Best Leather Briefcase Review 2017



If you are looking for the best Leather Briefcase then surely you are at right place because this article is designed to help you in selecting the best one with the help of providing you with the best quality manufacturer available in the market. On the other hand, when on a short trip to a breath taking resort, going for a business meeting or carrying any sort of necessary files one best commodity, always easier to carry is a brief case. Your rule of life must be that carrying a quality object so one must prefer a Leather Briefcase which makes its presence with you suited and elegant. Leather briefcase is top product to carry in many ways be it the looks, shall it be the matter of endurance or shall it be the quality. Leather briefcase rarely disappoints anyone.

We will be providing you with the best recommended market products of different companies with high assurance to longevity and reliability.


Following are the top most recommended Leather Briefcases that you must consider before buying the one as below are the top most briefcases with to most quality.

Samsonite Leather Expandable Briefcase:

Samsonite is the tycoon in the production of bags, hang bags, attaches and briefcases. It has always earned name and a healthy reputation by the quality of its superb products. It always has been the top notch among the customers. Keeping the customs and traditions affirmed this product Samsonite Leather Expandable Briefcase is another fine stuff in the market. With many features such as its colors and ease of use it has many other remarkable features. This brief case is made of pure leather which is exotic in appearance and has smooth touch. This bag also has efficient design, which makes it easy to carry with oneself. The handles of bag are in upright position making them easier to carry around and having minimum disturbance while walking or transporting them. Another amazing thing about this bag is that it also carries a laptop as big as 16” screen which means it is perfectly suitable as a laptop bag and you don’t need to buy a bag specialy for laptop which saves your money. It also has removable shoulder straps. Meaning that for your convenience at any time you can put on or take off the straps to your comfort. This beautiful leather brief case comes with a one year warranty and you can claim it easily if you are required to make a claim. Coming with feasible dimensions of 16.75”height and 12.25”width these are top briefcases in the market. The price for this elegant product is just 101.18$


Alpine Swiss Monroe Leather Briefcase:

Alpine Swiss are the competitors and another efficient producer of leather bags in the world, with heaving a healthy public reputation of producing tough products. Their bags are regarded as symbol of high standard and represent a good class. It contains all the essential features for what is required in a hand carry or a briefcase. From its size to its number of pockets everything is more than fine. This bag has separate pockets for files and a separate zip and folder for laptop. The size of this padded laptop sleeve is 15.5”x10”x2” which simply means that this product has the best size to carry it around with you, all with ease and comfort. This briefcase also gives graceful looks to your personality. It is also made up of genuine leather and it does not get tear up or cracked so easily. The pure leather crafting means it can survive long enough with standing daily rough use. One more specialty of this briefcase is that it is light weight and easier to carry along. The price of this beautifully designed and crafted briefcase is 69.99$ which is not a bad price when you are eager to buy a quality product. It also offers a one year warranty.


Samsonite Colombian Leather 2 pocket briefcase:

Samsonite again takes the lead when it comes to innovation and producing good quality of products. This is also example of one such fine leather product which is very special Samsonite Colombian Leather 2 pocket brief case. The specialty of this briefcase is that it is made up of 100% pure leather without any signs of impurity or mixing of other elements in it. It has special pockets for the accommodation of 15.6’’ laptop. It can easily adjust other files with laptop whether these are books or any other files or papers. It can set easily many things into it. One other feature is that it also has separate dedicated pouch for your iPad or tablet phones which means that you do not have to worry about carrying non handy products. This Samsonite Colombian Leather 2 pocket briefcase can have as many as 1 laptop and 2 tablet phones adjustment space in it. The color and leather of this briefcase is attractive to eyes and not very difficult to maintain or does not require any extra care. This bag has camel color with a beautiful texture. This is the only bag which comes with extensive warranty of 3 many years! The price of this beautiful and ergonomic bag is just $121.87 which suggests that it is a must buy product.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Briefcase:

Kenneth Cole is a big name in market for the fashion products. It has remarkable achievements in introducing trendy items into the public. Be it clothing or anything else related to your personal use. Likewise Kenneth Cole interestingly has a firm repute in producing quality bags and hand bags or briefcases. This Kenneth Cole reaction Colombian Leather Briefcase is one fine example of excellence by the Kenneth Cole. This product has salient features among the best features is that this product is light weight and hence easier to carry around. The weight of this simple and decent product is nearly just 3 pounds. It has multiple compartments and pockets to accommodate different kinds of papers and files. This indeed is the best facility in the provision. The design of this product is also good, this is easy to carry and walk around with having many pockets to carry the products. This bag can adjust a laptop of 15.6” easily with efficiency.  The product is not oversized or difficult to carry rather it is the best possible size to carry around. The quality of its material speaks off the standard of the products i.e. no one provides enough quality n such low prices. While one more amazing things regardless of the other features is that it contains protection pads for the laptop. The price for this reasonable product is just 99.99$ which makes it more affordable to the public demands. This is one good product to buy.

The above mentioned products have the best price range and quality and durability. Most of them are also available with sufficient warranty time frame. So in that scenario one must go for a leather briefcase, as these leather briefcases are long lasting as well as represses the work load and documents more easily. These leather bags not only keep the work less but it also provides attraction to your personality. Therefore, before going for cheap options, do consider our top most recommended quality Leather Briefcases.

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