Best Recommended RIP Cut Saw Guide Review 2018

    RIP Cut Saw Guide


If we look at the human history and the history of different innovations and advent of technology, the human beings are always dependent on tools for making things, for having a comfortable life and for doing their chores. Tools are basic need of life because they not only make our life easier but also can do things which cannot be done with bare hands and it is not wrong to say that humans are dependent on tools in their everyday lives. From our homes to our work lives we depend on machines and tools because these things can not only make our lives easier but sometimes we cannot do things rightly without the help of machines and tools. Many different tools are invented according to the use and need of them. Those tools includes hammer, saw, knifes, axes, cutting edges etc. when urbanization starts humans feel need to cut down the trees and mountains at a vast level to make space for houses, that makes it necessary to use tools and machinery. Even in our domestic lives we are dependent on tools, like we cannot make holes without hammers, we cannot cut even a branch of tree without using a saw.

Saw is a basic tool to cut wood, and most of our furniture is made up of wood. If someone wants to make anything form wood he has to use a saw for cutting it. For an appropriate and fine shape cutting we need a perfect saw. RIP cut saw is an excellent tool for cutting; it allows us to make a desirable cut. A rip cut saw is ideal for making exact pieces, or cutting the wood from the exact middle.

Unique Specifications of rip cut saw guide

There is a wide variety of rip cut saw that is available in market with different Specifications and features that are mentioned below:

Straight cut: Rip cut saw is perfect for making straight cuts from the middle. With the help of rip cut saw we can cut the wood exactly from the middle and it is capable of making straight cut from the grain.

Multiple cuts: Rip cut saw are capable of making multiple pieces of same size, which means we can make more than one piece of same size just by changing a small setup.

No measuring: Rip cut saw eliminates every kind of measuring, and marking. This tool makes its own measurements, and its design eliminate any kind of marking.

Wide cuts: Rip cut saw allows user to make wide cuts up to 24 inches.

Support: This product provides a thorough guide and support during working. When a person is using this product it will guide the person step by step, and there is no need of using any other guide or measuring tool.

Best Recommended rip cut saw guides with their Key Features

There is a huge variety of rip cut saw guide available in market; some of them are given below with their highlighting features. This detail gives a chance to understand the function of rip cut saw guide more deeply and to choose the most appropriate one according to user need.

 Kreg KMA2675 Kreg Rip-Cut

It is imported and best recommended rip cut saw guide. It can be connected with circular saws with their left or right blades.Its arm is reversible that allows its use from both sides, which means the user, can rotate it according to his left or right side need.It is capable of making wide rip cuts of almost 8 to 24 inches.By using this product we are free from using chalk lines or any kind of markings, it has an inbuilt measuring. Its Price ranges is in between $ 45.90 – $ 55.90.

Kreg KMA2700 Accu-Cut 48-Inch Guide Track System With KMA2685 Rip-Cut 24-Inch Precision Edge Guide

It is capable of making cross cuts and rip cuts. This tool can make a rip cut of more than 24 inches wide and it can make multiple pieces of same size by making just one setup.This tool gives free measurement which means there is no need of extra marking or any measuring mark like layouts and chalk lines.This is very light weight tool and its mobility is very easy, you can take it with you anywhere.It is capable of making angled cuts, it can cut plywood and it is equipped with guide track that create marks and make an accurate cut possible.This tool can hold the track where it will be placed so it eliminates the chances of slipping and so that perfect cuts are possible. Its price ranges is from $ 120.00 – $ 130.00.

Bora 542008 Circular Saw Plate and Rip Guide System. Everything You Need to Make Straight Cuts of Any Length Up To 24” Wide

This is a tool that is needed when you are looking for a perfect cutting tool; this tool is capable of making perfect cuts. Plate of saw is attached with the circular device at three points; it is also attached with the rip guide that plate can be handled very easily. Its adjustment is very easy. The guide of this tool serves two functions: First of all it can keep the edge of the saw parallel with the giving material.Next function it performs is that it sets the measurements at its own.It has a handle on it which enables its user to lock the tool when needed, as well as the pushing and binding of saw is easy because of this handle.This tool is very versatile. It can make straight cuts and it is capable of making wide pieces almost 24 inches wide. It is low in price which means it is so economical, it offers guide, plate and handle in same price. Its price ranges is from $ 45.05 – $ 55.05.

Bora 542007 Rip Guide for Bora Saw Plate 542006. The Circular Saw Guide Rail that Produces Straight Cuts up to 24”

It can make precise cuts. It can make wide cuts up to 24 inches.It has two handles that make it possible to create straight and cross cuts easily.It has adjustment function and its handling is very easy.It has a solid grip on the material.It is capable of making perfect cuts at any use, that means its quality remains same every time. Its price ranges is from $ 17.07 – $ 27.07.


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