Best Swiss Gear Knife Review 2017

                                         Best Swiss Gear Knife

Out in the woods or going for camping? We always need one common tool, that meets a lot of our requirements that serves a lot of uses. That common and everyday tool is a knife. A knife has multiple uses, from everyday cutting to usage during camping or when spending night outs in the wood. For everyday use, we have different stainless steel knives that serve us well and come in many different sizes for different purposes. But when it comes to outdoors and camping, we need a compact knife, that is not only sharp but also has a hard enough surface, so that it can be used as a cutting tool to cut even wood and the hardest of ropes. But what about small compact knives that are pocket friendly are used by adventurers?
There are numerous brands that produce make pocket knives but there is no brand that produces multi-function knives like Swiss gear. So what makes these knives by Swiss gear so special? Swiss gear manufactures the best pocket knives in the world because they don’t compromise on the quality of their products over price. Swiss gear is known for its top quality and rugged products. From backpacks to knives to other accessories, Swiss gear makes highly durable knives that not only last longer but have multiple functions. These knives can be used for so many things which depends upon their specifications. Some users prefer knives that serve multiple purposes, for example they have the ability to be used as screw drivers, tweezers, wire cutters and even toothpicks etc. so Swiss gear knives are basically developed in such a way that they serve the user differently according to their needs. The quality of these products is made rugged, so that they can withstand all sorts of usage and environment. Moreover they are water proof and really elegant looking too. So if you are looking for a product that would go well in your pocket, serve your different purposes and last for a long period of time, Swiss gear knives are the right product for you.

There are multiple sub brands under Swiss gear, that basically develop Swiss gear knives, so this indicates that there must be a variety of these products. Yes there is a variety. These knives differ from one another on their purposes, quality, style and lastly their vendor. Choosing the best knife depends upon the preferences and the requirements of a user. But choosing Swiss gear is the best option. Because the products from Swiss gear are not only durable but also made from the best quality and they get your job done easily as compared to other brands. Some brands when they are trying to compete with top brands like Swiss gear, they have to either reduce the price of their product or to make their products better than the original brands like Swiss gear. But making a better quality product than Swiss gear is not an easy feat and it can’t be done as Swiss gear army knives are designed in such a way that they are the best. There are multiple sub brands under Swiss gear, so choosing the right type of Swiss gear knife is a difficult task. We tried to review some of the best Swiss gear knives, in order to determine which knife would be the best and which would pass our review. Our review is based on a set of specifications. So before comparing and reviewing the products here are some of the specifications of Swiss gear knives.

They are the abilities and qualities of a device or a product. Specifications of a product helps users determine which product serves them the best. Choosing a device without checking its specification can cause a lot of trouble to the user. In order to avoid from the trouble of buying the wrong product and getting it replaced, one must therefore always overlook the specification of a given product. In case of Swiss gear knives, its specifications are, the quality and durability of the knife, the product design, Comfort, the functions it has, safety, its weight and lastly the warranty on the product.

Quality of a product is the most important specification that needs to be checked before buying. Due to the high market of Swiss Gear knives, there are many brands that tried to copy their designs and started making their own. To compete with the knives, they had to either make their products with better features and functions as compared to their competition, the Swiss Gear. But when those brands realise that they can’t match the quality standards of Swiss Gear, they started cheapening their products so to impress customers which would leave Swiss gear and would buy their products. But this cheapening of prices reduced the quality of such brands. But Swiss gear doesn’t compromise on the quality of their devices, their products are made with the best quality of material that can be seen by the company’s total worth and the market value of their products.

Buying a superb quality tool befitting all your requirements, you still have doubts about the durability of the product. Because in your back head you are probably thinking that this is an expensive product and what good will it bring me if it stops working and gets faulty. Well Swiss gear is known for two things, the exceptional quality, and the durability of their products. So without hesitation you can choose Swiss gear knives.

When you are buying an expensive product that has the best quality and durability but doesn’t look good in your hand, it can ruin your thought process. But Swiss gear not only makes their knives durable and of top quality, but they design it to the best. Their designs are perfect and look good in every hand and on every occasion. So before buying a Swiss gear knife, you must not worry about its design because it has been designed to perfection by qualified artists whose jobs are to just shape these knives in such a manner that they would look the best while enabling you to carry out which ever task you want.

There are certain knives in the market by local brands that use hard plastic or wooden or even metal handles which not only have a bad grip but aren’t very much comfortable to use. The Swiss gear knives are designed in such a way that they give you the best comfort while performing your task. Every feature in the knife is built in such a way that it can be easily used. It doesn’t require two hands to even screw the simplest of screws unlike other brands. These knives don’t cause damage to your hand when subjected to pressure. Moreover they are really easy to use and have a very good grip as well, which doesn’t let the knife slip from your hands under sweaty conditions.

