Cabeau Evolution Pillow Review 2017

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

There are people in the world who travel constantly either by plane, train or by hitting the road on a bus or a car. Those people at times get tired and they want to sleep in the car or the plane. But sleeping there is not comfortable because they don’t have the required head or the neck support, therefore sleeping is not an easy feat. Because nodding off just like that can hurt the neck and the head of the sleeper. So sleeping becomes painful. To get rid of that pain, there is a company called Cabeau, and they make pillows, and those pillows, well they serve as the most comfortable travel pillows in the world. These pillows are designed in such a way that they would give the maximum comfort to the user and also make sure that they have a very good and a peaceful sleep. In the evolution pillows, Cabeau has included a secial memory earplug as well. What is so good about this memory ear plug is that it isolates you from all the noise from the environment you are in and hence increasing your sleep quality.

Why choose Cabeau Evolution Pillow?

Cabeau is a renowned brand in the world today, their products are internationally sold and can be found almost all over the world. The reason for this high market for Cabeau is that they have the best design and they provide their customers with the comfort that they long for during their travels. Combining comfort with technology, they have made our lives and our sleeps better and easier. And even to further make things better, they put the memory ear plugs on the pillows so that we can have a better sleep without all the noise from the world.
So this question is answered that Cabeau makes the best pillows. Apart from that they have a large varieties of pillows to choose from so choosing the right pillow becomes an easy feat, but it is not so easy at all. But one thing is sure that when you are in the market and searching for travel pillows, always opt Cabeau because it is the only brand that gives you a lifetime service on the pillows along with a 360 degree unparalleled comfort and the memory earplugs too which no other brands give you. Cabeau never compromises on the quality of the product because they know they are famous for their quality and the comfort.

Choosing the right Cabeau Evolution pillow

There are different types of pillows from Cabeau. Some have micro beads, some are inflatable while some are stuffed with a memory foam. Some of them are for adults while others are designed in such a way that only a toddler would fit in them. Choosing the right pillow for yourself is a hard task. Because Cabeau has made all the pillows with an exceptional quality and an extravagant style. We have tried to review some of the best pillows from Cabeau. Our review is based on a set of different specifications.

Specifications are the abilities and the qualities that a device, machine or a product has. Specifications are really important and must be checked before buying a product because they tell us about what lies inside the box, moreover they allow you to see the quality and overall ability of the product that you are buying as well. Buying a product without checking its specifications can lead you in trouble, as you would have to get the product repaired in case you have bought the wrong one. When it comes to cabeau pillows, its specifications are its quality, material, design, ear plugs and lastly the warranty.

Quality is the first and the foremost concern of a customer. It helps determine the overall endurance of the product as well. There are several brands that produce travel pillows and for them to compete with big companies, they lower the quality of their products. One must always beware of such companies and brands. but Cabeau is known for their top quality materials. They are a global brand so they don’t compromise on the quality of the product to get a good market. The products are designed in such a way that they would endure the wear and tear of traveling without giving you much trouble and without affecting your comfort.

Design is the second most important thing after quality. If a product has a quality, but it has a bad design, then what good is the product? Or if it has bad colours? Or has a very heavy weight? And even it has a very large size that it won’t fit easily? Well all these questions are answered rather ensured by Cabeau. Their products have a state of the art of design, the colours are very elegant and the sizes are optimal so to fit almost every person that uses them. There is also a variety of products from Cabeau.

There are two things that are covered under the material section. First is the material with which the pillow is made, and the second is the material used in stuffing the pillow. Well firstly the material with which the pillow is made is really good and exceptional. The second thing is that the pillows from Cabeau are made with either memory foam or micro beads. Both these materials are exceptionally good and they give the comfort that you have desired for so long. To further solve the issues related to material, they have made inflated pillows as well.

Warranty of a product determines the overall quality of the product along with credibility of the seller. Cabeau is known for the comfort that it provides its customers with and when it comes to customer service and warranty, Cabeau leaves no brick unturned to make sure that the users will get the best experience while using their product. They provide a limited warranty on all their products, which can get the product replaced in case the pillow breaks or there is a fault in the assembly or manufacturing of the product.

