Best Recommended Marks Lockset Review 2017

Marks Lockset


New ideas and thoughts are being developed in such a manner that it shocks the people with their existence. Things are getting better and better each and every day. The field does not matter as a matter of fact, advancements are taking place everywhere. People love to get the best things for themselves. They are more attracted towards things that are more customized according to their need. Let it be they are clothes, shoes, accessories, home interiors or any other nity gritty thing. Well coming to the hardware field where building of homes, offices and other commercial buildings is core of it people like to customize and get the best for themselves irrespective of the fact that it is the whole structure of it or just a lock of any door. Marks USA is a company which produces quality locks for your doors or gates. They accommodate all your needs in a very sensible and proper manner. They listen to your want and develop a lock for you. The range of products they offer is wide and the quality of them speaks about their standards and the projects they have accomplished are phenomenal that gives the evidence of their hard work and superiority. Marks USA have projects going under their supervision of Trump Tower in Chicago, The Lucinda in New York City and The Georgia in New York City which clearly magnifies their quality and greatness in their respective field.

Special Characteristics

Marks Locksets behold features that are distinctive and best in their own way. First and foremost thing about their locks is this that they are made of material that is extremely strong and durable upon which you can rely for years. They have a life cycle of years which provides with you ease and keeps you tension free from frequent replacements of the locks. Marks USA is the solution to all your lock problems. They are so reliable that they are made to be used in situations where there is high traffic of people or abusive areas. Marks USA has compliance with Buy American Act(BAA) and American Recovery & Reinvestment Act(ARRA) which certifies their quality and standard. They are well-known in door hardware industry across the nations. Moreover, their locks collection is huge, it includes customized locks, mortise locks, wire woven gate locks and much more. The customized locks help you to engrave anything of your choice that is your name’s initials, certain designs or marks that signifies your trademark or name for multiple purposes like advertisement or ownership. For instance in the Trump Tower in Chicago the locks have customized design of Trump World Logo. Furthermore the best thing about Marks USA customized locks is this that they are made in the shortest span of time as compared to other manufacturers as they do not work on that large scale as other manufacturers do however they have established greatly. After that the wire woven locks look extremely elegant and stylish. They are featured with the patented ‘No Fallout” design which makes them unique and better then others. The components of lock are held in place even after the cover of the lock is removed or even if the body of lock is inverted. Most importantly the changing the handing of lock only requires a simple thing that is reversing the latch or hook. There are numerous models of latch or hook projections with durable gold powder coat finish that looks just amazing and mesmerizing. Another feature these wire wooven lock beholds is this that the tapered turnpiece prevents tampering from the locked side of the gate which keeps it working for years. There is an option of knob or lever actuators available. Moreover there is Mortise locks by Marks USA which are great for abusive area use due to their strength and reliabilty. Their mortise locks meet the ANSI GRADE 1 specification: ANSI-A156.13. Moreover they are BHMA certified and along with that they are under lifetime warranty of mechanical issues. These locks come with stainless steel bolts , latches, independent lever support springs(on lever sets). A further branch of mortise locks is Nova series mortise locks which is capable of 6 million cycles of continuous use. There is even another branch of mortise locks that is Protector series mortise locksets which feature the ‘Override Guard’ which is especially designed to result in spindle failure when torque of over 550 lbs is applied. The lockset remains locked and when the spindle is replaced the lockset is operational just like before. It comes with lifetime mechanical warrantry and also these are 3-hour fire rated and meet the ADA requirements. Thereby this mortise series of locks by Marks USA is one of the best one for its reliability and durabilty.

Best Recommended Marks Locksets with their Key Features

Here are few of the best ones to help you understand these Locksets more easily and deeply.

Marks 22AC/3-W-LHR Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset Iron Gate Double Cylinder 2-1/2″ Backset 1″X 7-1/16″ Faceplate Left Hand. This is one of the locks from their collection which has 2 solid brass cylinders- 2 key. It is a left hand mortise lock. It costs$89-$91.

Marks Hardware 91A-RH Mortise Lock, Right Hand. This is another lock which is a right hand mortise lock with polished brass color. It costs $74-$76.

Marks 21AC/3 LHR Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset Brass Iron Gate Double Cylinder 2-1/2″ Backset 1″x7-1/16″ Left Hand. This is a brass colored mortise lock which works greatly and efficiently. It costs $119-$121.

Marks 21AC/3-W-LH Brass Left Hand Ornamental Unilock Knobe/Plate Mortise Entry Lockset Iron Gate Door Double Cylinder Lock Set. This is a beautiful left hand lock which has polished brass color. It costs $129-$131.

Marks 22AC/5-W-RH Antique Brass Right Hand Ornamental Knob Rose Mortise Entry Lockset Iron Gate Door Double Cylinder Lock Set 2-1/2″ Backset 1″ X 7-1/8″ Faceplate. This is another good option available to you which has antique brass finish that looks great. It costs $165-$167.

Final Words

It is the every persons will to get the best thing. Marks USA’s Lockset are just amazing in quality, design and features. They are the most appropriate Locksets for security purposes, high traffic areas and commercial areas as they are highly durable and long lasting with best of the quality.

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