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Saddle Stitch Stapler


Bringing things together is an essential part of ever work or assignment you do as combination of different things and mixture of knowledge erupts the best assignments and compounds. Saddle Stitch Stapler is a tool that can help you in bringing your paperwork together in one place with out any hassle and with great precision and accuracy. As this stapler binds the sheets very accurately and properly that finishing of the work looks amazing.

Normal Stappler Versus Saddle Stitch Stapler

Normal stapler is just a small and very handy tool to bring small number of sheets together. It might have different issues while stapling as these normal staplers may have jamming issues while stapling sheets. However these saddle stitch staplers are so effective that they can bind a large number of sheets together with great ease and without any hassle or jamming. They can switch between flat and saddle switching very easily in few seconds. Lastly they are not very expensive and work with electricity that reduces manual work.

Operation Manual and Electrical
Weight 4.5 Kgs*
Size of Stapple Universal 6mm or 8mm*
Number of Sheets 2-50/70g

* It may differ

The above table shows the key points of this saddle stitch stapler.

Top Best Recommended Saddle Stitch Stapler with Their Key Features

  1. Having good tools to help you in your work is very important and their quality and characteristics matter alot. Hence CJC is one of the brands that makes quality products for its customers. This CJC Professional Flat Riding Nail Saddle Stitch Stapler Binding Machine is one of its own kind that is full of great features and quality. This stapler machine is manually operated and works very efficiently. The number of pages it can easily binds is 120 flat nails and also 120 riding nails which makes it more attractive machine to have as it is so competent at work. The size of the staple is different as it offers diversity in its work hence the sizes it offers are 23/12/24/12. Moreover this machine weighs about 4.5 Kg that makes it a more optimal option to have as it does not weigh that much that it becomes difficult to carry it. CJC knows how to keep its customers satisfied that is why it offers a 1 year warranty to its cutomers so that they can put their complete trust in them and provide best customer support during and after the purchase of the product.
  2. As science is making new innovations and technologythe level of everything is going up and every tool is being upgraded. Top-Tool has brought innovation in its product by producing this Electric Auto Rapid Stapler Binder Machine which is full of extensive features. This is a heavy duty electric flat and saddle stapler that operates electrically and needs 110V which makes very efficient. The thickness that it can easily bound together is 2-50 sheets or 70g in other words. It can adjust the side depth of paper as well to 100mm to maximum extent. Moreover this machine can work in synchronization of single or multiple binders in series which makes it even more efficient and to make it more accessible it comes with a one safe foot pedal. Furthermore the nail box can carry 210 nail needle easily which reduces your burden of frequent refilling of the nail box. This machine is even equipped with binding pressure knob which can in turn control light to heavy 9 nailing forces. Thereby it is a good machine to have to cater your all professional needs.
  3. KY is another brand that produces Rapid Electric Stapler Saddle Stitching Machine. Now this saddle stitching stapler machine is equipped with number of qualities that help you in your daily professional dealings. Firstly and foremost benefit of having this machine is this that it is electrically operated which makes it very efficient and systematic. It runs on 110V/220V depending upon the country it is being shipped to. Moving to the sheets thickness that it can easily bind together is about 2-50 sheets or 70g alternatively. The side depth of the paper can also be adjusted to 100mm maximum which gives you much diversity in your work. Furthermore a single or multiple binders in series are workable in synchronization and it even has a one safety foot paddle. This machine can smoothly bind flat or saddle even. It can staple in different sizes that are 66/6 and 66/8 whichmakes it more efficient at work. Altogether it is a good quality binding machine that can help you out in your work and perform its job very effectively and orderly.
  4. Swingline is another top brand that exhibits its customer loyalty by producing high grade products. It has this Long-Reach Stapler which is enriched with extensive features that offer you great help in your work. This stapler easily staples 12 inches of the paper edge which inturn makes it optimal for center stitch stapling or even fastening cards or tags as well. To increase accuracy and precision in work it has a built in ruler as well so that it can help you in measuring all the dimensions easily. Moreover it has an adjustable locking paper guide so that the papers could be aligned with great precision and consistency. This stapler is made of metal so that it lasts long and remains durable for years to give superior performance. It can staple 20 sheets as it is appropriate for small tasks. Thereby it is a very effective and well structured stapler.
  5. Fisters is another brand in the queue that brings innovation and technology together to create a more compatible and efficient tools that may have a great impact on your work and reduce your labor work. This Binder Saddle Stapler by Fisters operates electrically and takes 110V which is very logical and cost effective. This machine can easily bound 2-50 sheets in one go or 70g without any difficulty. Moreover this staple machine has the adjusting feature of side depth of the paper to 100mm which makes it more effective machine to have. It believes in making work done more efficiently and timely hence a sing or multiple binders can work with synchronization in series. And as it takes care of your safety it comes with one safety foot pat. Overall it is a well engineered saddle stapler machine which reduces manual work and reduces the burden from your shoulders.
