Best Solar Powered Phone Charger Review 2017

Solar Powered Phone Charger

Best Tool while Traveling; Solar Powered Phone Charger


People are going green and starting to look for alternate energies which are safe and cheap. People are becoming wiser and smart enough to think more critically and more responsibly. As every individual, firm, organization is becoming aware of new challenges and concepts they are upgrading their core values as well and trying to integrate the corporate social responsibility phenomena in their day to day workings so that they can work in a more peaceful and cleaner environment and let others live harmoniously. Such ideas and concepts has led to the inception of solar powered phone chargers which work phenomenally and efficiently. The idea to create these solar powered phone chargers is to go green and provide more portability to the phone users. These solar powered phone chargers basically take the solar energy to supply electricity to devices or to charge batteries. The cost of getting this solar energy is nearly negligible due to the reason that the energy is absorbed from the sun rays and is further converted into electricity to supply it to the device or batteries. The solar chargers are capable of charging lead acid or Ni-Cd battery banks which have 48 V and up to hundreds of ampere-hours capacity. This feature of these solar powered phone charger makes it extremely efficient and great at work. This solar powered phone charger beholds features that are extensively great and unique that allow you to work more easily and continuously no matter wherever you are.

Distinctive Features

These solar powered phone chargers come in a variety which are offered by multiple manufacturers who produce it with best of the materials and qualities that will surely assist you in your work and day to day life. First and foremost feature of these solar powered phone chargers is this that they have solar panels among which some have thin film which have efficiencies of 7-15% while the ones which have a thicker film have efficiencies up to 18%. There is a wide variety of these chargers. Moreover these solar powered phone chargers have the batteries as well which makes it even more efficient as it allows you to utilize the energy saved from sunshine at night time as well. These solar powered phone chargers are so smartly designed that they work optimally as some of the chargers have the LED lights as well so that you can use them in darkness if needed. Some of them have the light indicators to help you know the status that which energy is being used and for what purpose that is for instance if green light is turned on then that means that device is being charged with solar energy. Moreover there are USB ports which allow you to charge your other device with it whether it is a phone or tablet. These solar powered phone chargers are not the primary chargers for your device rather a supplementary charger for your phone whenever you are on the go. Furthermore these solar powered phone chargers are durable and so reliable that they are dust proof and shock proof which makes it even more a feasible choice for the people who love to travel or go for adventures. The material from which these solar powered phone chargers are made is the silicone rubber which is environment friendly and does not cause pollution or harm to the environment neither to the user. This material is so strong that it is safe from water and dust particles as well. This is compatible with most of the phones and charges them quite efficiently and very quickly.

Best Recommended Solar Powered Phone Charger with their Key Elements

Here are few of the best hand picked solar phone chargers that give you the best outcomes and keep your devices safe from any damage.

[Upgrade] OUTXE 16000mAh Rugged Power Bank with Flashlight IP67 Waterproof Solar Portable Charger Outdoor Dual USB Phone Battery Pack. This solar powered phone charger is perfect as your outdoor companion as it is water proof and shock-resistant. It is best to take along when you are going for hiking or any such adventures as it is non-slip and can be hooked along with your bagpack. It has 16000mAh battery capacity that makes it flawless. It costs $37-$39.

Solar Power Bank, FKANT 15000mAh Portable Dual USB Solar Cell Phone Charger External Battery Pack with 6LED Flashlight for iPhone iPad Samsung and More. This is another solar powered phone charger which has dual USB ports for charging. It has 4 LED lights indications. Durable and safe. It costs $25-$27.

Solar Charger,Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank Waterproof/Shockproof/Dustproof Dual USB Battery Bank for cell phone,iPhone,Samsung,Android phones,Windows phones,GoPro Camera,GPS and More. This charger allows you to charge your phone quickly. It has sophisticated smart ICs. This costs you $28-$30

Solar Power Bank, PowerGreen10000mAh Solar Charger 2-Port USB – External Battery Pack charger for iPhone 6/6s,Andriod,HTC and More (Orange). This charger has high capacity with dual ports and 32 LED flashlights that guide you in dark. This portable designed solar phone charger costs $23-$25.

Solar Charger RAVPower 15000mAh Outdoor Portable Charger Solar Power Bank Dual USB External Battery Pack Power Pack with Flashlight (IPX4 Splashproof, Dustproof, Solar Panel Charging, DC5V/2A Input). This charger is another amazing piece that has circuit protection and is capable of charging two devices simutaneously. This costs $32-$34.

Final Words

It is very important that you keep yourself upgraded and well equipped if you like to travel and go on adventures. Moving from one place to another releases your tensions and helps you to learn new things. To accompany you while traveling solar powered phone chargers are the best tool to keep you connected by keeping your devices charged. This solar powered phone charger beholds features that are extensively great and unique that allow you to work more easily and continuously no matter wherever you are. They work phenomenally and exceptionally well. Above are few of the ones that are mentioned with their key features. You may choose that suits your need in the best manner as they are highly potential and light on the budget as well.

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