Find Out The Best Recommended Speakon to 1/4 Adapter Review 2017

Speakon to 1/4 adapter

Do you want to convert your acoustic sound system amp with other loud speaker? or are your ears longing for crystal clear sound? Well, then Speakon is the solution you are looking for. A Speakon is an exclusive kind of connector that you can use in all your professional sound systems for connecting amplifiers to loud speaker to enhance the quality of your sound. The Speakon name is registered as a trademark. Now you can easily convert amplifier output to speaker cabinet inputs for using a standard ¼ speaker cables. It’s a great tool for a quick fix or whenever you are in desperate need to converts a cable. These Speakon into ¼ adapters assists you to convert ¼ inches of your speaker cable into the world of Speakon connections.  To connect this tool to any speaker or amplifier, all you have to do is insert your ¼ inch speaker cable into these ¼ adaptors and it will open versatile options for your amp or speaker connections. The Speakon was originally manufactured by a very well renowned company Neutrik. Others have also designed many Speakon into ¼ adaptors that ensures durability and high quality. Although all Neutrik series of amplifiers and professional speakers are well-known standard in the music industry. This article is created to help you find perfect, affordable and extremely reliable Speakon to ¼ adaptors available on world wide web.

Top Most Recommended Speakon to 1/4 adapter

Following Speakon to ¼ adaptors are highly recommended due to reliability, affordability, functionality and its extreme durability. After analyzing several feedbacks of satisfied customer’s we have picked some of the premium quality Speakon to ¼ adaptor that will full fill all your requirements of connecting amplifiers and loud speakers.

Neutrik NA4LJX speakON 1/4” Mono Jack Adapter

About Neutrik:

Neutrik is a very renowned international corporation that has approximately 40 years of experience in making series of amplifiers and professional speakers. All Neutrik products are very well-made. They are known to be the most reliable manufacturer in industry. With the passage of time the company has continuously excelled in producing innovative designs of varied electronic acoustic connectors and receptacles.

Product Description:

This adaptor is a very ideal product for those who wants to adapt unbalance phone plug to any Speakon input. It does not need any kind of installation instructions, all you need to do is connect your ¼ inch plug cable and then connect male Speakon the one with blue side to any receiver that has Speakon female input. It is an implausible and special kind of adapter that will make your cord work with Speakon connection that will amplify your sound without any noise. If your speakers contain ¼ inch jack input, then this Neutrik Speakon to ¼ adaptor will help efficiently in your signal conversion without losing any signal in between of providing clear sound. Its best suited for Speakon to ¼ female adapter. The shipping dimensions of this product is 3 x 1 x 1 inches.

Pyle-Pro PCBL41 12 Gauge Speakon Connector Male to 1/4” Female Cable Adapter

Another ideal adapter that will efficiently link a speak on male jack to female ¼ inch mono jack. It will work excellently to adapt unbalance phone plug to any Speakon input. Whether in a studio or on stage, It’s a perfect product that can be used with a mixer or any amplifier that has Speakon connection. The cable can be used to convert any stereo Speakon male connection to ¼ inch female connection and it will provide clear sound after the conversion. Its materials are highly precision formulated that will provide maximum signal transfer. This product is equipped with an exclusive jagged precast strain relief that will endure long lasting protection even after multiple usage. This cable is designed in such an innovative manner that it can bear maximum noise isolation without any kind of distortion. The product dimensions are 0.8 x 14 x 8.8 inches and it weigh approximately 2.0 ounces.

GLS Audio Speaker Plug Speakon to Adapter 1/4″ to Twist Lock 4

This ¼ inch adaptor is ideally compatible with all Neutrik Speakon N – series.  It’s one of the highest quality adapter available on internet market. This product will proficiently function in any 4 – pin or 2 – pin Speakon port. It will help you in signal conversion and will provide best sound signals without any distortion. The made up material of this Speakon to ¼ inch adaptor is of premium quality. It does not need any kind of installation instructions, all you need to do is connect your ¼ inch plug cable and then connect male Speakon to any receiver that has Speakon female input. The manufacturers of this products confirms GLS high quality audio and seamless compatibility with Neutrik Speakon. This package also contains additional 2 packs for your back up. The package dimensions are 5.5 x 3.9 x 1.4 inches with 1 pound’s product weight. You can conveniently connect this tool to any speaker or amplifier, all you have to do is insert your ¼ inch speaker cable into this ¼ inch adaptor and it will provide loud and clear amplifier sound.


No matter how many adaptors you collect, you will still not have too many in your tool box but these Speakon to ¼ adaptors are the best solution for your quick fix of converting your ¼ cable to a Speakon connection. If you are an individual who is not using brand new gears in Speakon world, then the Speakon to ¼ adaptors are a great tool for you. Speakon connectors are rated for RMS 40 ampere consistent current and its comparatively higher than TS phone connectors of ¼ – inch. All the above given links will ensure your buying. You can easily purchase a Speakon to ¼ adaptor according to your desired need. Many customers frequently buy this product with the combination of 5 foot ¼ inch to ¼ speaker cable and female XLR to ¼ inch cable adapter. All the extra accessories will enhance your collection in the best possible manner. This article contains profound knowledge of Speakon to ¼ adapters specifications. All the links are picked on the bases of consistency, affordability, efficient operation and durability. You can easily afford these Speakon to ¼ adaptors and we promise you that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.




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