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Windmax Gas Cooktops

When it comes to kitchen accessories, Windmax is known for its dominant niche. They offer quality cooktops, both gas and electric. They are known worldwide for selling quality products and delivering the best. Choosing between a gas and electric cooktop is really easy, you do a small cost and benefit analysis and decide which one to choose.

Usually the gas cooktops win over the electric ones by a 10 to 1 margin. Because of their high heat unit (btu), they not only provide a viable solution to the endearing costs of electricity bills, they also provide the luxury of getting the food cooked or the water boiled more quickly as compared to the electric gas tops. Gas cooktops last longer because of their brittle design than the electric cooktops. So they are more durable. Moreover if you have a blackout, you cannot cook food on the electric cooktops. In such situation the traditional gas cooktops come in handy. So if you’re in a dilemma in choosing between an electric or gas cooktop, what will you do? You will buy the gas cooktop, because it saves you a lot of money, its easy to use, it works during blackouts But if there are many brands that provide quality gas tops, which one will you choose?

That is for you to decide. We are reviewing 10 of the best Windmax gas cooktops.

What is our review based upon?

There are many factors that determine the quality, the pros and cons of a gas cooktop. For example the Heat output it gives, its size, its shape, its quality, is it safe to use, numbers of burners it has, the quality of material used and lastly the type of gases it works with.

Heat output:

Heat output is the amount of heat a cooktop produces with respect to its gas usage. It is measured in BTU(British thermal unit). The higher the heat output, the faster the cooktop will cook the food. But the cooktops with higher heat output use more gas. So

before buying one, you should overlook this.

Don’t forget to read this before buying a cooktop for your kitchen

Number of burners:

Gas cooktops come in different number of burners. If you’re buying for a restaurant, you must consider one with more number of burners, but if you’re buying for home, a cooktop with lesser number of burner is niftier as the large commercial cooktops have consume a larger space.

Size and shape of the cooktop:

Cooktops have a different range in size, the industrial ones are larger and household ones are smaller. So the perfect size must be considered before buying, because if you buy an industrial cooktop, it may consume lots of space. Cooktops usually differ from one another in shapes, and design, but that doesn’t matter as long as you get the perfect size.

Quality of the material:

Windmax that offers a wide range of products that use different materials for the cooktop. Glass, titanium, brittle plastic, stainless steel and cast iron are used to manufacture the cooktops. Choosing between what is the best for you depends upon your usage. But usually stainless steel and titanium cooktops last longer and are easy to use. But the tempered glass ones are alos very good, they provide a shinier outlook when cleaned properly.

Type of gasses it works with:

Gas cooktops usually come with a one type of gas workage, but windmax usually provides options for commercial gas, np and lng. It depends upon what gas is available in the area you are using the cooktop. Also some vendors provide with gas kits and interchangeable adapters. If not, one can always buy an adapter and change the gas type the cooktop works on.


When using gas products, one is always concerned about the safety of themselves. There can be a leakage due to the bad quality of the product or maybe the cooktop isn’t burning all of the gas and releasing raw gas. Cooktops usually have durable materials, but it is a good thing to test one before buying for safety and precautionary measures. Some cooktops are tested and then they are verified before coming to the market. But some are not, so it is important to be sure that whether the product is safe to use or not.


In case of a leakage or a faulty product, the cooktop needs repairing or changing. Some sellers provide customer support while others don’t. So it is a good thing to buy a cooktop that has warranty. So based upon these specifications, we have articulated a review of Windmax Gas cooktops.

Windmax and other brands:

Windmax is an international company which provides quality products globally. They have a quality assurance and a good customer care service. They use quality materials like titanium and stainless steel in manufacturing the cooktops, their heat output is usually higher than other brands, they provide a catalogue of various cooktops that come in different size, shapes and number of burners. Moreover they provide safe to use and pre tested cooktops. Their annual sale tops most of the brands when it comes to kitchen accessories, and that is because they give you a good money to product deal and a quality product that is more durable.

We have reviewed 10 of the best Windmax gas cooktops

WindMax Brand Design 34″ Black Titanium Stainless Steel:

This stylish Cooktop has 5 burners made of cast iron which makes it almost impossible to melt even after continous usage of 12 hours. It has a size of 34 inches which is optimum and can be used both in restaurants and at homes. It cooks food faster with an effective heat output of 11259 Btu/h. The gas hob panel is black and is made of Titanium stainless steel which makes it very easy to clean after using. it works both with LNG and NG.

 Windmax 30″ Fashion Black Tempered Glass Built-in Kitchen

This beautiful glass tempered cooktop has a size of 30”. It works with Natural gas but LNG can be used as well with the help of a special Gas kit, which is offered in the initial package. The heat output of main burner is 3300 W or 11259 Btu/h. Due to its tempered glass, it becomes really easy to clean this masterpiece and it gives a shinier outlook when clean. It has 4 burners which can be used effectively simultaneously without gas shortage. The burner caps are made of iron.

Windmax Fashion Black & Gold 30 Inch Stainless

This brittle yet sleek cooktop is made of stainless steel. It capitalises a size of 30”. It’s brittle surface makes it impossible to put a dent or break this cooktop. It’s compact design makes place for 5 burners. It is only compatible NG. That means that it doesn’t work with LNG without proper adapters and gas kits. Its main burner has a heat output of 3000W. The burner knobs are made of cast iron.

It is a beautiful yet brittle cooktop. It comes in a beautiful gold and a black colour, so if you’re a fan of design, this is the right cooktop for you.

WindMax 34″ Stainless Steel 6 Burner

This cooktop has an impressive size of 34”. Which makes it compatibile for both industry and home. It has 6 burners, with an impressive heat output of 3300 W from the main burner. The hard stainless steel makes this cooktop easily cleaned. It is compatible only with LNG and NG. Its burner knobs are made of iron.

Overall it’s a sleek and hard silver cooktop that sits well with marbles and wood settings.

Windmax USA 23″ Elegant Curve Stainless Steel 4 Burners Stove

This small and nifty cooktop has a small and compact size of 23”. It’s the best to be used at home and at offices with small settings. Its stainless steel makes it thin and hard. Its small size makes it easy to fit into places. Although it is small but it has 4 burners, and its main burner only, which capitalise a huge amount of heatoutput of 3300 W cooks food faster than anything. The burner knobs are made of cast iron. It has heavy duty pan support and wok holders.

28 in Silver Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Stove NG Gas Cooktop.

This Beautiful cooktop is made of stainless steel. It has a compatible stand, which means that it needs not be placed inside a surface. You just have to put it on the tabletop or the stand. But the only issue with this cooktop is that it just has 4 burner knobs even after its 28” size. It works on both LNG and NG. But for LNG, you have to use different adapters. It has an impressive heat output of 3300 W from the main burner. Its color is silver and the ignition type it uses is pulse.

Windmax 35.5 Inch Coated Glass 5 Burners cooktop.

This silver cooktop has a massive 35.5” size. Which is both usable at home and at the restaurant. It has 5 burners, although the burners take a lot of size, but this device produces the most heat ouputs. With an impressive 3300 from 3 main burners.

Burner knobs are made of glass which give it an elegant touch and it’s easy to clean too. Its Small size makes it easy to handle. It uses both LNG and NG. It has an electronic ignition with 110 volt. It has pan safety handle and vok handle.

Windmax 28 in BlackTempered Glass 4 Burner

This cooktop controls temperature to the lowest of the levels and it’s the best option for professional cooks who care about the smallest of the malfunctions. It has a small size of 28”, which makes it compatible to be used at homes. It gives a beautiful outlook to your kitchen. It has 4 burners with the main burner burning at a massive heat output of 3300 W from the main burner. It works both with LNG and with NG. The tempered glass makes it easy to clean and give it a shiny outlook.

30″ Tempered Glass Built-in Kitchen 5 Burner Oven Gas Cooktop

This black cooktop has a size of 30”, both compatible with use at office, restaurant and homes as well. It is made of stainless steel which makes it really hard and easier to clean, It has 5 burners with the main burner cooking at an impressive 3300 W of heat output. It works with Natural gas. It has hardened pan support and a triple wok handle. It’s burner knobs are made with iron.

WindMax 34″ Stainless Steel Circular Frame 5 Burners Stove

This hardened stove is made of stainless steel. It is sleek and has a high burning capacity. With the main burning producing a heat output of over 3300 W. It has 5 burners which makes it easy to use at big setups. The burner caps are made of iron. It has circle wok holders and a pan support. It comes in 2 colours, Black and silver. And it is run by pulse ignition. This cooktop sits best with steel, marble and wooden setups.

Product name WindMax Brand Design 34″ Windmax 30″ Fashion Black Windmax USA 23″ Elegant Curve

Windmax 28 in BlackTempered


Heat output 3300 main burner 3300 main burner 3300 main burner 3000 main burner
Material Titanium stainless steel Tempered  glass stainless steel tempered glass
No of burners 5 4 4 5
Price 229.99$ 235.99$ 199.99$ 215.50$

Windmax gas cooktops; Final verdict

Windmax when it comes to kitchen accessories, undoubtedly provide quality products. They provide a wide range of products to choose from. When it comes to cooktops their high heat output serves as a benchmark among other brands. The quality they give is unmatched and has no parallel.

Windmax serves as one of the best companies that provide gas cooktops. Their wide varieties give the customers a luxury to choose between the products of their choice. There endurable products usually last longer than most of the brands, also they last longer than the Electric cooktops.


One in All Solution; Broil King Barron 440

 A Comparative analysis; Broil King Barron 440

The Broil King Barron 440 is the phenomena grilling machine that grill your meat brilliantly. Unlike other grilling machines, Broil King Barron is manufactured concretely. It is a gas grilled Barron that contains four main burners complementing by propane grill. Amazingly, Broil King Barron contains side stoves to cook other meals as well like vegetables etc. It is manufactured with the help of cast iron gates, keeping in consideration the solidity of the grilling machine.

Therefore, as in comparison to other grill machines, this is the most reliable one in terms of its validity and performance. Moreover, it is expected that this Broil King Barron will be nominated for Bronze Award on the basis of its unique specifications. It is all in one grill machine that contains stoves with grilling shafts, you can not only grill your meat but can also cook your meal side by side.


The heating system of the Broil King’s 440 range is highly systematic due to cast iron grids which made it extremely heavy duty. Linear Flow valves evenly allocates the power that helps in heating the Barron quickly. Once the grills are heated it cooks and grills the meal as quickly as required and is recommended for cooking of plenty of people.


Grilling Space:

444-sq is confined for the cooking only out of 644-sq. This area is wide enough to feed plenty of people and this range is recommended for those who needs to feed more people.

Manufacturing of Grill:

The amazing thing about Barron 440 is its stoves or burners are dual tube and are made up of stainless steel. On the other hand the grates are made up of cast iron that prevents them from rusting. The design of the burners are very unique, they are designed in a way that heat of the flame passes from the front to the back of the burner and this ensures the even allocation of heat across all the burners. This range contains the casters which help in the proper adjustment and can be removed when the grill is to move from one place to another. The Barron 440 envisaged levers within it which help in maintaining the balance on uneven surfaces. Several other Broil King’s accessories can also be considered like rotisserie kit to enjoy the true essence of grilling and cooking with us.


The stainless steel burners contains the warranty of ten years by Broil Kings. While two years of warranty is provided on remaining parts of the Barron 440. As such machines cannot be purchased on monthly or even on quarterly basis, therefore be smart when you decide to short list the best cooking range for your kitchen.

Support Services:

The website of Broil Kings’ contains the section of FAQ (frequently asked questions) which almost addressed all the questions you need to find answer of. Besides, if you ever wish to coordinate with the customer support services, you can approach through email or via phone.

Specifications Kings’ Barron 440
BTUs 40,000
Area 644-sq
Linear Flow valves yes
Ignition system yes
Flav-R-Wave yes
Oven Cast iron-cannot be rusted
Casters yes

Recommended Broil Kings’ Range:

Following are the top best reviews of the Broil King Barron one must consider while buying a grilling stove for your kitchen.

