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Home is the place, which, if called to be the ultimate abode of the doctor who comes home after serving for straight 20 hours in hospital, it won’t be injustice. Home, if labelled as the final refuge of a civil engineer who works 12-15 hours in scorching heat of the sun, it again won’t be exaggeration. So we would like to call home, a place where every person urges to come back after their long hectic day whether it is a student attending classes for so long or it is some working men or women performing their respective jobs. All this is because of human nature that makes him feel his home to be the place where he/she can relax, sleep, eat, drink and do all other activities that are not easy and comforting to be performed elsewhere other than home. A person can be himself/herself only in their comfort zone, making them live in any way they desire to. There are many people, who are of the view that no matter how nothing home itself is, still the décor and the atmosphere of the home removes or adds more to the mood of the people living there. If the home is beautifully decorated it will boost up the mood of its residents even if they didn’t have a good working day outside the home. Similarly, if the décor of the home is something not pleasing to the residents then it will ruin their moods even if they had a good day at work. So we concluded that the decoration of the home is very crucial and influential on the mood of its residents. It is a common observation that even the patients of depression and anxiety are immensely affected by the physical appearance of the home. Either they get cured or they get into worse situation.

Moreover, the décor of the home exhibits the mentality, liking, and disliking of its residents. The person who does not know anything about the people living in a particular home can still get some idea about the personalities of those people by just looking at physical appearance of the home. A lot of people having good aesthetic sense want their houses to be so beautifully decorated so that when some guest visits them, they appreciate their sense of decoration and art. Recently seaside décor is trending among many people as their favorite theme of décor. There are a lot of ways to decorate the home in accordance to the seaside theme. A lot of companies offer large variety of décor items that aids in decorating the home according to your choice.

  • The beach is my happy place – plank board sign with star fish and rhinestone accents 12 inches x 9 inches

This is a plank board sign with a star fish and a rhinestones accents. This demonstrates the idea and feelings of having beach as one’s happy place which is practically shown through home décor. Its approximate size is 12 inches x 9 inches. Moreover, opportunities provided to save $3.26 by buying this product. Its price ranges from 10 – 20 USD.

  • Regal Art and Gift rustic pelican décor

It provides another way to decorate the home according to the seaside theme. Handcrafted art is available that has rustic finish and adds a lot of essence to the ambiance to give a genuine look.

  • Flickering Light Seaside Collection Wall Canvas plague

It is available in size that is approximately 16 inches x 22 inches. The special thing about this décor item is the lightning involved in it that looks charming especially during the nights. The Light up Wall Art makes the room immensely attractive and romantic. On off switches are provided as well as precut slots for hanging flush to wall. As well as manufacturing is concerned, two things are to be mentioned that is wood and stretch canvas material. Its market price ranges from 25 USD to 40 USD.

  • Wisdom From a Mermaid Blue Canvas Wall Art Sign beach Seaside Coastal Home Décor

It is a canvas wall art that says “Don’t worry and be happy” This is a lovely advice from a mermaid. It has a very special and unique color that is aqua blue which is very unusual than the ordinary home décor colors. The sage mermaid gives advice such as “Catch and sea breeze” and “Keep the beach clean”. Such kind of art displayed at home is not only “Art for the sake of art” but are also effective in communicating good, encouraging and relaxing words to teach any lesson. This canvas, having the advice from a mermaid measures 10 inches long, 6 inches wide and 1 inch thick. The brand claims that they provide hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Its price ranges from 15 USD to 23 USD.

  • Grazing 12 inches Vintage Arabic Numeral, Shabby Beach, Weathered Beachy Boards Design, Ocean Colors, Old Paint Boards Printed Image, Rustic Mediterranean Style wooden Decorative Round Wall Clock (Sky)

This is a round wall clock designed specially in accordance with the theme of seaside décor. Obviously one knows that it is necessary to have wall clock in the room or living area, so what is special here is that not only the necessity is met by this clock but also a lot of essence is added to the seaside themed décor. As far as manufacturing material is concerned, apparently it is made up of wooden MDF, wood particle board painted which is covered by paper drawing. It is here to be mentioned that it does not have any frame or any kind of glass cover. This is very unique because the covers and the glass leads to ruin the genuineness that is very much needed in this kind of décor. Moreover, the technical manufacturing can be elaborated that it has one double AA Carbon sink battery or alternatively it has any heavy duty battery. It does not have an alkaline battery.

Final Verdict:

Among many other ways and themes of home décor, seaside décor is one of the most beautiful way of adding more life to one’s life through décor. As water is the main ingredient of life, so this kind of décor, which has both, the essence of water as well as the essence of creatures living and breathing exclusively in water, one feels immensely fresh. Also the unique aqua blue color which is the gist of this décor adds more freshness to the feel of the house.


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