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Man loves nature since the beginning of this world. They love birds, animals, plants, flowers, spring, and everything belongs to nature. Due to this quality human want to live in beautiful houses having beautiful gardens and lawns in their home. With the new inventions everything in this world has been modified, there is a lot of versatility in construction of buildings. Houses have become more beautiful and comfortable. Architects have created beautiful piece of architecture. Lawns are a compulsory part of houses now a days. The lawns increases beauty of houses as well as provide a place for relaxation. Furthermore it is a good place for kids to play, we may sit in lawns have a cup of coffee and it is also a good place for morning-walk. Some people have their pets, lawn is a best place for pets too. If we have some birds they will definitely increase the beauty of the garden. Lawn grass create a very good effect on our health if we walk on it without shoes.

These lawns either they are big or small, need maintenance after a specific period of time. The people having gardens in their houses must have awareness about gardening. They should know how to grow plants and how to replace unwanted things grown in the gardens. New seasonal plants should be grown in their specific seasons. Grass is the main part of lawns which is grown in the whole lawn to give a beautiful green effect. Its growth is faster than all other plants in the world, especially in summer season it grows very frequently so that need to be cut down every week. There are so many tools available in the market for maintenance of lawns and garden for example lawn tractors, push mowers, Troy-bilts, string trimmers, leaf blowers and gears etc. People having big lawns must need lawn tractors for cutting grass and maintenance of the lawns, while on the other hand for small lawns we can use push mowers, string trimmer and leaf blowers. After taking a brief look on people’s reviews we come to know that so many people are using 918-04822b for maintenance of their lawns , and they have find its quality excellent.

Best recommended brands of 918-04822b:

Here we are going to discuss the specifications of the most recommended brands for the consumers so that they can decide the best option for their requirements and affordability.

1: Craftsman 918-04822b lawn tractor mandrel assembly:

The above mentioned product is highly recommended because of its design and shape. It is basically a spare part of lawn tractors which is removable and replaceable. It is very easily available in the market and is suitable for so many ranges of lawn tractors. Let’s see its specifications and features for the convenience of customers. This product is compatible for the following models of lawn tractors. 13A726JD099, 17AKCACS09, 247203690, 247203691, 247299000. Craftsmen 918-04822b enhances the ability of the above mentioned models of the lawn tractors. The craftsman 918-04822b is a manufacturer substitute which is somehow different apparently but its functional ability is equivalent to the prior parts available in the market. These parts include 0071247918 – 04822A, 007124918 – 04822, 0071247918 – 04822A – 0637. It looks like a table lamp, with a round pulley and a star shaped spindle. It is made of aluminum. Its size is 8.1 x7.8 x 7.2 inches and its weight is 4.99 pounds. It can be easily carried over. Its number is 918 – 04822B. Its color is black color base and silver color top. It doesn’t need any batteries, it works manually. It is certified as Genuine by (OME) Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is suitable for Craftsman and Mtd brands. OME has approved that mandrel assembly part 918-04822B is suitable for lawn tractors. The price ranges of the above given product is in between $ 54 to $ 64.

2: MTD Genuine part 918-04822b :-

It is basically a part of yard machine for white husky lawns. It has a pulley of 6.3 inches diameter with a star shape spindle attached on it. It doesn’t have mounting screws. It is suitable for mowers and riders. Let’s have a look on its specifications and features.713

It has a deck spindle attached with pulley. Its size is 7 x 7 x 7.6 and its weight is 4.5 pounds. It is made up of aluminum. It is easily movable due to its handy size. It is compatible for all MTD products including yard machines, lawn tractors, mowers and riders. It is available in US and Europe, we can bring it online also.  Its Color is black and silver having black pulley and silver – star shaped spindle. The price ranges of the above given machine is in between $ 65 to $ 80.

3: N2 1948 spindle assembly and pulley.

It is a pulley having a spindle with it. It is compatible for all the models of lawn tractors having 1948 number. Its color and size is almost same as craftsman Mendel assembly. Its shape also resembles the above mentioned brands. All the other features are more or less same. It has three months working warranty and thirty days money back warranty from the date of purchase. The price ranges of the mentioned product is in between $ 50 to $ 60.


At the end after discussing all features and specifications of 918-04822b and keeping in mind the reviews of the users lets make the conclusion of the above discussion. In this fast and busy life we should have a place to get rest and make ourselves relax. In my opinion a house garden or lawn is the best option for this purpose. These lawn need maintenance no matter they are big or small. We must have a garden in our house which should be well designed and decorated. We must need all the tools for maintenance of our lawn, and we should spend some time daily for maintenance. All the tools like mowers, lawn tractors, riders, trimmers and cutters need some replaceable part for their working. 918-04822b is a best option of spare parts as we see that these are compatible to almost all the lawn tractors and mowers. The people who have been used these spare parts have find them very compatible. They are easily available and their replacement is very easy. They increase the efficiency of tools for a long time more over they are not very costly so we can buy them easily.


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