  6. Cyanalab Shop is another top brand that has made to the toplist of quality brands that maintain their repute with hardwork and loyalty. This stapler is solid and reliable that works manually. This stapler machine is a great tool to bind sheets and other things and saves your time even. This machine is capable of flat nail and saddle stitch with increases your convenience. This stapler machine is durable which makes it more reliable tool to have as it will last for a longer time period. It is so smartly engineered that it reduces the chances of staple jams and reduces the burden on your shoulders. Thereby it reduces the cost altogether as this is a one time investment and which is not heavy on your pocket as it take cares of your budget as well. It is made with heavy duty material that is metal. The number of staples it can do is big that is flat nails can do 65 sheets or 80g and saddle stitch can do 35 sheets or 80g. The weight of this stapler machine is about 4.5 kg that makes it more portable tool to have as you can carry it wherever you like and use it according to your need. The features of this stapler machine are so amazing and useful that it surely allures you to buy it. Cyanalab Shop tries its best to give the maximum advantage and benefits to its customers.
  7. Rapid is one of the top brands that makes good quality products. It has a Electric Saddle Stapler Machine to offer to its customers which is made in Sweden which speaks of its goos quality and durability. It takes about 110-125VAC of electricity to operate efficiently. As this works electrically it reduces the labor work and gives you time for other tasks as well as this time saving stapler machine is all you need to cater your needs and help you in your busy and tough professional work. This is not at all time consuming machine as it is electrically operated so reduces your burden altogether. Moreover this saddle stapler machine weighs about 14 pounds which is very light and easy to carry along wherever you like to. You can bring it in use whether you are on the go or at you working station. This staple machine can make a switch from flat to saddle stapling in matter of seconds that increases its functionality and durability. It has 4 inch throat depth for flat stapling which makes it more feasible tool to have to use for bigger assignments and paperwork. This staple machine keeps your safety as its priority and hence it has a front safety shield. As it is electrically operated so it has a lighted switch for turning it on or off which keeps you informed that whether it is working or not. This is a trusted brand that brings quality and effectivity to your footsteps to help you and bring ease to you.
  8. Deaojia is another brand in the queue that brings innovation and creativity in its products. It keeps its customers as it priority and believes in bringing ease and comfort to them. Thereby to reduce your work manually it has brought innovation by making these staples work electrically. This stapler works rapidly with electricity. The amount of voltage it takes to operate effectively is 110V or 220V depending upon the country it is being shipped to. This saddle stapler is so efficient at work that it can easily bind bundles of sheet with much ease and in different sizes. There is side stitch A3 feature as well in this stapler that makes it even more attractive saddle stitch stapler that reduces your work and saves your time and cost simultaneously. This saddle stitch stapler is one of its kind due to its extensive features and portability as it is so light weight that it can be carried to differengt places comfortably and easily.
  9. There is a huge list of brands that compete with each other to bring new innovative products to the market and to their customers. Novus is another brand that is competeing hard to maintain its repute and brand image. This saddle stapler is full of extensive features that are very attractive and useful to the user as it makes the task easier for the people. This is a Novus Novasu Saddle Stapler( Hotchkiss) B15 which is amazing at doing its job. It can easily bind nu,ber of sheets together with great ease. This staple machine is so good that it is so light weight that it makes it easier for you to carry it along. It increases it portability altogether making a very good option available to you. This is a smart choice to make due to its ever lasting quality and durability as it binds the papers efficiently and with great precision and accuracy. Hence it is a good product to ponder upon to give it a try and purchase it for your ease.
  10. TopChances is another brand in queue which fights hard to meet the challenges and difficulties come in its way and offer good quality innovative products to its worthy customers so that they are satisfied. TopChances has Professional Stapler Binding Machine to offer to its customers to bring ease to them as this stappler machine is operated manually giving you more control over it and freedom to use it the way you want to. Moreover it is extremely easy to use as they have a guide to let you understand the way it works. It is a reliable and cheap option available to you to make your work more presentable and assembled. This staple machine uses base alloy die-casting which speaks for its durability and precised work. It can perform saddle stitching( the staple) which is a state of an art stapling machine that provides quick stitching saving your time in turn and letting you have more time to do other tasks. The design of this stapler machine is like folder desktop so that it can be securely fixed in a place and used with great precision and accuracy. It features nail compatible unification and uses different sizes of staple that are 6mm and 8mm that are universal sizes. Altogether it is a very efficient tool to have.

Conclusive Remarks

Working on time is the key to success in today’s time. And to move with times fast pace and busy life it is very important that you are equipped with best of the tools that could help you in your work and daily professional life. This saddle stitch stapler is one of its own kind of of stapler that helps you to do work more effectively and timely. It allows you to assemble your sheets and assignments in one place with neatness and precision are presenting your work with accuracy is an essential part of job. Thereby this stapler machine is highly effective as it allows you to staple through flat nails or saddle stitch as it offers much diversity. There is a range of sizes it can staple in and above of all it works with electricity to reduce your labor work and saves time.

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