Broil King Signet 70:

The Broil King Signet 70 is styled with liquid propane with three burners envisaged in it. The price ranges from 548 to 550 $. It is constructed with the help of three stainless steel containing dual tube stoves that provides at most 40,000 BTUs. This helps in burning and heating of the grill quickly that grills the meat rapidly. The rear burners provide 15,000 BTUs along with rotisserie kit that helps in quick grilling of the meat. Area wise this grilling machine occupies up to 635 sq that includes 400 sq area of the specific cooking range. This range can help you in cooking the meal for your guests as many as you can. 70 signet is constructed with the help of cast iron that is not only reversible but a heavy duty grilling giant. The stainless steel contains Flav-R-Wave, a system that helps 70 signet in maintaining the reliability of the consumer. It has a touch sensitive button that is rotatable up to 180 degree containing Linear Flow Valves. The side shelves made of stainless steel can be folded inward. Broil King Signet 70 contains the lite ignition. Last but not the least, signet 70 contains cast aluminum oven that contributes in the allocation of heat and can n ever be rusted.

Broil King Signet 320 Cast Aluminum:

This amazing intervention has been constructed in North America. The price ranges from 498 to 500$. This grilling machine occupies 635 sq out of which 400 sq is confined for cooking only. Broil King Signet 320 made of stainless steel with dual tube. Over all the stoves provides up to 40,000 BTU to enhance optimal performance. Excellently heavy duty made up of cast iron with Flav-R-Wave. Flav-R-Wave cooking range helps in the systematic allocation of heat with its Linear Flow system. The knobs of the stoves provide excellent control of the temperature. This grilling machine is specifically for those who wants control of the machine. Besides, the electric switch ignites the grill instantly without any delay. It contains side shelves made up of stainless steel which helps in the preparation like cutting and stuff. These shelves can be folded and can easily be cleaned up. Moreover, the base provided to save the specifications of grilling material.

Broil King Baron S320:

The Broil king S320 is constructed as a three burner style. It is a natural gas grilled machine whose 30,000BTUs enhances the optimal level of performance by heating the grills speedily. Baron S320 occupies total 440-sq out of which 330-sq is confined for the cooking range only. Excellently constructed with stainless steel that is reversible with cast iron grids which are amazingly heavy duty. Extremely smart grilling machine containing Flav-R-Wave cooking and grilling range complementing by Linear Flow valves with highly touch sensitive control system that rotates around 180 degree. This range contains side shelves made up of stainless steel highly reliable and can be folded with level Q caster that helps in maintaining the balance of grill on the surfaces which are highly uneven.

Broil King Sovereign XLS:

The price ranges from 9000 to 11000$. This range of Broil King made up of four stainless steel containing dual tube with stoves. These dual tubes provides 50,000 BTUs to increase the performance to the maximum level by heating the grill speedily. Amazingly, the front stoves are provided 10,000 BTUs while rear stoves are provided 18,000 BTUs with rotisserie kit is given this range more uniqueness. As in total area this range occupies 1000-sq while 600-sq is confined by the cooking and grilling range only. 600 sq ft is enough to cook the meal of guests. The range is constructed as a touch sensitive system can be rotatable up to 180 degree with linear Flow valves. This range is made up of 9mm stainless steel cooking range complementing Flav-R-Wave range. Sovereign contains side shelves as well which can be folded easily. It contains the large wheels with Q casters that help the range in maintaining the balance of the grill even on uneven surfaces. This is complemented with the electric ignition known as Sure-Lite Ignition style. Cast aluminum supports the equal distribution of heat which prevent the oven from getting rusted. The Broil Sovereign is manufactured carefully in North America with limited warranty.

Broil King Signet 20:

The Broil King Signet 20 contains 40,000BTUs with the primary stove that is highly heavy duty, made up of grids containing cast iron. The Broil King 20 is constructed with stainless steel having Flav-R-Wave grilling and the cooking range which helps in the distribution of heat as well as in enhancing the optimal output by heating the grills and stoves quickly. As in total area the Broil 20 occupies 635 wide range out of which 400-square only is confined to the cooking and grilling range. The base contains the oven made up of cast aluminum enclosed in the stainless steel.

Broil King Signet 90:

The price ranges from 617 to 619$. The broil range 90 made up of three stainless steel containing dual tube stoves which ensures the supply of 40,000 BTUs to enhance the optimal level of performance through heating the cooking and the grilling range as quickly as required. The side stoves are provided with 10,000 BTUs while rear stoves are provided with 15,000 BTUs complementing with rotisserie kit which enhances the uniqueness of the Broil Range 90. Over all the Broil 90 occupies the 635-sq wide area out of which 400-sq is confined for the cooking and the grilling range which is enough for the preparation of meal for several people. Broil 90 is excellently a heavy duty range made up of cast iron with stainless steel Flav-R-Wave range. Its Linear Flow Valves system is rotatable up to 180 degree consists of highly sensi-touch control system. This range is equipped with side shelves as well and these shelves can be folded. In addition to this, these shelves are beneficial in cutting and working while grilling your meal. The whole range is just one tick away as it contains the Sure-Lite Ignition range. The base contains the oven that is made up of cast aluminum which is equipped with the equal allocation of heat to all the burners. The oven is highly reliable as cast aluminum prevents it from rusting.

Broil King Monarch 340:

The price ranges from 448 to 450$. The Monarch contains three stainless steel burners witj dual tube helps in enhancing the maximum level of output by providing the heat up to 30,000 BTUs. The stoves at the side of the range are provided with 10,000 BTUs which gives this range a unique quality in cooking and grilling the meal as quickly as required. Space wise this range occupies 520-sq area wide out of which 330-sq is confined for the cooking area only and this area is enough to cook the meal for several individual at one time. It is highly efficient as it is a heavy duty range made up of cast iron. The stainless steel system is equipped with Flav-R-Wave with Linear Flow valves that can be rotatable at 180 degree containing Sensi-Touch system. This system helps in controlling the temperature as requires. To start handling the Monarch range is just one tick away as it contains the Ignition system that is electrical. The base is equipped with the oven that is made up of cast aluminum which prevents the oven from rusting.

Comparison Chart between Broil King’s 440 and 320 Range:

Following is the chart showing the main specifications which differentiate each of the range from the other.

Specification Baron 320 Baron 440
Style 320 Cast Aluminum Liquid Propane 440
Size Three Burner Four Burner
Color Silver and black Black
Oven yes Stainless steel-cast iron
Area 635 644-sq
Linear Flow valves yes yes
Stainless steel, Flav-R-Wave yes yes
BTUs 40,000 40,000


On the basis of its style, size and specifications the Broil Kings’ 440 has been the most recommended grilling and cooking range as its cooking area is wide which provides you the enough space to cook for plenty of people. Besides, its handling is just one tick away due to its specialized electrical ignition system. Moreover, the base is equipped with oven made up of cast iron which prevents it from getting rusted. Nonetheless, the Barron’s is equipped with stainless steel heavy duty, dual tube which ensures the even allocation of heat across all the burners from rear to front.

This help in the cooking and the grilling of the meal as quickly as required. Therefore, if you are planning to choose the best cooking and grilling range than you are at the right place. Broil Kings’ 440 is one in all cooking and grilling range. Its side shelves helps in cutting stuff while its casters helps in maintaining the balance of the grill in uneven places.

Therefore, don’t rush into buying this amazing deal, have a look at our aforementioned products and so their reviews. This article is intended to  educate you about the specifications of the best Barron 440 for your outdoor activities. This is the best deal for your outdoor enjoyment plans.

Best Induction Cooktop Range 2017

In modern times Induction Cooktops enjoy a niche in all of Europe. They have replaced the traditional Gas and Electric Cooktops. But why? When it comes to energy efficiency Induction cooktops give a top out performance as compared to the traditional gas and heat  cooktops. They use electromagnetic waves to heat the metal atoms of the pan placed on the cooktop unlike gas and electric cooktops which indirectly heat the pan. They give an 80% output while gas and electric cooktops stand at 37% and 70% respectively. Electricity is used to produce electromagnetic waves which excite the atoms of the metal placed on top of the cooktop. This excitement of the metallic pan produces heat which is more than that of the traditional cooktops. It boils 6 cups of water under 3 minutes. And this is not it.

The Induction cooktop itself doesn’t get heated, this means that you no longer have to worry about burnt hand because of cooktops. They are really easy to clean when it comes to spills, moreover to provide from spills you can place a towel between the Induction cooktop and the pan, and still the pan will get heated to the same amount. They have a very precise temperature control, which means that from melting chocolates to cooking meat, you can control the temperature to your need. Moreover you no longer have to worry about the gas leakage because of faulty gas pipes or even malfunctioned electric circuits of electric cooktops because the Induction cooktop’s magnets are durable.

This means that you can actually save enormous amounts of money that you preciously spent on repairing the traditional cooktops. Induction cooktops are not only durable but also they are efficient in their outputs. They provide the user with efficient and smart temperature control and easy interface. Induction cooktops have gone one step further to make their devices beautiful and sleek. They have such a design that it can easily blend in all sorts of kitchen décor. Safety is a concern when it comes to working with heat. With induction cooktops you can cook food safely without the fear of getting burnt. The cooktop will turn off automatically as you take off the pan from the cooktop. The cooktop wouldn’t be heated and will have a neutral temperature.

Because of their high market, there are many brands that provide quality induction cooktops that are durable and have an eccentric price. They differ from one another in lots of things. The international brands offer different qualities of cooktops. We have reviewed 10 of the best induction cooktops based on the following specifications.

Specifications are the qualities and the applications that a machine or device possesses.
In case of induction cooktops, they are the size, heat output, energy usage, warranty, design, temperature control, efficiency, quality of material and the type of electricity it runs with.

Induction cooktops come in different sizes. It depends upon the numbers of burners it has. Which are usually from a single burner to over 6 burners. Induction cooktops have a wide variety of sizes that are suitable for both use at home and at large settings. Size is an important thing when it comes to induction cooktops as you can buy a cooktop of the wrong size and dimension that would not fit your kitchen.

In modern times when kitchen accessories are designed to perfection, induction cooktops too enjoy the same. Some Induction cooktops come with a stand while other need fitting in the kitchen where they need to be placed. They come in different colours and can blend easily with décor of various kitchens. The best designs are usually from international companies that produce quality products which are both durable and elegant in their outlook.

Quality of material:

Induction cooktops are generally made with products that are meant to last longer because they compete with the traditional electric and gas cooktops which produce quality products. The inner magnets of an induction cooktop are made with the best material so that they can produce desired results. The mainframe is made with insulators so that it becomes shock proof. The cheap induction cooktops give the worst quality, which can be lesser efficient and can give shocks to the users.

People opt for induction cooktops, first are that they are elegant and second are that they are more efficient than the traditional gas and electric cooktops. The efficiency of an Induction cooktop depends on the material and it’s quality. Induction cooktops usually have an efficiency of 70-80%. But it may vary with electricity fluctuations and general condition and age of the induction cooktop

Induction cooktops are widely bought because of their ability to cook food faster than that of traditional cooktops. They have the ability to boil 1.5 litres of water in less than 3 minutes. Induction cooktops come with different heat outputs. Their main burner has the capacity to cook food faster than the traditional cooktops. The heat output of an induction cooktop is measured in either watts or BTU(British Thermal Units). It is important to buy cooktops with respect to their Heat-outputs. But the more the heat output of a cooktop, the more electricity it will consume.

Induction cooktops generally have a digital temperature control, which means that to the smallest of fraction, you can control the temperature of the induction cooktop. They also have a set timer, which means that the device has the ability to turn itself off after selective period of time. The interface of the induction cooktops depends upon the cooktop itself. The cooktops with more number of burners usually have a detailed interface as compared to the one with single burner. However international companies provide detailed interface for single-burner.

