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Muskoka fireplace is a state of an art master piece which is made to heat up your living area or any of the surroundings you are living in. These fireplaces are the best way to warm up. These are so compact and designed in such a manner that it beautifully furnishes your home and simultaneously warms up the ambiance you are in. This is the most easiest and useful way to warm up your home in these contemporary times. They have different temperature settings that allow you to have complete control and the accessories along it like remote control allow you to operate it easily from distance even. These electrically operated fireplaces have left behind the old methods which were riskier and dangerous that always kept you alarmed whereas these fireplaces are self efficient that they have automatic shut off feature that makes it safe appliance to use.

Roadmap of History to Contemporary times

The most ancient way of heating your surrounding was to burn the wooden logs and absorb the heat produced by it. The basic structure of these fireplace include bricks, stone and metal designs which may contain a structure further that beholds the fire. Ancient houses had fireplaces in each and every room to reduce the level of freezing temperature inside the house. The presence of these fireplaces in houses not only provided warm and cozy environment but also a very soothing ambiance to relax. Relaxing in a warm soothing room after a long hectic day may work as a cure to day long tiring routine and help heart coherence. The concept of fireplace is not new but it dates centuries back when it got its inception. These were the fire pits that were built in the ground or in the cave with a hole in the roof or windows open so that the smoke produced could be vented out other then that chimneys were also produced later to vent out its heat.

Fireplace and Its Optimal Application

Interestingly in ancient era it was not only used for heating purposes of the room but also for domestic use and cooking. The food cooked on these log burning in the pit were amazingly delicious and had a unique flavour and taste which is now rarely found. Domestically it was used for heating water to wash off the clothes. These fireplaces served many purposes in ancient times from cooking to heating while adding beauty to the environment.

Types of Fireplaces available in the market:

These fireplaces is of three types; (a) A Wood-burning fireplace (b) A Gas-powered fireplace (c) An Electric fireplace. All the three types of fireplace accommodates the need of the consumer.

How Efficient it is?

The level of heat could be increased with more logs burning but to increase its efficiency some techniques could be applied like adding a blower to the fireplace which transfers the heat of the fireplace to the air via convection method. Another way of increasing the efficiency of these fireplaces is putting a fireback in the fireplace which sets behind the fireplace and reflects back the heat producing more heat and distributing more equal heat in the space. Special heavy fireboxes are also used to increase the efficiency of the heat of fireplace. Fireplaces can play a very vital role in enhancing the ambiance of your home.

There is something new in the market and that is Muskoka fireplace. It is a beautiful accessory to decorate your house along with its extremely significant use that is heating.

Easy To Put UP:

Muskoka fireplace is the new trend of heating homes while making the presentation of homes even more cozy and beautiful. This muskoka fireplace can be installed in any of the rooms you wish. It is so compatible that is easily fits in the walls. This new trending fireplace is highly efficient.

 Sleek and Stylish Design:

The sleek black design of this fireplace beautifully complements its one of its kind peculiarity. The glass finish of this fireplace makes it more appealing. It has three ember beds that are acrylic diamond, traditional wood and white stone to cater the consumer need more vigilantly.

Layout of its Display:

The most amazing feature of this Muskoka fireplace is its ability to display seven distinguishing colours that stupendously elevate the aura. This feature of this fireplace can entice your parties or they may go with your mood swings. This eccentric feature offers intensely blended palette of seven colours some of which are amber, blue, colour cycle and few other. You may change the colour according to your need. Another alluring feature of this Muskoka fireplace is the display of flame through LED which does not produce heat. This tempting feature of this fireplace serves as a decor to your house which is highly magnificent.

Temperature Settings:

It has ten different levels of heat so that you can adjust the temperature according to your need. This feature of fireplace is intensely attractive as it works according to your need. If you feel extremely cold you may go for its highest temperature that is 27 degree and if you feel quite normal then you may turn it on to a moderate level. This overwhelmingly high quality product holds more goodness for you that is, it has a timer which prevents overheating of the fireplace and this timer is even adjustable as well. To make it more easy to operate it even has a remote with it. This remote allows you to operate this fireplace while sitting from faraway corner of the room. If you are really tired and do not feel like moving then just grab the remote and turn on the fireplace according to your needed temperature. This characteristic of fireplace is so satisfying that it enables you to operate it while you being seated on your relaxing chair or while laying down your bed. Well this brings us to the point of interest here that is its display.

Where Can you put it in your Home?

This fireplace can be displayed in two ways, either you mount it on the wall aur fix it in the wall according to its size. Now this choice may allow you to decorate your house with different technique and patterns rather with a more trending and updated approach of interior designing. In some of the rooms you go for mounting it on the wall while in other you may go for fixing it in the wall in compliance to the furniture and interior settings.

