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Honeywell Air Purifier


Air Purifiers is a product that helps you to cleanse the air in which you breathe. They have filters that refines the air from harmful particles such as dust, pet hair and dander, smoke and pollen. Breathing these particles can prove to be extremely harmful to your health hence an air purifier is a must to buy. They come in different sizes and shapes to fit in your room according to your need. These air purifiers are graded good or bad according to a set standard by AHAM ( Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) that is CADR ( Clean Air Delivery Rate). And Honeywell has a good score to make its stance strong in this field.


Air purifiers offered by Honeywell are of unique features and are distinct from other brand air purifiers. They have different sizes as they have to be placed according to the size of the room. And if they are not placed accordingly they may not function properly and may not fulfill its task of purifying the air. Honeywell offers warranty to its customers to maintain a long term relation with its customers.

Highly Recommended Honeywell Air Purifiers

  1. Honeywell is a well established brand in the field of electrical tools and appliances and offers a wide range of products to cater your needs and wants. It also offers an air purifier for a clean and polluted free air to you and your family. This air purifier is most suitable for a room that is of size 465 sq.Ft. This air purifier circulates the air and cleanses it 5 times per hour. This air purifier has an easy tap electric controls which makes it more accessible and under control. It has 3 air cleaning levels which makes it more adjustable according to your need and conditions.. This air purifier even has a Turbo cleaning settings which makes it more appropriate where environment is heavily polluted. This air purifier tries to give you more comfort and ease and hence has a timer of 2, 4, and 8 hours. Honeywell makes its products so efficiently that it is smart enough to give you a reminder of filter replacement. This air purifier helps to capture certain air borne germs and dust particles and removes them so that you can breathe a cleaner and fresher air. The score it secured from AHAM in CADR is 300 which proves it to be very efficient in its work. It is surely a good choice to make.
  2. This air purifier of Honeywell is extremely impressive due to its attractive features. It is a true HEPA filter air purifier which is highly recommended by the doctors. It is the most appropriate air cleanser for the people who suffer from breathing problems. These HEPA filters are of long life span as they can be vacuumed after using it and this can extend the life of the filter for further 3-5 years which makes it very much cost effective and durable. The glass fiber HEPA filter captures germs of microscopic size of 0.3 microns and kills 99.97% germs present in the air giving you a pure and lean air to breathe in. It also has carbon activated Pre-filter which helps in capturing the larger particles such as of dust,lint fur etc. This air purifier is intelligent induction in your smart family as it even has a Intelli-Check which is an electronic filter indicator that reminds you of when to change your filters keeping you alarmed and updated with the conditions.this air purifier is suitable for 390 sq. ft room to work efficiently. It is an extremely good choice to make.
  3. Honeywell has much to offer to its customers according to their needs and wants. Here is another air purifier that shapes like a tower. This air purifier tries to capture about 99% particles of germs and dust present in the air. To give you more access it has a switch for the oscillation control of the air. It comes along with LED touch button control with 3 speeds so that you can set its speed according to your need. The filters it provides are for life long as they are washable and can be used again after rinsing it off with water simply. This air purifier is ARB certified to comply with federal zoneemmisions limit taking care of its social responsibility. This air purifier is a good option when choosing for patients as it does not even makes noise keeping the environment clean and quite to rest in. It is an extraordinary air purifier to look upon while going for the purchase of air purifier.
  4. Honeywell works hard in researching and developing products that cater different peoples different needs. They are creative in their own way. This is another air purifier by Honeywell that is of great features. This air purifier is a tabletop air purifier which can be kept on your tables. This is the most suitable air purifier if the size of your room is about 85 sq.ft. It has 120V max power system giving it much power to cleanse the air around you. This air purifier also has permanent HEPA- type filter that captures the most of the germs from the air even dust particles, pollen, pet dander,smoke and mold spores.It also has a washable Pre-filter. There is another amazing feature of this air purifier and that is the optional ionizer that helps you to further cleanse the air. There is also the option of nightlight that is extremely useful at night time to lightly illuminate the room. Honeywell offers warranty for its products and the warranty of this air purifier is of 3 years. It is an amazing product to purify your environment and stay clean and keep your environment green.
