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If you are looking for the products which can develop the mental ability of the child and make them learn more and more about the colors combination than you are at the right place. As the review is based on the product known as the LED light blocks. The LED light blocks is manufactured in a very amazing way that it cannot only make your children busy in playing but also helps in building the mental growth of your children. The mental development of the child is very important in various aspects. As they will be able to choose and take a good decision at a point of time when it is required. From the mental development they will be surely able to take a good steps not only in their daily life routines but will also take a best decision in their education carrier as well. The LED light blocks is provided with the different colors combination for the fun of the children. The children are fond of playing so it gives them the opportunity to play inside the home. By this they will be under the supervision of the parents. The LED light blocks are an amazing invention that is best for the learning of the children. The LED light blocks are provided with the lightning colors as the child can play with it at night as well. The product is useful in various ways as the child can learn the color combination from the LED light blocks. The LED light block is assembled with the seven pieces of the interlocking light fixtures for the children. These pieces can give the mental satisfaction to the child while playing with the blocks. The seven pieces have the ability to be stacked in any combination for the best result. By these combination the child will be able to differentiate in different colors and can learn more by this. The LED light also have the ability to turn the light on when the seven pieces of different colors are stacked together which put an amazing effect on the mind of the user and that will put the curiosity in the mind of child to disassembled the blocks. By disassembling the blocks the light of the blocks will get off. The LED light blocks is designed in a very sophisticated way that the on and off system of the light switch is provided in the base of the blocks. The above LED light blocks is also provided with the feature that it have the ability to give you the shaped light on each and per set of colors. The product of the LED light blocks is also provided with the best feature that it can give you the multiple light effect on the multiple sets that can be combined for the super – keen illumination. The above product of the LED light blocks is provided with the best features in a very reasonable prices. The product is very cheap in comparison with the features incorporated in the product.


The quality of the product can only be judged through the specification of the product. As the buyers must have the right to go through the specifications of the product first. Because the specification will help them to choose the best product. So in this regard we have provided you some of the best specification of the LED light blocks which are given as under.

  1. The LED light blocks are provided with the different colors. And that colors are dependent on the product some are provided with the seven colors and some are provided with the six color combinations.
  2. The LED light blocks are assembled with the ability of the light and the blocks can give the different light effect during the usage.
  3. The LED light blocks also have the ability of the charging.
  4. The LED light blocks are provided with the USB port for the charging.
  5. You can also connect it with your laptop as well.
  6. The LED light block also have the feature that it can give you the 3D visual as well.


Top Most Recommended LED Light Blocks:

Following are the most recommended LED Light Blocks that you must consider before buying the best one for you. This is more of a guide that will provide you with the best LED Light Blocks that we have reviewed for you.

ZLT Fashion 3D Visual Optical Illusion Colorful LED:

This is the most amazing LED Light Block available in various color deals that contains flashing effects. The colors include yellow, white, pink, blue, red and green. This makes it the most amazing and the most innovative in terms of creativity and designing. Overall, it provides seven color deals. It contains 3D visual pattern complementing stereoscopic effects that enhances its level of creativity. It can also be connected to the laptop with the help of micro USB port. This USB port also helpful in connecting these LED Lights with other desktops and power banks for various power supply purposes. These are finely manufactured in a way that they provides you the finest elegance whichever place you put them at. It is packed in 1*ABS Lamp Base + 1*Acrylic Plate + 1* USB Cable + with buy one get one free option that is it contains free bracelet in the package. The price of this amazing deal ranges from 15 to 30 $.


Light Stacks LED Light-Up Building Blocks Starter Set:

The price of this fun LED Lights ranges from 10 to 30 USD. These are called as fun building blocks due to their colors and designing as well as contains the life up to three years and more. These are amazingly vibrant in terms of their color scheme as well as are attractive due to their unique and versatile style. The packing contains one power base with one USB cable. The set of these building blocks contains six colors in twelve (12) stax. This contains the highest and the maximum compatibility with other building block specially which are same in size. This makes this LED light more attractive and durable as in comparison with other LED Light Blocks.