Before buying an induction cooktop one must be sure about the authenticity of the seller. That can be cross checked with the customer support the seller is willing to provide. There are times when the induction cooktop starts to get faulty. Under such conditions it needs repairing and in cases when you are delivered with a faulty product, it needs to be changed. This all depends upon the seller’s authenticity.

Most Recommended Cooktops 2017

Based on these specifications, we have selected the 10 best induction cooktops.

Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner:

This induction cooktop has only one burner which is very powerful. It has a maximum heat output of 1800 Watts. Which is adjustable from as low as 140watts up to 1800 watts. The timer of this cooktop can be set from 1 minutes to 170 minutes. It has a diagnostic error system which alerts the user of high and low voltage. It runs on Ac voltage of 120V and a frequency of 60Hz. The seller provides with a warranty of 1 year. And weighs at 7.1 pounds.

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient:

This elegant cooktop is portable, which means that you can carry it to wherever there is an electric switch. It runs on 110V electricity. It produces a heat output of 1800 watts between the 2 burners. It has a digital temperature control. The height of this compact device just
stands at 2.5 inches. And it weighs at a very light 11.2 pounds. Its black colour makes It elegant.

Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop: 1 year warranty

This induction cooktop comes with 4 element burners. It has a maximum wattage of 3600 watts. It has a good temperature control. It comes with a speed boost option which means that you can cook food even faster on this cooktop. It has residual heat indicator. Also it provides its users with an independent countdown timer. It weighs just over 40 pounds.

GE PHP9036DJBB Profile 36″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop:

This Ge Induction cooktop model has 11’’ 5 element burners, which all together produce an excessive heat output of over 3700 Watts. It has digital touch control along with sync burners and pan indicator sensors. It has a kitchen timer along with a controlled lock ability. It weighs at over 55 pounds. And the seller provides a limited warranty of 1 year for the product.

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop, Black:

Cuisinart ICT-60 comes with 2 element burners. It has dual heat settings with 8 settings on the left burner and 5 setting on the right burner. It has individual 150 minute timers and separate on and off switches for both burners. It throws off less heat so that the kitchen can stay cool. Its heat automatically turns off after 30 seconds of pan removal. It just weighs 11.6 pounds

iRANGE A18 Ultra Slim Portable Induction Cooktop: 

This iRange cooktop has one element induction. It comes with a precise temperature control and safety settings. It has 10 different temperature levels. Also it comes with child lock and an advance overheat protection. This lightweight device is portable and can be carried anywhere.

Frigidaire FGIC3067MB 30″ Induction Cooktop, Black:

Frigidaire Induction cooktop comes with 4 high heat induction elements. With every element producing an heat output of over 400 watts. It has independent temperature control and a power assist function. It weighs at 44.6 pounds. It’s design is elegant and it is made with tempered glass which makes it really easy to clean. It runs on 220/240V of electricity. It has a patent heat sharing technology. Also it comes with safety measures which means that it will turn off automatically once the pan placed is removed. It works with induction compatible pans

GE PHP9030DJBB Profile 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop:

This Ge cooktop has 4 element Induction. It comes with independent temperature control. And a simple interface which makes it really easy to use. It has separate on off buttons for every element burner. It comes with a sleek design with its height at just 4 and a half inches. It is a little heavy and weighs over 44 pounds. Its has an expensive price tag of 1079$.

True Induction TI-2B Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop:

True Induction T1-2B comes with a double element burner. It is a very compact and an elegant device with its height at a mere 3 inches. It is potable and has a light weight of just 24.5 pounds. It cooks food really fast with a maximum wattage of 1800 watts. It has independent temperature control and a timer as well on the interface. It works with 120V of electricity. It has safety measures included as well. The device turns off automatically when the pan is removed from it. Once set at 450 degree temperature it doesn’t fluctuate and stays there. It has a patent heat sharing which means that the 1800 watts is shared between the two burners. Also this cooktop only words with induction compatible cookware. It has a 2 year warranty.

Gourmia GIC-100 Multifunction Portable 1800W Induction Cooker Cooktop:

This single induction element comes in with smart sense auto detection, which turns it off automatically once the pan is taken off. It has a timer that can be set up to 180 minutes. It has a very precise temperature control and an 8 level settings. Its temperature can be set from 160 degree to 460 degree F. It is white in colour and has an overheat control. It has been built in such a way that it can easily be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth due to its glass surface.

Product name Secura 9100MC 1800W Cooktop True Induction TI-2C Cooktop Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30″ GE PHP9036DJBB Profile 36
No of element burners 1 2 4 5
Weight(pounds) 7.1 11.2 40 55
Heat output(watts) 1800 1800 3600 3700
Warranty 1 year 2 year 18 months 1 year
Price 58.99$ 279.99$ 1434$ 1329$

Final Verdict:

Due to the high demand of Induction cooktops, various companies are providing quality cooktops. Choosing the right cooktop depends upon your preferences. But choosing between induction and traditional cooktops, one must always opt for the induction cooktop, because they are more efficient, safe and durable as compared to other cooktops.

Therefore, don’t forget rush into buying the cheaper options which are not worth investing for. Do consider our best reviewed Induction Cooktops in order to select the best suitable for yourself. The best of all depends upon your requirements. Because Induction Cooktops cannot be purchased on monthly basis. You need to think very seriously keeping in mind your budget limitations. The aforementioned reviews and specifications this way will help you in identifying the best one which suits you the best.


Best Humidifier Reviews 2017


Humidifier Reviews

Humidifiers are an innovative source of improving the dry air quality of home and office. It meant to provide moist air which reduces allergens, dust, irritation and congestion etc. it keeps the air fresh and worthy to inhale. There is variety of product available in the market to choose the best product having unique features to work productively. For this one needs to know the details of the functions. For this all the electronic manufacturer competitors introduce their products on website by providing complete features.


The best humidifier must have the ability to make the ambiance comfortable for allergy prone consumers. Humidifier helps reducing all the contaminated particles from the air and makes the air moisture and pure. For this humidifiers emit both warm and cool moist in order to retain the atmosphere of the room or office according to the need.

The silent humidifiers are preferred to keep the peace of mind. There are some products which have both the features of air purifier and humidifier for effective result. Humidifier also offers the digital LCD to display the information for maintenance or other indication to keep it going.

Boneco 7135 Review

The Boneco ultrasonic 7135 give value to money by offering high humidity output. It has large tank that works longer and handy to navigate LCD screen. It is very quiet ultra-motor built in timer. This unit runs while you sleep and automatically gets off while need arise. It is durable and with multiple features this is one of the best humidifiers in the market. It offers three years warranty. This is also toll free and contact number of the company is available on website to reach the agent immediately for any complain or service. For complete information regarding product one may surf the related website. Company has managed the FAQ page in order to facilitate their customers as much as they can.

This silent, ultrasonic humidifier emits both warm and cool mist. Both are equally important to reduce the humidity. It is adjustable according to the requirement of health. It is switched to warm mist setting if someone is sick and having allergies. This gentle heat also helps to kill the germs, bacteria and allergens from the environment. It is switched back to cool option if require to keep some other place. It reduces between 40 to 75 per cent humidity. Its auto mode adjusts itself to room environment by using other mist options. It regularly maintains the humidity level constantly. On high mineral contents, it requires to change the cartridge after every two to three months. It has automatically cleaning indicator to inform about the cleaning of the humidifier.

It is one of the best humidifier in the market.

Heaven Fresh HF 710 Review

 Heaven Fresh humidifier is one of the best competitors in the market. It has all the features good humidifiers have to maintain good will in the market. This humidifier emits both cool and warm mist for an efficient function. Though is does not have an inbuilt handle yet easy to carry. It retains the good level of mist in order to eliminate the dry air and irritants of bacteria and virus that creates sinus and allergy problems. The warm and cool mist humidifier are top ten products received Silver Award on their effective efficiency.

The Heaven Fresh HF 710 eliminates the nose irritation.  This product is sufficiently works for 650sq ft room. On its highest setting it produces warm mist. It evaporates 3.67 gallon mist into the air during 24hous and 1.9 gallons on the cool setting. It is an ultrasonic humidifier works on high frequency and does not make any noise. The unique feature of this product is having split nozzle at the top which permits to throw mist in two different directions. It covers the three years warranty. One can take help from the manufacturer if some defects appear in the product. Further additional support is available in the company website. The whole information about the HF 710 is also found on website. Like other competitors this company also has FAQs page and answer all the queries of the customers.

This humidifier is very useful product for those who suffers from allergies and easily affected by airborne pollutants. It is completely silent and does not bother the user by any spluttering or gurgling sounds. It consumes less energy to run for hours. It uses less power than a-watt light bulb.

Pure Guardian H4610 Review

The PureGuardian H4610 is patented technology and Bronze Award winner. Its moisture leaves white dust on furniture.  It has built in demineralization filter which need to be changed after three to four months depends on the usage. It is durable and fights both mold and mildew in the tank. It emits both warm and cool mist. It helps reducing the dryness of air and eliminates airborne pollutants cause allergy and itchy skin. It soothes the patient in both the situations. It maintains the humidity level of the office or home either warm or cool.

On its highest speed it converts 1.5 gallon of water into mist during 24 hours. It is reasonable for 650sq ft area. It is ultrasonic air humidifier and works without making noise. On the lowest speed this unit can run for several days without refilling of water. The manufacturer recommends to operate it on cool mode in children room as the warm mist produce the hot water which cause scalding hazard. On the other hand the unit may be tripped. This unit automatically stops working on low water level. Its digital control has soft light and able you to adjust even in darkness.

This humidifier has no humidistat to measure the humidity of the area. Therefore it has timer function to set on four, eight, twelve hours to work before it automatically shuts off. It offers three years warranty and there is toll free contact numbers for the consumers to establish contact at the time of any inquiry or complaint. This company like other competitors has FAQs to answer all the questions of the customers related to their product. It is large humidifier with effective system to remove germ and allergens from the air. It eliminates unwanted virus, mold and humidity from the home or office.

Winix AW600 Review

Winix AW600 is unparalleled two in one product.  It is versatile due to its unique features. It is air purifier–cum-humidifier with multiple function and sophisticated features. It is one of the heaviest humidifiers and large enough for some household. This product works efficiently and very easily maintained. Its dual function as air purifier and humidifier, it is very effective to remove all the dust, allergens, contamination and airborne pollutants from home or office. It makes the environment healthy to live in. it removes all smell cause by cigarette smoke, cooking, and animal dander.

This product sensor is very impressive. When it gets dark, its lights go off and fan speed automatically slows down. Winix is recognized due to its high performance air purifier and humidifier. It maintains the air purification without making it dry. It works silently and on sleeping mode turns off its light and adjusts fan to the lowest settings at night. It is ultrasonic humidifier and creates mist through vibration. The in built discs have an antimicrobial coating, and the humidifier Plasma Wave technology as well as a dual HEPA and carbon combination filters help for additional quality and purity of air.  All these feature work together to get rid of foul and unpleasant unhealthy particles from the surroundings. It cleans and humidifies the air in areas up to 600sq ft. This is something of a hybrid machine and it does not work like other humidifiers like emission of warm and cool mist yet offers same kind of benefits.

The control panel is very easy to use due to its digital display. It works silently without any distraction. This unit turns off when the water level gets low. It is the heaviest product weighing around 15.4pounds. it is not recommended for small areas. It offers three years warranty like other products in the market. If customers run into problem they can contact with company conveniently through email or by phone. Company also has FAQs on its website to answer all the queries.