The specifications of this Muskoka fireplace will provoke you to buy it as it is a must buy now to glorify your home furnishings.The detail of Muskoka fireplace is given in the table below:

                                                     Recommended Muskoka Fireplace


  1. This Muskoka Pleasant Hearth Curved Wall Mount Fireplace with Black Glass of 35 inches is a well-engineered fireplace that can help you warm up your living area. It has 3 ember bed selections available so that you can choose it according to your desire whether you like plastic crystals, log set or stone which ever you like. It has LED with 3 colors that is 3 color, 1 color cycle and 1 off status mode. It even has the side lighting option with LED which makes it even more attractive fireplace to have. This fireplace has ten adjustable temperature settings so that you can set its temperature mer which can be set to 8 hours. This fireplace also has the LED as well which enhaces its beauty and increases the home decor according to your need and desire. The temperature setting ranges from 64 degreef- 82 degreef. It even has a timer as well which can be set to up to 8 hours. Hence this is good fireplace to have it in your home.
  2. Now this is another version of Muskoka Pleasant Hearth Wall Mount Fireplace that is of 25 inches. This fireplace also beholds many extensive features that can easily impress you. It has 3 eber bed selections available. This fireplace also has ten adjustable temperature settings available with 2 degree increament feature availbale as it ranges from 64 degreesf- 82degreef. 
  3. This is the another version of Muskoka fireplace that can warm up your home and give you a better ambiance to breathe in. This Muskoka fireplace has the traditional log set that gives it a ancient outlook and gives more of style to your homeplace. This fireplace heats up the area very quitely and amazingly that is of 200 square feet as it works optimally in the area for which it is customized. This fireplace is of amazing quality and it is so beautiful that it is even appropriate to gift this to someone who has shifted to new place. It is an amazing product by Muskoka to warm yourself up and keep your surrounding cozy and heated.
  4. This curvy fireplace is a must to warm up your room more exquisitely. It is 42 inches big which can be used as per your need in your master bedrooms. This curve shaped fireplace gives a sleek and glamorous look to your room.
  5. Now this is a huge fireplace by Muskoka as its size is of 57 inches which can easily heat up big living areas or lounges or even your master bedrooms. This size of fireplace is the most appropriate for heating up and covering larger area. This fireplace can be hanged up easily with fixed tempered glass front or wood and it has white linen frame which adds beauty to it. This fireplace includes two interchangeable ember bed styleas that can be easily switched between acrylic crystals or traditional logs to give a historical touch. there is forward hea discharge feature as well. This fireplace even has the full functional integrated remote control and backlit touchscreen controls that makes it even more accessible from wherever you are in the room. It is a good fireplace to opt for.
  6. his is another curved Urbana Wall mount fireplace which is an irresistible fireplace to go for. It offers you great deal of heat in affordable cost and warming up your ambiance.
  7. Now this a different fireplace as it is a media electric fireplace in light weathered grey finish which makes it more stunning and attractive piece. This fireplace is best for the use in tv lounge as it is media electric fireplace that is it can fit into the divider to become more compatible and fancible fireplace in the room.
  8. This is the 57 inches big TV stand with electric fireplace finish : burnished Pecan. This an appealing piece of art to furnish your lounge with and enjoy your movie time and quality family time in warm environment.
  9. This fireplace is also one of its kind which beautifully furnishes your home and heats up your home to keep you warm. This is a 57 inch fireplace which is huge in size to cater all your needs.
  10. This is another eye catching fireplace which known as the Muskoka Cavan electric fireplace, burnished walnut. This is a 40 inch fireplace to easily heaten up your spacious rooms.

Fireplaces Vs Gas Heaters:

As science is developing day by day and working hard to get to the list of top brands and eminently the loyal brands of the technological world. The advent of these fireplaces has left behind the conventional method of heating up. These fireplaces are safe to use and cause less or negligible damage to you or your health. These fireplaces have sleek and stylish design that gives an amazing outlook to the product and makes it more attractive and an addition to the decor of the home. These have LED light flames that gives a beautiful effect as well which makes it an outstanding product while on the other hand the conventional gas heaters are dangerous and consume much of energy that brings much cost to you. There is even risk of furniture catching fire due to its direct open heat. The residential wood combustion is a dangerous method of getting heat as this may cause multiple health problems like asthma or lung issues. Hence it is a smart choice that you go for Muskoka fireplace that intelligently heats up your ambiance and gives you soothing and beautiful environment.

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