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Portable Scanner


In todays time every person needs things that are easier to carry and more mobile so that you can utilize them wherever you are. People like to be equipped even on the go so that they do not have to wander around for their needs in different locations. Today we are going to shed some light on portable scanners. Portable scanners are scanners that you can take along with you wherever you go. These are light weight and full of extensive features that surely allure you to have one for yourself.

Conventional Scanners Vs Portable Scanners

The very basic difference between the conventional scanners and these contemporary scanners is this that conventional scanners are not mobile that is you can not take them along on the go as they are heavy and need a whole set up to operate them that is there are specific prerequisites of these conventional scanners which need to be fulfilled so that they can function. While on the other hand these contemporary scanners are portable that is you can move them along wherever you move as they are so light in weight and do not require other connections to be made to make it function. Moreover many of these portable scanners do not need a power connection rather they just work with the help of a USB connection to the device while some of these portable scanners run on batteries providing you more feasibility and accessibility.


The design of these scanners is unique as they are so compact in size and are full of extensive features that are purely amazing. These portable scanners have meticulous design as they occupy little space and are so light in weight that you can carry them along with you in your bagpack very easy. They would take very little space in your bag so you dont have to worry about putting other things in the bag. These portable scanners have features like built-in scanner for photos even which is truly mesmerizing. Moreover these portable scanners do not require a wall outlet for power albeit it takes its power by a simple USB connection with your device.


Moving to its peculiarities these scanners behold are one of its kind. They are surely a state of art piece of creation. The resolution of these scanners is the utmost important thing to look as this becomes the sole factor of the result. The resolution basically means that how much detail this scanner will capture hence it should have high resolution so that it can take the best possible print of your document. These scanners should have sufficient resolution so that they can scan your documents, business cards, photos and many other things more accurately and precisely. The accuracy of these scanners is measured in ‘Dot per inch’ that is dpi. A low resolution can be as low as 300dpi and a high resolution for scanning pictures can be as high as 600dpi. The high resolution takes a lot of space for storage hence it is recommended to take low resolution so that much of the space is not covered by few of the documents or pictures.The best thing to look for in scanners is the optical resolution which measures the physical resolution of the units image sensors.

Outcome Details

The features it beholds are very important to look upon. It is very important that you know how much pages a portable scanner is capable of taking in the paper feeder of it and the size of the paper it can scan as if you want to scan the itemized receipts then it is very important that scanner is capable of doing that so. After that another very significant thing to look upon is the transfer of these scanned documents to the computer and this can be done with the help of USB cable or via wifi connection. There is also third party applications to access the scanner which use ‘optical charaction recognition’ that is OCR to produce these documents.

Best Recommended Portable Scanners with Their Key Points

To help you out with selection of a portable scanner here are few of the best hand picked portable scanners with their key features which will help you understand them better.

Doxie Q – wireless rechargeable document scanner with automatic document feeder (ADF). This is rechargeable scanner which is compatible with most of the devices and has integrated wifi in it for more connectivity. It can scan a stack of 8 colorful pages with a resolution of 600dpi. You can get this highly featured portable scanner in just $259.

VuPoint Magic Wand Wireless Portable Scanner with Wi-Fi, PC and Mac, Mobile/Portable PDSWF-ST47-VP. Here is another scanner that is compact and reliable at the same time. You can easily transfer the documents to the computer with the help of wifi or simple USB connection. It includes the OCR software as well. It also supports a 32GB microSD card for storage in the scanner. This scanner is available in just $98.

Epson WorkForce DS-30 Portable Document & Image Scanner. This is another scanner which is amazing as it is light and has a resolution of 600dpi which makes it a more prefferable choice and is compatible with most operating systems. This can be bought in just $54-$56.

Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner. Here is another scanner by Brother which is yet another amazing scanner that is so smart that it avoids paper jams and other problems. It is USB powered scanner. You can get this scanner in just $90-$92.

Cindy MSRM iScan Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner/USB Mobile Scanner Include 8G Micro SD Card and Battery (Silver). This is another uniquely designed scanner that can scan receipts and many other documents even those that are handwritten. This travel friendly scanner can be bought in just $44-$46.

VuPoint Solutions ST415 Handheld Magic Wand Portable Scanner Kit for Document and Image – OCR Software, JPG/PDF, 900DPI, Color/Mono. Here is a scanner that is of very high resolution that is 900dpi that will give a very good result as it is capable of capturing most of the details of the document. You can archive and organize your documents with the help of this scanner. This scanner costs you about$59-$61.


Epson WorkForce DS-40 Wireless Portable Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Sheet-fed, Mobile/Portable. Here is another model of Epson scanner which is great at work which scans documents wirelessly and supports different applications. It can connect to TWAIN which is a document management oftware for your eae. You can get this scanner for $141-$143.

Portable Document & Image Scanner/USB Mobile Scanner 900DPI Color & Mono (For Business, Photo, Picture, Receipts, Books, JPG / PDF Format Selection, Micro SD Card required but not included). Here is another amazing scanner that scans multiple types of documents. It is compact and reads every detail of the document. The cost of this scanner is $45-$47.

Avision IS15+ Portable Scanner for Photos & Cards w/4GB SD Card – Scan to SD or USB Drive. This scanner is a competitive scanner which has a 4GB card along with it. It has built-in image processing feature. This compact scanner costs $28-$30.

Smartlife Wireless Color Document Scanner, 1050DPI, High Speed, with Micro SD Card Reader, Handheld Portable, Rechargeable Battery, Black. Here is another scanner that is compact and amazing which works efficiently and very quickly. It works on a fast pace. This $75-$77 scanner is smooth and stable one to have.

Final Verdict

Scanners are of great use and having a portable scanner is the best as they are great at work and perform their job efficaciously even when you are traveling. The prime job of these scanners is to create a digital copy of your document and to do so the best features are mentioned above to help you get a deep understanding of it.

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