Vornado Evap2 Review

Vornado is not an ultrasonic humidifier and makes noise on high speed. It offers five years warranty and the longest among any of such product. It claims that it does not leave any white dust on furniture as other ultrasonic humidifier usually does. It functions different from other similar products. It does not emit warm mist. It just releases cool mist to purify and keep the environment moisture. It eliminates the dryness and reduces the causes of allergy prone diseases by removing dust, allergens and other pollutants from the indoor air. The Vornado Evap2 is known as evaporative humidifier that absorbs dry air, moves through wet wick and then turns it into moist air by using powerful inbuilt fan. This product converts 2gallon of water into mist within 24 hours and reasonable for 600sq ft.

It has a unique feature like humidistat which regulates the level of humidity of the room. It works only as a cool mist humidifier. This makes the humidifier safer for children and a better humidifier for a baby than some other models. It works as fan as well as humidifier so does not have auto shut off feature. So it stays on working mode on lower water level on less risk of overheating. It has well-lit display buttons that allow you to operate the controls in the dark.

If consumer encounters situation may check the product manual on the company’s website. They also have access to a toll-free phone number or email support if need help related to device for setting.

Sunpentown SU-4010 Review

The Sunpentown SU-4010 is an ultrasonic humidifier soothes air commendably and functions inaudibly enough not to be irritating or disturbing sleep. It is slim and adjust anywhere in a small area. This filter costs higher. The Sunpentown SU-4010 is a suitable, quiet and proficient humidifier that efficiently gets rid of symptoms caused by dry air. It lacks the feature of inbuilt humidistat to measure the humidity of the area it is installed. It yields approximately 2.5gallons of water every 20 hours. It is convenient for 500sq ft area. This is an ultrasonic humidifier and works almost 12 hours on cool mist mode while on warm mist setting it runs 10 hours.

It runs silently and does not disturb sleep at night. It is ideal humidifier on cool mist as keep the ambiance favourable for youngsters. Doctors also recommend the cool mist mode for kids that help to avoid any situation. For adults hot mist is good to reduce the effect of congestion but should be operated by ensuring all the safety measures for kids.

This is an ultrasonic humidifier, so it uses vibration to convert water into a sufficient mist. Water containing a high level of contaminations not only reduces a humidifier life but also leave fine white dust on furniture when the mist dissolves. The typical of ultrasonic humidifiers, is to use and replace the filter according to the manufacturer guidelines. Fortunately, Sunpentown contains a replaceable filter with the SU-4010 to prevent minerals from building up inside it and recommends you buy a spare every six months. The replacement of filter is costly than other humidifiers. It is the best product with maximum features. This itself turn off on lowering the water level.

One of the exceptional features of the Sunpentown SU-4010 is its long, thin design. It is adjustable at small palace. It is over 5 inches wide and may be fit at various places. Despite the unit’s narrow size yet its tank holds over a gallon of water, which is plenty to keep the humidifier running for a long time. When you need to refill the clear tank, it separates easily from the base and, with the built-in handle, is easy to transport to the sink. Like other products this humidifier company also has website to complete information regarding the product. It has the facility of a toll-free number on the manufacturer’s website. In addition, one can send an email to the manufacturer. There is also a product manual on the company’s website in case come across any situation.


Find out the Best Rototillers Here

Rototillers are an alternative to electric tillers and traditional tractor tillers.
Rototillers run on gasoline and are powerful and nifty and save you a lot of money as compared to the electric rototiller. It also saves you time as you don’t have to charge your tiller again and again unlike the electric tiller. The tractor tiller is used for huge farms and acres, but rototiller even when compared to the tiller pulled by a tractor, is not more efficient in energy output, but also is more concise.

A gardener can spend many days, pulling out weeds by hand with the help of shovels and hoes and clearing the soil for the new seeds to be planted. A rototiller does the same job, is depth adjustable too, which means that you can actually cultivate your soil as deep as you can to make the rows taller which will shed water more effectively. Rototillers are also used to add nutrients to the soil, which will ensure the elaborate consistency of them in the soil. Rototillers are used as an alternative to hand-shoveling and raking.

Why waste many days on tilling your garden manually, when you can do that with the help of rototillers, that not only save your time but also give you the relaxation form back spasms due to the hard work you put in while hand-shoveling or raking. Rototillers come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are used in small lawns and gardens, while others are modified in such way that they are used in large gardens and farms.

Buying the suitable rototiller depends upon the area for which you’re buying a rototiller for. If you want to buy a tiller for just clearing out the land of weeds or if you’re buying the rototiller to make an entirely new bed of soil for cultivation, for both purposes there are different kind of rototillers. These different kinds have different

Types of Rototillers:
Rototillers are of two types, one that uses a front tine and the other that uses a rear tine.
The front tine tiller or the cultivator is a small machine. It is used in small areas like gardens and lawn which has soft soil. It is used to clear the soil of weeds. Front tine tillers have ability to be used in small areas and sideways, due to their small compact tiller design. They have the ability to be maneuvered in accordance with area.

The rear line tiller is a powerful machine and has wheels in the front.  It is used for larger gardens and farms to till the area effectively. It is used for heavy black or red clay and in gumbo mud due to its extra power and penetrating ability. It is used to create a new bed of soil for cultivation.

Both front and back tine Rototillers have different specifications and before buying them, they must be overlooked as they are important. Specifications are the qualities that a machine possess. They include the size and depth of the blade, the power the tiller produces, and whether it has wheels or not and how many blades does the tiller have.

Size and depth of the tiller blade:
Rototiller blades come in different shapes and sizes. The perfect length of the tiller blade depends upon the area you’re buying the rototiller for. For small garden front tine tiller is used, whose blades are smaller in length. For larger farms rear tine tiller is used who blades are larger in length. Similarly depth of the blades is adjustable, but the front tine tiller has a lesser depth compared to the rear tine tiller.
Different rototillers have a different number of blades on the tiller. Number of blades must be checked before buying as they are important. Similarly the quality of the blades must be checked as well. Some dealers sell blades that are weak in quality and they break easily.
The energy used to produce work is called power. Power is an important specification. Small rototillers have smaller power units as compared to the large rototillers. The amount of gas a rototiller uses to produce certain energy is important. It depends upon the engine of the machine you’re buying.
Some rototillers have wheels attached to them, while the others don’t. Wheels matter a lot, they reduce the force you put while tilling. Simultaneously they can slip as well during the tilling process. It depends upon the type of field and soil you’re preparing that whether u need wheels or not. Usually all rear tine tillers have wheels attached to them due their heavy weight. And some front tine tillers don’t have wheels attached to them. Which makes them maneuvered easily.
Type of gas:
Tillers run on either petrol or diesel. Choosing the right one depends upon the availability of the fuel
Some sellers provide invaluable customer support and warranties of the rototillers. Which mean that during the early use of machine, if some problem erupts, you can send it to repairing and you won’t be checked. Checking the authenticity of the seller is important. As it determines the quality of warranty he is going to give.
We have recommended 10 of the best and most efficient rototillers after studying and testing them deeply under the above given specifications.

Recommended Rototillers

Following are the most recommended Rototillers after extensive research on the product;

Earthquake MC43 43cc 2-Cycle CARB Compliant Engine:
This small front tine tiller has two rear wheels attached to it, which means that its not too hard to work with and may only be used for small gardens and soft soils, due to it very small blade size of 6 inches. It’s depth too like the size of its blades is less and it stays at only 8“. This means that this tiller can fit in the smallest of the sideways and lawns and is the best to take out weeds and clear the soil off of impurities. It has an engine of 43cc, which means it doesn’t use much energy and does its task effectively. The warranty of tiller is 1 year, while the engine of the rototiller has a warranty of 2 years. It has no wheels.

Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller with 196cc:
This gear driven rototiller can be forwarded and reversed. It has a powerful engine of 196CC, and has two front wheels attached which are of 13 inches. The size of tiller blades is 18 inches with a massive depth of 11 inches. Southland is an international brand when it comes to rototillers. They provide a limited but effective warranty of 2 years for the whole machine. This rototiller has folding pistol grip handles which makes it even easier to maneuver.

Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller:
This beautiful built design machine is very powerful. It has a powerful engine of 208cc. The width of tiller is adjustable from 12inches to 24 inches and 26inches. It has been built with a drag handle and a counter weight. Which makes it very easy to run. It is even used to break snow floor because of its hard tillers. The warranty of this product depends on the seller you are buying it from.

BCS Tiller Rear Tine Tiller GX340 Honda 26″
This 10Hp rototiller is a very powerful device. It has a huge tiller width of 26 inches. It comes with adjustable width. It is among the most expensive brand of tillers. It’s price is 4117.30.
It runs a massive 340cc engine, which is powered by gasoline.When getting works like tilling and preparing the soil for new seeds, this machine has a standout performance. It has all types of gear transmission. It has two front wheels.

Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7940 Powered by Honda:

This is a very small, compact and light weight rototiller. It is effectively used in small gardens and lawns to successfully till them off of weeds. It has a 10 inches width. And an adjustable depth of 2 inches to 9 inches. Which means that u can cultivate your soil to a very shallow range of 2-3 inches. Although it has just a 24cc engine, but its tillers rotate twice as faster than the other. The machine just weighs 24 pounds, making it really easy to carry. On the other hand, the seller provides the buyers with a warranty of 5 years on the engine and a lifetime warranty for the breakage of tillers. But this machine has no wheels, which makes it appliance on hard soil very hard.

Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026 17-Inch Rear Tine Tiller:
This massive tiller is loaded with briggs and statton 900 series engine which makes it really powerful. The width of the tillers is 17 inches. While the depth is adjustable. It has a very simple mechanism. It is laced with forward and rear gear transmission. It is handy on all types of surfaces. But this device is really heavy. It weighs over 212 pounds, which makes it difficult to is carry, but the powerful engine is able to carry the weight of its master machine. The tillers on this machine are very sharp and are counter rotating.

Earthquake 20015 Versa Tiller Cultivator with 99cc 4-cycle Viper Engine.
This rototiller has a tiller width of 21“. Which makes it effective for large areas as well. It comes with a 99cc powerful engine, which is able to drive this tiller, which is a bit heavy for a front tine tiller, it weighs just over 80 pounds. It has adjustable depth control. It runs on front and rear transmission. It can be converted from a tiller to a cultivator. The seller provides the buyer with a 5 year warranty

Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller:
This rototiller is very easy to handle. It can be used with one hand due to the single sod. It has the ability to reverse as well. It has two front wheel, making it a rear tire tiller. It has a massive engine of 212cc. It has a very durable and power effective design. It is made with cast iron which makes the device really strong. Its depth is adjustable.

Mantis XP Extra-Wide Tiller Cultivator 7990 Powered by Honda:
This rototiller provides a generous width of 16inches, with a mere 34 pounds of weight. It has large width and can easily be carried. It is one of the most complete rototillers present in the market. Its curvy tillers have an adjustable depth. This tiller has no wheels, but its powerful engine makes it really easy to use. The seller provides with a warranty of 5 years on machine and lifetime on the breakage of tillers. It has finger controlled throttle, which adjusts the tiller speed effectively.

Troy-Bilt Pro-Line FRT Mid-Size Rear-Tine:
This garden tiller is a rear tine tiller, it has two front wheel. And a powerful engine of 180cc. It has an adjustable depth control upto 8 inches. The width of this rear tine tiller stands at 16 inches. It has front rotating tines for perfect garden soil cultivation. It has cast iron transmission and bronze gear control. The warranty of this machine depends upon the dealer you’re buying it from

Product name Earthquake MC43 43cc 2-Cycle CARB Compliant Engine Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller with 196cc BCS Tiller Rear Tine Tiller GX340 Honda 26″ Earthquake 20015 Versa Tiller Cultivator with 99cc
Wheels No wheels Front wheels Front wheels Rear wheels
Width of tinners 8 inches 18 inches 26 inches 19 inches
Depth of tinners 6 inches 11 inches Adjustabale Adjustable
Engine 43cc 196cc 346cc 99cc
Price 190-216$ 599.99$ 4117.30$ 209-499$
Warranty of the tiller


1 year warranty 2 year warranty Depends on the seller 5 year warranty on machine and unlimited warranty on blade breakage


Rototillers come in different sizes and shapes. The best one to be bought merely depends upon the area you are buying the rototiller from. All the above mentioned rototillers are among the best rototillers.

