Best Recommended Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Bags Review 2018

Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum bags


Twentieth century is considered to be a century of scientific inventions and as the human become more civilized they created derivations in their life style. They are making more comfortable houses for them. House décor has become an industry. All over the world people are spending a lot on their home décor. Carpets enhance the beauty of buildings. Now a days carpeting has become a need and fashion, a large variety of carpets are available in the market. These carpets and rugs have a variety of color, size and quality. There are so many styles of carpets for example Soft carpet, Recycled carpet, Flecked carpet, ribbed carpet, Flocked Carpet and pattern Rugs etc. These are used in houses, offices, and in schools. That’s why carpet industry is progressing day by day. The counties famous for the production of carpet are Belgium, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Afghanistan. Their carpets are famous all over the world. Handmade carpets and rugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan are demanded worldwide. The carpets make the houses more comfortable. Rugs are of beautiful designs and patterns they are usually placed on the carpets with perfect color combinations. They often used to decorate drawing rooms. Carpets and rugs are very soft and fluffy and give a very fine and comfortable look. We must say that carpets have become our basic need and our home seems incomplete without it.

As the carpet become our necessity, its cleanliness and maintenance is also very important. First and the most important drawback of carpet is that it absorbs dust very frequently which causes breathing problems and lungs failure so the carpet should kept clean and free of dust. Secondly if carpet get wet due to any reason like rain or anything else it gives a very bad smell which definitely irritates us. So we should clean our carpet daily and vacuum weekly. Vacuum is a machine that is used to clean carpet by sucking or absorbing. There is a variety of Vacuum cleaners available in the market their function is almost same that absorb the dust from the carpet and send into a bag attached inside the vacuum. These vacuums can also suck water absorbed in the carpets. The bags attached with vacuums are replaceable, we can wash them and if the bag damaged due to some reason it can be replaced. There are many such bags available in the market Dirt and Devil Hand Vac bags are one of them. The customer who have used them are so much satisfied that their vacuums became new by these bags. Let’s discuss features and specifications of these bags.

Best recommended Dirt and Devil Vacuum bags

Here we are giving the specifications of well-known brands of dirt and Devil vacuum bags so that you can select the one suitable for your demand and affordability.

  1. Dirt and Devil Hand Vac Style G Paper Vacuum bags:-

These bags are made up of paper but use-able for many vacuums, this is a package of 10 bags in one pack and have cost just 10 dollars which means one bag cost only one dollar which is a good deal. These bags are very light weight and of handy size. Its dimensions are 11.3 x 5.1 x 4.3 inches and weight of ten bags pack is just 4.2 ounces. These bags are white in color and are perfectly fit to Dirt and Devil Hand Vacuums. Public reviews show that they have find them perfect for their vacuums. And their quality is excellent. The model number of these bags is 301038001. These bags are suitable for various models. The price of each pack ranges is in between $ 8.13 to $ 18.13.

2: Royal Dirt and Devil Cloth bags for hand Vac #2813340301:-

Royal dirt and Devil Cloth bag is made up of cloth as it name shows that it is a cloth bag , it is available in two colors red and black can be demanded according to the color suits your Vacuum. It is perfectly fit to both new and old vacuum cleaners. Its size is approximately 6 ½ inches and weight is 3.84 ounces. Its color is so bright and beautiful that it matches our vacuum and give it a new look. The quality of cloth used in it is perfect and durable. It is not very costly it ranges in between $ 12.50 to $ 22.50.

3: Dirt and Devil Hand Vac Model 103, 500, 503:-

The Dirt and Devil Hand Vac Model 103, 500, 503 is a perfect fit for old and new vacuums. It is red in color and made of a thick cloth. It is exactly compatible to 103, 500 and 503 models. Public reviews shows that people are very much satisfied after it’s used. It is rather fit to twenty five years old Vacuum. Its working is perfect. It is better than the original one. Its size is 3.3 x 0.8 x 5.2 inches which means it is handy size. Its weight is just 2.4 ounces. It has also a black color belt which makes it perfect fit. Its price ranges is in between $ 12.69 to $ 25.69 which is affordable for everyone.


After discussing these bags, looking their features and viewing customers reviews we can summarize our discussion and make a conclusion. We may conclude that Dirt and Devil Hand Vac bags are best for our requirements. The vacuum cleaners are very costly and when their bag has been damaged they are completely useless so it is quite a good option to replace the bag instead of buying a new vacuum cleaner. These bags are perfect fit for all sorts of vacuum cleaners and work excellently. More over their prices are not very high so they are affordable for everyone. There color also match the vacuum and gives it a nice look. These bags are fit to very old vacuums too, people who were thinking to replace their vacuum due to damage bag have replaced the bag which is exactly fit and it’s working has become excellent even better than the original which save their money. The size of these bags is smaller than the old vacuum bags but it is good because it is handy and easy to throw away. These cloth bags are washable so are use-able for many vacuums. That’s why I must recommend it.


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