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     Small Swiss Army Knife


Carrying best tool kit along with you while you go for some adventurous trip is something that is the most significant part of your preparations. Along with all your other important stuff it is very important that you keep a small knife with you as well. A small Swiss Army Knife would do a great job while on the go. It is small in size that would be the most advantageous characteristic of this knife as it can fit anywhere whether it is your bag or can be attached with the help of a key ring. Altogether it is an important tool while you go for trips.


There are number of characteristics of this Small Swiss Army Knife that makes it a unique and useful tool to have along with its peculiar characteristics you can gain many benefits. Firstly it is small in size which makes it easy for you to carry as this increases its portability. After that it has many other tools attached to it like tweezers, toothpick, screwdrivers, corkscrew and many more that can help you in any time of need as these kind of things are useful to keep always. There is seatbelt cutter and window glass breaker as well in some of the knives which can lend you help in case of any emergency or accident. Hence it is a very handy and useful knife that has multiple uses.

Size Various
Attached Tools Yes, Multiple
Weight Variable in ounces
Material it is made from Stainless Steel
Safe to Use Yes

Precautionary Measures

It is very important that it is not placed or reachable to children as they can harm themselves due to short of knowledge about the tool. It is advised to be careful while using it as it has sharp blades hence it is preffered to wear gloves and keep it out of the reach of small kids.