Whether buying a front tine or rear tine tiller, the seller must have his own requirements in mind so that he can choose the best product. His requirements vary from his level of work to his budget limitations. Besides, he or she needs to consider this review in order to select the best among all.


Monoprice Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

                         Monoprice noise cancelling headphones

In this world full of noise pollution, music is something that allows people to relax and let go of their feelings. But due to excessive noise pollution listening to your favourite music is not so easy with outside interference ruining it for you. In these moments, noise cancellation headphones come into play. They have an active noise cancellation System which allows them to cancel out most of the outside noise effectively. But due to the high demand of noise cancellation headphones, there are many brands which are manufacturing them. So they in order to effectively lower down the price of their products lower down or compromise on the quality of their devices. In such cases, a degraded headphone would not only mess up with your music but also would get faulty very soon. Monoprice when it comes to noise cancellation headphones has an obvious niche on other brands. Why does monoprice enjoy that niche? Because they provide the best quality headphones along with a very good customer support and a credible warranty on the product.

Noise cancellation headphones come in two type, either they are wired or they are wireless. The wireless headphones use Bluetooth connectivity to effectively connect to the phones and computers. These headphones because they have a noise cancellation function on their interface use a battery which is either removable or fixed and needs charging. Monoprice uses the help of other companies like Sonic solace to further enhance the qualities of their devices. And this is what makes them an international best seller. They have the ability to cancel out almost all of the noise. You can hear to music or listen to call while using a lawn mower or even watching a soccer game in the stadium.

We have reviewed and compared 2 of the best models from monoprice which are wired and wireless with 2 of the best headphones from other credible brands. Our review is based on the following specifications.

Specifications of a device or a machine are its abilities to perform jobs and the qualities it possesses. When it comes to noise cancellation headphones, it is their ability to cancel noise, frequency it intercept, type of the headphone, quality of material, interface and finally the warranty of device.

There are two types of noise cancellation headphones. Ones that come with a wire and the others that are wireless. The wired headphones generally have the inline mic and controller on the detachable cable while the headphones that are wireless have the mic and the controller on the headphone. The wireless headphones are a good choice if the user doesn’t want traditional cords and wants to enjoy music freely with a good range. But generally wireless headphones consume more battery as compared to the wired ones as the wireless runs on Bluetooth which consumes good amount of power.

Many brands in order to lower down the price of headphones manipulate the quality of their products. They use degraded materials which although give a shinier and a stylish outlook, aren’t durable and don’t work effectively. But monoprice clearly makes products from quality materials which not only last longer but also produce the best music quality. But It is important to check the quality of the product before buying it. Style does matter but a compromise on the quality matters more.

These headphones use active noise cancellation system which is used to cancel out almost all the outside noise. Some brands use cheap quality noise cancellation systems which don’t effectively give you the noise free sound quality that you want. The noise resistance depends from device to device. But monoprice usually produce the best noise cancellation system with collaboration with some of the notable international sound companies. Some of the  headphones from monoprice come with a bass boost amplifier which further reduce the noise and add that extra bass to your music.

Frequency is the ability of a headphone to intercept music in Hz. It is usually from 20Hz to 20KHz. But some brands when they produce defective headphones, it automatically lowers down their frequency. It is important to check the frequency of headphones before buying.

When buying an electronic device an interface is an important thing. Usually low quality brands make interfaces that have loose or weak buttons and they fall of easily but monoprice ensures it durability and quality.

Wireless headphones usually have a lesser battery life as compared to wired ones as wireless headphones run on Bluetooth which can consume lots of power too. Monoprice headphones have a normal battery life, some brands offer a larger battery life but their performance as compared to the monoprice ones is not upto the mark.

Some sellers don’t provide warranties for their products. And in those cases the buyer has to go through a lot of trouble in order to get their devices repaired. But Monoprice provides its customers with limited warranties on the product along with money back guarantees incase the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Based on these specifications we have compared and reviewed two of the best headphones by Monoprice with 2 other credible brands. First we reviewed wired monoprice and then in the second part we reviewed monoprice wireless headphones.

Monoprice Comfortable Over the Ear Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

These earphones from Monoprice are made with tempered plastic. They are really comfortable to wear and they come with adjustable size controller. It comes with an active noise cancellation system(ANC) which uses four microphones to allow the user to reduce the ambient outside noise by up to 15dB. Moreover to further reduce the noise and give the user the best bass experience Monoprice included a 5 watt amplifier in these earphones which allow the user to get an extra and a large bass boost of 10dB. The ear pads are designed in such an articulate manner that they further drop down the outside noise. These earphones from Monoprice have 3 options on their interface, which are an ANC(Active Noise Cancellation) mode which allows the user to hear noise free music. A bass mode, which allows the user to get that extra bass boost for his music and lastly the off mode, which conserves battery life and allows the user to use this product as simple earphones. These headphones from Monoprice a powered by 2 AAA batteries which allow the user to hear extraordinary music for up to 20 hours without outside interference. It is not a wireless product so it uses a cord which needs to be attached to the computer or the cell phone. The 4.6 foot long audio cable has an inline controller and a microphone as well. This controller on the headphones allow the user to adjust the volume to their liking, they can pause and resume audio playback with the controller. Moreover The user can advance to the next track or go back to the previous track and even the start of the current track. It can also terminate and answer calls. It has an auto shutdown technology, which pauses the music when you receive or listen to a call. It has a very good price of 79.99$ compared to its abilities and qualities.
H501 Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones, Over-ear Headphones

This H501 stereo headphones cost just as much as its counterpart from Monoprice which is just 79.99$ It too has a detachable audio cord which includes an inline microphone. It’s active noise cancellation system has the ability to cancel noise up to 22dB, which is 7 dB more than that of Monoprice 112231. It uses a singular removable AAA alkaline battery that has the ability to last for more than 50 hours of music play. But there are certain regions where these headphones lack way behind than the one from Monoprice. They don’t have 3 options; they just have a noise cancellation option and an off mode. Moreover they don’t provide the user with the extra bass boost that its counterpart from Monoprice is providing. It also lacks universal compatibility that is its detachable inline MIC is just made for IOS and apple devices.

Product Description Monoprice 112231 H501
Noise cancellation dB 15 dB 22 dB
Interface 3 options, Bass, Anc and off 2 options, Anc and off
Bass boost Yes, up to 10 dB No
Universal compatibility Yes No
Adjustable headband Yes Yes
Design 9/10 7/10
Battery Life 20 hours, 2 batteries 50 hours, 1 battery
Price 79.99$ 79.99$

In design and in bass boost monoprice has the upper hand but H501 has a better battery life with single battery and a more noise cancellation size. But monoprice’s bassboost and its intensive quality ensures that it produces better results, it uses a very complex technology that uses more battery life as compared to the H501. So in wired headphones monoprice has the upper hand. Now because of Bluetooth applications headphones too have shifted to wireless. So many brands offer quality headphones. So we will do another comparison of wireless Monoprice headphones with another from a very good brand.

Monoprice SonicSolace Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Monoprice 11619 uses Sonic Solace active noise cancellation system(ANC) to deliver the best of the music quality. It reduces almost all the noise in the background. It has a generous audio playback of up to 16 hours on simple mode without active noise cancellation and up to 8 hours of continuous music play with the option of active noise cancellation enabled. It comes with a fix 320mAh lithium-ion battery that can be charged in just 3 hours due to the fast charging technology. They have big earpads which cancel out the remaining noise. Although big in size, they have a a very lightweight which allows the user to carry it on their heads without any trouble whatsoever. They have 40mm drivers with neo dymium magnets which have a total sensitivity of upto 105dB. It has a Bluetooth 4.0 technology which allows this device to be connected universally. It has from 20Hz to 20KHz frequency. Its compact design makes it a really brittle device and the seller also provides a warranty of 1 year. Moreover if the user is not satisfied with the product in any way the company will take it back and give a full refund on the device. It has an audible indication of low battery status. It has a very low price of just 69.99$ compared to the qualities and abilities of this device.

Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

These stylish earphones from Cowin cost the same as their counterparts from Monoprice. Their sleek design makes it one of the most stylish earphones. They have a frequency sensitivity of 20Hz to 20KHz just like their counterparts from monoprice. They have a better battery life of 24 hours to 30 hours of continuous music play. They use Lithium batteries to power up their devices. These headphones have Active noise cancellation with 75dB. They have adjustable earpads and a very comfortable design. The seller provides a warranty of upto 18 months in case of any electric fault in the device. They have 40mm large aperture drivers but they don’t have the neo dymium magnets for bass boost.

Product desciption Monoprice 11619 Cowin E-7
Head band Adjustable Adjustable
Battery life 16 hours 24 hours to 30 hours
ANC 105dB, with sonic solace 75dB
Drivers 40 mm with dymium magnets 40 mm without dymium magnets
Warranty 1 year and 30 days money back guarantee 18 months but no money back guarantee
Price 69.99$ 69.99$

Final Verdict:

In wireless headphones even, Monoprice has the clear upper hand. They have lesser battery lives because they use complicated technologies that need more battery in order to work effectively. The sonic solace system in Monoprice enhances its ANC(active noise cancellation) system by a large extent. The use of neo dymium magnets ensures better music quality.

So all in all monoprice has the best noise cancelling headphones present in the market. They have best quality headphones that are more durable and harder as compared to other devices. They run on the best softwares and hence allowing the user to get the best listening experience. So if you are here to buy Noise cancelling headphones, whether wireless or wired, choose the Ones from Monoprice as they have the best features and provide the best quality headphones.

How to Choose the Best Air Purifier?

  Hepa Air Purifiers

Hepa stands for (High efficiency particulate air) and sometimes as (High efficiency particulate arresting). Hepa air filters or Hepa air purifiers are used to filter the air. Sometimes dust particles and germs from the outdoor environment get in the outdoor environment. And countering those needs Hepa air purifiers. It is also used to trap pollen, pet dander, mites and tobacco smoke. Using a Hepa air purifier removes the chances of allergy considerably. Also as a treatment of pollen allergy and other allergies related to air pollution the doctors prescribe Hepa air purifiers, which traps almost all the allergens and bacteria.

Hepa air purifiers are usually mesh filters wrapped in a V shape in a compartment. It uses a strong vacuum to suck all the air, then the particles get attached to the filter paper and purified air is released from the purifier. The simplest type of Hepa filter is called sieve. It has small perforations through which air enters and dust particles are filtered with a Hepa filter placed inside, the purified air is then released from other side of the machine, Hepa. filters were first used during World war 2, when soldiers would die of dangerous gases and smokes, Hepa filter masks were designed to save their lives. During the Manhattan project where nuclear bomb was being made, Hepa filters were used to trap the highly radioactive particles. Some Vacuum cleaners even have a Hepa filter, which traps the mite and dust particles more efficiently along with bacteria and pet danders.

A Hepa air filter is regarded as a genuine product when it filters 99.7% of the dust particles. So this means that opting a Hepa air filter can reduce the chances of allergy and asthma significantly. Also it ensures bacteria and dust free air. Hepa air filters come in many shapes and sizes, some are made for large room while others are made for smaller rooms. It depends upon the size of the room you are buying from. They are usually small and portable devices which can be carried to anywhere. They either run on AC power or have batteries installed in them to work during power shortages. The traditional air purifiers generate a lot of noise but the new Hepa air purifiers are built with noise reduction, some are even noise free.

Due to the increased market demand of Hepa air purifiers many companies make them. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some companies go one step further and they include a carbon filter in the Hepa air purifier. We have selected 10 of the best Hepa air filters based on these Specifications.

Specifications are the qualities and the abilities a machine possesses. In case of hepa air purifiers it is its design, interface, noise reduction, effectiveness, age of the filter, carbon filter and warranty.

