Best Recommended 24 Inch Women’s Bike Review 2017

24 Inch Women’s Bike


It is very important that you maintain yourself so that you can spend your life independently that is without being dependent on others for small things even. For maintenance of yourself you need to do some hard work to keep yourself active and creative till the time you get older and older. Your diet and way of life play an important role in the maintenance of your health and future life. The diet basically keeps you healthy inside out and your daily routine and way of life builds upon it and gives you the direction to stay healthy. There are multiple ways of staying healthy and active one of which is exercising. Exercising helps you to tone your body and bring it in shape. There are numerous exercises that can be done depending upon the part of body you are trying to focus on and there are exercises even for whole of your body just to maintain the body structure you have. A very viable and good exercise can be riding the bike. There are different bikes for men and women both and for children also its is different due to their features.


These bikes have different and unique features that help you understand the benefits of having it and usefulness of these bikes. First and foremost thing of these bikes is the size of these bikes. There are different of sizes of the bikes available but here the bike size which is under spot light is 24 inches which is best for many of the women. Then comes the speed of the bike. These bikes come in a variety of speed some have 3 levels of speed while others might have 7 levels of speed. These grip shifters for speed are quite easy to shift for women as you just need to change the gear with Shimano rear derailleur. Moreover these bikes have extraordinary front and back brakes which work optimally on multiple terrains. While on the other hand these bikes have ergonomic handlebar grip which makes riding the bike easier and comfortable as well. The outlook of the bike is also designed smartly and wisely as it has the full wrap color-matching fenders which helps you to keep your bike clean and dry while you add more of the styling accessories to it like stickers and many more things. Moreover these bikes for women have the strong and light alloy rims which further adds stability and comfortability to your riding experience. To add more comfort to these bikes they have padded seat saddle which allows you to ride your bike for hours within your comfortability zone. You can even adjust the height of your seat according to your height. These bikes are the best thing for women as they can enjoy as well as stay healthy with just simple act of riding.


Riding bike is extremely advantageous as it does not have impact on your physical appearance but mentally as well. Riding bike can help you in multiple ways that is if you look through the spectrum of fitness and health then it is the best exercise which causes less strain on your body muscles after riding it. Moreover it is the most appropriate way of working on your muscles. Riding bike increases your stamina as well as strength which is very important in every field of life. Cycling is the most easiest exercise you can do as it does not need an instructor for it you just need to learn how to ride a bicycle simply. Moreover, you can start riding bicycle on lower intensity in the beginning and then catch up the speed after you gain much of the experience. This is fun activity along with fitness exercise. Above of all this can act as a most time efficient mode of transport as you can travel to your school, college or even office on the bike easily. While on the other hand if you look at the benefits of riding bike by health’s perspective you would find numerous benefits as it increases cardiovascular fitness, improves the mobility of joints, strengthens your bones, decreases the body fat, reduces anxiety and depression and many more benefits can be counted.

Best Recommended 24 Inch Women’s Bike with its Key Features

Here are few of the best bikes for women that behold different features amongst which you can select the one that suits your need in the most appropriate manner.

Sixthreezero Ride in the Park Women’s 7-Speed City Bicycle, 17-Inch Frame/700C Wheels, Blue. This is a 24 inch bike for women which is stylish and unique due to itrs design and shape. It has curvy outlook which looks trendy and attractive. It has classic 7-speeds but has low swooping. The aluminum frame it has is light in weight and easy to assemble. The cost of this bike is just $399-$401.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle. Here is another bike for women which is curvy beach cruiser. It has easy to use coaster brakes and looks beautiful due to its color and design. The cost this bike is just $269-$271.

24″ Huffy Women’s Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike. This is another option open to you, as this is a beautiful and attractive bike for women as it has classic shape and design which can be enjoyed anywhere you like. It is comfortable to ride and durable as well. It has butterscotch rims that look attractive. It has mint fenders. The cost of this bike is just $140-$142.

Schwinn Mifflin 24″ Wheel Hybrid Bicycle, Magenta, One Size. Here this another bikme for women which is strong and built to last. It has beautiful and bright color that looks nice. moreover it has 7 speed grip shifters. It has such good quality frame that allows you to ride your bike comfortably and easily. The price of this bike for women is just $207-$210.

Final Verdict

Riding bike leaves positive impact on your health and life. Riding bike helps you to manage your weight and gain strength as when you ride bike it improves the mobility and functioning of your muscles. It helps your heart to pump blood properly to other parts of your body as well. Hence riding a bike is extremely useful and fun activity that can help you to stay healthy and toned.

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