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow:

When it comes to comfort pillow serves as one of the pillows in the worlds. It has a beautiful design, comes in different colours too. It is designed in such a way that it will give 360 degree comfort. That is made possible by increasing the height of the side cushions while decreasing those of the back. So this means that you can lean forwards, backwards and sideways without worrying about your neck or your comfort. It has memory foam put in it for maximum comfort of the customer. It is made out of high quality Velour; the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow includes a removable and washable cover that makes cleaning extremely easy and eliminating all the germs easily. Moreover this pillow has the official Cabeau warranty which allows you to get it exchanged in case of any troubles you are having with the pillow. The price of this pillow is cheap and stands at 30$ to 50$. This pillow has separate memory ear plugs as well, for better noise cancellation and noise free sleep.

Cabeau Evolution Cool Travel Pillow:

This wonderful pillow from Cabeau is made in such a way that it will give you the coolness which you need during travels. Its special design keeps the head and the neck of the customer cool for an even more comfortable sleep. It has a very modern and trendy design as well allowing you comfort and a plus point increase in the overall personality of the user. It has a dual memory foam design, which ensures a comfortable sleep. Moreover this pillow has a Cabeau official warranty. It has a patented design and is 24 cm wide and 14 cm high. It has very good colours as well. It can be bought in a good price range of 40-80$.

Cabeau Evolution Micro bead Travel Neck Pillow:

Unlike other pillows, this pillow from Cabeau is made with micro beads. The micro beads are odour free as well. These micro beads when combined with Cabeau technology provide the best all out comfort that a person ever needs. This pillow is designed in such a way that it will give a 360 degree support to the neck and chin as well. Moreover the memory ear plugs help the user to isolate from all the noise and get even better sleep. Moreover it has a limited warranty from Cabeau as well and the price of this pillow is very low and stands at 10-30$.

Cabeau Air Evolution Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow:

Unlike the pillows having micro beads or polyester or memory foam stuffed in them, this pillow from Cabeau is revolutionary and it has nothing but air in it. Yes people, it is an inflatable pillow, having the ability to be folded up to a size of a small can. This pillow also gives you the 360 degree comfort that you need during your travels, along with being your travel partner due to its compact design. The dimensions of this product are 6.5 x 3 x 3 inches. Furthermore it comes in three different colour, grey, blue and black. And it is covered by an official warranty by Cabeau. It has a very cheap price too and can be bought for 10-30$.

Cabeau Kid’s Evolution Micro Jr Travel Pillow:

Toddlers have a more delicate neck and they need more sleep than adults do. But during travels, their sleep gets disturbed and they sometimes hurt their neck or their chins as well. Cabeau came out for a solution to this problem related to kids, and they have designed the Micro Jr just for them. The age limit of this product is 2-6 years and it is pretty rugged and designed in such a way that it would endure all the wear and tear that could happen during travels. This pillow is made with Micro beads to ensure a comfortable sleep. It has beautiful colours and it is a very durable product. Moreover it has the Cabeau official warranty. The price of this product is not much and it can be bought in a very good range of 10$ to 30$.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow, Neck Pillow by MemorySoft:

This is a very good pillow from memory soft. It is designed in such a way that it gives 360 degree comfort to head and neck. Its dimensions are 11.8 x 11 x 4.7 inches. And it has a very light weight of 13.4 ounces. Moreover this pillow has a very cheap price range and it can be bought for 10 to 30$. This pillow is stuffed with memory foam to ensure that you have that perfect sleep and stress free comfort along with it. This pillow has a travel bag included as well in the original package. It has a 30 days money back guarantee and a good customer service.

Product Description Cabeau Evolution Cabeau cool evolution Cabeau micro beads Cabeau inflatable
Size 9.5 x 10 x 5 inches 11.7 x 7.7 x 4.9 inches 10.2 x 10 x 5.2 inches 6.5 x 3 x 3 inches
Specialty None Evolution cool Microbeads Inflatable
Made with Memory foam Memory Foam Microbeads Inflatable
Colours Different Different Different Different
360 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Cabeau official warranty Cabeau official warranty Cabeau official warranty Cabeau official warranty
Price 30-50$ 40-80$ 10-30$ 10-30$

Final Verdict:

Cabeau is a renowned brand and they are famous for two things, their top quality and the unparalleled comfort that they provide. It is one of the best companies in the world that has a variety of products to choose from. But one thing is common in all their products and that is the comfort that these pillows have while using them. Choosing which type of Cabeau pillow you want to buy depends on your preferences. Either you are buying for yourself or your kid, whether you want a pillow with micro beads, inflatable or memory foam, whether you want the pillow to have a cooling system or not, all is provided by Cabeau. These pillows don’t have a competition in the market and they have dominated all the companies producing travel pillows. They are just like Swiss gear of pillows, the perfect quality and the needed endurance.

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