Hepa air purifier come in many shapes and sizes. The design of a device really matters when it comes to placing it indoors. An elegant device adds to the beauty of the house and looks good. While on the other hand a shabby looking device ruins the décor of the house.
Hepa air purifiers are usually designed in such a way that they are light weight which makes them portable but certain devices that weigh too much can’t be lifted easily.
Moreover the ruggedness of a filter matters too, a too delicate device when manhandled may break and cause you a huge loss as Hepa filters usually cost a lot. So their quality and their material must be good in order to be durable. So before buying a new Hepa filter one must overlook its design so that in the future there won’t be any troubles.

Some Hepa air purifier provide a manual interface which has and knobs all over it, opting for such low tech is not a good idea. Contemporary Hepa air purifiers come with a digital interface. Some of them have a timer, controlled fan speeds, controlled air filtration, filter change indicators and more. Choosing a filter with simple interface is just like choosing a manual air purifier, which is not a good idea. A Hepa air purifier with a digital and  comprehensive interface is the best option as it allows you to control the smallest of details about air filteration.

Because of the vacuum, traditional Hepa air purifiers generate a lot of noise. They sometimes sound like a window air conditioner or even a small and a low powered lawn mower. But new Hepa air purifiers come with noise reduction technology, some Hepa air purifiers are totally noise free and instead of noisy vacuums they use multiple fans. So choosing a Hepa air purifier with noise reduction is a good idea as every loves their sleep and puts no compromise in it.

Hepa air filters are of two different types. Ones that are for small rooms and settings and the second ones are those which are made for large hall like settings. Their efficiency depends upon their quality and the type of filter used. Usually they filter 99.7 % of the dust particles which is the international standard for Hepa air purifiers. But their effectiveness may decline due to some factors. So before buying a Hepa air purifier one must overlook its efficiency and put it through a test.

Age of the filter:

Hepa air purifiers get exhausted over time and consume more energy in the filtration process along with ineffectiveness to remove all the particles, so they need to be changed over time. Hepa air filters are usually very expensive, so buying a Hepa air purifier whose filter’s age is very less is a bad option. It just doesn’t sit well with the fact that you need to change it again and again for such expensive prices. So buying a Hepa air purifier that lasts the longest is necessary

Some Hepa air purifier sellers have gone one step further in air filtration and they have included carbon filters on the purifiers as well, Carbon filters as used to filter excess Carbon mono oxide and poisonous materials from the air that we breathe. Having a carbon filter on your Hepa air purifier is a good thing, but its not a primary concern. As the hepa filter does most of the job to purify the air that we breathe.

Hepa air purifiers are complicated devices. In case of an error or a fault they either need repairing or replacing, A good seller provides its customers with valuable customer support. So a device with warranty, even if its expensive is a good option as it saves you from a lot of trouble

Based on these specifications we have recommended 10 of the best air purifiers for you.

AeraMax 300 Air Purifier with Large Room Allergy and Asthma Purification:

Aera max 300 comes with an auto sensor which turns on the device automatically when it senses polluted air. It has a carbon filter attached to it. It is generally used for larger rooms of 300-600 sq feet. The seller provides with a warranty of 1 year and the filter too lasts for an one year. It has a true Hepa filter that filters 99.7% of dust particles. It has no noise reduction.
Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner, AP51030K

This compact air purifier is noise free. It has four high speed fans and a turbo to clean the air more quickly. It has true Hepa filter which filters about 99.7% of air. It has a very simple interface. It is effective for an area upto 500 sq feet. The seller provides a limited warranty of 1 year for the filter and a 5 year warranty on the motor. The filter lasts for 1.5 years.
Levoit Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, LV-PUR131:

This powerful Air purifier works effectively upto an area of 328 sq feet. It is used to filter out dust particles, pet dander, germs and smoke from tobacco. It has quality led display with a highly advanced interface. Its filtration process has 3 steps. It also has a carbon filter attached with the Hepa filter. It works quietly. It has a filter age of 6 months while its warranty is 2 years.
GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA Filter:
Germ guardian Hepa air filter comes with a 3 in 1 cleaning system. It has True Hepa filter, a Uv sanitizer and an odour and allergen reduction component as well. It is digital and has a filter life of up to 8 months. The seller provides a warranty of 2 years on the product. The Germ Guardian Is noise free. It also has a carbon filter to enhance the life of the Hepa filter.
GermGuardian AC4150BLCA Night-Night 4-in-1 Air Cleaning System:

This Germ guardian has a 4 in 1 air cleaning system. It has Uv-c light to kill microbes and bacteria. It has odour and noise reduction as well. It also has a night projector that uses 3 colours and projects on the ceiling. This small device has manual interface.
Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover, 465 sq. Ft, HPA300:

This small air purifier manages to effectively purify an area of 465 sq ft. It has carbon pre filters to reduce odours. It is noise free and its articulate design helps capture smallest of microbes and germs. It has easy tap controls with 3 different settings for air filtration. Also it has  a turbo mode to speed the purifying process. It has timer settings of 2 4 6 and 8 hours. It also has a filter life of 1 year, along with filter replacement reminders on the interface.

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier True HEPA Filter:

This Veva air purifier comes with 4 pre activated carbon filters that effectively clean the air off odours. It has an effective working range of 385 sq ft. It is ozone free which means that it doesn’t use any UV or IR light system. It has a 3 stage air filtration. And it is completely noise-free.

Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner:

Winix Wac9500 comes with a plasma wave cleaner. It also has carbon filters that are washable and its main filter too can be washed and cleaned off of dust particles and pet danders which enhance the general age of the purifier. The air purifier has a very advanced interface.

Philips Air Purifier 2000, True HEPA

This Philips air purifier is noise free. It comes with activated carbon filters. It is ideal for both medium and large and rooms. It is noise free and has a highly customizable interface too. It shows a real time air quality with a coloured ring in tio of the air purifier. It has a 99.7% particle capture efficiency. It comes in with a special air sense and senses the slightest of changes.

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Customizable Air Purifier with 2 HEPA-Silver Filter:

This Alen breathe smart model has 2 Hepa filters that clean almost all the allergens bacteria and microbes in the air. It has a high life of up to 2 years. It has smart sense, carbon filters, a higly customizable interface and a strong built design. It effectively covers an area of 900 sq ft. It also has a lifetime warranty. But its price stands at over 1400 dollars.

Product information AeraMax 300 Whirlpool Whispure Levoit-Air Purifier GermGuardian AC5250PT
Noise reduction No Yes No Yes
Range (feet sq) 300-600 500 328 600
Carbon filters Yes No Yes Yes
Age of filter 8 months 1 year 6 months 8 months
Price 201.99$ 295$ 157.99$ 127.99$

Final verdict:

Hepa air purifiers are provided by many brands. Selecting the best air purifier depends upon your need, budget and severity off your condition. Hepa air purifiers add a plus point to your general health.

And given that health is wealth, even if you are low on budget always opt for the device that would best suit your need and will serve you the best because no compromises can be made on health and given the severity of air pollution in modern times, a Hepa purifier is a must have device for every home and office.


Find out the Best Kitchen Aid Gas Cooktop Here

 Kitchenaid gas cooktop

In modern times where cooktop run by electricity and induction have sensationalized the cooktop industry, traditional gas cooktop haven’t lost their worth and importance. Gas cooktops have a higher High output as compared to their electric and induction counter-parts. They give the free hand of manual temperature adjustment to the buyer. Plus they are way more durable than the electric and induction cooktops because they don’t use any wires or digital interfaces that may get faulty overtime because of even the smallest of electricity fluctuations. These are the best creation for your kitchen that helps you in cooking your meal without any kind of discomfort.

They also are cheaper in price as compared to electric and gas cooktops. Moreover the gas bills of the gas cooktops are far less than the endearing electricity costs of electric and induction heaters. So if you’re in a fix to buying a cooktop choosing a gas cooktop is economic and durable. Due to their endurance to extreme conditions and temperatures gas cooktops not only save you huge sums of money that would be spent on repairing the electric and induction cooktops , they even save your precious time.

There are many companies that provide quality cooktops but Kitchenaid is an international company. It enjoys a niche over other brands internationally because they provide durable products that are in the best quality. They just don’t compromise on the quality of the product over price. Kitchenaid gas cooktops have the best quality and their prices are very low as compared to other brands. Their annual sales top most of the international brands and that is because they produce quality materials that are durable and last longer than the other cooktop brands. This is because they manufacture hardened cooktops from the best quality stainless steel unlike some brands who to cheapen down the price of the cooktops compromise on its quality. Kitchenaid also provides its valued customers with an effective warranty and a very good customer support. They know how to keep and satisfy their customers the best. Kitchenaid gas cooktops are very common all over the world. Some of the cooktops come with the option of a microwave oven as well, which costs a little over than the simple gas cooktop. They also provide a catalogue of various products they made. From home to industrial use, they have the different types of cooktops.

Before buying a cooktop it is very important to know the specifications of the device. For home and for industrial purposes, cooktops are different in their size, ability to cook food and the number of burners attached to them. So it is important to know the specifications of a cooktop before buying it. Moreover kitchenaid provides its customers with a variety of gas  cooktops that have different specifications, so for choosing the best cooktop one must overlook its specifications and its qualities.

Specifications of a device or a machine are its abilities and qualities. When it comes to gas cooktops they are the types of material used, quality of material, heat output of a cooktop, number of burners, its size and lastly the type of gas it work with.

Heat output of a gas cooktop is its ability to cook food compared with the gas it consumes. Different gas cooktops have different heat outputs. They are based on the material and size and the burners it uses. For industrial purposes cooktops are generally manufactured in a way in which they will produce more heat output as compared to the ones that are used at home. So before buying a cooktop it is really important to know it’s heat output.

Industrial cooktops usually come with more number of burners as compared to the ones to be used at home. So kitchenaid cooktops provide its customers with varying number of burners on their cooktops. But the more important thing is heat output when it comes to choosing between an industrial or a home gas cooktop.

Due to the high demand of cooktops, many brands in order to make their brands cheaper compromise on the overall quality of the cooktops. But kitchenaid mostly uses hardened stainless steel, tempered glass and cast iron to manufacture their cooktops. Which makes the cooktops more durable and easy to clean. But some users prefer cooktops that are made of different materials like titanium, so they can opt for those as well.

Kitchenaid gas cooktops comes in different shapes and sizes. To maintain the décor of the kitchen, they produce stylish cooktops that add to the beauty of the kitchen. But they don’t compromise on the quality of the cooktops. Moreover for different purposes, different sizes of cooktops are available. For home use there are smaller cooktops as compared to the industrial gas cooktops which are larger in their sizes. Also some cooktops come with the option that they need to be fixed in the kitchen while others can be placed anywhere.

Kitchenaid manufactures cooktops that run on different types of gases for the ease of their customers. Usually LNG and NG are used so cooktops are designed in such a way that they run on either one of them or sometimes both. So before buying a cooktop it is important to know that what type of gas the cooktop works on.

When it comes to appliances that work with gas, the first and the foremost concern of a buyer is that whether the cooktop Is safe to use or not. Whether its knobs are made with quality materials or not as if not they can heat up and burn the hand. Moreover whether the cooktop is hard enough to stop leaks from happening or not. Kitchenaid usually provides its customers with hardened stainless steel which is both durable and safe to use. Also their cooktops are pre tested and are leak proof. Even after this, one must check the seal of the cooktop and ensure whether the cooktop is pretested or not. And if it isn’t tested, it must therefore be tested before buying.

Kitchenaid also provides its customers with cooktops that have oven attached to them. It depends on the buyer whether they want to buy a cooktop with a microwave oven or not

Some sellers don’t provide their customers with any warranty or customer support. Kitchenaid although gives its customers a good customer support and warranties as well, but still it is important to check whether the product has a warranty or not, as some of the cooktops are refurbished and they don’t have a warranty on them. So in order to save one’s self from the high cost of repairing bills and time, they must check the product for warranty.

