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Electric Weed Eater

Electric weed eater is the best option for you to get your lawn trimmed. We have the best electric weed eaters with user friendly specifications that are useful in all aspects be it about saving your time, money and the shape of your lawn. If you are confused than do have a look at the following best options to get rid of the confusion. These electric weed eaters are warranted by their manufacturers which provides you ease in maintaining the machine.

Electric weed eater have made life even easier. As the trimming of grass gives a professional and a fascinating look to your lawn. More people would like to visit to your home to have a good time in your lawn. Your surroundings are the major contributing factor that motivate people around you to stay connected. Moreover, this devise has saved your time as well.

Electric weed eater is an electric device both with plug in cord and without it. Both corded and without cord electric weed eaters are useful in trimming your lawn in lesser time. They are in different shape and designs. Each contains distinct design and shape with variable uses. Electric weed eater contains the shaft that is portable, you can change and store it for further use. It contains blade that are in different shapes and designs depending upon the architect of the weed eater. Electric weed eaters also help in maintaining your posture and their shaft can be adjusted with the height of the user. So, be wise and be a decision maker to choose the trimmer that can save your time, money and frustration.

Why consider an Electric Weed Eater?

Whenever you are planning to buy a new weed eater always consider its specifications for instance an electric weed eater without cord contains battery with good life but it is unreliable rather an eater with cord is reliable in case of its battery life and warranty. Following are the other specifications that you need to consider while searching for a new and best electric weed eater for your lawn.

Specifications for Best Electric Weed Eater?

Specifications refers to the qualities of the machine that help you in carrying it forwards, its handling, its management, how much this machine will bring ease in your life? To what extent this machine will save your time and money? Overall the cost and benefit analysis is an imperative factor one needs to consider while searching new and best machine. Therefore, let’s have a look at few of the specifications that a best electric wood eater must have.


Above all the specifications, shape and its design is the most significant one. As an electric weed eater is a machine that you need to carry along to trim your lawn. Therefore, its shape and design must be considered. The one that is easy in carrying and of lesser weight will help you in getting done with your trimming work within no time. Besides, its shape and design makes it captivating. Moreover, the colors are also important reasons because most of us all likes colorful gadgets to handle. These colors not only makes the weed eater fascinating rather it enhances the level of motivation of the individual to work with this machine. Nonetheless, the encouraging length of the shaft makes it comfortable to trim the grass from sidewalks without bending into uncomfortable postures.


Safety is also significant feature that one must consider when buying a new weed eater. A shaft with length keeps and individual at distance from grass he/she is trimming. This enhances your safety in doing this work. On the other hand, gas weed eaters are unsafe in terms of their architecture and design. Therefore, think about your safety first and then choose the best option to give your lawn the most fascinating glance.

Battery Life:

The battery life of weed eater is another important feature you need to consider while searching for a new weed eater for your lawn. The more power a weed eater requires, the more it takes time to trim the grass with less efficiently. However, a weed eater with a battery will consume no electricity as compared to the one with electric plug. While, the one with a battery will trim your lawn efficiently as in comparison to the latter one.


The string on a weed eater must have narrow cutting edge to trim sharply while it must contains the broader width to cover the larger area of the grass to trim. Sometimes, string gives you challenging and frustrating time in order to avoid this frustration always be careful with the width and the cutting edges of the weed eater’s strings.


A weed eater with guarantee makes the machine reliable and earn the confidence of its customers. The manufacturers are providing one year warranty that includes the fixing and maintaining your trimmer. In case your trimmer stops working or is giving you tough time, your manufacturer will fix the issue within no time. These manufacturers are providing you all the relevant information on their websites including their contact details and customer service offices etc. Therefore, do check the reliability of your manufacturer that whether your manufacturer is providing you the online services or not.

Recommended Weed Eaters

Following are the few most recommended weed eaters for you:

Black Decker-GH900-6-5Amp:

This trimmer contains the automatic system that contains the continuity in the work with zero hindrance rate. Its 6.5amp enhances the level of performance with high torque. Above all this weed eater is sourced through electric cord.

Black Decker-LSTE523:

This machine contains the power drive transmission to enhance the torque which will help in trimming the grass through sidewalks. It can be converted into wheeled edger from the trimmer. This machine starts working with one push button. You can extend the run time or enhance power with the help of 2-power control this power booster is helpful in eliminating frustrations in outdoor work.

 Black Decker-MTE912-6.5AMP:

Price ranges from 84.99-130.44 $. AF system enhance work with a zero hindrance rate. Gear drive makes it continual in work. This machine is easily convertible into wheeled edged. 6.5vAmp enhances the level performance to the optimal level. It does not contains the cord with it.


The price of this machine ranges from 183 to 185$, this machine will save your 30$. The amazing thing about this weed eater is that it is brushless which makes it more efficient and enhances the efficacy of work. Dewalt contains 13inch long shaft along with 0.08 dual line complementing speed control triggers. These speed controls can help you in controlling speed and enhancing the run time of machine to get the work done in one time. Dewalt weed eater contains 20V, 5.0AH battery containing Lithium Ion with a charger.


