Find out The Best Recommended Boat Bunk Carpet Review 2017

Boat Bunk Carpet


People have passion for different things. Some love materialistic things while some adore nature. People get attracted to greenery, islands, mountains and forests. Every other person finds peace for themselves in different things. People who love water and life underwater keep themselves updated with the latest of the equipments. They are fond of fishing, rafting and even boating. Well many of the people own their personal boats as they hold passion and love for them. However the maintenance and care of these boats is very important to keep them working. Boats have a very essential part in them to make them look good and presentable. And one of that is bunk carpets which are there to help the boat get a good outlook and it is useful for many other reasons as well. Carpets are significant due to their usefulness and that is not only bound to boat but it can be used outdoor as well due to its qualities. Boats or trailers have to be in best position so that the sailors can take their boats in the water again after the fall. Hence it is always best to look after them in the off season so that they are ready when the season comes to go back in the water for sailing.

How To Use It

It is a difficult task to do so but not that difficult that you cant do it alone rather it just needs your one day and there you go with the replacement of your bunk carpet. First of all you need to unbolt the existing bunk boards from the trailer and remove them so that you can place the new one. Then you need to clean the debris, glue or any particles of the sand so that there is no dirt before applying the new one. At the very same time you have the chance to analyze the bunk boards that are they in a good and sustainable condition that is whether they are broke or worn out or in a stable condition. Next you need to check the size of the bunk carpet you will be needing. Then comes the integral part of the work that is how to stick the new bunk carpet, well there are two ways to do that, that is, either you glue it or staple it. But if you go for more reliable option then that is stapling the bunk carpet. The stapling of the bunk carpet will secure the carpet more firmly for a longer period of time while you do the loading and un-loading the boat. Then you may take the bolts to secure the bunk on your trailer in the already drilled holes properly so that it does not move from its place. Then you may put your carpet over the bolts which prevents it from scratching or getting torn out from the bottom of the boat. Then the last thing you need to do is to unwrap the bunk carpet and roll it over according to the size and while placing it you need to take care of the rubber back as it should face up. Then you may place the bunk board evenly and rightly by the edge of the laid carpet and while doing so you need to leave some carpet to wrap the end of the bunks. As you start rolling it along with it you staple it so that it stays in its place. And you keep on rolling until the board is completely covered. And at the end you staple it with staple gun after every small distance. Giving you a secure and snug fit. And there you go with the newly replaced bunk carpet and repeat the process on the other remaining bunks. The most eminent quality of these bunk carpets is this that they are weather resistant that makes them a reliable and durable option for the boat owners. Hence these carpets are a quick and easy way to protect your bunks.

Best Recommended Boat Bunk Carpet

Here are few of the best boat bunk carpets suggested with their prominent features so that you get the best understanding and deeper view of these bunk carpets.

Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet. This is a high quality bunk carpet which has a universal quality and size. Moreover this is a heavy duty bunk carpet that gives you much feasibility that you don’t have to change the bunk carpet frequently as it is reliable and Another very interesting thing about this bunk carpet is this that it is ravel resistant as unlike other bunk carpets which get raveled over time. Moreover it has superior rubber backing giving more firm and compose look for a longer period of use. Lastly it is pliable and easier to cut according to the size of your bunk which makes it a more accessible option. The cost of this bunk carpet is $26-$300.

Attwood Trailer Bunk Padding (8-Inch). Here is another bunk carpet which is 8 inches wide and 12 feet long so that you can easily cover your bunks. Furthermore it is weather resistant that makes you even more reliable. The material used to make this bunk carpet is polypropylene. The cost of this bunk carpet is just $14-$16.

Attwood Trailer Bunk Padding. This is another option of bunk carpet available to the sailors for their boats. It is the most high standard marine carpet material that suits your need. It is 12 inches wide and most importantly it can be cut easily according to your need. The cost of this bunk carpet is just $22-$24.

Tie Down Engineering 86137 11″ Black Marine Bunk Carpet. Here is another bunk carpet that can be used for the bunkis of your boat. This is a black colored carpet which is suitable for every type of board. The price it beholds is $21-$23 which is very much reasonable.

Charcoal Bunk Carpet – 12 inches wide – Marine Outdoor Runners. This is another option open up to you. It is UV stabilized for outdoor use and most importantly it is sunlight and weather resistant. It is marine backed to give the most superior performance. The cost of this bunk carpet is just $24-$100.

Final Words

Hence this particular bunk carpet is one of the best choices for anyone looking to find top quality, long lasting and multifunctional bunk carpet at a reasonable price, this is the goto product for all the boat owners.

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