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Music, is a piece of heart, which is heard by ears, goes to the heart and touches the soul. Life would be incomplete without music. Music is a medicine, and it is taken not only when in pain, but during all the worldly emotions and feelings. There are hundreds of singers, musicians and instrumentalists that make music to enlighten our lives. We play that music either on our phones, or earphones and even speakers. But there are times in our lives, where we are out in the wild, or in our shower, or camping, we need music the most. For that purpose, we need quality and rugged speakers or earphones. But when with a gang, earphones cannot help much, and the phone speakers are not large enough to satisfy a group of ears and some people too, who like their music loud. For that purpose we need rugged speakers, speakers that we can use in the wild, speakers that would not get faulty when we put them near water, which when briefed means that a kind of speakers that are designed in such a way that they can withstand a lot of pressure, are rugged and waterproof as well.
To help you with such a product, there is an international company called Fugoo, and it produces water resistant and extremely ruggedly built speakers. The specific product which we are reviewing is called Fugoo Tough. But a question arises and it is that

What makes Fugoo so good?

Well the answer to this question is very simple and it is that Fugoo doesn’t compromise on its quality over price, and they make their products in such a way that they can withstand anything. Fugoo makes its speakers rugged, and that makes their products extremely durable and long lasting. Most of the models under Fugoo are water resistant, which makes them even more rugged. The next important thing is that the quality of sound that Fugoo speakers generate is unparalleled. They have an exceptional sound and a very good music quality, which is loud as well when needed. So Fugoo is undoubtedly the best speaker. In so many different ways. But there is a variety to choose from Fugoo speakers, so a question arises.

Which Fugoo speaker?

Because there are different speakers from Fugoo, and there is a lot to choose from, so it becomes tough to determine which speaker would satisfy your needs. Our review is about Fugoo tough but because there are so many good speakers from Fugoo, we tried to put them in our review as well. Because almost all models from fugoo are the best. But in order to which Fugoo speaker is the best we compared Fugoo tough with other models from Fugoo to find that out. We have also compared Fugoo with one of the best speakers from a top international brand to determine whether Fugoo is worth it or not. Our review is based on a set of different specifications.

Specifications of a device, machine or a product allows the user to understand and know what is in the box. Moreover they allow us to see whether the product we are buying is according to our choices or not. Specifications allow a person to know the capabilities of a specific product. It is really important to check the specifications of a product before buying it as buying a product without checking its specifications can lead into trouble of getting the product replaced in case we have brought a wrong one. When it comes to Fugoo speakers, its specifications are its quality, design, material, ruggedness, water resistance and lastly the warranty.

Quality of a product is really important as it determines the durability of a product. Because of such high market value of speakers, there are hundreds of brands that produce them in order to make a fortune. But because there are some genuine brands that produce top quality products so in order to compete with them, the counterfeit brands have to either degrade the quality in order to lower the price or to make their products unique so to attract customers. But they can’t make unique products, so they lower the quality of their products. Therefore one must always check the quality before buying such products.

When we are surrounded by our friends and we take out our old and bad looking speakers, what would they think of our personality? That we are classical? No, they will think that you are out dated. But with the Fugoo Tough, that doesn’t seem to happen. It is a greatly designed speaker and it gives a very elegant along with a classic and rugged outlook which catches every eye. So you need not worry for the design of Fugoo tough. It is designed to perfection.
Moreover there are two different sizes from Fugoo, one is the normal dimension speaker and the second one is the extra large speaker. So if you are looking for an optimal or a large speaker, then Fugoo has them all.

Material determines a lot of things.  Like the ruggedness, water resistance and overall durability of the product. If the product is designed with cheap materials then its quality would not be good and its endurance simultaneously would drop. There are a lot of brands that produce exceptional quality speakers but there are some counterfeit companies too which make their products with the degraded materials. Therefore you must always be careful in choosing which material is the speaker made of. But Fugoo speakers are designed and built in such a way that they way would provide the best quality and they last the longest as well.

Interface of an electric device is really important as it controls all the functions and determines the mechanism of the device that you are buying. Buying a product which has a bad interface can ruin your expectations of using the speaker just the way you want. Moreover there are certain products which have a very complicated interface so working with such devices or speakers is not an easy feat. But Fugoo tough and other models from Fugoo are designed in such a way that they have a very easy interface which can be used and understood by every layman.

A product can be have resistance to water up to a certain limit, and once you cross that limit the device or the speakers would not be water resistant anymore. There are lots of companies which although label that their products or speakers are water resistant to a great limit but in reality they are not. The limit to which they can resist water is very low. But Fugoo tough does not deceive its customers and they give the best water resistance. Apart from Fugoo tough, other models from Fugoo too have a very good resistance to water.