Based on all these specifications we have reviewed and recommended 10 of the best kitchenaid gas cooktops.

KitchenAid 30″ Stainless Steel 5-Burner Gas Cooktop KCGS550ESS:
This cooktop from kitchenaid is made of stainless steel. It has a compact size of 30’’ but It has 5 top quality burners. The maximum heat output from the main burner is 17000 BTU (British thermal units), The main burner has a dual ring professional quality with which it is built. It works with NG but LNG conversion kit is also available with the pack.
Kitchenaid KGCC506RWW 4 Burners Gas-on-Glass Surface:

This modern cooktop from kitchenaid is from the designer’s collection. It is beautifully crafted and has 4 high quality burners, which produce tremendous heat outputs. The main burner has a heat output of 17000 BTU. It is made with tempered glass which makes not only makes it really easy to clean but also give this gas cooktop a beautiful outlook as well.
Kitchenaid KGCU483VSS Commercial-Style Gas Cooktop:

This 48’’ giant cooktop from kitchenaid is used for commercial purposes. It has 6 high heat output burners that cook food faster. It is made with porcelain coated steel which makes the cooktop more durable. It has a maximum heat output of 20,000 BTU from the main burner. It has even heat chrome griddle technology. It works with both LPG and NG
Kitchen Aid KCGS556ESS 36 Stainless 5 Burner Gas Cooktop:

Kitchen Aid KCGS556ESS is made with stainless steel which makes this cooktop very hard and durable as well. It has a size of 36’’. It has 5 top quality burners that produce a heat output of 20000 BTU. It capitalises even heat technology. This cooktop runs with NG but LNG conversion kits are available. The grates of this cooktop are made with cast iron which makes it more endurable to high temperatures. It can both be used at home and restaurants.
Kitchenaid KDRU783VSS Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range:

This commercial cooktop comes with a convection microwave oven. Which means that you can cook food by both gas and microwave as well. It has 6 burners that use even heat technology. It is a hardened cooktop made with stainless steel. It has a heat output of 20000 BTU from the main burner. It has a giant size of 48 inches, but it can be used at home as well.
Kitchen Aid KCGS956ESS:

This burner from kitchen aid is very elegant and stylish. It has 5 high quality burners that produce a heat output which ranges from 6000-20000 BTU. The professional dual ring main burner has a heat output of 20000 BTU. The cookshield finish protects the cooktop from stains. Size of this cooktop is 36’’.
Kitchenaid KFGU706VSS 5 Burners Stainless Steel Clear Coat Surface:

This cooktop is from the designer series. It is manufactured in such a way that it will look good in the kitchen. It has 5 high heat burners that cook food fast. Its heat output ranges from 6000 to 15000 BTU. The main burner has the ability to produce massive heat output of 15000 BTU. It has a glass panel under its glass knobs. Also it comes with electric interface, which means that it controls temperature digitally. But this cooktop is not very easy to clean.
KITCHENAID KCGS350ESS 30″ Gas Cooktop with 5 Sealed Burners:

KITCHENAID KCGS350ESS has a 30’’ size. This cooktop has 5 high heat output burners that range from 5000 BTU to 17000 BTU. It is made with stainless steel which makes the cooktop durable and easy to clean. It has an electronic ignition. It also has cast iron grates which don’t melt even after high term uses. The control knobs are made with metal.

KITCHENAID KCGS356ESS 36″ Gas Cooktop with 5 Sealed Burners:

This cooktop from kitchenaid has 5 top quality burners that produce a heat output of 6000 to 19000 BTU. It has a good size of 36’’. It works with NG but also has LNG conversion kits with it. The grates are made with cast iron while burner heat controllers are made with metal.
Kitchenaid KGRS505XBL 30-Inch, 5-Burner:

This cooktop from kitchenaid comes with a microwave oven as well which means that you can cook food by both gas and electricity. It is freestanding and can be placed anywhere due to its compact size of 30 inches. It has 5 top quality burners which are sealed. It comes in black colour which enhances the overall beauty and décor of the kitchen where it is placed. But this oven cum cooktop is very heavy and it stands at 235 pounds, so moving it is not an easy deal. Its oven can produce a heat up to 175 degrees, with even heat convection.

Specification KitchenAid 30″KCGS550ESS Kitchenaid KGCC506RWW Kitchenaid KGCU483VSS Kitchen Aid KCGS556ESS
Material Stainless steel Tempered Glass Porcelain steel Stainless steel
Heat-output 17000 BTU 17000 BTU 20000 BTU 20000 BTU
Burners 5 4 6 5
Oven No No No No
Size 30’’ 30’’ 48’’ 36’’
Price 1209.23$ 1236.92$ 3943.08$ 1456.92$

Kitchenaid provides its customers with valuable customer support. They also give various warranties for their products to ensure quality control. Moreover they give a catalogue for choosing the cooktop of our own choice. Their qualities and heat outputs are generally better than almost all other brands. They also make their cooktops with quality materials and offer different range of them
Why choose kitchenaid cooktops over other brands?

Therefore stop thinking and making yourself confused over this decision. Buy now to bring ease, comfort and luxury into your life style.  Kitchen Aid gas cooktop considered as the best choice for your kitchen. Instead of going for cheaper and second best options, choose the number 1 for yourself.


How to Find the Best Coffee Maker?

 Coffee Maker

There are many companies and restaurants that make and sell good coffees to a large number of customers. Their coffees are frothy and absolutely ravishing. But there is a problem. They charge too much for a singular cup of coffee. In order to avoid that people buy many coffee brewers for home to make the same coffee. They use pans to self-brew and boil the coffee and make it according to their tastes and desire. But when making a coffee by using just a pan and a stove, the coffee sometimes gets overcooked and gives a bad taste and sometimes it remains under-cooked and the result is same. In order to avoid that there are automatic electric coffee makers that get the job done easily and in cheaper prices and deliver almost as same taste as the coffee shops. Coffee makers have lowered the market of coffee shops up to a great extent. Why? Because they get the same job done, are cheap to use. Moreover they have elegant designs and they allow users to choose the coffee of their liking. Whether it is a cold iced coffee, or a rich cream coffee and even the classic coffee, all these tasks can be effectively done at home just with the help of a coffee maker. Making your perfect cup of every morning coffee is really easy.

To make the coffee by a coffee maker, you have to first ground coffee beans. Some people buy grounded coffee as it makes it really easy for them and save them from the hustle of breaking coffee beans and grounding them. Then you add the grounded coffee in the coffee pot of the coffee maker. Add water in the water compound. Turn on the switch of coffee makers and in seconds, freshly cooked coffee will come out from the coffee maker. The process of coffee making is so simple and so easy. The coffee makers have an aluminium coil inside the coffee maker which has the ability to heat up quickly. When current is passed through the coil, it heats up and thus resulting the water to boil. The boiled water bubbles then quickly move upward from the inner tube to the grounded coffee chambers, mix up with the grounded coffee and voila. There are many companies and brands that manufacture top quality coffee makers. Some of the coffee makers have the ability to choose the size of the cup of coffee, whether the coffee shall be iced or boiled and whether it will be rich with cream or just the traditional classic coffee. They put all the options in their coffee makers so that the customer would be at ease. Moreover some coffee makers have the ability automatically shut off after water runs out of the coffee maker along with separate alerts. In modern times electronics has taken over traditional devices. The simple French press brewers or the coffee percolators aren’t used as much as the modern coffee makers because they provide the user with lots of options along with a very good cup of coffee and they are easier to use as well.

Due to the high demand of coffee makers, many brands are competing to give the best coffee maker. We have recommended some of the best coffee makers but before buying one, you must be aware of certain specifications of the coffee makers in order to get the best.

Specifications are the abilities and qualities that a device or machine possess. In case of coffee makers they are the quality of the coffee maker, size of the device, amount of coffee it makes, energy required to make the coffee, the special quality and interface of the coffee maker, safety and lastly the customer support.

When it comes to buying coffee makers one must assure the quality of coffee makers. Due to high market demand many brands produce coffee makers from cheap quality materials. Such coffee makers break down easily and sometimes create short circuits due to the cheap materials used in their wiring. So In order to avoid that one must always make sure that the quality of the product is up to the mark.

Some coffee makers come with the ability to make lesser cups of coffee while others can make more than 12 cups of good quality coffee. It depends on the user that what  is his requirement. For example if they are a frivolous coffee taker and takes more than 2 3 cups of coffee simultaneously or they have a large number of people in their house or are buying this coffee maker for offices than the coffee makers that offer large quantity of coffee is the best option. But if the user doesn’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee then smaller coffee makers will do just fine.

Energy required to make the perfect cup of coffee makers a lot. As coffee makers run on electricity and due to the endearing costs of electricity bills one must always check the amount of energy required to make coffee. Larger coffee makers usually take more amount of electricity as compared to the smaller coffee makers.

When it comes to using electronic devices, the interface and the special abilities of a coffee maker mater a lot. Some coffee makers are made very simple, they just have the ability to make a single type of coffee and are really easy to operate but lack different options for the user. The more complex kind of coffee makers have the ability to control the size of the cup along with the type of coffee it will make. Such coffee makers are usually more expensive than the simple coffee makers and they are usually used at coffee shops and saloons.

Electronic devices and devices that have a heating input inside them can sometimes pose great threats to our health. For example in the case of coffee makers, due to over heating the coffee maker can explode and dispersing the boiled water which can burn the skin. Moreover if the product is made from cheap quality materials it can cause a short circuit. So before buying such devices it is very important to test the device before buying, check the quality assurance seal and moreover check whether the device is passed from electronic board or not.

The best seller is usually the one that provides warranty for the device and quality customer service. Some people when in order to save some money, they buy their products from sellers who don’t provide a warranty and the customer support, always land in the trouble of repairing their devices in case of a fault. When you are buying such expensive devices it is important to check whether it has warranty or not and also the credibility of the seller.

Based on these specifications we have recommended 10 of the best coffee makers.

Ninja Coffee Bar Coffee Maker (CF080Z):

This Coffee maker from Ninja is an automated machine that has the ability to choose the size of the cup. From small cups to large Carafe, you can select the size of your liking. Its automated technology sorts out the quantity of water required automatically. It has the ability to make 4 types of coffee, classic, rich specialty and iced coffee. It is for 145.99$
BLACK+DECKER CM2035B 12-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker:

This is a simple coffee maker which means that it has a simpler interface. It can’t control the amount of coffee that comes out of the coffee maker and it just makes the simple coffee. It doesn’t have an interchangeable and removable water reservoir. Its stainless steel design makes it really hard and easy to clean. Its price stands at just 51.22$
Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker:

This coffee maker from Hamilton Beach has the ability to make 12 cups of good quality coffee. It just works like a drip coffee maker, the only difference is that it has an internal carafe. The water storage reservoir can be removed for better coffee making. It is just for 32.68$
Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker:

Keurig K55 has manageable coffee output. From 40 Oz to 60 Oz it can control the amount of coffee that comes from the coffee maker. It has the ability to auto shutoff. So in case of any electricity blackout or even water shortage, the device will turn off automatically. It is for just 92.38$
Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe Programmable Coffeemaker:

This is one of the best coffee makers based on its specifications and abilities. It has a 14 cup serving. And it brews coffee in the shortest time possible. It comes with different cup sizes and four different type of brew setting. Its stainless steel handle makes it really durable and easy to use. It has an auto shutoff program as well which makes this coffee maker even better
KitchenAid KCM1204WH 12-Cup Coffee Maker with One Touch Brewing:

This coffee maker from kitchenaid has the ability to make upto 12 cups of quality coffee. It has different brew strength modes which allow you to choose between light and hard coffees. It comes with pour and stop modes which allows the user to control what is happening.
12-Cup Coffee Maker by BESTEK – Digital Programmable:

Bestek coffee maker has the ability to make 12 cups of coffee. It doesn’t compromise on the quality and its devices are BPA free. It comes with an 18 months warranty. It has an easy to clean design which allows the user to clean it without any trouble whatsoever.
Aicok 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker Thermal Coffee Machine:

This coffee maker from Aicok runs on drip coffee making method. It has the ability to make 10 cups of coffee. Its stainless steel design allows it to be hard and easy to clean as well. It has a removable water tank for easy coffee making. It comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. The water level mark shows the amount of water left in the reservoir. It runs on 60V electricity. It has a total coffee making quantity of 1.25 litres.
Bodum 11571-01 Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter:

This coffee maker from Bodum uses pour over coffee making process. Pour the coffee over the grounded coffee beans in a circular motion, then allow the coffee to drip in the cup. This coffee maker comes with a permanent filter but it is dishwasher safe. It has the ability to withstand higher temperatures due to its stainless steel design and a tempered glass carafe. It has a maximum serving of up to 8 cups of coffee. It has a very low price of 17.75$
Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker:

Keuring K575 is a platinum series coffee maker. It large 80 Oz water reservoir allows the user to make more than 10 cups of coffee simultaneously. It has a very elegant design and a great interface. Its ultra-bright touch screen allows the user to control the smallest of details about coffee making. It comes with special temperature control that allows the user to control the temperature. Moreover it comes with different serving quantities and allows the user to choose the type of coffee they want. Its price stands at 143.99$

Product description NinjaCoffee Maker (CF080Z): BLACK+DECKER CM2035B Keurig K55 Hamilton Beach
Serving Sizes 4 1 3 2
Coffee types 4 1 3 2
Price 145.99$ 51.22$ 92.38$ 32.68$

Final verdict:

Choosing the right type of coffee maker depends on the preferences of the buyer. If you want a coffee bar that offers you different types of coffees along with different sizes you can buy a programmable coffee maker.

But if you just like the simple coffee then you should opt for a simpler coffee maker which is cheaper too than the former. Coffee maker not only saves your time but also your precious money as well that you usually put on buying coffee from the coffee shops or the coffee saloons.


Which are the Cheap Ink Cartridges?

 Cheap ink cartridges

If you cut open an expensive ink cartridge from a big company you will notice that the ink in the cartridges is very less. That is because the size of the cartridges has been increased but the sponge present inside that hold the ink have been reduced dramatically in size. In modern times printers have become a useful and an important accessory for every home and office. People who usually have lots of work that needs a printer don’t go to the printing shop anymore, they instead buy a printer themselves. But that printer runs out of ink after some time, and it needs refilling. That is because the ink cartridge that is put in the printer and stores the ink runs dry. Printers are just like pens, they have inks in a box, which when dry needs refilling, Some printers produce ink cartridges that can be refilled at home, but most of the printers use disposable ink cartridges, that when run dry have to be changed. Ink cartridges usually cost from 15 to 75$ per an ounce of ink. The big shot companies that enjoy a niche over ordinary companies provides its users with expensive ink cartridges. The cartridges have quality inks but they have an extraordinary price and their ability to print pages is very less. So In this scenario people opt for cheap ink cartridges that are for lesser prices and roughly do the same job.

The vendors of cheap ink cartridges make cheaper cartridges because they use low quality materials to make the cartridges unlike the big companies. But this compromise on quality of cartridge gives the sellers the luxury to buy cheap ink cartridges. Some companies write XL on ink cartridges and give a little bit more ink but the price gets more and more. This puts printer uses in a very tough tussle.

So when you are in such a fix, you need to buy cheap ink cartridges that would provide with the same amount of ink and lesser price. But some companies don’t provide its users with the best quality and charges almost the same amount of money as some of the big companies. Moreover there are lots of brands that manufacture ink cartridges which are of different sizes and shapes and are for different devices.  So in a situation like this a person must know what type of ink cartridge is he buying and what ink cartridges suits his needs best. Based on the specifications of the ink cartridge, one can only who what to buy.


Specifications are the qualities and the abilities that a device of machine must possess. When it comes to ink cartridges, they are the types of cartridge, type of the ink, type of the colour of the ink, amount of the ink in the cartridge, quality of the ink cartridge and finally the warranty.

Type of cartridge:

Two of the most the most common type of ink cartridges are the thermal and piezoelectric ink cartridge. Different printers use one kind of the cartridges. The traditional ink cartridges are the thermal ones. They have a metallic inkjet, which gets heated due to the current passed through it, which melts the ink and it is then released through a nozzle and onto the paper. This happens in under a fraction of a second. The piezoelectric inkjets use a crystal. Of which when current is passed, it changes shape and size which forces the ink out of the nozzle and on the paper.

Type of ink:

There are two types of inks used in cartridges. Dye-based inks and pigment-based inks.
Dye=based inks are very stable and they used dying material in manufacturing the ink. The results from a dye based ink are very vibrant and long lasting.  However there are issues like slow drying and blurred images when it comes to dye-based ink. While the pigment based ink cartridges dry fast and produce good results. They are sometimes waterproof which means that they are more long lasting compared to the dye based ink cartridges. Pigment based ink is usually more expensive than dye based ink.

Type of colour of the ink:

Printers come in different types. Some printers print colourful images while other printers black and white images. So before buying a suitable ink cartridge, one must overlook the colour of the ink. Some cartridge companies provides the costumers with different ink cartridges in a single box and deal, while other provide only uni-coloured ink cartridge. Choosing the suitable ink cartridge depends upon the type of the printer you have.

Amount of ink:

Getting swayed away by advertisements and buying ink cartridges that although are very cheap but have a very small amount of ink storage can be quite frustrating. It can be avoided by checking the amount of ink as labelled by the seller on the ink cartridge. It is either written in the form of ml or ounces and sometimes in the form of how much pages the printer can print. Some companies provides its user with small ink compartments but larger print  capacities. So the weight of the overall ink cartridge doesn’t matter but the weight of ink does.

Quality of the ink cartridge:

Some vendors when trying to lower down the price of ink cartridges, they either compensate it by either degrading the quality of the ink or even the material used to make the ink cartridge. A bad quality ink cartridge will not only mess up with the printer but also may leak or even get faulty after a few uses. So before buying an ink cartridge one must overlook quality and put it to a test. Also check the background of the company.

Warranty and customer support:

Some sellers provide its users with a 30 day warranty on the product. Which means that in case of a leak or bad result, the user can return the ink cartridge. Some fake companies don’t provide this luxury to its users. They don’t give the user any warranty or exchange policy if the ink cartridge is of faulty quality. They don’t even give the customer support that a buyer so desires. So before buying an ink cartridge you must be sure about whether the vendor will give you warranty or not.

Based on these specifications we have recommended 10 of the best and cheap ink cartridges.

ESTON 5 Pack Ink Cartridge For HP 564XL Black:

Eston 5 ink cartridge is not made by HP. It is used in Hp products but it is manufactured by eston which uses different quality of ink that it puts in the cartridge. This pack of 5 cartridges comes in 5 different colours which are Black, cyan, pink, photo black and yellow. It is very cheap and stands at just 10.35$. It prints up to 550 pages per cartridge which can be extended.  This cartridge comes with a 1 year warranty and an inexpensive customer support.

Canon Fine Cartridge PG-240XL/CL-241XL with Photo

This ink cartridge is manufactured by Canon. Which does not compromise on the quality over price of the product. This is a very expensive product and is for 54$. But when it comes to the capacity of this printer it wins over other. It comes with two types of ink cartridges, a colourful and a black cartridge. It uses new Chroma life 100 ink which is used to produce crispier and more quality prints of anything. It has the ability to print 50-76 photos.
Skia Ink Cartridges ¨ 20 Pack:

When it comes to buying ink cartridges in bulk Skia takes the lead. In this pack of cartridges skia gives 20 ink cartridges at just 14.95$. They also provide a warranty of 1 year. These ink cartridges are used to take quality prints because they come with skia ink. Capacity is not given.

Lexmark high yield 100XL ink cartridge-Black:

This quality ink cartridge has the ability to print up to 510 pages of paper. This ink cartridge comes in black colour only. It uses Vizix ink technology which produces clearer and crispier images. The seller doesn’t provide its users with any warranty whatsoever. The price of this products stands high at 28.50$ but it doesn’t compromise on quality and amount of ink in it.

HWDID Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 60 xl:

This ink cartridge by HWDID is a replacement for the HP 60 xl. It comes in a pack of 2 ink cartridges. One cartridge is in black ink while the other is in colour ink(pink). It is very cheap at just stands at 18.90$. It is half the price of Hp 60xl. It also prints effectively upto 600 pages with the black cartridge and an impressive 400 pages from the coloured cartridge with ink volumes upto 18 and 16ml respectively, The inks are ISO-9001 and MSD verified.

Inkjetcorner 5 NEW YELLOW Printer Ink:

This pack of inkjetcorner ink cartridges has 5 Lc75y yellow cartridges. On each shell there is a warranty of 2 years which means that incase of any leak or breakage you can return this cartridge to the seller. The volume of ink this cartridge is equal to that of oem.
Set of 24 pack LC75 High Yield Compatible Ink Cartridge:

This pack of ink cartridges is manufactured by Generic. It has 24 coloured and black ink cartridges. It has 12 black, 4 yellow, 4 cyan and 4 magenta ink cartridges. It has a very good quality and can be bought at as low as 12.93$. It has a warranty of 1 year.
Epson T220120-BCS DURABrite Ultra Black & Color Combo:

This pack of ink cartridges from Epson comes in two types. A black ink cartridge and a coloured ink cartridge. Epsom doesn’t compromise on the quality of ink or of the material so the product of this price is high and it stands at 35.01$. The ink capacity is the same as 220xl.
Valuetoner Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 61XL:

Valuetoner ink cartridge are remanufactured be used instead of the ink cartridges by Hp, especially HP 61XL. These ink cartridges are cheaper than the ones produced by Hp. They have a price tag of 23.49$. They are tricoloured and come with black and colour ink cartridge. The black ink cartridge has the ability to print 480 pages while the colour ink cartridge can print upto 330 pages. They come in black, cyan, magenta and yellow colours. The seller provides its user with a 100% satisfaction warranty of 24 months and a valuable customer support.

E-Z Ink (TM) Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement For Brother LC203 XL:

This pack of 5 E-Z ink cartridges comes with 2 black and 3 tricolour (Magenta, Cyan and yellow) ink cartridges. It is used as a replacement for the brother LC203 Xl ink cartridges because they are more expensive than these. The produce quality and crisp prints. The price of this pack of 5 E-Z ink cartridges is just 15.98$. It has the ability to print 550 pages through the black ink cartridge and 550 pages from the coloured ink cartridge. It is Iso-9001 verified.

Product Description ESTON-HP 564XL Canon Fine Cartridge PG-240XL Skia-Ink Cartridges Lexmark high yield 100XL ink cartridge-Black:


HWDID Replacement for HP 60 xl:


Type of ink 1 black 1 black, 1 colour 20, 12 black and 8 tricoloured 1 Black 1 black, 1 color
Capacity 550 pages 50-76 photos Not specified 510 pages 600 pages and 400 pages respt
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year Not specified Not specified
Price 10.35$ 54.35$ 14.95$1 28.50$ 18.95$

Final Verdict:

Different ink cartridge brand provide their customers with various types and qualities of ink cartridges. When buying an ink cartridge one must be sure about their needs and specifications because cartridges come with various kinds and uses. Buying the suitable ink cartridge is important and primary. Cost and benefit analysis is the second most important thing that must be in the mind of the user before buying a product which means that the buyer must be aware of the ratio of yield to the price. Then compare it with the other models. So the cheapest ink cartridge would be the one that is made of good ink, it’s ratio of yield to the price must be better than the other models and finally whether the vendor is providing any warranty or not.