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Vacuum Sealer Review


Vacuum Sealer is a tool of best use in kitchen to keep your food fresh however its use is not bound to food items only but it can be used with other things as well like articles, books, magazines and many more. This suctions out the air from the bags and seals the food items and keeps them fresh.

General Specification

These vacuum sealers are the best apparatus available to the people who spend most of their time in the kitchen. This tool helps them in keeping food item fresh for days. it works with a just a touch of button making it easy to use.

Used For Food Items:fruits,vegetables,nuts & Other: Books,Articles, Magazines
LED Light Indicator Yes
Zipper Bags Yes, Also rolls and bags
Food Waste Reduced and negligible spoilage
Operates With a Touch of Button


Best Recommended Vacuum Sealers with Key Features

  1. FoodSaver is a well-known brand that brings you an amazing tool that helps you seal your food efficiently. This is a retractable handheld sealer for vacuum sealing containers, canisters, zipper bags and many more. An amazing feature of this vacuum sealer is that it automatically detects the bag and and performs the vacuum sealing which is done quickly and very easily while capturing all the freshness and goodness of the food and keeps it safe. Another amazing feature of this vacuum sealer is this that when it is sealing the zipper bags, containers and canisters it has the convenient handheld retractable sealer that eliminates the need for any kind of additional attachment which makes it a more reliable tool to use for sealing the food. This FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System is engineered in such a way that it works best with Foodsaver bags and rolls. This 2-in-1 FoodSaver appliance is vacuum sealing with versatility at its peak. The weight of this machine is about 10 pounds which allows ease for you to place it wherever you want it.
  2. WAOAW Portable Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine with Starter Kit is an amazing vacuum sealer that is used for sealing food while keeping its freshness intact. It has extensive features that makes it to stand out among different brands. This vacuum sealer is a mini portable vacuum sealing system which eliminates the freezer burn and reduces spoilage which eventually reduces the food waste letting you save everything. This vacuum sealing machine fits up to 11.6 inch wide quart and gallon heat-seal bags and roll which are included with it. To operate this vacuum sealer is extremely easy it just starts working with a simple touch to vacuume sealer as there is no need of any attachments it provides you hand free function. This vacuum sealer also has the seal indicator lights which help you understand the sealing process. The extensive use of this machine is not limited to only fruits, meat, nuts, vegetables or snacks but this vacuum sealer can also be used for wrapping of magazines, letters, artifacts, linens etc. The package includes the vacuum sealer machine, one manual guide that may help you to operate it and heat-seal bags are also included which saves your cost. It is surely a smart choice to make for making things easier for yourself.
  3. Geryon Compact Automatic Vacuum Sealing with Starter Pack of Saver Roll and Bags for Food Preservation is another well-structured vacuum sealing machine which helps you in sealing different materials in a vacuum condition. This vacuum sealing machine eliminates any risk of freezer burn and spoilage of food which altogether reduces the waste of food. The vacuum sealer is automatically operated with just one button which is extremely easy to use. It fits up to 12 inch width any brand quart and it also has gallon, heat-seal bags and rolls for the sealing of different materials. This not only helps you to seal fruits, vegetables, snacks and other eatables but it also helps you to wrap other things as well like articles, magazines and valuables. This is extremely amazing featured vacuum sealing machine that helps you keep your stuff clean and safe.
  4. Crenova is another well established brand that brings you well engineered products that bring ease in your life and more durability. This vacuum sealer is so good at its job that it keeps your food fresh for 6 times longer period. It removes all the air with specially designed food storage bags or canning jars and seals food only in matter of seconds. The innovation in technology brought in this vacuum sealer is so much that it has a sealing width of maximum 3mm. It does effective sealing and vacuuming of the different things without producing much noise while doing the sealing which makes it even more environment friendly. This sealing machine does not only wrap eatables like fruit, vegetables, snacks and other things but also the things of your use like books, magazines which keeps the things away from dust and dirt and germs. This machine has easy to handle manual pulse function is suitable for various food types especially crisp food so that you can keep its freshness intact. The body of this vacuum sealer is made of stainless steel that makes it even more reliable and long lasting. It has intelligent LED light indicators that help you keep moving. It also has the flexible manual pulse function. Crenova offers a years warranty so that its customers remain satisfied. Also to maintain its loyalty they have their technical team at your disposal round the clock which gives edge over other well-known brands.
  5. Seal-a-Meal is another brand that produces vacuum sealers that assist you keeping your things neat and clean. It has easy operating system that is you just need to Press/Hold Release system button to run this vacuum sealer. The most eminent feature of this vacuum sealer is this that they have patented removable drip tray so that there is no mess. This fits in 8 inch, 11 inch, quart and gallon hot-seal bags and rolls which is extremely useful machine. This vacuum sealer has hands-free and seal indicator lights which keep you updated. The design of this vacuum sealer has a compact design and reliable product to have which may last longer. This Vacuum sealer is smartly engineered so that it may perform its task most efficaciously and perfectly so that the customer remains satisfied.
