Best Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Review 2017

   Single Handle Bathroom Faucet


Times are changing and there are new trends being introduced whether be it fashion, dressing, home appliances, cars or any other things. One has to get into the running trends. So innovation is what which is somewhat irresistible sometimes and you have you to accept it sooner or later. In your bathrooms where faucets catch the eye before anything, the style of faucet is also important. With style and designs the first thing under consideration should be the ease of the use of that product. Faucets back in time used to come with double handles with a lot of hard work in rolling them to on and rolling them to off the water flow. Now when the time has changed faucets with single revolving handles have been introduced with are as reliable as any other faucet before.

 Single Handle Bathroom Faucets, Why is it necessary?

 Faucets must not be left behind when you are so concerned about everything in the house, for this purpose you look into market for what is new. Faucets have to deal daily with a heavy work load, turning on the tap, turning off the tap. That is the concern where you need to oversee the two basic facilities and their credibility. When you consider the single handle faucet, it gives you two basic facilities; one is that it provides you ease and comfort as you don’t have to roll different handles, other facility of it has all functions in it. The credibility is same or it can be even more. Above all there are many beautiful and elegant single handle faucets available in market that will give a glow to your sentry so one must give a try to the single handle faucets.

Specifications    Kohler Faucet   Senlesen Faucet   Aqua Faucet  GreenSpring Faucet
Finishing Chrome polish, Brushed Nickel Polish. Oil Rubbing. Nickel Brushed. Chrome.
Material Brass, Nickel. Glass, Metal. Metal, Zinc Alloy, Glass Stainless Steel, Brass Body.
Design Modern. European. Waterfall Contemporary Contemporary, long faucet.
Flow Rate 1.2gpm 1.2gpm 1.5gpm 1.2 gpm

Kohler Fairfax Bathroom Sink Faucet:

Kohler never undermined the standards and decency levels at any cost, this product speaks of the dedication and the great work by Kohler, so when you mean decency and elegance it means you are talking about Kohler’s Fairfax 4 In. Center set Bathroom Sink Faucet. This faucet is upto the trends with a single handle; this single design supports perfectly the idea of modern art or contemporary design. This faucet has a beautiful curved design that shows it matches the need of going time and need of the time. Kohler has always mastered the art of satisfaction of their customers and caring for them, while Kohler is also an expert in creating master pieces. The design and architecture Kohler produces is always attracting for the customers. This faucet of 4 inches faucet has very reasonable design and that is the reason it outstands the other faucets in the market. It also has additional features, one of which it is that it has a High Temperature Limit that gives you the advantage of setting the temperature of your requirement before you open the flow of water. For making sure that it performs on the higher note a Low-Flow aerator has been installed, which is also optional as it manages high performance with comparatively low flow of water from it. The demanding price of this beautiful chrome polished Kohler’s FairFax Faucet is $124.36 which is a reasonable price when it comes to the type of competition in market.

Kohler July Single-handed Bathroom Sink Faucet:

Up to date designed products in your home and with the top quality in your possession is what you need rather than a time travel in past, modernity with high quality is the thing that matters the most. One such faucet which fulfills the time needs and obviously the demands of quality and every feature you need to have in a faucet is Kohler July Single-Handed Bathroom Sink Faucet. Its sleek design with brushed lining over it, means high level finishing brings modernity to your faucet and the bathrooms, it has the best texture among the faucets, and Kohler July Faucet is a contemporary faucet indeed. With an efficient and high control of water with efficient and high performance design this faucet has complete European architecture and design. Also having the complete control of water, the amazing thing is that you can also control and manage the temperature of water at the same time. This all is done with such comfort and easiness that you had never experienced before. The other special thing is the separation of Blue and Red marks on its single handle for the water on this sleek Kohler July Sink Faucet. The products construction material is Brass which is why it has strength, all the sustainability and required durability. These qualities also keep it away from erosion or any kind of staining and rusting. That is why the cleaning of this Kohler July Faucet is easier and which maintains its appearance for a long time and it never lets it get older. For a life time performance it is equipped with ceramic disc valves for a long life time working. Single Handle on this Kohler July Faucet allows you to turn on and off the temperature settings at any time and it has a memory installed in it which significantly means that whenever you will turn it off and turn it on again the water pour out will be of the same temperature you had set the last time. The price of this beautiful faucets %98.93.