Next X Tangram LED Light Rechargeable Desk Lamp 3D Magnetic Toys Tetris Light Decorative Night Light Interlocking Light:

The price of this LED Light Block ranges from 16 to 36 USD. It comprises of 1 Tangram design which contains seven distinct pieces of variant seven colors which provides you with the maximum of innovation when you consider buying the LED Light Block. It is equipped with the system of two Automatic Lighting; this system works like a magic for you, they illuminate when hit each other and turned off when once they are removed. It contains three USB Rechargeable port, this port helps it to get charged from any USB port available. Besides, you can play it for more than three to four hours without even plugged in to any USB port. It contains various uses but the most amazing ones are the four. It’s not just a decoration of your house but also a building that is fascinating for your children. A building that can play multiple roles for you. This can make your children’s childhood colorful and vibrant. This is a perfect gift for a child over five years of age due to the fact that the more colorful the surroundings are; the more creative and imaginative your child will be.

Children’s Light stax – LED Light – Up Building Blocks – 36 Piece Set:

The price of this giant LED Light Block is ranges from 19 to 40 USD. Now you can light your children’s imagination even with more bright colors that illuminate your life amazingly and stack them beyond your imaginations. Give your child a chance to explore his/her imaginative world with LightStax with the help of electricity and its miracles. These miracles will make your child more creative in his/her imaginative world. This a new but award winning toy. This toy actually launched into the markets of US and across Europe in 2014. This giant piece of set provides you an opportunity to help your child think and create. Amazingly whatever your child creates it give his imaginations a glow that provides you with an encouragement and dare to imagine even more creatively. So, watch your child’s imaginations with LED light blocks. These lights will illuminate your child’s imaginations be it a castle, robot or a sculpture with the best glow possible with LightStax. They are manufactured amazingly with vibrant color themes that contains LED technology. They are compatible with the maximum LED Light Blocks which enhances its durability as in comparison its comparison with other LED Light Blocks. These LED Lights have been manufactured with our enhanced patent system. This patent system provides Stax with magical lightning system. Each of its Stax lighten up like they are plugged in. But truly they brighten up without plugs and wires. You don’t need connectors and special wires in order to lighten up your dream world. What you have to do it, just Stax them and they will be lighten up. They are user friendly, you don’t have to read and teach your children how to do things. They are extremely user friendly and contains no threats. Besides convenience, they are best in enhancing the level of your child’s creativity as they provides your child with best possible creative options in terms of creations, innovations and illuminations. For adults they are the best desk gadget that enhance the level of fascination. Moreover for kids, these lights are the best night light. These LED Light Blocks contains three light options through which you can set your lightning intensity with fifteen minutes earlier auto shut down option. With this auto shut down option you can pre-set your LED Light Block to be off after fifteen minutes. They are completely compatible with other building blocks that ensures the best fun, creativity and imaginations possible. This is a complete package which contains thirty six (36) Light Stax Blocks with bright and vibrant colors (Orange, green, blue, yellow, red and white). This is rechargeable with a USB port, also contains one USB that can be connected with DC cables as well. Besides, it contains AAA batteries so far considered as the best batteries in the market in terms of their battery life and quality.

Tetris Puzzle Desk Lamp LED Constructible Block Table Decorative Stackable Night Light –Novelty Design DIY Retro Game Style:

The price of this amazing puzzle block ranges from 15 to 38 USD with gift pack. It is equipped with tetromino pieces which is interlocked along with distinct seven colors. These colors on stacking produces various amazing color combinations. This includes seven lights combinations which are interlocked with each other along with main adaptor. It contains vibrant neon cubes designed in that way which creates magic when used to creates our imaginative creations like sculptures, robots etc. these can be used as the decorative lights especially for the study rooms and drawing rooms. When all the cubes are stacked together lights turn on automatically and give your imagination a glow and ultimately it turns off when separated. It is considered as super addictive on the basis of these blocks being amazingly manufactured to give glow to your imaginations and creations.

Main Access 16 Pool Spa Waterproof Color Changing Floating LED Light Block Seat:

The price of this ranged seat ranges from 89 to 109 USD. It is designed in the shape of block which is waterproof as its name implies that it is also floatable. It contains four illumination modes that includes smooth, strobe, fade and flash. It is equipped with sixteen distinct colors that can be changed with the help of remote and control options. This remote and control option helps you in adjusting the color of the block as per your mood and requirement. This remote control is able enough to control each light along with its intensity and at a time it can control multiple light options as well. Therefore, it is called as universal remote controlled light options. This is not only a waterproof but a weather proof LED Light Block as well. It is manufactured in a way that is indestructible; its design makes it invulnerable and makes it a floating body in water as well as portable. Therefore, buying this amazingly floating block that adds glow into your parties and daily swimming habits. This is amazing creation in terms of its remote control options with multiple color options.



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