Best iPhone Ear Buds Review 2017

Iphone Ear buds

There is a great demand of iPhone ear buds in the market, not only in the apple using market but also in other phone community. But why? Why does a phone user from another company want iPhone ear buds? Well the answer is simple. That is because of the exceptional quality of the product along with the sound It makes and also its ruggedness and durability to stay longer than ear buds from other brands and companies. iPhone is the biggest company that produces cell phones and cell phone accessories. It is a global company having its outlets and its stores all over the world. And having the most number of users and having the biggest sales.

What makes the Iphone ear buds so special apart from the company’s name?  Well the answer to this question is answered in our review and it is all about them. Apple has a trend of producing quality material and for their flagship model and the only cellphone, the iphone, they have left no tables unturned to create the absolute best. The iphone earphones are the usual 3.5 mm jack ear buds, other than the wireless ear buds of iphone 7. They have a great sound and the ability of their microphones to handle the noise and clean it is amazing.

Types of Iphone Ear buds:

There are basically two types of iphone ear buds. The first one is the simple, wired and 3.5 mm audio jack ear buds. These are made with great quality and have the best sound quality. They are designed in such a way that they would fit in your ears nicely. A change of style of Iphone earbuds was done after introducing Iphone 5. The head of the earbud was basically changed to fit in even nicely. The traditional earbuds have a noise cancelling earbud which can be used for calls and for music. The other type of earbuds from apple are the wireless ones. They run with Bluetooth only as iphone 7 doesn’t have any audio jack. They have a great sound quality and a built in mic. They are really great and also look extremely good on the ear.

Both types of earbuds have almost the same specifications.

They are the abilities and capabilities that a device, machine or a product has. Specifications allow the user to determine which product will suit their needs the best and also it helps them determine the overall quality and the valuable product assessment. If you buy a product without checking its specifications, you can actually land in trouble and that trouble would be getting the product replaced in case you have bought the one which doesn’t fit your specification. In case of iphone earbuds its specifications are its quality, its design, microphone, sound quality and comfort.

Quality is something that apple doesn’t compromise on in any of its products. They make their products with the best and the most durable materials present in order to ensure that they last for long period of time. Iphone earbuds are made with great materials and their endurance to harsh condition and even rain is better than those of other companies. And they last for longer durations of time.

Apple doesn’t change the design of its products much. When iphone 5 came, the top of the iphone earbud was drastically changed and improved and made in such a way that it would fit every ear. Recently apple announced its Iphone 7, which has wireless earbuds which work with Bluetooth for the ease of access of the user and also to make sure they don’t have to worry for the cords.

Iphone earbuds have a great and a noise cancelling earphone which is used to make calls without giving much trouble to the user. The old wired earphones had buttons on the cable and also the mic was to be hold near in order to get the perfect voice delivered. But the wireless earphones from apple have been designed in such a way that they user has the maximum ease of access along with having an easy time during calls and a great call quality because of the noise reduction.

The last and the most important question is that whether iphone earbuds are comfortable to use or not. Well apple doesn’t have a rubber or a plastic piece for the convenience of the user but they do have a great design that allows htem to fit anybody’s ear quite nicely and making sure that the earbuds would not trouble them much.

Based on these specifications we have reviewed iphone earbuds and also made a comparison chart between different iphone earbuds.

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic ME186LL/A:

Unlike other earbuds from apple, these iphone earbuds have a rubber head. Which makes them easy to fit in every ear and they increase the overall comfort of the user. They have a great sound quality and a mic as well. They can be bought in range of 9-29$
Apple iPod Earphones:

These earbuds are originally designed for ipods and other music players. But they can be used for iphones as well. Because they have the traditional and standard 3.5 mm jack. They have a great music quality and have no mic. They can be bought in a price range of 17-37$.
Apple Airpods Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhones:

These are the latest earbuds from apple. They are wireless and run with Bluetooth and with iphones having ios 10 or higher. They have a great music quality and a built in mic. They also have a charging unit which gives u 24 hours of music play. They can be bought for 150-200$
Apple MD827LL/A EarPods with Remote and Mic:

These earbuds from apple are the ones which came with iphone 5. They have a great design and they allow you to have a deep and full of bass music experience. The mic on these earbuds has been placed perfectly. The price is low and they can be bought for 9-29$

Product Description Apple ME186LL/A Ipod earbuds Apple Airpods Apple MD827LL/A
Microphone Yes No Yes Yes
Wireless No No No No
Price 8-28 17-37$ 9-19$ 150-200$

Final Verdict:

Iphone earbuds are a great product. They can be used by all phone users. The apple airpods only work with apple devices. But other earpods work well with other devices as well. Iphone earbuds are designed in such a way that they give the best experience to the user and also satisfy the user to the maximum extent. That is made possible only because of the exceptional quality of these earbuds.

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