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                                Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper are items that are used every day and everywhere. Every home, restaurant, office, dining table and kitchen has a requirement and that is salt and pepper. They are used in almost all the food items for better taste. Previously salt and pepper were put in large jars and bowls. But then came the invention of salt and pepper shakers. People started using them at a large scale and they were a necessary part of every setting where food is served. Then came the idea of Novelty salt and pepper shakers. Novelty basically means that a product which is made of a unique design and is not common. These novelty salt and pepper shakers are the best gift one can give to somebody. They come in hundreds of eye catching design, whether it is micky mouse, or star wars or even Doctor Suess, there are hundreds of types of novelty salt and pepper shakers. They are either made with plastic, or ceramic and even porcelain. Their unique design differs from one another and there are hundreds of varieties of these shakers. They are the best gifts you can give to someone. For example if someone is a die-hard fan of Disney, you can actually gift them a pepper shaker that is designed in such a way that it gives the outlook of a Disney character, like Mickey Mouse etc. Even if someone is a fan of star wars, there are novelty shakers that would give the outlook of a character from Star wars.

These Novelty salt and pepper shakers come in different designs, colours and qualities. They are best for both kids and adults, which is only made possible by the unique and numerous designs of these products. They are a good gift to be given to your close ones, as they would feel special by knowing that you care for them and that you have a good eye for observing their likes and dislikes. Because of the vivid colours, these shakers would not only impress the person you gift these, but also their visitors, who would be mesmerized by seeing these unique and novelty salt and pepper shakers. Moreover because these shakers are used every day, they define your life in a more colourful way and moreover they also impress your guests and visitors. These novelty salt and pepper shakers are a must for every house.
But choosing the right salt and pepper shakers is a difficult thing at times because there are so many brands out there and determine which to choose can become quite tough at times. We have tried to make it easy for you to select which type of novelty salt and pepper shaker would you choose by reviewing and recommending a few of the best novelty salt and pepper shakers. Our review is based on a set of different specifications given below.

They are the abilities and qualities of a product. Specifications are a really important thing when it comes to buying a product as they allow the user to determine which is the right and suitable product for them, moreover it helps them determine about the know how of the product they are going to buy. It is important to check the specifications of a product before buying it as it would save you from a lot of trouble which you would have in case you buy the wrong product. When it comes to novelty salt and pepper shakers, its specifications are its quality, the design and colours of the product, the quantity of salt and pepper to be placed in the shaker and lastly the material of the product.


These Novelty salt and pepper shakers are sold by numerous brands that produce quality materials, along with mesmerizing designs. They differ on the basis of their vivid designs and their quantities. But because of the huge market of novelty salt and pepper shakers, there are hundreds of brands that compete in the market. In order to sell out they either reduce the price of the product or enhance the quality to the maximum level. But usually enhancing the quality comes with an increase in the price and many people would not pay huge sums for mere salt and pepper shakers, so they try to cheapen the price, but this only happens when they reduce the quality. So it is really important to first determine the quality of the product before buying it.

Why does someone buy a novelty product? Because they are mesmerized by the design. Design is an important specification which needs to be determined before buying the specific product. There are numerous designs of novelty salt and pepper shakers. They differ from one another in colours and shapes. Determining which design would suit you or which design is would be the best for the person you are gifting it to is really important, but always make sure that you double check the quality of the material. As a product with the perfect design but a bad quality is useless.

You have found the right novelty salt and pepper shaker, that has the perfect design and is made of best quality, but you didn’t notice the quantity of salt and pepper the shaker can have in it. In that case, if you buy an extra large product, it would not be easy to use it for everyday purpose, and even if you buy a really small product, even then it is useless as it would have to be refilled again and again which gets agitating at times. So it is really important to determine the quantity of salt and pepper the novelty shaker can withhold.

Quality, design and the quantity of a novelty salt and pepper shaker are really important, but what’s more important is the material of the product. There are many salt and pepper shakers which are made with different materials, like plastic, ceramic and even porcelain. Determining which novelty shaker material depends upon the usage. These three materials are all very good, but it is important to choose between one of them. Ceramic and porcelain novelty shakers are usually better and more safe to use while the plastic novelty salt and pepper shaker is more durable than its precedents, as if you accidentally drop them, they would not fall down. But usually people prefer ceramic and porcelain shakers as they add to the décor of the house.

Based on these specifications, we have recommended and reviewed a few a of the top novelty salt and pepper shakers.