  6. Razorri Vacuum Sealer Machine is one of its kind which is highly efficient at its work. This is designed in such a way that it has super slim body and is black colored hence its compact design is extremely attractive that it easily fits in anywhere in your kitchen and is a beautiful addition to your kitchen. It has the new operating system that is you just put your hand on the lid until the suction begins and let the vacuum do the rest of its job. And most importantly it does not make noise due to its quite motor and technical efficiency. This vacuum sealer is ideal for fruits, vegetables, snacks and other eatables. Hence these sealed food is always ready for best quality sous video cooking and barbecue. This vacuum sealer allows you to save cost by allowing you to do bulk buying of different food items that is shopping for fortnightly rather then on weekly or daily basis. You can buy meat and vegetables and seal it and store it easily. Altogether this is a good deal to make to have this machine in your kitchen to have healthy and fresh food on your own.
  7. Gourmia Vacuum Sealer is another well-structured vacuum sealer that is impressively made to use it for maximum relaxation. This vacuum sealer is a state of the art machine which is highly featured product of Gourmia. This vacuum sealer is so versatile in its function that it has 8 functional modes that are vacuum & seal, pulse, manual seal, canister, gentle, moist, normal and dry. This vacuum sealer also has the LED light indicator so that you know which function of the vacuum sealer is being performed at the time. This vacuum sealer also has the starter kit which has a roll of vacuum bags so that you can easily start of saving your food items. Furthermore this vacuum sealer is ETL certified so that it can bring confidence to its user that it is a safe, reliable and high quality product. Hence this vacuum sealer brings freshness to your food by keeping it safe in vacuum sealed bags.
  8. KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer is another name in the queue of brands that have worked hard to stay in the top list. This vacuum sealer is optimal for sealing fruits, vegetables, nuts, snacks or any other food item so that it is safe from all kinds of bacteria and germs. To operate this vacuum sealer is quite simple. You can simply vacuum and seal for automatic vacuum sealing or you can simply go for seal only for sealing the bags or else there is an option of inching function for manual vacuum sealing furthermore it even has the air suction mode as well. This vacuum sealer is portable and very compact in size that it can be placed in the kitchen to enhance its beauty. The KitchenBoss vacuum sealer works with strong air suction which is much faster and gives full seal hence the shell contains ABS+PC fire-proof material, with temperature resistance up to 125 degrees. Its functionality is not limited to eatables only but it is a impressive tool to safeguard your other valuables like jewelry, antiques, paintings, important documents for long time and free from any kind of air corrosion. And amazingly it can keep the supplies dry during camping and traveling hence it is a must assistant for camping or traveling. KitchenBoss tries its best to provide maximum customer satisfaction by providing 5 years of warranty to its potential customers. They even provide customer care services to provide any kind of technical support wherever needed. The package includes a starter kit which has 10 pieces of food sealer bags which are FDA approved and are free of BPA and it also has 40 Date labels so that you can remember the shelf life your food items. Hence it is a smartly produced vacuum sealer that brings hygiene to your access.
  9. Cosori Automatic Vacuum Sealer is the best way to keep your food fresh for days as it can keep the food fresh up to 7 times longer time period. This vacuum sealer has intelligent LED light indicators which keep you informed also it has flexible manual pulse and most eminently this vacuum sealer works with just one touch and turns of automatically with its great technology. This vacuum sealer efficiently suctions all the air and seals the food so smartly that it keeps the food item fresh for days. This vacuum sealer does its job in few seconds and saves your time and cost altogether. furthermore this vacuum sealer has the anti-skid padding which keeps the product in place and does not let it move. It is very easy to clean and most importantly this vacuum sealer comes with a warranty of two years and also this is approved by ETL. This vacuum sealer tries to keep the things fresh and prevent them from humid and dust in different weathers.
  10. Now this is another version of vacuum sealer by FoodSaver. This vacuum sealer by Foodsaver is handheld that is it operates manually. This handheld vacuum sealer is a great tool to be used in kitchen to keeps food items fresh on daily basis as it can be used with daily meats, refrigerating items or cheese or any other pantry food. This vacuum saver is cordless and easy to use for the daily use purposes. There is only one-touch that is needed to operate vacuum the bags airtight and keep your food fresh and safe. The easy to clean nozzle catches the overflow of liquids and is dishwasher safe. This vacuum sealer is designed to use with the foodsaver vacuum zipper bags and foodsaver deli containers. This is the best tool to enhance your day to day work in your kitchen to keep your food fresh and safe and keep yourself and family healthy.

Final Remarks

To keep your food fresh is the most important task in today’s time. Now a days there is no time for buying groceries everyday hence it is very important that a vacuum sealer is there to keep your food fresh and intact. These above mentioned vacuum sealers are of best quality and do their job with great efficiency. They help you to safeguard your food from germs and bacteria and intact from humid weather conditions. This is one of the essential tools that one needs to have in their kitchen for best health and hygiene.


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