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Lokai bracelet

Do you miss balance in life? Are you not sure how to react when you are at the lowest point of your life and getting back doesn’t seem easy? Or are you suffering from greatness? That you are at the highest moment in your life and you have lost humbleness? Well Lokai bracelet is there to help you out. It is there to teach you the most important lesson in life. And that is that when you are the lowest moment in your life, you have to be hopeful, you have to hop for a better tomorrow and a bright future ahead of you. Then get back up and cherish the moments that you have had and then live your life to the fullest. And the other lesson is that when you are at the greatest point in your life, you must be humble, you have to be humble, you have to look below and see the people, you have to be humble in your approach and appreciate the efforts of other people that were a huge factor in your success, keeping the head high too much can sometimes make you stumble from pit holes and other distractions during your journey that can only be caught by your eye if you are looking down below.
So what makes these Lokai bracelets so good and the new cool? They although look simple but they are not. They are made with simple beads, then what makes them so special? Well they have 2 other beads apart from the transparent ones. A black and a white bead. The black bead has soil from the Dead Sea while the white bead contains water from the mighty Mount Everest. But this is not what makes them important. It is the message that they underlay, the message of staying humble when at your greatest and the message of being hopeful when at your lowest. So this message has been signified by using water from mount Everest which is the highest mountain in the world and symbolises greatness, and soil from the black sea/ dead sea is the lowest point on earth, and it signifies that when you are your lowest, you must be hopeful that time will change and that you will see a better tomorrow.

There are so many people on this planet who have been through the worst experiences, and at times when they can’t take the pain anymore they let go of their dreams and desires and their passions. They forget what they were, and when in devastation of not being to accomplish their goals or losing something dearest to them, they stop rowing the boat in the ocean of life. They are hopeless and they think that there won’t be a better tomorrow and they think that their life is pointless to continue, so at that moment, when they give up everything, they look at the sky and they look out for hope, hope for a better tomorrow and a bright future, but hope doesn’t come from the sky. So in order to help those people looking for hope, Lokai bracelets are infused with the mud from the Dead Sea, which is a symbol of hope. Which tells the users that no matter how hard life is, no matter which tragedy you are facing, you must always be hopeful, for without hope, life is a wingless bird that can’t fly.

There are cases of people when they succeed in something, they can’t cope up with its happiness, they can’t take the glory, and they start to lose all the humbleness. They are filled with pride and they consider every person below them. Such people are left with no friends and their family despises them because of the terrible monsters they have become. In order to help those people, lokai bracelet is infused with water from Mount Everest, which is the highest mountain in the world. It symbolises humbleness that in the outset of glory and pride, one wrong step on the mountain and you can die. So in order to avoid failure, you must be humble at your greatest point in life.

The story behind Lokai bracelets is quite a touchy ones. It revolves around the founder Steven Izen’s grandfather. Steven’s grandfather was treated with Alzheimer’s. Which is a very acute and a dangerous disease and makes the patient forget about everything related to reality, moreover its final outcome is death. It is so devastating that most of its cases can’t be treated. So when Steven’s grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s he got the idea of creating a bracelet that symbolises greatness and lowest points of life. Why? Because when his grandfather was treated with Alzheimer’s he was obviously heartbroken. And he didn’t know what to do, this was the lowest point in his life, he was sad and depressed but he didn’t lose hope, because the memories he spent with his grandfather would always stay with him, and the time he spent with him was the greatest.

Moreover, Lokai is so concerned about balance not only in life but in the world as well. So they decided to give 10% of the amount earned from every bracelet to be given to charities. They teamed up with world’s biggest charity programs and donated millions of dollars to them. In order to make a difference and to maintain the balance in the world. These charities work find cures for cancer, helping the poor, building schools, making water wells, conserving nature and so much more. So when you are buying a Lokai bracelet you are actually helping yourself get the balance and the world as well.

Lokai Bracelets have the best design, they come in different colours and design and look absolutely stunning. The classic white or black Lokai bracelet is transparent and has two infused beads. The beads are infused with water from Everest and soil from the black sea. They have a beautiful design, come in different sizes and look good on every hand. But apart from looking good and elegant the story and the moral lesson behind them is really touching and heart-warming. They are better than jewellery and other bracelets made with expensive materials as their only purpose is to look good. But Lokai bracelets are our daily reminder to have balance in life and to enjoy the details of life.

We tried to review Lokai bracelet in order to see whether they are really worth it or not. Our review is based on a few specifications.

They are the abilities and qualities of a device or a machine or a product. It is important to see the specifications of a product before buying it as it saves you from lots of trouble of getting the product changed if you bought a new one. Moreover it allows you to do a cost and benefit analysis and to check whether the product is worth your money or not. In case of Lokai bracelets, its specifications are the quality of material, durability, designs, moral meaning/lesson if they have any, sizes and lastly the ease of use.

Quality of a bracelet is a really important thing as it determine a lot of things. If you buy a low quality product, it will get faulty and might even break. But Lokai bracelets are made with the best quality beads that can take a lot of pressure, and are water proof, which means that unlike some bracelets they won’t lose their colour and their texture which is a plus point.

Durability of a product a product determines the time it will endure harsh or even normal conditions without breaking. Some companies in order to make their products cheaper use low quality elastic and threads which breaks eventually, causing the user a huge loss. But Lokai bracelets are made with hardened materials that have the ability to last long under all sorts of rough and coarse conditions. Moreover their elastic is pretty great and it won’t break unless you cut it with a pair of scissors.

How will it look on your arm? It is a very important question that is on the mind of every person that buys bracelets. Buying a product at is too shabby or has uncool colours and design can ruin your image and convey a bad image about your personality. But Lokai bracelet is made in such a way that it looks elegant and enhances your overall outlook.

