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Do you have a kid in your house, a relative who has a kid, or a grandchild? Are you worried that they stay in the house too much and are bored, or do you want to give them a gift on their birthday or any other occasion? Well Vtech Smart Watch is the best thing they can have in this tender age. This smart watch makes them busy in some fun activities, also it comes in vibrant colours, and the best of which is pink, so it is a great choice for children. This product is the best for children from 3-9 years of age, but you can always buy for children of other age group too. But

What makes this watch so special?

Well to this complicated question, the answer is really simple. This watch has been laced with the best features. It has a camera which allows the children to take good quality photos and also make good videos as well. To add up to their fun, Vtech has added fun filters and frames which they can add and edit to the pictures they took. Moreover it has a very good and a very simple interface, which allows them to work with this watch easily. It comes with a few fun but learning based games as well, so they can have fun and learn a lot at the same time as well. It has so many different designs of the clock, which allows them to see time in a more fun manner. And lastly, it teaches your kid to tell time on the analogue clock instead of the digital one. There are different models under Vtech, all of which are very good.

Why Vtech?

There are hundreds of brands and companies that produce quality smart watches which have a very intuitive interface and also immerse your kid into fun activities. But no watch is able to match the standards set by Vtech. Because Vtech gives its customers the best design and a very simple interface along with the best camera quality. The battery lasts for a good one day and more. All other smart watch companies can not provide all these qualities in just a simple kid’s smart watch. Therefore vetch undoubtedly is the best company that produces the best smart watches for kids to make sure they have fun in their lives.

Uses of Vtech Smart watch:

Vtech smartwatch can be used as a camcorder, a simple camera, a gaming interface, a clock with different designs, a sound recorder and much more. All these features allow your kids to immerse themselves in fun activities while learning a lot as well. The games that Vtech has put in its smart watches are creative and allow your kid to learn some things too. Plus the designs of the analogue clock can be changed which allows your kid to tell time in a fun way. The smart watch would make your kid busy in making videos and taking photos, as they would sneak in and take pictures of the whole family, and them having fun as well. They can transfer the pictures to the computer and they would become memories for the whole family.

Choosing the right product:

Because there are so many varieties of smart watches from Vtech and there are many counterfeit brands that produce them as well, there is a need to determine which smart watch would be the best. We tried to review Vtech smartwatch pink and also compared it with a few different models from the same company along with comparing them with watches from another company. Our review is based on a set of specifications.

They are the abilities and qualities that a device, machine, watch or a product has. Specifications help user determine what is inside the box, they also tell the user about the capabilities of the product as well. Checking the specifications of a product before buying it is an important thing as if you buy a product without checking its specifications, you can buy the wrong product and changing them or getting it repaired again and again if it is faulty can trouble you and some users. Therefore they must be studied carefully before buying anything, When it comes to Vtech Smart watch, its specifications are its quality, design, interface and warranty.

Quality of a product determines a lot of things. Like the durability of the product and the endurance of the product to impacts and whether it is dust proof and water resistant or not. There are many companies that in order to compete with top selling brands like Vtech in the market, either lower the price of the product or make their products unique and better them the big shot companies. But making better products than companies like Vtech is not an easy feat at all. Therefore such counterfeit companies, decrease the price, that decrease in the price only happens when they degrade the quality of the product and make it with cheap and degraded materials. Such products are always faulty and they don’t last long and also give a lot of trouble to the buyer in replacing the product. Therefore one must always check the quality of the product to ensure that no such mishap happens. But when you are buying a Vtech Smart watch, you should not worry about the quality or the material of the product as the company produces exceptionally good quality products which have the ability to last for longer periods of time as compared to the other counterfeit companies.


When it comes to electronic devices or digital products, one is always concerned about the interface of the product. As interface determine the running and mechanism of a device or a product. When it comes to Smart watches, a watch having a simple interface with less features is not a good choice, and also because you are buying this watch for a kid therefore a device with a complicated interface is not a good option as well, as the kid would have a hard time in understanding and using the product. But Vtech doesn’t trouble you much when it comes to the interface of a product. The interface of the Vtech smart watch is extremely simple but has optimal features to ensure that you kid would not get bored from this watch in a less time period.