The price of this weed eater ranges from 254 to 260$. The cutting shafts are 15 with o.o8 line touches up to 0.095. Brushless motor which enhances the efficiency of the work with the help of increasing the running time and ultimately enhances the life of the motor. Speed control contains hi or low levels which ever suits the user. This weed eater is of ergonomic design which is the lightest as compared to the other trimmers.


In order to get done with the trimming work in less time and your lawn is small than this devise suits you the best. Remington weed eater not only is fast but also convenient to handle that is user friendly as well as speedy in flourishing the shape of the yard. This weed eater can be handled easily as its handle can be rotated to 180 degree that makes the trimming of the lawn convenient and fast for you. Remington weed eater contains dual line comprising of 14-inches length with 0.065 inch line that ensures best trimming of your lawn. The shafts can be adjusted easily with the height of the user and can be easily stored for further usage.

Green Works-25223-Cordless Batteries:

The price of this weed eater ranges from 275 to 280$. Green works contains 40V battery containing Lithium Ion with two batteries enclosed in it and a charger. The shaft is 19inch long in length. The lever is single that contains 7-positions height adjustable from 1-1/8 inch to 3-inch. Green works is a 3 in 1 package comprising of the rear baggage for reuse, can release raw material at any time with mulching. The front wheels are of 7-inch long while the rear wheels are 10-inch long, making this machine convenient to handle with encouraging results.

Black Decker-GH3000:

Black Decker weed eater is an orange in color. This device can handle the largest and the strongest weeds due to an extra transfer of power from motor to the shafts. Groomed in the N’Edge technology that makes it handy for the user to quickly shift from cutting to the edging within no time. The edging wheels provides the user to trim the sidewalks and edges with comfort. The price of this phenomenal handy machine ranges from 55 to 58$.


The price of Toro weed eater ranges from 120 to 123$. A handy machine that is convenient to carry along anywhere a user needs to. The shaft is 24 inches in length with the cutting blade containing dual action. This weed eater can trim the branches which are 5/8 inches thick. This means that this weed eater contains the lot of capacity to handle the heavy and thick grass within no time. The handle can be treated at 90 degree to the vertical side cutting. Toro is a cordless weed eater contains lithium-ion battery. It can reach up to 8 by 8 inches length by 36inches wide. The most amazing thing about this weed eater is that it contains the warranty of two years. The users can rely upon the manufacturers for two years. This makes this device desirable in terms of its manufacturers’ reliability.

Lawn Master-GT1313:

The prices ranges from 43 to 45$. As it names implies that this machine is a master in shaping your lawn within no time. This weed eater contains 4.2amp motor which help in getting done with the trimming work within one run time. The shaft contains a dual line comprising of 13-inch long blade with built in cord retainer. This weed eater is retractable that is the trimming has become convenient with retracting built cord retainers and retractable directions.  Above all this device is handy for the user and safe for the surroundings.

Specifications MTE912-6.5AMP Dewalt-DCST920P1 DCST970X1 RM115ST-Electric Green Works-25223
Design Cordless ————- Ergonomic —————— Advanced
Shafts Adjustable 13inch(0.08line) 15inch (0.08-0.09) 14inch(0.065) 19inch
Power/Battery 6.5 amp 20V, 5.0AH yes yes 40V (Li-Ion)
Torque ———— ———— ————– 180 degree ————-
Convertible Wheeled edge ————- ————- ———— Four Wheeled
Price Range $ 84.99-130.44 183 to 185 254 to 260 26-30 275 to 280
Warranty ———— ————– yes yes yes
Charger yes yes yes yes yes
Brushless ———— yes yes ————– ————-
Speed Controls ———- yes yes yes yes
Weight —————–  —————- Lightest Light/User friendly Heavy
Wheels ————— ————— ———— ————– 7inch (front)-10inch(rear)

Comparison between electric weed eater and gas weed eater:

Comparatively, electric weed eaters are less contributing factors in creating noise pollution as well as are less dangerous in terms of safety point of view for the user. On the other hand, gas weed eater although are quick but not quicker than electric weed eaters.

Specifications Electric Weed Eater Gas Weed Eater
Design Light Heavy
Safety yes Unsafe
Environmental Hazard Environment friendly Noise Pollution
Charger yes ————–
Warranty yes Less reliable
Cost Effectiveness  Cheaper Expensive

Trimmer for jungle:

Looking for a trimmer to do your job? Be specific in choosing the right shaft. Shaft is significant for the design of the trimmer. As curved shaft transmit power to the blades. These blades get the trimming work done. Beside this curved shaft are appropriate for long heighted individuals as it maintains the posture and covers the long distant grass without bending into the uncomfortable posture. Conclusively, trimming in fall has become the most important job that needs serious consideration. Aforementioned are the few best options that one needs to consider before buying a new electric weed eater. Never look for second best option. Choose what is best for the trimming of your lawn. Electric weed eater is therefore an important tool that can reduce your work stress and save time. Besides, it save time and give a unique shape to your lawn that is attractive and fascinating.










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