Best Phone Tripod Review 2017

                                                Phone Tripod

This is a must have accessory for every household and for every person who like to take photos and wants to be a part of them as well. A tripod allows you to place your phone on the tripod, turn  the camera on, run onto the scene and there you go, an actual group photo where you and all your friends and family members are present in it. The perfect moment has been captured with the help of a really compact and changeable size product called a tripod and whose price is not so much and can be bought easily by everyone. This small tool has made so many lives easier and niftier.

Now with the help of the phone tripod, you don’t have to find a person who will take pictures of yourself and also you don’t have to worry about not being a part of the group photo because there was no one to take that photo. Moreover for the people who don’t have expensive Dslr cameras and their tripods, they can take somewhat good photos with their phones placed on the phone tripod. Also some of the tripods have a Bluetooth option, which connects your cell to the tripod and you can actually control the zoom and shutter from that remote. Which allows you to take photos without rushing to the scene after setting the timer on.

Because this is such a great gadget and because it is a must have item, there are hundreds of companies that produce tripods. They differ from one another on their sizes, shapes, designs and even colours. Determining which the right product is for you is important. And sometimes difficult, but to make things easy for you we have recommended and reviewed some of the best products for you. Our review is based on a set of different specifications.

They are the abilities and qualities that a device machine or a product have. Specifications help us determine the overall capabilities of a product we are buying. They are important to be checked before buying any product because if you buy the wrong product you would have to get it changed. When it comes to phone tripods, its specifications are its quality, design, size, material, interface and lastly warranty.

The first and the foremost specification is the quality of a product. Quality determines the overall durability and life of a product. If the product has been made from top quality materials it is supposed to have a bigger lifetime compared to the product which has been made with cheap materials. Therefore you must always choose a device which has the best quality.

Design of a product give us the general outlook of the product. Although tripod is that type of a product whose design doesn’t matter, but it is important to buy a product with a good and a simple design, because a too colourful and badly designed pod can ruin your image. Also tripods come in various shapes and ranging sizes so it is important to see which design would meet your requirements the best.

Some tripods have a Bluetooth function which is a plus point for phone tripods. Because with the help of Bluetooth tripod you can take pictures from a great distance and also it allows you to get rid of all that rush you would have to do incase your tripod doesn’t have Bluetooth.

Warranty is the last specification but it is definitely not the least. Warranty helps determine a lot of things about the product and it also determines the credibility of the seller. Also it is a good thing to buy a product from the seller who provides a warranty than the one who doesn’t.
Based on these specifications we have reviewed and recommended some of the best products available in the market.

Acuvar 50″ Inch Aluminum Camera Tripod:

This is one of the best tripods in the market today, it has a total length of 50 inches. It has soft pads to make sure no damage is done to the cell phone. It has a Bluetooth remote with the help of which you can take photos from even 30 feet away. It can be bought for 14-22$.

Ailun Phone Tripod:

This is a simple phone tripod, which means that it doesn’t have a Bluetooth function and you have to set the timer on the phone and then take photos. It has bendable legs and an adjustable size. The price of this amazing tripod is very low and can be bought for 3-9$.
Phone tripod, UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder:

This tripod from Ubeesize is one of the best tripods in the market. It has octopus style legs which can be adjustable. The grip allows the tripod to stay firm to the ground. It has a Bluetooth remote which works from even 30 feet away. It can be bought for 7-15$.
DogXiong 110cm Portable Camera Tripod:

This adjustable tripod is made with aluminium which makes it extremely rugged. It also has rubber grips which make sure that it doesn’t slip while usage. This tripod is the simple one and doesn’t have any Bluetooth. It can be bought in a cheap price range of 8-16$
LONENESSL Digital Cam Phone Tripod Set:

This product is made with rugged materials to ensure durability. It also has a very lightweight design and can be carried easily. It has a Bluetooth function which has universal compatibility. It can be bought in a very cheap price range of just 6-14$.

Product Description Acuvar phone tripod Ailun phone tripod Ubeesize phone tripod Dogxiong phone tripod
Bluetooth Yes No Yes No
Warranty No Yes, 12 months No No
Price 14-22$ 3-9$ 7-15$ 8-16$


Final Verdict:

There is a variety of phone tripods in the market. They differ from one another on quality, size, Bluetooth and design. Choosing the right type of product is the choice of the user. For example if they want a simple and a rugged tripod they should buy the one with no Bluetooth, but if they want and add on feature and want to take photos with the help of the remote, the Bluetooth phone tripod is the best option. But before buying a product the customer must always have the specifications of the product in their minds to make sure they buy the product of their choice.

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