Best iPad Air Cases Review 2017

                                                    Ipad Air Cases

Ipad is one of the best technological advancements by Apple. This tablet is used for multiple purposes. It has an extremely great interface. And the new model, that is the ipad air, has a great camera as well for increased experiences. Ipad air has a higher price compared to other tablets because it has been designed in such a way that it will perform faster, better and more durable than the other devices. But the Ipad air is usually a very fragile device, and it might get scratched or even break at the slightest of the impacts. Therefore we need protective cases to make sure that our ipad air has a great life and also that it can withstand some pressure exerted on it. In order to save the sides and the back, we usually put the cover, so that in case the ipad air falls on the ground, its side and back would be protected and it will live longer.

There are many types of ipad air cases. Some are the ones which are only put on the back and protect the back and side. While the other and more traditional cases are the ones, which cover the whole tablet. They are basically flip covers, or cases, which are used in order to avoid scratches and save it in case it falls. But because there is a great demand of ipad air cases in the market and because there are many companies that produce them, determining the right type of product is a hard thing at times. Therefore to choose the right product, one has to clearly and cautiously in order to buy the right product. But we are making that choosing the right product easier for you and for that purpose we have reviewed some of the best ipad air cases. Our review is based on a set of specifications.

Specifications are abilities and qualities that a device, machine or a product have. Specification determine the capabilities of a product and allow the user to determine what lies inside the box. It also help the user in understanding the basic know how of the product they are buying. When It comes to ipad air cases, its specifications are its quality, design, type and warranty.

Quality of a product determines the durability and the overall performance. If a product has been made with great quality materials, it is supposed to have a great performance along with lasting longer than its counterparts from other companies. Therefore you must always make sure that you buy the right product having the best quality.

Design in modern times has become a very important concern for some of the users. Design helps you determine the looks of the product and also establishes a relationship with one’s personality. Therefore you must always buy the product having the best design.

There are two types of ipad air cases. Some are the ones which are only put on the back and protect the back and side. While the other and more traditional cases are the ones, which cover the whole tablet.

Warranty of a product determines the credibility of the seller. It also helps you get out of the trouble of getting the product replaced or repaired in case it is faulty and in case it has some technical error from the manufacture. So a product with a warranty on it is better than the one which doesn’t.

iPad Air Case, [CORNER PROTECTION] CaseCrown Bold Standby Pro:

This ipad air case from case crown has a great design. It has a black colour. it has two back slots and allows you to have two viewing and two typing angles. It also has 2 corner protection with soft microfiber interior. All the features of ipad air can be easily accessed through this. It is a whole ipad cover. It can be bought in a price range of 13-23$.
iPad Air Case,TIANLI(TM) ArmorBox [Three Layer] Convertible:

This 3 layer back cover from tinali is one of the most rugged products available in the market. It has a great interface. It is convertible. It also has a very good design and a very sharp red colour. The panel at the back can be taken out and the ipad can be leaned against it. It is suitable for only the 2013 model of ipad air. It can be bought in a range of just 10-20$.
Fintie iPad 9.7 Inch 2017:

This model from finite has a very great design and they also have a huge variety to choose colours from. It allows you to adjust to different angles securely. It is a flip cover and it also has a very strong built. It protects your ipad from scratches and other such things. It has a very cheap price compared to its design and it can be bought in a range of 7-13$.
SUPCASE Beetle Defense Series Full-body Rugged Protective Case:

This ipad air case from supcase has a great built and it has Advanced dual layer designed case combined of Polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU withstands accidental drop, bumps and shock. It is only the back cover so this means it will protect the side and also the back in case the ipad falls down. It has a cheap price and can be bought in a range of 19-29$.
MoKo iPad Air Case – Slim Lightweight Smart-shell Stand Cover:

This ipad air 9.7 case from moko is basically a dual case, so that means it will protect the back and the front as well. It’s Slim and lightweight hard back design adds minimal bulk while protecting your precious device. It has a great price and can be bought for 7-13$.

Product Description Case crown ipad case Tinali ipad case Supcase ipad case Moko Ipad


Type Dual Back Back Back and front
Warranty No No No Lifetime
Price 13-23$ 10-20$ 19-29$ 7-13$

Ipad air is a fragile product and it needs protective cases to ensure that it works smoothly and also that it doesn’t get any scratches. There is a huge variety to choose from and there are many companies that produce ipad air cases. Determining the right product depends on the preferences of the customers. But they must always make sure that they buy the product while keeping its specifications in mind.

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