Warranty is the last specification in our list but it is not the least. It is rather one of the most important specification. It helps the customer determine the overall credibility of the seller along with the product. Buying a product without checking for warranty and customer service is not intelligent. As when you had bought a faulty product, you would want to get it exchanged or repaired from the company and if the product has no customer support or no warranty, then you would not be able to do that. But Fugoo doesn’t leave any brick unturned to satisfy their customers the most, therefore they provide a limited warranty on almost all their products and also provide a great and an invaluable customer support as well.

Based on these specifications, we have reviewed Fugoo Tough and we tried to compare Fugoo with other credible brands as well.

FUGOO Tough – Portable, Waterproof, Rugged Bluetooth Wireless:

This is world’s most rugged Bluetooth wireless speaker. It is designed in such a way that it has the ability to resist impacts when it falls accidently. Moreover it is 100% waterproof, snow proof, mud proof and even shock proof as well. It has a very good battery timing and it can give you a continuous music play of up to 40 hours once fully charged. It comes with a built in microphone as well for full duplex speaker phone. It has Siri and Google now compatibility as well. It has 6 very good drivers on four sides and hence giving you a 360 degree music quality. It gives you an impressive 95dB sound as well. This is one of the best speakers available in the market today and it can be bought in a range of 60 to 120$.

FUGOO Tough XL- Ultimate Rugged Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth:

This amazing speaker gives a 360 degree sound with 8 symmetrically placed drivers crank out clean highs, midrange punches and deep, roaring lows. 4 tweeters, 2 mid/sub drivers, 2 passive radiators and a 97 db sound pressure level. The battery life of this model is 35 hours of music play. It comes with a built in microphone for better control. It also has Siri and Google now compatibility. It is water proof, shook proof, mud proof and snow proof as well. The price of this colossal speaker is optimal and it can be bought for just 200-300$.

FUGOO Sport – Portable Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Speaker:

This amazing product from Fugoo has a great battery life of 40 hours. It is waterproof and built with a rugged design. It has the ability to produce a massive sound output of 95 dB. It has 6 drivers mounted on the 4 sides to give a 360 degree immersed sound experience. Moreover it has a very good quality and a great design as well. It can be bought for a price range of 60 to 12$. It has very good weight of 17.6 ounces. And the dimesions are 4 x 7 x 9’’

FUGOO Style – Portable Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker:

Fugoo style is the most elegant speaker from Fugoo. Its designed to perfection and has a beautiful outlook. The silver main frame is perfect and the top buttons enhance the overall look of the speakers. These speakers are snow proof, dust proof, shook proof and water proof in a depth of up to 30 metres for 3 minutes. It has a very good battery life of upto 40 hours of continuous music play. It has 6 drivers on 4 sides and it produces a massive output of 95dB. This rugged speaker has a very low price and can be bought in a range of 60-120$.

BRAVEN BRV-X Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

This is one of the finest inventions from Braven. It can be bought in the same price range as Fugoo. This speaker has a 5200mAh power bank as well which allows you to charge your smartphones and mp3 players. It is water proof, snow proof and shock proof as well.
Moreover it has a microphone as well which is noise cancelling. This speaker is designed in such a way that it has a rubber exterior along with moulded plastic to make it shock proof.

Product Description Fugoo Tough Fugoo Sport Fugoo Style Braven Brv-X
Colour Black and silver Black and teal Silver Black
Water proof Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drivers 6, four sides 6, four sides 6, four sides Not Specified
Max Output 95 dB 95 dB 95 dB Not Specified
Battery 40 Hours 40 Hours 40 Hours 12 Hours
Dimensions 4 x 7 x 9 inches 4 x 7 x 9 inches 6.5 x 2.6 x 2.1 inches 9.1 x 2.9 x 3.6
Microphone Yes, Built in Yes, Built in Yes, Built in Yes
Weight 22.4 ounces 17.6 ounces 15.5 ounces 6.6 ounces
Price 60-120$ 60-120$ 60-120$ 80-120$

There are several brands that produce quality speakers. One of them being Braven, which has exceptionally good speakers. But when these speakers are compared to Fugoo, Fugoo stands out and gives a better performance than Braven. Fugoo’s models are rugged, and you can feel that when you hold them. They are designed in such a way that they are the perfect for outdoors and wild environments. And the Fugoo tough, among all other Fugoo speakers, is the best for outdoors, for camping, swimming, fishing or snow boarding, this speaker will satisfy all your music needs. Therefore, do read this article in case you are looking for best Speakers’ options.

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