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Partying and drinking are the two things which go parallely hence it is very important that you keep a check of your blood alcohol content so that you dont get into any kind of trouble. These personal breathalyzers are so handy and useful that it can be carried along wherever you want to. It is simple to use as you just need to turn it on and blow in the mouthpiece and then it will do the screening of your blood and give you the accurate readings of the blood alcohol content. There may be some variance in the results but they are near to accuracy and are approved from multiple institutions.

How to Use

The use of this personal breathalyzer is extremely easy as it has to be used by the individual itself in drunk condition so it has to be easy instead of complex. You just need to breathe in the mouthpiece for minimum of 5 seconds and the breathalyzer will analyze the level of alcohol present in your blood and will give you a digital reading on the screen informing you clearly about your condition and alarming you about any upcoming risks.

Product Efficiency Alert

Keeping a check of everything is very important. It is always recommended to drink less in late night parties if you have to drive to your home by yourself later as this can put you in trouble. Hence a personal breathalyzer is a tool that will help you know that are you in the right condition to drive yourself to your home or not. The most important point to make here is this that accuracy of some personal breathalyzers may vary and it may deteriorate from the precision thereby you should not completely rely on this and hence it is always better to drink less and stay out of any kind of trouble.

Furthermore the users who have reduced lung capacity from lifelong smoking or other medical reasons may not be able to use this device successfully thereby there is no fault in device if deteriorating results are incurred.

Best Recommended Personal Breathalyzer

  1. This personal breathalyzer by MARS is one of its kind due to its quality and compactness. Trusting every other breathalyzer is not a good option as they may give you wrong readings and results. MARS have created their breathalyzer after vigorous hard work and research to make it more accessible and approachable to its consumers. MARS uses state-of-the-art fuel cell technology that is designed in such a way that it gives accurate result within 30 seconds or less even. This breathalyzer has laser engraved in it as well as it has 6 replaceable mouthpieces which gives you more hygiene, furthermore this breathalyzer comes with a protective carry pouch which makes it easier to carry along as it can fit in your purse or pocket easily. The weight of this breathalyzer is only 4 ounces which makes it very light to carry and extremely light on your pocket. The design and outlook of this breathalyzer is so robust and attractive that it can be a really good and useful gift to those people who love to party a lot and drink with their friends. The device is highly easy to use rather than a complex one as you just need to push the on/off button and blow in the mouthpiece which will do the screening of your blood looking for the level of alcohol present in it and then giving you a precise reading in digits. The quality and accuracy of this personal breathalyzer is well-acknowledged by the tests it has gone through, that is, it has been tested by the Department of Transport and NHTSA as breathe alcohol screening device. It has been rated as one of the best performing fuel cell breathalyzer in Drivestart Test, matching results with police equipment’s measurements. It is designed for personal use but due to its accuracy it can be used by workplace personnel which gives you much diversity and ease.
  2. BACtrack is another brand that offers personal breathalyzers so that you know the level of alcohol in your blood after the party you enjoyed. This breathalyzer tries to give you accurate readings so that you dont get in trouble and put yourself in a mess. BACtrack has worked hard to bring accuracy and reliabilty to this breathalyzer by going through intense research in harsh conditions even working with police to match readings with their equipment to get accuracy. This breathalyzer is powered by the BACtrack’s platinum-based Xtend Fuel Cell Sensors which is of high quality and is trusted by hospitals,clinics even the law enforcement institutes. This BACtrack S80 is so reliable that it can even trace the slightest amount of the alcohol in the blood and is accurate to third decimal place. Its very easy to use just put in the batteries and breathe in through the mouthpiece and after the 10 seconds it will give you the readings in digits. Another feature of this breathalyzer is this that you can change the unit of measurement according to your threshold to know properly the level of alcohol present in your blood. BACtrack has worked hard to get accurate and the best quality performace amongst all the breathalyzers. Hence to maintain their repute they give immense significance to their customers as well. Thereby BACtrack offers 30 -Days money back guarantee along with full one year guarantee so that it can keep its customers satisfied and hapy with their choice.

3 . BACtrack tries to offer diversity and heterogeneity in its range of products. Now this breathalyzer is another version of BACtrack personal breathalyzer. This breathalyzer has a compact design which can easily fit in your purse or pocket or can be used in a keychain which makes it really handy and easy to carry device along with you to the parties or other places. The most eminent feature of this breathalyzer is this that it can connect to your mobile device through bluetooth and show your readings of breathalyzer on phone through BACtrack’s Companion App which is so smart that it can easily save and keep a record of your tests for screening of alcohol level in your blood. It also keeps some optional photos and logs of other things as well like notes and drinks which keeps you informed about your activities. This breathalyzer is compatible with multiple mobile phone devices whether it is Iphone, Android, Samsung or any other. This is surely a reliable personal breathalyzer that gives you accurate results.