Vandor 89030 Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Salt and Pepper Set:

This Novelty salt and pepper shaker is ceramic, and it is hand painted to give the outlook of Disney’s Mickey and Minnie. They are the best gift for a Disney fan. They come in colourful gift wraps which saves you from wrapping the package in case you are gifting it to somebody. They are the best washed with hand and dishwashing them is not recommended. These Disney Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers range from 5-25$.
Naughty Pigs Pink Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set – Kitchen Novelty:

These Naught pigs novelty salt and pepper shakers are best gifted to adults and young couples. They are ceramic and range between a price of 5$ to 20$.
Shark Attack Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set by CAS:

Do you have a friend who is scared of sharks? Or do you have a kid who absolutely loves sharks? Well these novelty salt and pepper shakers are best for both. They have magnets, so it looks like that the shark is biting the leg. They are very beautifully crafted and painted by hand. Moreover they have a glossier outlook which goes well with the décor of almost every setting. They are the best for both adults and kids as well. They are ceramic and measures almost 3.5’’L when put together. They can be bought in a range of 6-26$
BigMouth Inc Bad Cop No Donut Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, Blue:

Do you have a friend who is a cop? Or either hates or loves cops? Then this bigmouth cop and donut salt and pepper shaker is the best for them. Cops are known for eating donuts and this product justifies that. They are made with vivid colours which goes well with every setting and they increase the general outlook of your dining table. They can be bought in a very low price range of just 5-15$ which is cheap when compared to the design.
WalterDrake Cat Salt and Pepper Shaker:

These beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers is really cute and it gives a beautiful outlook. The white cat is for salt whereas the black is for the pepper. They also have a metal basket in which you can put these ceramic and salt and pepper shakers. They are ceramic so they are not dishwasher safe. But they can easily be cleaned by hand. They have a good price which ranges from 5-20$ and it is very cheap when compared to the quality and design of the product.
Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers – R2D2 and R2Q5:

There are hundreds of people who absolutely love star wars. So these salt and pepper shakers are made in such a way that they commemorate and celebrate star wars in a great way. The R2D2 and R2Q5 droids are moulded ceramic and the detailing on them is absolutely genuine and perfect. They give a beautiful outlook and are a dream come true shakers for every star wars fan. They have a slightly higher price which ranges from 10 to 30$.
Globally Cute Mushroom Salt & Pepper Shakers:

Do you like mushrooms or cute things? Well these shakers are the right choice for you. They look adorable and give such an adorable outlook. They are the best gifts to children or a cute family. They are ceramic and have a plastic stopper which allows you to refill the product easily. They have a very cheap price and it ranges from 4$ to 12$.
Streamline Porcelain Guinea Pig Salt and Pepper Shaker Set:

Everybody loves Guinea pigs, cause they are cute and so adorable. So streamline has made Guinea pig salt and pepper shaker with porcelain which enhances the durability of the product. They are a good gift to a person who likes Guinea pigs. These Shakers are really adorable and they come in Brown White and black white colours. They have a very cheap price as compared to their specifications and it ranges from 5-15$.
KOVOT Gamer Salt and Pepper Shakers Set (1 Black and 1 White):

These novelty salt and pepper shakers commemorate gamers. Do you have a friend or a kid who loves playing video games? Or are you yourself a gamers? If yes, then these Shakers are the best choice for you. They are designed in such a way that they look like Play station and Xbox controllers. They give a great outlook and come in black and white colours. They have a very cheap price as compared to their design and it ranges from a mere 4$ to 12$.

Product Description Vandor Mickey and Minnie Walter Drake Cat Star-wars R2D2, R2Q5 Streamline Guinea pig
Design Mickey and Minnie 2 Cats, 2 Droids, 2 Guinea Pigs
Colours Black and Red Black and white Black and white Brown, black and white
Material Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Porcelain
Price 5-25$ 5-20$ 10-30$ 5-15$


Final Verdict:

Novelty salt and pepper shaker are a great gift to a person. They are usually a better option than simple salt and pepper shakers, as they give a more colourful and a better outlook to your house. Moreover they define your personality and integrate colours with it. They are the best to be gifted to someone who is a fan of some famous character or a movie, as they commemorate some unique character. Moreover they are not as expensive as the elite salt and pepper shakers which have the same purpose. They range in different designs and shapes, from cute to elegant; you can find the shaker of your choice. We tried to review a few of the novelty salt and pepper shakers and we came to the verdict that choosing the right one depends on the preferences on the user but they must make sure that their product is made with the best quality of material and have a durable design which increases the life of the product. Also they must have the right size of holes and they must be easy to refill. These specifications are important in determining the right product for you.


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