be changed after every six months. Filter does not cost much and available in market. It covers 322sq ft.  It is much too reliable to use and it costs ranges from $139 up $1599. 

 Gideon Electronic Plug-in Air Purifier

This air purifier is available in market costs from $59.00 up to 15.04(25%off) with free shipping.

This is easy and safe way to reduce all germs, allergens, pollutants, air born germs, bacteria from indoor environment. Its ultraviolet light kills 98% of germs and purifies all the odour. It is having quiet whisper technology fan system that cleanse the air silently. It consumes only 8 watt of energy. It has two stainless steel filters that can easily be cleaned and no need to replace them. It is very safe and having 1 year warranty. Perfect for area up to 150sq ft.

Specification Idylis Air Purifier


Air free Onix

The Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K


Honeywell 50250-S Germ Guardian AC4825


AeraMax 300 Air Purifier


Price $238

Up to


$250 upto


$230 up to


$140 up to


$132 upto$135 $174 up to $201
Area 150-310sq ft 450-650

sq ft

500sq ft 390sq ft ——- 300-600sq ft
Auto yes yes yes yes yes yes
Sound silent Silent silent silent silent silent
Efficiency 99.97% 99.97% 99.97% 99.97% 99.97% 99.97%
warranty ——- —– 5 year ——- —— ——-

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