Best Recommended Small Swiss Army Knife with Key Features

  1. SwitchEdge is a famous brand that brings best quality tools to your access so that you can gain as much as possible. SwitchEdge crimson Pocket Knife is of great interest to those people who love to stay updated and accessorised with best of the tools as they know they might need it at any point of time. This SwitchEdge Pocket knife has 14 other features not just one large blade, there is a can opener, scissors, saw, fish scaler, leather punch and many other features that makes it a unique and amazing tool to have. This knife is made of heavy duty stainless steel and even the tools whereas the casing is made of texturized metallic red aluminum which gives a sleek and bold look that is just simply beautiful. This tool is specially designed in such a manner that it easily opens up and firmly lock in place for best performance and above of all safe to use. The most attractive offer it has is this that SwitchEdge offers a 30 days money back guarantee of this knife which provides customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  2. Elite Tactical offers a Swiss Army Knife which is small in size that makes it a very handy and portable tool to have. It is made of stainless steel even its handle is of stainless steel giving a sleek and elegant look to the knife as a whole. Above of all the design of this knife gives trendy look and looks fashionable when you carry it along. The folding knife has sharp blades and along with this knife itr has many other features that may serve multiple purposes outdor and inside the home or office as well. This is a best tool you can gift to somebody who is fond of hiking, fishing, camping or any other adventurous trip and even to those who like to keep a collection of good and useful tools. This knife is something which can fluant any other person who likes good quality tools and products. Eminently Elite Tactical offers a 30 day money back guarantee without asking any questions about how the problem or defect occured. They offer good service even after the purchase of the product so that the customer is satisfied and maintains its loyalty to the brand.
  3. Jenad is another famous brand name that sells amazing and high quality knives. They even have the Swiss Style Army or Military Survival Scout Pocket Knife with multiple functions. Starting off with the material it is made from is the stainless steel which makes it a durable and longlasting tool to have. The knife can be used for several purposes and not only that it has many other tools that can assist you in your time of need for instance it has the drilling cone with it which can be helpful and there is even a nail filer so that your nails stay in shape and on point all the time. There is needle reamer as well which is a very useful tool. A corkscrew is also present in it which helps you to open the bottles easily. There is a can and bottle opener as well. Scaling a fish after fishing is not a big problem because this compact knife even has a fish scaler that can easily remove the scales from the fish and you can anjoy your fish fresh from the water.There is a wood saw as well in this compact Swiss Style Army Knife that makes it even more attractive. The knife is the best tool to carry along if you are going for hiking, camping, fishing or any other activity inside the house or office even. This a good quality knife overall with amazing features.
  4. Victorinox is another famous and well established brand that offers the best quality Swiss Style Army Knife. This is the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife which is of red color which makes it a trendy and attractive tool to have on the go. The size of the blade it has is 58mm which is sharp and efficient at work. This knife has multiple functions as it is not just bound to the knife feature. It has a nail filer in it along with tweezers that could be required any where you go. There is also a screwdriver included in this knife also a pair of scissors. A toothpick also there to help you keep your teeth clean when ever you have food no matter inside your house or while dinning out. As its size and style is so compact and attractive that it can be carried along easily where ever you want. It is made of stainless steel which speaks of its durability and it is encased in polished red ABS scales that provide sleek design as well as longer life span. It easily fits in your pocket or it even has a keyring so that you can attach it to your bunch of keys so that it is easier for you to carry it along. This is made in Switzerland and Victorinox offers a life time guarantee against the defects in its material and the workmanship. Overall it is a good product to contemplate over.
  5. Here is another version of Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife that comes with extensive features that are amazing and highly useful. To begin with its main tool that is blade which are two that is it has a large blade and a small blade so that you can use it according to your need. There is a cork screw so that you can easily uncork the bottles. It even has the can opener which comes along with the small screwdriver( also for Philips Screws). There is bottle opener as well with large screwdriver to make your work easy and comfortable with all types of bottle. There is a wire stripper present in it along with reamer, tweezer, toothpick, wood saw and a pair of scissors which makes it a more diverse product that can be utilized for multiple purposes round the clock. To make it more portable it even has the hook so that you can attach it to your bag if you do not want to keep it inside your bag. This is so light weighted that it can be kept in your pocket as well. This is the most handy tool to have when you go for trips like fishing and camping or any other to assist you in your different tasks.
  6. This Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife, Blue Edelweiss is another version of knife by Victorinox that comes with extensive features and quality that makes it an outstanding product amongst all the other brands. It is also equipped with multiple features that accompany you in your trips or day to day work in home or office. It has a sharp blade of 1.25 inches along with it there is nail filer as well which come with a nail cleaner to keep your nails neat and clean so that you can stay healthy with clean nails and hands. There is toothpick, tweezer and key ring as well to attach to any of your bags so that it is easier for you to carry though it is so small in size that it can be carried in your pocket as well. Lastly it even has a pair of scissors as you may need them if you go on camping, hiking or fishing or any other daily routine task. It is made of stainless steel which is encased in polished ABS scales with blue Edelweiss design that gives it a beautiful and attractive look at the same time and a compact design to fluant others. Victorinox promise its loyal customers a life time guarantee of this knife to maintain customer satisfaction.
  7. This Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife is another beautiful creation of Victorinox which is full of distinctive features that allure you to by it as they are extremely attractive. First of all it is made of stainless steel that makes it a durable product to have. After that it has a big blade of 2.45 inches that can cater majority of your needs. It even has a wood saw, tweezer, nail filer, key ring, scissors, toothpick, reamer, wire stripper and many more features that prove to be helpful in your daily life and even when you are going for an adventurous trip that could be hiking, camping, fishing or any other activity inside your home. Another interesting thing is this that it has a pouch even so that you can put it in this pouch and carry it wherever you want to.This is a must have that could save up your time and space as this is engineered in such a compact manner that it has multiple features along it that lets you save your space s you dont need to have these tools separately. It even saves your time as there is no need of finding these tools at different places as this is all in one product that keeps you focused and helps you in your daily tasks.
  8. OutNowTech is another brand that makes these Swiss Style Army Pocket Knives to help you in your work. This is an OutNowTech Vantage Multipurpose folding pocket knife that comes with extensive features. This knife has all the major tools needed to assist you in any kind of emergency incurred. It has straight and serrated edges so that they could be used according to the need. It even has a built-in bottle opener. It even consists of a recessed blade for cutting of many things like cords, belts and many more other things. This Knife even has a glass breaker tip, a detachable firestarter rod to lit up, and this knife also has the detachable LED flashlight so that it could guide you in the darker places. This knife is small bu full of extensive features that may help you in your difficult times of emergencies. Hence it is a good product to ponder upon.
  9. Victorinox Swiss Army Spartan Pocket Knife is a well engineered and creative version of knife by Victorinox. It is full of features that may stun you. It has a large blade of 2.45 inches. For other purposes it even has a small blade too. There is a corkscrew, tweezer, reamer, key ring, screwdriver, wire stripper, toothpick and many more features that make it an attractive and impressive tool to have while you are going for a trip like some adventure that is hiking, camping or any other activity like fishing as it can be used for indoor activities as well.
  10. This is another model of Victorinox that is the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, Translucent Emerald. Now this knife even has the 7 distinguished features that makes an efficient tool to have. There is a pair of scissors in it. There is a cork screw s well that helps you open up the champagne bottles easily. There is a screw driver as well in it that can prove to be helpful in difficult times in any trip or adventure. There is tweezer and nail filer as well which is an extremely useful accessory in this multifunctional knife. There is a toothpick as well to keep your teeth clean and flossed after having food. It is made of stainless steel which is extremely durable and reliable.It has a life time guarantee against the defects in material and workmanship which tells us about the perspective of Victorinox that it gives immense importance to its customers.
  11. BlizeTec Survival Knife is a best tool to counter any of the dangers or difficult situations during a trip or adventure. This is the best premium emergency tool to carry with extensive features. To maintain its durability it is made of stainless steel. And to make it easier for you to carry it even has a nylon pouch as well. This knife has a drop point blade with serrated saw which can be used for multiple purposes. It beholds a bright LED flashlight to lit up your path in darker areas. Impressively it even has a magnesium alloy fire starter that can ignite anything easily. It has a blade lock as well as window breaker in case of accidents or emergency. There is a seatbelt cutter as well as a pocket clip too to fight back any uninvited event. It light on your pocket as it does not have much weight. BlizeTec offers a lifetime warranty of this knife to its customers to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Final Verdict

Keeping yourself safe and sound is very important and to do so it is necessary that you have good and effective tools that could keep you safe and alert and well equipped all the time. These Small Swiss Army Knives are great tool to have to fight back any situation and even a good thing to gift somebody. It has attached other tools as well that makes it even more attractive and valuable.

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