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Lokai is an amazing and renown brand in the field of innovative ideas. It flaunts its consumers with new and creative ideas. Lokai has brought this innovative bracelet which has a white bead which contains the water from highest peak on the earth that is Mount Everest while on the other hand it has the black bead which has the mud from the Dead Sea. These white and black beads help you always remeber this significant lesson of life that every human should remain humble in good times and hopeful when you are awful respectively.

Why Prefer Lokai?

This Lokai bracelet is better than other bracelets as this has the purest of the elements so that you can build up the inspiring stories. It is reliable and trendy at the same time that makes it even more attractive. It is colorful where these colors represent different causes Lokai supports.


Safety Yes Safe to Use
Durable Yes
Sizes Small, Medium, Large
Colors Yes. Many
Allergic No
Wearable Yes

Best Recommended Lokai Bracelets with Key Features

  1. This Blue, Green and Yellow colored Lokai bracelet is again here to support the International Rescue Committee so that there spirits are uplifted and they feel good about what they do. To create this bracelet Lokai and TripAdvisor have come together for this venture and made this bracelet. This bracelet has been named as Wear Your World as tis signifies the work this international committee does to eradicate the problems of the refugees who have been abandoned by their own land due to multifarious reasons for instance it could be war, conflict, poitical unrest or any other reason. This bracelet has the white bead which has the water from the Mount Everest to keep you humble and it even has the black bead which contains the mud from Dead Sea to help you keep your hopes high in times when you feel extremely low. It is very important that you support and boost their energy by letting them know through different gestures of appreciation and one way to do that is the purchasing these bracelets and wearing them so that others know that you are a responsible citizen and care for others and feel empathetic to their pain.
  2. Now here is the pair of black and white bracelets to help you learn some important lessons of life when you are faced to different conditions and phases of life. The white bead in both of these bracelets has the water from Mount Everest that is the highest peak on the planet earth which tells you that when ever you feel that everything in your life is fine and you feel that you are on the top of the world then you should remain humble and gently to others who are below or near to you while on the other hand the black bead in both the bracelets has the mud from the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on the Earth that tells you to remain hopeful in awful and toughest times of your life as this time as shall pass on so its better that you pass this time with hope and great dignity. These bracelets even enhance your look and makes you trendy as well. They help you to make your future better by changing the outcomes of your decision by making smarter ones and look at life with a changed and optimistic perspective. The purchase of this bracelet helps you to become a part of Lokai and support any of the causes like Alzheimer’s, Animal Protection, Autism, Environment, Heart Disease or Pediatric Cancer through scratching the silver portion of Lokai tag and follow the further instructions. As the 10% from the net profit is donated to help these cause supporting charitable organisations.
  3. Now this is another version by Lokai where it has taken another bold step towards betterment of society and world. Lokai and Tripadviser have come together for this venture to bring up this Wear Your World Lokai bracelet that highlights the spirit of support to International Rescue Committee’s work that is helping refugees whose countries and lives have been shattered by conflicts on different basis and disasters whether they are natural calamity or war effects. This bracelet even has the white bead which contains the water from the Mount Everest and it even has the black bead that contains the mud of dead sea to help you keep your hopes high in tough times. Hence it is a must have to uplift the spirit of good work and helping others to make this society a better place to live.
  4. Here is another model by Lokai which is a limited edition by Lokai. These Neon Lokai supports the Make-a-Wish foundation which helps the children to come out of their traumatic conditions and help them strengthen and empower these children to battle the life threatening medical conditions. It is very important that we take bold steps to let these children know that we as an individual and community are standing with them to provide them that maximum support to come back to their normal life. these neon colors represent the colors of life and creates a symbol of rejuvenation. The purchase of this neon bracelet brings Make-a-Wish foundation come closer to achieve their goals.
  5. This is another color of Lokai bracelet which keeps immense importance as this Lokai bracelet highlights a noble cause and that is the breast cancer. This Lokai bracelet is of pink color which is associated with breast cancer to create more and more awareness about this medical condition and problem and helps the society to become more polite and cooperative with the patient. This bracelet is an outcome of partnership between Lokai and Susan G. Komen to help them take forward their mission of saving livers of people from treating breast cancer from people and simply just uprooting this disease from the society. This bracelet even has the white bead that contains the water from Mount Everest and the black bead has the mud from Dead Sea to keep you and your life balanced. This bracelet reminds you of nobility,humbleness and the spirit of fighting till the last breath with all the courage and survive the toughest of the conditions.