Who doesn’t love a multi-purpose tool which is originally a knife but can do lots of other functions as well? Everybody does. There are lots of brands out there who try to make their products in such a way that they will serve lots of purposes but when doing so they either add on extra weight or they increase the overall price of their product. Swiss gear knives are known for their multiple functions. From tweezers to wire cutters, to toothpicks and to screw drivers, these knives will come in handy to serve different purpose.

There are various brands that when making their products try to put on extra features. These features increase the weight of their products. This means that lifting and carrying the product in your pocket is not an easy thing. Swiss gear knives are designed in such a way that they have the minimal weight. They serve multiple purposes and on the same time they make their products compact and light weight. Thus enabling the user to carry and to lift them easily.

When working with sharp tools one is always concerned about their safety. And why not? The knife can malfunction, even break during use and may result in serious injuries. But Swiss Gear makes sure that its customers stay safe while using the product even under harsh and rough conditions. These knives are designed in such a way that they don’t break even when subjected to lots of pressure which makes them really safe to use. But even after that, these knives must be used with precaution.

Warranty of a product determines the credibility of a seller. If a product has no warranty and no customer support than this only indicates that the seller is not original. But Swiss gear provides its users with warranty and the best customer service. The warranty of these products depends upon the vendor you are buying it from. Some sub brands that produce Swiss Gear knives even provide their customers with a lifelong warranty on the product.

Based on these specifications we have reviewed and compared the best Swiss gear knives.

Evogrip S 101 Swiss Army Knife:

This Swiss gear knife features 9 Implements which have 12 functions. That Include Ergonomic handles with rubber, 2.5″ blade, 1.65” clip point utility blade, patented locking screwdriver. They also have a cap lifter, a wire stripper, a can opener, a nail file, a nail cleaner, a corkscrew, a reamer, an awl, a toothpick, tweezers and finally a key ring. They have special Evo-grip handles which are waterproof and won’t slip from your hands even during the sweatiest of the conditions thus ensuring your safety and easier work. They come in red colour only, which is the trademark colour of Swiss gear. This knife by Wenger just weighs 1.94 ounces, thus being one of the lightest knives on planet that serve multiple functions. It comes with a 2.5 inch locking blade and a patented locked screw driver which means that the knife can be used as a normal knife to hit or to penetrate into something. The locks are really strong and will not causes you are any harm. The price of this knife is 32-52$


Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife:

If you are a fan of a multipurpose tool which serves different function and replaces many tools, then this knife is the best thing in the market. This knife features 33 functions to equip you for everyday adventures. Which include a large Blade, a Small Blade, a Corkscrew, a Can Opener, a Small Screwdriver (also for Phillips Screws), a Bottle Opener with, a Large Screwdriver, a Wire Stripper, a Reamer. a Key Ring, Tweezers, a Toothpick, Scissors, a Multi-purpose Hook (Parcel Carrier), a Wood Saw, a Fish Scaler, a Hook Disgorger, a Ruler (in/cm), a Nail File with, a Nail Cleaner, a Metal File, a Metal Saw,a Fine Screwdriver, a Chisel/Scraper, a Plier, a Wire Cutter, a Wire Crimper, a Phillips Screwdriver,  a Magnifying Lens, a Pressurized Ballpoint Pen,  a Straight Pin, a Patented Mini-screwdriver and a Sewing Eye. Moreover the Stainless steel construction encased in polished red ABS scales provides sleek durability. It comes in different colours and different materials too. It has a beautiful design and it weighs just over 6 ounces. It can be bought for a price between 62-89$. But this is not it. Victorinox Swiss gear army knife has a lifelong warranty which is a cherry on top.

Product Description Wenger Evo-grip S101 Victorinox Swiss Knife
Grip Yes, extra grip No extra grip
Functions 12 33
Weight 1.94 Ounces 7.2 Ounces
Warranty Depends on the seller Lifetime
Price 32-52$ 62-89$


Final Verdict:

Both the Wenger Evo-grip S101 and Victorinox Swiss knife are the best Swiss gear army knives. Choosing between them depends on the preferences and the use of the buyer. For example if the user prefers a knife that is light weight, has a few and important every day feature then he must opt for the Wenger Swiss gear knife. But if the user has a heavy usage and extra needs and they want a tool that has more options, then the user should prefer the Victorinox Swiss Knife. Both these knives share the same thing and that is their quality and durability. They are made under Swiss Gear, so this generally makes them durable, rugged and full of functions.

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