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Jawbone Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a common technology word which is used for data exchange over short distances and the main purpose of Bluetooth device is the communication between computers, mobiles and other devices via using short-range connections.

In the old days, the personal digital assistant needs to buy a three in one phone that could double as a portable phone at home or in the office for using Bluetooth connectivity. With the passage of time, things have been changed and now we can connect all the devices very easily over short distances via Bluetooth devices.

The short-wave length range of Bluetooth is from 2.4 to 2.485GHz which is mainly used for fixed and mobile devices and for making personal area networks. First time, Bluetooth was invented by Ericsson in 1994, later it was originally conceived as a wireless alternative.

Specifications of Jawbone Bluetooth:

Length 2 inches
WEIGHT 6 grams
Features Noise Assassin 3.0

No Wind sounds during call

Bigger Speakers 25%

HD Audio for all type of audio

MyTalk network Download apps and enjoy different functions, you can change language also
Colors Black, Silver, Brown, Red
Charger Micro-USB
Battery timings Up to 4 hours


Why consider a Jawbone Bluetooth??

Jawbone is an American company built in December 1, 1999 and the founder of company is Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman. It is present in San Francisco, California and they make wearable technology such as audio, video devices, wireless speakers, Bluetooth and related telecom products. In short, we can say Jawbone makes best internet things.

Jawbone has given freedom to all those people who talk a lot on the phone, internet or any digital device. Now a hands-free Bluetooth device will perform all the connectivity functions. Previously phone lovers had issue with wireless Bluetooth for long calls but now jawbone has sort out all the issues and they are presenting jawbone Bluetooth device in very fashionable design with all the main features. This device is the smallest and attractive device and you can wear it anytime anywhere without any hesitation. Let’s discuss its some further features in detail.

The Bluetooth headsets control many things such as answer or reject the call, end the call, switch between calls, end one and switch to another call, adjust volume according to your preference, pause or play your music file, in standby mode you can hear remaining battery level and press several times to play your resumed track or music file.


If we come to the unboxing of jawbone Bluetooth then I must tell you that it comes in three different sizes small, medium and large. I prefer the medium size because it is the most comfortable and easy to wear and it easily gets fit in your ears. The jawbone is surprisingly the best comfortable ear buds that get easily adjust in your ears. You can use it easily with one hand also furthermore the leather ear easily fits in the ear buds and these ones are extremely soft and comfortable.


Jawbone Bluetooth is smallest and stylish headset with brilliant connectivity features. This gadget is so small and secretive kind of device that we have seen this kind of product first time. We can wear it anytime without any fear of judgement.

This jawbone Bluetooth has very light weight which is just six grams. The weight is nothing as compare to any other head set, it is very light weight device and its length is only 2 inches long. This hand set is 42% smaller than its previous version. It is available in many different colors such as black, silver, brown and red. It is consisted of an ear bud, soft silicon ear gel cover and a power switch.

Jawbone Bluetooth has micro-usb charging port which is present on the back side of head set. This is a big change because we have seen mostly headsets require proper cable or connector for their charging. The device has multifunction command button that is present aside from the power switch.

Noise Deduction:

Jawbone has improved a lot in this Bluetooth head set because the main issue of users was background noise in long calls. This time they have sort it out via small rubbery which is present next to power switch. The purpose of this rubbery is to vanish the background noise on calls. The jawbone has installed Noise Assassin 4.0 for the removal of noise background.

How does this device work?

If you will press it once it will answer or end a call furthermore it switches calls if two are active. If we press it 2-times it will make a redial whereas pressing it 3-times will start your phone’s music player with the last resumed music track. The biggest issue with this jawbone Bluetooth is adjusting volume level because it lacks a volume control slot. If we want to adjust volume level we must press the command key for few seconds to cycle volume low or high.

Let’s look at their comfortable ear kit in which they have provided a simple procedure to follow. You just put handset in your ears and it will be easily slipped its ear bud in one direction. Down side of this headset is in curve shape which gives us better channel audio into ear canal. This head set has best positioned ear buds. Upper side of the gel carries a hook that is made to curl around the inner fold of your ear lobe. It comes with multiple ear gels.


If we compare it with other devices then I will must tell you it is the better head set than any other because other devices usually take about 15 to 20 seconds to adjust comfortably in your ears. The Jabra Motion’s large rubbery ear piece and ear loop provides much better fitting than this Jawbone one. It is much more comfortable than Plantronics Voyager Legend head set.

If we set up the Jawbone Bluetooth from start without reading any manual was child’s play. You just need to switch the gadget on while holding down the command for a few seconds. It will go in to pairing mode and then you can link it with smart phone.

Mobile Application:

Jawbone mobile app is used to search any near jawbone gear and it will search automatically the device. The application offers some other brilliant features also which includes finding the era if you have misplaced it furthermore it has ability to customize your command button’s function. It also gives us some tips to how to use the product perfectly via FAQ and other documents.