  6. Now here is another version of Lokai bracelet which is in a different and vibrant color that even supports another cause. As this Purple Lokai bracelet signifies its strong support of Lokai to the sufferers of Alzheimers. This is a disease which makes you forget all your good and bad memories and leaves you in a dark hollow condition where you have no idea that who belongs to you and to whom you belong. The support of Lokai to Alzheimers Association in their mission to advance research to end Alzheimer’s and dimentia while taking care of other things as well like the problems face by these pateints and the difficulties they have to do their day to day work. This bracelet even has the white bead which has the water from the highest peak of the world that is Mount Everest to teach you the lesson of staying humble and polite in your good times and there is a black bead as well which has the mud from the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on earth to help you learn this that what ever the situation, no matter how low you feel you should always remain hopeful that this time shall pass as well and believe that everything will be fine you just need to give some time.
  7. This Blue and White colored Lokai bracelet supports the helpers of others that is the International Rescue Committee. Lokai and TripAdvisor have come together to acknowledge their work and support them on an international level so that they can help them boost their energy and and uplift the spirit of helping others. This blue and white bracelet in your arm enlighten others that you support this noble cause and help those who are in trouble or distressed. This community helps the refugees whose countries and lives have been shattered due to various reasons like war, conflict, disasters or any other reason like political instability. This bracelet even has the white bead the contains the water from the Mount Everest to help you stay gentle and humble to others while on the other hand this bracelet even has the black bead which has the mud from Dead Sea so that you remain hopeful when you feel low or sad. Hence it is a good thing to have and invest your money on as this supports the different causes as well as helps you preach good message to the society you live in so that you can bring change altogether.
  8. This Blue colored Lokai bracelet also signifies a message that needs immense attention and keen interest towards it. This Blue Lokai bracelet actually symbolises the shortage of water around the globe and how the people in these affected areas survive such harsh coinditions. It is very imporatant that you bring positive change in the society and the chain of change is started from you always that is you need to change yourself first to bring change in the whole system. Hence this blue colored Lokai bracelet tells you the importance of water in your life and gives a message of saving water and not waste it so that it can be provided to those who do not have access to it and also you can have the access to water later in your future. Hence this also has the white and black bead which has the water from Mount Everest and mud from Dead Sea to stay on track.
  9. This is the limited edition bracelet by Lokai as this is the Lokai Shark bracelet which is made by the joint venture of Lokai and Discovery Channel to help restore the oceans balance that is bring life back to the ocean by creating these limited edition Shark bracelet. This basically is going to support the cause of Lokai of animal protection by supporting Oceana in a movement where it works hard to save different species that are becoming endangered and preserve their balance both in and out of the water. Lokai is trying hard to find solution to all the things and counter all the problems of the society. It keeps good care of animal protection to environment. They try to bring goodness in the society by bringing different initiatives and innovative ideas that are trendy and helpful to boost up their aims and goals.
  10. Lokai is a well known brand that has established name in making of these amazing bracelets. This is a white colored lokai bracelet which gives a beautiful and serene look while its on your arm. It has the white and black bead in it which there is purest of the elements. The white bead contains the water from the topest mountain of the world that is Mount Everest which is the highest peak on the earth which gives you message to stay humble even if you feel at the top in your life. While on the other hand the black bead has the mud from the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on the earth, this teaches you the biggest lesson of life that is whenever you feel awful you should remain hopeful that things will get better. These bracelets give you the purest of the elements so that you can create an inspiring story. Lokai is sensible and takes good care of social responsibility through donating the 10% of net profits earned by them to the community through a variety of charitable alliances. Hence it is a smart choice to make.


It is very important that every human tries to stay on track and to achieve your goals and aims is the biggest success in life and to reach the self actualization level in your life. Lokai helps you to maintain the balance in your life with its innovative idea of Lokai bracelets that have the black and white beads. The Lokai bracelet help you to conquer all your obstacles. They have an engrained message in them which you need to remeber in your life always to keep moving ahead in your life. Hence these colorful and trendy Lokai bracelets are something great to have.

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