Senlesen ORB Finish LED Colors Waterfall Bathroom Faucet:

    Senlesen is always famous for its innovation and stylish products one such product is this ORB Finish LED colors, Water Fall Bathroom Faucet. With new and contemporary ideas the example you seek is this Senlesen ORB Finish LED Water Fall Faucet, it is completely untraditional faucet with new idea that one may have never seen or experienced. The special thing about it which gives you pleasure and sense of serenity is its waterfall design means the water pours out of it like a waterfall a genuinely new concept introduced by Senlesen. It has for the comfort of the users, 2 pipes in it with each for hot and cold water making its use easy and efficient and outlet of serene water. The other innovation which makes it famous and which enables it to get your attention is the LED lights installed in it, which three different colors Blue, Red and Green which gives it alluring touch as it changes its color according to the temperature of the water. Also if you have forgotten to change the temperature before turning on the single handle valve its color will indicate you the temperature of the water and help you resetting it again. The easy to install faucet is very convenient for the plumbers as well, as it requires no hard work for its fitting in the bathroom. The construction amterial of this faucet is brass and Glass with Oil rubbing finishing on it. The price of this senlesen ORB finish, LED colors waterfall bathroom faucet is $43..

Aqua Faucet Waterfall Nickel Brushed Bathroom Faucet:

 Aqua faucet is another nice brand in market which has been producing decent products with style that is unique. The special feature of this Aqua Faucet is that it is nickel brushed; this finishing gives it an elegant touch and impresses the customers. It is also a product in decent price. This aqua faucet waterfall nickel brushed faucet has traditional design with brushed nickel texture which makes it stylish and good to see faucet. It has also separate ceramic valves for the proper functioning of the taps and also to control the cold and hot water temperature according to your best comfort. This faucet is made up of glass and brass material which means it is durable and stylish at the same time. Single handle with a center set and with a very less weight the price of this product is $39.

Senlesen Nickel Brushed Waterfall Bathroom Faucet:

    Senlesen with wide variety of range in its product has always produced attractive sentry products for their customers without compromising on the quality. Having a single handle working facility this faucets center setting has made it convenient for every kind of user and even the fitting plumbers. As they need no special tools for the fitting of the faucet. Along with this faucet has very good appearance as well. The color of this faucet is warm metallic grey along with nickel brushed coating which gives it marvelous appearance. The function of this nickel brushed coating is that it ensures that no tarnishing and erosion or corrosion can destroy the beautiful bathroom faucet. It has a waterfall style which means the water pouring out will also give you sense of relaxation like a sound of waterfall does. The single handled tap enables facilitates you for operation control for high to low temperature and slow and fast flow of water. The design it has is contemporary, meaning matching the modern needs. This Senlesen Nickel Brushed Water Fall Bathroom Faucet costs you only $39.99..

AquaFaucet waterfall spout single handled lavatory faucet:

Aquafaucet produced this product and this immediately gained the market. It is a single handled faucet with tall spout. The fame reason of this product is its elegant design and that its design has been kept really simple. The specialty of this amazing faucet is that with any kind of tiles and bathroom furnishing this faucet can suit any kind of bathroom due to its modern design and the finishing touch it has. The beautiful laminar flow it has is due to the spout of this product which is kept narrower for the flow and ensuring it uses lesser water with more efficiency. The more enchanting this about this product is that it has all the features that a double tapped faucet could perform, this is a single handled faucet and can regulate temperature and even water flow at the same time hence it is much easier to use then the previous ones. It has capacity of 5 hundred thousand opening and closing survival which means you cannot even count that for how long it can actually survive, it means that it is a lifelong product as much needed in a faucet. It has an exponential spout height of the 9.8 inches. Which takes the reach of spout at 4.1 inches and that makes the total length of this beautiful lavatory to 13 inches. The zinc alloy handle manages its ease of functioning and ensures that it performs efficiently without any blockage. This company also provides you with the customer care services even after the purchase so you really don’t have to worry about any loss and you can exchange the product or can call for any help at any time you want to.  Aqua Faucet also offers the customers life time warranty over the breakage of its product. You can get your money back if something happens to your product within the 30 days of purchase. The price of the product is $55.99.

Green Spring Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet:

This is an exclusive quality stainless steel faucet, quite simpler and not any difficult to use as you can say it is a customer friendly product. GreenSpring faucet is also easy to install that does not require any extra efforts to fit into the bathroom sink. It looks good; it does not have a long neck. The stainless steel and its design ensure its longevity of use and sustainability. With a chrome finishing means it avoids erosion and rusting and also it is easy to clean and doesn’t lose its shine. It is a light weight 1.6 lbs faucet with a life time breakage guarantee and 30 days post purchase money back guarantee. The price of this good product is $18.99

Conclusive Words:

Single handle is a need of time more than that it reduces the work load on your hands and requires lesser efforts than those double handle faucets. The elegant design and innovation makes it attractive. The unorthodox architecture of these single handle faucets enables them to be the favorite purchase and equipment for the customers in their washrooms. So the single handle faucets are much more convenient in their use as they provide every function in their single handle.  The best in trend, well furnished and quality is all you need in your product. So these single handle faucets provide you with all in one.


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