The application has some other features also in which one is to speak to others in different form of voices. This is fun type of thing and it has many different voices such as gruff mobster, MI7 like ace, arcade and the sultry bombshell. It looks like full entertainment package to keep the fun factor high. These things always make the device interesting and catchy.

The application is the best thing to work with jawbone Bluetooth headset. The best feature of this application with these headsets is automatically reminder and even it can automatically dial into conference call if you have set any. The software is quiet smart to collect all the numbers in dial-in codes. We haven’t tried this device personally so we can tell any perfect results.

Crystal Clear Voice:

The best thing about Jawbone Bluetooth head set is voice clarity because of its noise assassin. It has provided us best results in voice as compare to any other head set even indoor home its clarity is like landline voice clarity. This is the very big achievement to have voice clarity like landline number even we are on road and highly traffic rush, caller will hear only our voice even we have tried it in jungle and it has given us totally brilliant results.

One thing which users have felt in this headset is addition is noise before user spoke. The main reason of this issue is fractional delay before the voice activity sensor that means sometimes voice sensor works faster than the user voice. Sometimes the noise assassination got mixed up with the noise-cancellation circuit. When we compared this jawbone Bluetooth with Plantronics headset, Plantronics one couldn’t beat the superior quality of jawbone one.

Battery Comparison:

Let’s compare it with other devices in case of battery timings, sadly Jawbone Bluetooth has disappointed us in battery section. It is providing us only 4 hours with full 100% charging and it provides 10 hours with its optional battery case whereas the other headsets such as Jabra Motion and Plantronics Voyager are providing 7 hours continuously. The price of Jawbone Bluetooth also arises very quickly as compare to other two headsets. This is a biggest draw back in jawbone headset else it works brilliantly.


The best part of jawbone Bluetooth is its USB-Charger because we can connect it with any data cable and it easily starts charging. Previously we have seen that mostly headsets come up with mini usb charger which makes issue because for that you should also keep its specific cable with you. Now with USB-charger you are free to move with only one data cable.

Recommended Bluetooth Headsets:

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  • Fully Wireless
  • Best sound quality for every genre of music
  • Strong Wireless Connectivity
  • Easy to wear and secure
  • Sweat Proof
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • One Year Warranty

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  • Plastic case, easy to carry, protected cover
  • High quality sound
  • Fast charge, 9 hours talk time
  • Compatible with almost all smart phones
  • Accessible Mute button
  • Micro-usb charging

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  • Sweat proof
  • 3D neck
  • High Quality Audio
  • Dual Battery
  • Receiver every app notification

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Bluetooth Headphones Amoner Sweatproof:


  • 0 noise cancellation
  • Easy to fit
  • Longer Playtime
  • Excellent Wireless Connectivity
  • Universal Connectivity

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  • 8610 noise cancellation
  • Usb car charger support
  • Flexible ear buds
  • Connectivity of two devices at one time
  • Strong signals strength
  • Easily paring, clear music quality
  • Usb car charger support
  • Automatic voice prompt
  • Extra car charger for emergency 

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Wireless Bluetooth Fantime Headphone:


  • Bigger Battery, long-lasting time
  • Extraordinary charge box
  • Compatible with all devices
  • High quality audio
  • Built in mic
  • Access of ending calls
  • Ear Caps available

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Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Sweatproof:


  • 5000 mAh portable charging case
  • Latest Bluetooth
  • Clear sound and beep
  • Stereo Mode
  • Easy wears
  • Fully wireless connectivity
  • Mono mode
  • Sweat proof


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  • No wire
  • Built in mic
  • Fast Magnetic Charging
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Easy to connect and use
  • Easy and secure to wear
  • Water proof
  • Sweat proof
  • Good for Showering
  • One year warranty

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  • Easy and secure fit
  • Light weight
  • Stereo and mono mode
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Latest Bluetooth technology
  • Best signal strength


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Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Battery Magnetic:


  • Full Wireless Connectivity, no need of cable
  • Magnetic charging
  • Built in Mic
  • Sweat proof
  • Easy to fit and full secure
  • Strong battery with long-lasting power


Jawbone headset is better in almost all ways and the first best thing is its perfect little size, which easily adjusts in your ear buds moreover it is totally soft and comfortably one. These are the best stereo headphones among all other and it has no comparison in its stereo testing. It can disappear the whole world in your imagination because of its stereo power and these headsets makes you feel that only you and the sound which you have chosen to play has existed in this world.

The biggest bad point of jawbone Bluetooth headsets is battery timings because it has weak power than its competitors. So, if you want good battery timings then you can pick the other two Jabra motion or Plantronics headsets. Except the battery timings issue, the jawbone Bluetooth headsets has worked perfectly for me.

Jawbone Bluetooth headsets has best noise assassin as compare to all other ones and this is the main reason that it will easily attract more customers towards it rather than any else. People can compromise on battery timings but better voice quality cannot be compromised. So, Jawbone Bluetooth has scored better points in voice quality. It is little bit expensive device if we compare it with the other ones but as we all know that if we want best then you must pay some extra for it.



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