Now even after the Lokai bracelet is a moral bracelet that has a meaning attached to it, is it jewellery after all, which means that it apart from teaching you a moral lesson must lesson must also look good and cute on your arm. So Lokai decided to make this bracelet in different colours, therefore this bracelet from Lokai comes in different colours. Each colour symbolises an important thing and has different charity schemes. For example the 10% money from the purple Lokai bracelet is given to Alzheimer’s treatment organization. Similarly the amount from the red Lokai bracelet goes to RED foundation. The amount from the coloured world Lokai bracelet goes to workers who help refugees.

What good is a bracelet that doesn’t fit your arm. In order to solve that problem Lokai bracelets come in 4 different sizes. The small bracelet has a circumference 6’’, the medium has 6.5’’ size, while the large has 7’’ size and the extra-large has a size of 7.5’’. So this means that this bracelet fits on every arm, from adolescents to larger men and women, it will fit everybody.

Buying a bracelet that meets all your requirements, having the perfect size, the color of your liking, an exceptional moral value, beautiful design and a good quality but it lacks comfort and cause irritation, moreover it leaves marks on your wrist, well what good is that bracelet for? Absolutely a waste of money. But Lokai bracelet won’t disappoint you when it comes to comfort. Its polished beads are easy on the skin, they don’t cause any rashes and not even marks after uses of longer period.

Based on these specifications, we tried to review Lokai bracelet. Here is a detailed description of the product.

Lokai Classic Bracelet:

This is called the classic Lokai bracelet because it is the first of Lokai bracelets. It has a very elegant design that allows the users to not only have a daily remainder of having balance in life but also looks really good on the arm. It has several transparent beads that are white in colour. The black bead has soil from the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on earth and it symbolises that when you are at the bottom and are losing then you must always be hopeful for a better tomorrow, get up and start working on your dream again and move on from the tragedy you are suffering from. The white bead opposite to the black one contains water from Mount Everest, which is the highest point of earth and it symbolises that when you are at the greatest point in your life, then you must be humble.

The bracelet comes in 4 different sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. The small bracelet has a circumference 6’’, the medium has 6.5’’ size, while the large has 7’’ size and the extra-large has a size of 7.5’’. So this means that this bracelet fits on every arm, from adolescents to larger men and women, it will fit everybody.

There come in various colours but this specific product comes in only one colour and that is white. Products like these are durable but they can break if subjected to really harsh conditions, therefore there are no warranties on this product. Its price ranges from 13-33$.

Wear your world Lokai Bracelet:

This bracelet from Lokai gives 10% of its charity to trip advisor. Lokai along with Trip Advisor support the International Rescue Committee’s work helping refugees whose countries and lives have been shattered by conflict and disaster. This impressive and colourful bracelet has the same black and the white bead. Which symbolise balance as the white bead has water from mount Everest and the black bead has soil from dead sea. It can be bought for 13-23$. It comes in 4 different sizes so that it will fit every person’s arm.

Lokai Purple Limited edition bracelet:

One of the most devastating disease in the world is Alzheimer’s. it is an ailment that cause the brain of the patient to malfunction. Lokai gives 10% of amount earned from every purple bracelet to Alzheimer’s Association in their mission to advance research to end Alzheimer’s and dementia while enhancing care for those living with the disease. It has the same white and black bead which symbolise balance in life. It can be bought between 13-33$.

Lokai neon Limited edition bracelet:

This bracelet from Lokai gives 10% to charity in order to support Make-A-Wish association in helping strengthen and empower children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Your purchase will help Make-A-Wish association come closer to achieving their ultimate vision- making every medically-eligible child’s wish come true. Moreover it is used as a daily reminder by having the traditional white and black bead to remind you that balance is an important thing in life. It can be bought between the price range of 13-23$.

Lokai Shark Limited edition bracelet:

Because of fish hunting, the balance of marine life has been destroyed. Lokai along with Discovery channel has taken up the initiative to restore that lost balance of sharks in the ocean. For that purpose they donate 10% of the amount earned from every shark bracelet to Discovery. It has the same  traditional white and black bead which have water from Everest and Soil from dead sea to symbolise balance. It comes in 4 different sizes of small, medium, large and extra large. It has the same price as other Lokai bracelet of between 13 to 23$.

Lokai Water Limited edition bracelet:

Six hundred and ninety three million (693 mil) people of this world don’t have access to clean water. Lokai has teamed up with lots of organizations to donate 10% of the revenue earned from this bracelet of certain charities that ensure that those people would get cleaner water. It has the same traditional white and black bead from Lokai which symbolise balance in life. This Lokai bracelet has the same price as others and can be bought for 13-33$

Lokai Breast cancer Limited edition bracelet:

After every two minutes a woman In united states of America is diagnosed with Breast cancer. Lokai has teamed up with the breast care association to find a cure for this disease and for that they donate 10% of their amount earned from every breast cancer bracelet to the association. This bracelet has pink colour which symbolises unity with the people affected by breast cancer. It comes in 4 different sizes to ensure that this will fit every age group’s arm.
It has the same price as other Lokai bracelets and can be bought between 13-33$.

Product Description Lokai classic bracelet
Colour White, transparent and a black bead
Size 4, Small, medium, large and extra-large
Comfort Yes, polished beads
Moral lesson Highs and lows in life
Charity Yes, 10
Price 13.00-33.00$

 Final verdict:

Lokai bracelets are infused with not only water and mud, but with a life long lesson, something that takes an experience of life to learn. Their design is state of the art, they look beautiful and elegant on both genders, they have a durable quality and some of the profit from the charity is donated to numerous charities. What else are you looking for in a bracelet?


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