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Sleeping Pad


It is always a great idea to go out for adventures for taking a break from your busy and hectic routine. It is very important to travel to learn, experience, refresh and exfoliate your life. The best you can do this is by going on different trips like hiking, biking, mountaineering, canoeing, kayaking and what not. But the most important part here is this that you need to be full equipped to go on adventurous trips. When you go for outdoor activities and trips you need to stay and take rest on different locations and for that purpose you need something to sit relax and sleep. The best solution to that need could be sleeping pads. These sleeping pads are extremely useful as they can be carried along while you go for your trip. They are the best tool to sleep and have rest while you go for camping. hiking or any other trip.

What to Look for in Sleeping Pad?

Which sleeping pad is the best is a question that requires a lot of significant information to answer that. Primarily what are the things we look in the sleeping pad are most important part. First and foremost thing we look for is its R-value which is the capacity of the sleeping pad to resist heat flow. This basically relates to an important factor of insulation from different weather conditions whether hot or cold. The thicker the pad the higher the R-value and better the insulation. Hence different manufacturers produce various ranges of sleeping pads. Then you look over the weight of these sleeping pads as you have to carry them along during the whole trip whether you are camping or hiking. The lesser the weight of this sleeping pad the easier it is for you to carry. However if you prefer a very low weight sleeping pad you might have to comprise on the quality and R-value of the sleeping pad. Then comes the size or length of the sleeping pad as it is very important that you choose the sleeping pad according to your size and height as your shoulders and hip has to fit on the pad properly for a comfortable sleep. Moreover you need to consider its width as well due to the reason that if you are a person who is broad and rolls very much in the bed while sleeping then you require a wider sleeping pad. Then you may ponder over its inflation that is how does it come into its shape. Sleeping pads have different sizes of inflation and deflation valves with different volumes which allow the inflow and outflow of air. Furthermore you look at the surface of the sleeping pad because that is the main thing you are going to get in contact directly hence you should look for textured or brushed fabric surface for quiter and peaceful sleep.

Types of Sleeping Pad

There are various types of sleeping pads that are air pads, self-inflating pads and closed-cell foam pads. The air pads are very light weight and ideal one for backpacking. The firmness of these sleeping pads can be adjusted by managing the air inflow and outflow. It is very compact and easy to fold. The self-inflating sleeping pads are a combination of open-cell foam insulation and air. To inflate this sleeping pad you just simply open the valve of the sleeping pad and air fills the chambers itself automatically. This sleeping pad offers a comfortable sleep and best insulation. They are made with strong material hence can be used with children as well. Lastly the closed-cell foam pads are basically backpacking sleeping pads which are integrated with dense foam filling with tiny closed air cells. This sleeping pad is very compact, lightweight and durable which even offers good insulation allowing you to have good sleep. They can serve the purpose of sitting as well if you double fold them.

Bonus Feature

Some sleeping pads come with larger side baffles which are mend for the special purpose that is you dont fall off while sleeping it basically provides with cradle. Some of the sleeping pads even have the pillow baffle for your head which gives support to your neck and head and lets you sleep comfortably.

Best Recommended Sleeping Pads with their Key Features

There is a wide range of these sleeping pads by multiple manufacturers who produce these sleeping pads with intense care and precision.

EcoTek Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Hiking Backpacking and Camping – Contoured FlexCell Design – Perfect for Sleeping Bags and Hammocks. This is amazingly designed sleeping pad which is great for your trip. It has woven polyester material which gives comfortable sleep. It is very lightweight and comes with warranty to provide maximum customer satisfaction. It costs $44-$47.

BeCamp Premium EXTRA WIDE AND LONG Sleeping Pad Self Inlfating Camping Pad Wide and Comfortable Compact and Convenient Ideal for Backpacking and Outdoors Sleeping. This is a premium sleeping pad that is self-inflating. It is waterproof and durable which speaks for its quality. It comes with lifetime guarantee. This costs $43-$45.

SEMOO Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Mat/pad, Water Repellent Coating. Here is another sleeping pad by Semoo which is innovatively designed. It is self-inflating sleeping pad with inflating pillow which is best for sleep. The two pads can be joined together for larger area to sleep. This costs $22-$25.

Sunside Self Inflating Mattress Sleeping Pad Sleep Mat Foam Padding Lightweight-Great for Hiking Camping Backpacking. This is another sleeping pad with qualified material with great foam padding. It is lightweight and easier to carry. Ther is even attached repairing patch for your ease. This is available in just $29-$31.

Premium Self Inflating Sleeping Pad – w/ FREE Emergency Blanket – Lightweight, Insulated, Compact, Durable & Water Resistant. Comfortable Self-Inflating Camping Pad for Camping, Backpacking or Hiking. This another sleeping pad that is built to last. This is a pad that works as a mattress when you are not home. It even has a emergency blanket to keep you protected. It comes under warranty giving you full satisfaction. This costs $38-$40

Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad. This is extremely versatile sleeping pad that has v-chamber design which is unique to provide you with comfortable sleep by limiting the air movement heat loss with its unique design. It comes under lifetime warranty. You can get this in just $59-$61.

OutdoorsmanLab Ultralight Sleeping Pad – Ultra-Compact for Backpacking, Camping, Travel w/ Super Comfortable Air-Support Cells Design. This is a meticulously structured sleeping pad that is best for outdoor activities and its portable due to its lightweight. It is great for backpacking, hiking and many other trips. It costs$42-$45.

#1 Premium Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Lightweight Foam Padding and Superior Insulation Great For Hiking & Camping Thick Outer Skin. This sleeping pad has a good quality of surface providing with comfortable sleep and free of any skin problems. Only some puffs of good air will inflate it quickly. This costs $39-$41.

Camp Solutions Camping Self Inflating Sleeping Pad with Attached Pillow – Lightweight Air Sleeping Pads. This is another waterproof sleeping pad. It is a self-inflating sleeping pad that requires no pump. It is durable and abrasion resistant sleeping pad. It costs $24-$26 only.

Intex Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress with Built-In Pillow, 72.5″ x 26.5″ x 6.75″. This sleeping pad is reliable and durable with good material surface. It easily folds for traveling. It has laminated vinyl to bear different elements. It costs $7-$9.

Final Verdict

Having the best equipment allows you to have fun and stay safe as well. These sleeping pads have high quality with great features that allow you to have comfort and rest on the go as well. They are cheap and efficient giving less burden on your pocket.

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