  5. From vast range of products and air purifiers this is another is purifier that Honeywell has to offer. It clears the air around you quietly and yet very actively. And filters the air 5 times per hour. It is best for the room of 250 sq.ft. This air purifier is sleek and comes with intuitive touch sensitive control panel for controlling the speed and oscillation for distributing the air equally and purely across the room. It is smart enough to give you 5 control speeds for air cleaning that are Sleep, Germ Capture Mode,General Cleaning, Allergen Capture mode and Max Cleaning Power. For this air purifier Honeywell offers 5 years of warranty to its valuable customers. It has permanent filters that can be washed and used again. This air purifier does not make noise which makes it more impressive. It is smart choice to make to use this air purifier.
  6. This is another remarkable air purifier by Honeywell that tries its best to completely eliminate any traces of dust, germs, pollen or any kind of pathogens. This also tries to remove the household odor if there is due to various reasons. It has HEPA filters that captures 99.97% of airborne particles to give you a more clean and fresh air to breathe. It has soft touch electronic controls to control the speed with 3 levels of speed. It also has an indicator light to keep you updated enough. The HEPA filters are extremely impressive with amazing quality nd life long durability as they can be vacuumed and used again being a cost effective product. The weight of this air purifier is about 11.5 lbs and comes with 5 years of warranty as Honeywell knows how to be loyal to its customers and maintain a long term relation. It is suitable for the rooms of 200 sq.ft and if used in larger rooms it may not function properly. Hence it is very important that appropriate air purifier is used according to the size of the room.
  7. This is another air purifier from Honeywell which is highly regarded due to its extraordinary features. This air purifier is small and beautiful to be kept in compact places. It does not need spacious area to be kept. The design of this sleek, tower air purifier is attractive. It is best for small rooms rather than spacious rooms. It stands at 40 in CADR scale and provides the option of 2 speeds to have a control over it and perform its task very efficiently. It works quietly in your room but its presence is felt by the clean fresh air around you. It also has permanent washable filters which speak for its durability and these filters capture the maximum amount of airborne allergens to give out pure and clear air. Honeywell offers a 5 year warranty for this air purifier hence it is a good option available and a good choice to make.
  8. This is also another version of air purifier from Honeywell. It is exceedingly amazing due to the features it beholds. This tower shaped air purifier is designed in such a way that it can be placed in the corner of the room taking less space. It is appropriate for the room which has a size of 150 sq.ft. According to the AHAM it secures 98 in CADR. It is easy to clean the air purifier even its filters are washable that makes it more reliable as they can be used again after washing and drying them up. This air purifier has 4 cleaning levels which gives you control over it so that you can set it according to the condition of dust and pollution around you. It keeps you informed as well with its filter indicator. This air purifier includes 2 pre-filters from washable and gas reducing. This air purifier also has a oscillation and allergen intelligence settings that allow you to keep an eye over its functioning. It even has 2, 4 and hour timer to give you a comfortable and clean environment to breathe in. It is a sensible choice to make to buy this purifier.
  9. This air purifier from Honeywell is one compact tool to clean the air around you. It is of small size that it can be kept on table around you to purify the air. It is profoundly compressed into small size and has dual positions to perform its task fully and efficiently. It has one filter that tries to capture the dust particles and airborne allergens to keep you safe from them. It even has an ionizer that provides you with extraordinarily clean and fresh air to breathe. Another mesmerizing feature of this air purifier is the odor -lock technology which eliminates the common household odors to keep you free and healthy. This air purifier has the feature of electric filter check to remind you of checking the filters when required and these filters even have the ability of antimicrobial treatment which makes it better than others. It is a good compact air purifier to go for to keep your family safe and healthy.
  10. Honeywell has a wide range of air purifiers and one of these air purifiers is this Tower shaped air purifier which works efficiently and impressively. It works with 2 HEPA-type filters that try to capture the allergens and microscopic germs present in the air upto 95 %. It even has the option of odor reducing pre-filter to keep your house away from bad odors. It regulates the air five times per hour depicting its efficacious cleaning. There is an electric filter check that reminds you of filter check time to time. This air purifier is ideal for the room that has a size of 170 sq.ft. This air purifier is a smart choice to make to keep yourself healthy, safe and clean.

Final Remarks

With the advent of technology and innovative inventions there has been drastic change in the environment. The atmosphere in which we breathe in has become more polluted and to stay healthy and safe it is very important that such tools are also invented that keep us clean from such pollutants present in our environment. Air purifier is one of such inventions that helps us to stay safe and healthy in such polluted atmosphere. Honeywell is a well known brand that has performed intense research in the field and developed a vast range of air purifiers to keep the air clean. They have a list of variant air purifiers.And such air purifiers are mentioned above to assist you to make a sensible choice for yourself and family.

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