  1. VicTsing is another brand in queue that makes high quality personal breathalyzer. This personal breathalyzer comes with 20 mouthpieces which makes it a long-lasting breathalyzer. It has a blue backlight which makes it easier to use it as in the night time you can clearly see the readings and analyze the alcohol level in your blood. For more accurate and precise readings it is suggested that do not use this breathe analyzer until it has been 20 minuites since the last drink moreover wait for 3 minuites at least until you take another test for accuracy. The technology with which this breathalyzer is made is highly intelligent as the MCU control gives you more power over it. If the result is out of the normal range of blood alcohol level then this breathalyzer gives an audio and video alarm to the user so that the user stays out of any kind of harm. This breathalyzer is extremely compactly designed that it can fit in small and tiny spaces easily and its portability allows it to hold it and carry it wherever you want to. The breathalyzer is so smart that it even has the energy saving feature as well which conserves the energy by turning it off automatically after 5 seconds. This breathalyzer can take up almost 200 tests at one go which makes it highly efficient. This breathalyzer is made with low power indicators that help you know about its battery life easily. This black colored personal breathalyzer is extremely usefull tool to take along or keep it in your car as a safety tool.
  2. This BACtrack personal breathalyzer is extremely amazing and portable as it comes in a keyring as well which makes it easier to carry along. This personal breathalyzer is featured with Advanced MicroCheck Sensor Technology which delivers accurate and reliable readings. Furthermore this breathalyzer has the Effective Breathe Capture feature that is the mouthpiece of this breathalyzer is foldable which keeps it clean and hygienic also this breathalyzer only captures your breathe instead of any fumes or air borne particles giving you accurate readings. To operate this device is extremely easy as it works with one touch operation that is, simply turn it on and then blow in the mouthpiece it will detect and give you a reading in digits on the LCD display keeping you informed.
  3. This Nakar Keychain Breathalyzer is another best option available to you. This breathalyzer has the advanced sensor technology which makes it a more reliable and accurate blood alcohol tester. This breathalyzer is highly potable and easy to hold. This breathaylzer is easy to use which makes it convient tool for carrying along to the parties or keep it in your car you just simply turn it on and breathe in and with in few seconds it will give the readings of blood alcohol content. Another amazing feature of this breathalyzer is this that it comes along with LED flash light which may guide you in the dark and keep you safe. This breathalyzer is the best tool to keep with yourself to know that whether you are in limit or not and in a condition to drive or not.
  4. BACtrack Trace Professional Breathalyzer Portable Breathe Alcohol Tester is another best breathalyzer on which you can rely. This breathalyzer is approved from different institutes like NHSTA and DOT which makes it more reliable and precise. This breathalyzer is powered by BACtrack’s platinum-based Xtend Fuel Cell sensor which gives it a longer life time which is a good deal to go for. To operate this breathalyzer is a simple task as you just need to press a single button and then blow in the mouthpiece and see the reading on the display. The most convenient and durable tool to use for testing blood alcohol content. This breathalyzer is easy to carry let it be in your pocket or purse. BACtrack offers you a 30 days money back guarantee so that it keeps its valuable customers satisfied also they offer a years guarantee so that if any problem is incurred while using it then you may contact the BACtrack’s technical team which supports you at the time of your need.
  1. This is another version of BACtracks breathalyzer which is of white color. It is with a keychain which makes it highly portable and easy to carry along wherever you go or travel. The level of accuracy of this breathalyzer is very high due to its intensely researched technology. It has a 3 digit LCD display which is extremely easy for you to read and understand. The mouthpiece it has is foldable which will stay clean and hygienic. This is designed in California and BACtrack has been working in this field for over 13 years. BACtrack offers much customer satisfaction through customer care services.
  2. BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer for Iphone and Android devices is another great model they have to offer to you. This breathalyzer is extremely efficient and smart that it connects to your mobile phone device through bluetooth and some of its operations can be controlled by using its smart application. This breathalyzer can easily integrate with your apple watch as well which can regulate your sleep levels and other activities which keeps you fresh and does not cause any hinderence in your any other activity or working. This breathalyzer also has the feature of ZeroLine technology which regulates the BAC level which keeps you informed that when it comes back to the 0.00% level. It is surely a great breathalyzer to go for due to its extensive features. This has a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a years guarantee which is extremely a satisfying feature it beholds with in.
  1. This is another small and compact sized breathalyzer by BACtrack which is extremely sleek to be carried along with you anywhere you travel. This breathalyzer has the advanced semiconductor sensor that provides you with trusted results on which you can rely and go with its result. It can easily fit in your palm as its compact size is as small as your palm size. It is white colored and has a small LCD display for reading the results easily and clearly. It has replaceable mouthpieces which takes care of hygiene as well.

Final Remarks

Breathalyzer is useful tool to carry along with you wherever you want to and its compact size is extremely handy that allows you to be very much equipped with your accessories. The design of the breathalyzers mentioned above is so sleek that it compliments you along. It is very important that you take care of yourself and keep a check of BAC.

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