Because you are buying this product for a kid, its design is really important as it determines whether the kid would like it or not. The Vtech smart watch comes in different and Vibrant colours to ensure that they are catchy and to also allow your kid to stay interested in the product for longer periods of time. The watch has been designed in such a way that it would fit the wrist of a toddler without leaving any marks. The skins of the analogue watch are really amazing and they allow the kid to have a great and a fun time telling the time. This watch does all the jobs that a kid wants to do and also look really good on their arms as well. Vtech made their smart watch with the best quality of materials and the perfect design to catch the attention and time of every toddler.

Warranty of a product determines a lot of things, it allows the user to check the whether the seller is credible or not. Also a good customer support and a warranty allows you to get rid of all the trouble of getting the product replaced or changed in case you have bought the wrong one. Vtech provides its customers with limited warranties on its products and also gives the invaluable customer support that every user needs.

Based in these specifications we have reviewed Vtech smart watch pink and also compared it with different models from the same company in order to help you determine the perfect watch for you.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch, Pink:

This smart watch is one of the best watches in the market. It is laced with the best features, it has a 0.3 megapixel camera which allows your kid to have a great time taking pictures and making videos. It has a microphone which has different whacky filters as well, which allows the kids to record sounds in different voices. It has a timer and an alarm as well, allowing your kid to have a great and a fun time with the watch. The watch comes with 50 different skins for the main clock and hence allowing the kid to tell time in a fun way. The price of this watch is very cheap compared to its specifications and can be bought in a range of 100-140$.
VTech Kidizoom Kids Smartwatch DX:

The colour of this smart watch is vivid violet which is very much vibrant and looks really good. This watch comes with 3 fun activities, 5 games and 3 action challenges. It has a wonderful display and a very good overall quality. Moreover it has a very good camera, plus an editor which allows the kids to add fun filters to the photos that they take. It has 50 plus clock skins which are very cute and have great designs. This watch has extra features like calendar and a calculator as well. The price is cheap too and it can be bought for 23-63$.
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – Camouflage:

The colour of this watch makes it really special. It has a very good olive green colour, perfect for boys who like things related to army and spying. It has a very good and a very simple interface along with a good touch screen and a perfect camera quality, moreover it has good space as well to take tons of photos. The price is really low and it can be bought for 25-65$.

Game Smart Watch for Kids:

This is one of the best smart watches present in the market. It is laced with tons of apps. It has different touch games along with sound interaction games. Moreover it has a pedometer and a 30 days calories burnt record as well. It has over 20 different skins on the main clock, come in different and vibrant colours too. Which are suitable for both gender. This smart watch has a very good camera and allows the kids to shoot numerous photos and record good quality videos as well. The price is on the lower side and it can be bought for 30-70$.
YNCTE Smart Game Child Watch Touch Screen:

This orange colour watch is suitable for both boys and girls. It has very good features. Most notable of which is the pedometer which allows the kids to know how many steps they have walked today and it allows them to stay fit as well. It comes in different colours as well. Plus the smart watch has 10 apps which your kid would love. It can be bought for just 12-52$.
Kurio Watch, Lavender:

This exquisite watch looks really elegant on small arms. It is one of the best watches present in the market today. It comes with 20 different apps which allow your kid to have a very good time with the watch. Moreover the quality of this watch is really good and it looks good on the hand as well. It comes in 3 different and very elegant colours. This watch has an I.C.E. app which informs you in case of emergencies. This watch can be bought for 30-90$.

Product Description Vtech Smart watch Game Smart Watch Kurio Smart watch
Dimensions 8.82 x 0.66 x 2.5 in 4.2 x 3.8 x 3 inches 7.9 x 3.1 x 4.8 inches
Weight 12 ounces 3.8 ounces 4 ounces
Interface Simple, some apps Simple, some apps Complex, many apps
Age group 4-7 years 3-9 years 3-12 years
Colours Pink Different Different
Price 110-130$ 20-60$ 30-90$


Final Verdict:

There are different brands that produce smart watches for kids, having different designs, vibrant colors and intuitive apps and good quality camera. But no brand beats Vtech smart watch. Its color is more vibrant and looks really good, plus the interface and quality of the camera is exceptional. Because this is a kids product, it needs to be durable and Vtech smart watch lasts the longest as compared to other company smart watches.




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