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Freeze dried ice-cream

Sweet tooth cravings for ice cream can be very hard to satisfy especially when you are hiking on a mountain, camping in the woods or enjoying a bonfire night with your folks. Well then, we have good news for you! Even on the tallest of mountains or deepest of woods, you can satisfy your cravings with the utmost delicious freeze-dried ice-creams. Oh wait! Are you worried about keeping it cold? Here’s the best part of this freeze-dried ice cream, you don’t have to worry about keeping it cold. Absolutely no freezer and water required for this ice cream. You can eat this mouthwatering treat right out of the pouch. These freeze-dried ice creams are a premium choice for many hikers, survival experts and campers. This article will help you choose most reliable yet delicious flavors of freeze dried ice creams. After doing infinite personal testing and evaluating many customers reviews, this article will provide excellent options that are available for you on internet.

Top Most Recommended Freeze-Dried Ice Creams

Following are the top most recommended freeze-dried ice creams that you should consider before purchasing any other without consultation. All these freeze-dried ice creams are selected on their superb quality. The very best service providers have manufactured these freeze-dried ice cream assuring high standard. Due to their sound credibility, these freeze-dried ice creams are worth your money.

Mountain House Neapolitan Freeze Dried Ice Cream 12-Pack

One of the best option for online purchase are these 12 packs of freeze dried ice creams. You can easily store them in bulk case and enjoy their delicious taste whenever you want. Mountain House have been a steadiest choice of hikers, campers and survival experts for approximately 50 years. They promise quality and taste of these freeze-dried ice cream. The Mountain House company have a profound experience in frozen meals therefore, you can trust them for high standard. These freeze-dried ice creams create absolutely no mess and can be enjoyed conveniently. It’s a one serving per pouch and you can eat these mouthwatering treats right out of the pouch. Mountain House offers two years taste guarantee. If you are going to someone’s house for the first time and confusion surrounds you about their present than this is a great gift to show affection to your loved ones and they will enjoy its yumminess as much as you will. They offer variety of tastes for you to enjoy. You can have vanilla, chocolate or strawberry freeze-dried ice cream anyplace, anytime.  The best part of this product is that it requires no refrigeration. These 12 packs of Mountain House Neapolitan freeze dried ice cream proves reliability with delicious tastes.

Bulk Freeze-Dried Premium Ice Cream – Box of 100

This package offers a great deal of 100 freeze dried ice creams on a very reasonable price. It’s a great offer if you want to store these delicious freeze-dried ice creams in a bulk. No refrigeration or water is required for this freeze-dried ice creams. You can open a packet and have your ready made ice cream anywhere. Luvy Duvy Corporation are the manufacturers of this product and since 1985 they are known for their incredible quality and luscious taste. All frozen meal on the Apollo 11 moon mission were provided by the very same Luvy Duvy corporation. Hence, this Luvy Duvy corporation holds the title of selling top quality and sweetly tasted freeze-dried ice cream in galaxy. They offer variation of flavors like Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It is an original and best tasted freeze -dried ice cream that is available for online purchase.

Astronaut Freeze Dried Ice Cream Variety Pack Bulk – 10 Packs (Five Different Flavors)

If you are looking for diversity of flavors in one whole bulk than this is certainly a great offer for you. Their price range is very economical for every individual. This package contains two packs of each five flavors. Now you can enjoy variety of tastes with a good quantity of back up in your storage. These freeze-dried ice creams can be eaten conveniently and creates no mess at all. It’s a one serving per pouch. This Astronaut freeze-dried ice cream requires no freezer and water to keep it cold. This freeze-dried ice cream comes in a foil punch. The inside of this product is wrapped with paper. It has small squares of freeze-dried ice creams. You can buy them one per serving and appreciate its delicious taste. Do not try to break it apart, it would probably crumble and creates massive mess for you to clean. Therefore, try to serve one whole square per person They have five different variety such as chocolate chip, mint chocolate, Neapolitan, ice cream sandwich and cookies and cream. Every flavor has its own individuality and eccentricity. Funky food shop are the producers of this product. Since 2004, they have been internets’ most reliable space food headquarters. They are known for their excellence and succulent taste. They have specially designed this variety package for their customers to enjoy a wide variety of flavors on very affordable rates. As compare to other sellers, these manufactures offer three years expiration days.


This article explains premium choices of freeze dried ice creams, that will help you make any occasion perfect. You can easily mollify your sweet tooth with these yummy freeze-dried ice creams anytime, anywhere. With these bulk of freeze dried ice creams you don’t have to worry about having a tasty dessert. Whether you are hiking, camping or bag packing, these freeze-dried ice creams are the best selections for you. All the hype of this ready made bulk of freeze dried ice cream is worth your money. These service providers have manufactured all freeze-dried ice cream promising quality and taste. All these freeze dried ice creams offers you a wide variety of flavors with utmost quality. This article evaluates comprehensive credibility of these sellers. You can easily enjoy these affordable packages of freeze dried ice creams with added savings if you buy them in a bulk, this way you will always have a backup if your sugary craving gets the best of you. These freeze-dried ice creams are worth giving a try. If you want a mouthwatering desert for your pleasant trip than order these freeze-dried ice cream from the above mentioned most reliable sources.





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