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Apple Watch Charger


Apple is a renowned and most trustworthy brand when it comes to your technological needs. It gives you edge over other brands and most importantly defines your personality and keeps you ahead in your fashion statement. Whatever a person uses and accessorize himself with defines his personality and taste that is how precisely he looks at things and makes choices. To keep your apple watch charged it is very important that you have a good quality charger for your watch. Now the significant point here that rises up is whether you would like to go with the basic, premium or the combination watch/iphone docks. To help you with this here are few points that helps you understand and comprehend your need and make a sensible choice.


Color, Type, Power, Warranty and features such like these come under the heading of specification as specification of any product tells you about its appearance and hidden technicalities to understand the product and use it efficiently. This profoundly helps to become familiar with your product.


The most important and foremost thing is the appearance of the product and that is the design of the product. The Apple Watch Chager has the dock and cable as well. The docking system has amazing design along with unique features that enables it to stand out. The colors ranging from black to rose gold makes it look even more flawless so that you can fluant it in front of others.


Well manufacturers offer a life time services for the product that is if you need any help regarding its technicalities or have any query they are always there to help you solve it. Other then that they offer a 12-24 month warranty depending upon their respective policies and even to keep you satisfied they offer a replacement of the product as well if any problem is incurred.


Apple Watch can be charged in two ways that is with the help of a a Apple watch charging cable or with the help of the dock. These two have their significance in their own ways but a more stable and reliable method of charging your apple watch is with a dock. The reason behind dock being a more reliable and stable way to charge your apple watch is this that when you place your watch upon it for charging it sticks to its place no matter you use its buttons while its docked or use it as a nightstand. Nightstand is a feature of apple watch that allows you to set alarm for your next important meeting or waking up next day while it is on charging. As the nightstand mode displays the date and time on the watch along with the remaining charge in the watch. To turn this mode on you just simply need to put it on charging and the nightstand mode will turn on. Moreover the dock looks better then the cable.


Well it does not require batteries separately you just need to charge your watch to keep going.

Travel Cases

Some brands offer a travel case and some dont, but if you really need one then you can have one separately.


Most of the chargers are compatible with Apple Watch 38mm and 42mm Series 1 and 2 that increases feasibility for you.

Best Recommended Apple Watch Charger with Their Key Features

It is very important that we look closely towards these chargers so that you can make a choice that whether you need a premium, basic or a combination charger for yourself.

Apple Watch Charging Cable by Eastern Collective is a compactly designed combination charger. Well the pack includes an apple watch charging cable along with Aluminum dock to accessorise you with best tool to charge your watch. It has a 5 foot long charging cable that is compatible to your watch. The magnetic Apple Watch Dock and non slip base makes it easier for you to put your watch on charging without any difficulty and the non slip base keeps it safe from falling. The base is perfect for using it to rest your iphone upon it. This amazing charger is available in $23-$25.

Apple Charging Dock Apple iPhone Watch Stand by Usee is another meticulously designed charger that beholds amazing features. Now this charger has a charging cable for your apple watch watch which is hidden so that your deskyop can have a tidy and tangle free look without any hassle. Moreover this charging dock has total four USB ports that can be used for charging your iphone as well. It is the best tool for taking along on the go. It is made of fireproof material which is of high quality. You can have this in just $19-$21.

Charging Station Dock for Apple Watch by Simpeak is another brand in the queue that offers a good quality docking station for charging your apple watch. It is made of aluminum It even has 3 other USB ports which can be used to charge your iphone or tablets. They offer a long 5 year warranty of the product to keep its customers satisfied. You can get this in just $27-$29.

Apple Watch Charger by OPSO is yet another brand that offers an apple watch charging cable. This cable is 1 meter long and compatible with 38mm and 42mm Apple watches. This has incorporated the MagSafe technology with inductive charging which is especially designed for Apple watch. It can be bought in just $27-$29.

Apple Watch 1M Magnetic Charging Cable, White. This is an original Apple Watch charging cable by Apple which is of white color and highly effective. You just need to hold the connector near the back of the watch and the magnets snap into the place automatically without any hassle. You can get this in cheap price.

Apple Watch Charger by Poweradd is another trustable apple watch charging cable that is best for your apple watch. It is made of high quality material. It has shock absorbption feature and high temperature resistant. It is durable and Apple certified. It is available in $28-$29.

IQIYI [ Apple MFi Certified ] Apple Watch Charger is another amazing quality charger for your unique Apple watches. It is Apple certified and holds the watch in place with the help of magnet. You can get this in just $25-$27.

Apple Watch Portable Charger by Oittm. Now here is another creative and innovative charger for your Apple Watch. This charger is so small and compactly designed that it is in a keychain that can be kept in pocket easily. This charger can be charged with the help of USB. It is best to have on the go. This allows you to have wireless charging. They offer 18 months warranty. You can get this portable charger in just $42-$43.

TomRich T50 Apple Watch Charging Station is another reliable charger for your apple watch. It is made from scratch free silicone material which is durable and long lasting. You can charge the watch with band open or closed very easily. This flawless black charger is available in $7-$9.

Final Verdict

Conclusively can be said this that you should not put your expensive Apple Watches on stake by using low quality charger for it. It is recommended that you use a high quality and trsutable charger for your Apple watch. Above detailed description of these chargers can help you make a choice for yourself. They are cheap and low on budget yet uniquely designed with creativity and innovation.

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