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In the modern times when theft, burglary and street crimes are common, every person is concerned for their security. A gadget like a video doorbell becomes invaluable, and provides your house or office with a hint of security. You don’t have to go and see who is standing there at the door through the keyhole or the knob mirror Y.

ou can see yourself on the phone, live feed of who is standing outside, you can hear them, and even talk to them. This life feed can even be accessed from miles away on internet. You can ask whoever is standing on the door that you can’t come down, or anything like that and they can go. Usually burglars come to your house, ring the bell and if nobody answers they get in the house.

However with the video doorbell, you can effectively maneuver burglars without much trouble. Video doorbell provide you with the luxury of not only 24/7 surveillance, but you can actually record the feed on your cell phone which is stored in the cloud storage of the doorbell.

Even during blackouts, when traditional doorbells don’t work, some video doorbells have a battery installed inside them and they give a good backup time too. Video doorbell has not only secured the houses and lives  of it users, it also provided them with the ability to check and see who enters their house and when. Plus you can actually check who delivered your package and at what time and whether the package was manipulated by some third party or not.

Before buying a video doorbell, it is essential to know the mechanism with which they work, and the pre-requisites of a video doorbell.

There must be an electrical connection where bell needs to be placed. There must be wifi at hone, with which the device will be connected. The doorbell would save the feed in its cloud storage for viewing later. While live feed is shown with the help of satellites. Image is channelled to cell phone from the doorbell via satellite witb the help of a working wifi network.

Video doorbells come in many shapes and sizes, they have different specifications.

Specifications are the qualities and the abilities a device has or possess which is of value and matters. When it comes to video doorbells it is its ability to record videos in daylight and during lowlight, it’s camera resolution, it’s cloud storage, its 2 way audio system and whether it’s weather proof or not.

Our review is based upon selecting the best 10 video doorbells on the basis of the following specifications.


The most important feature of a video doorbell is its ability to record videos and to take pictures. That is widely dependent on the quality of camera that comes in with the device. What is the pixel density of the camera? What is the resolution of the camera? What type of  lens is used?. What is the quality of the video it takes? These are all valuable details that a buyer must be aware of before buying a video doorbell. The better the camera of the doorbell the better will its feed be.

Night vision:
Some video doorbells come with the option of night vision while others  have a brilliant low light camera. Devices with night vision are usually better because they don’t have an led attached to them which might alert the person on the door of the presence of video camera.
But some devices that use top led lights usually make their devices in such manner that it would alert the perpetuator.

Quality of material:
Video doorbells are made of different materials. They are either made of aluminium, stainless steel or either hard plastic. The durability of a device is dependent upon its quality. Some people when get alert, they try to dismantle the video doorbell. But if it is of good quality, dismantling it is not an easy feat.

Audio recording and mic:
Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, video doorbells come with a 2 way audio system. This means that you can actually record sound and hear the person who is standing outside along with telling him what to do, even from miles away. The quality of  microphone and speaker is really important, because if there isn’t proper communication a wrong message can be delivered.

Phone Application and interface:
Doorbells usually provide with their own designed application, which is used to connect to the doorbell with the help of wifi connection and satellite servers. The quality of the interface is an Important feature. A messy interface can waste seconds of live feed, also it become a hindrance in effective communication.

Power source:
Some doorbells have the ability to work when there is a blackout, while others run on AC current. The ones with the battery are charged when there isn’t any power source. The backup time of a doorbell depends on the quality of the batteries used and the extent of usage of the doorbell

Weather proof:
Video doorbells are placed outside of the house, which means that they require to be weather proof. Some cheap brands don’t make the videobells water proof which hinders there ability to work during outcast conditions. Also it effects the durability of the device widely.

Warranty and customer support:
Video doorbells run with an online application. At times there arrives a need when the live video feed won’t work or the cloud storage isn’t recording the video. During these times of emergency, a buyer needs customer support from the seller in order to get over the issue they are having. So the best way to ensure quality customer support is buying from authentic dealers.
Even after being provided with valuable customer support, it still isn’t enough. Because Video doorbells are electric devices and there may be errors in the hardware that can’t be solved online. This is when the warranty of the device comes in and play its role. Different Video doorbells have a different warranty.

Recommended devices:
Based on these specifications, we have recommended some of the best video doorbells for you

SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Version 2.0 Classic:
This elegant video doorbell has a silver color which adds to its beauty. With the help of motion sensors it can even detect who didn’t press the bell. It then alerts the user of this movement. It has a wide angle camera, which records videos at a stunning resolution of 1080p. It has Infrared settings when dark. But it’s motion sensor can lag a little bit during heavy rainfall. It requires no batteries and runs on ac power. It’s interface is really simple with cloud storage, free of course. And it has no leds attached to it and it isn’t weather proof

Ring Video Doorbell Pro:
This weather proof device has leds attached with it. It records HD videos at over 1080p. It’s motion sensor is really good and doesn’t lag like the skybell. It too has no batteries and runs only on Ac power. It has a really powerful interface that allows the user to record videos without any hindrance. The user gets a free cloud storage of 30 days and after that they have to pay for it.

Zmodo Greet -WiFi Video Doorbell with Zmodo Beam:
Zmodo Greet is a new device in the market, it has built in night vision and doesn’t  need any leds that would vandalise it. This device runs on Ac power and doesn’t need any battery. It’s motion sensor is not so good but it records impressive videos at 1080p. It has a limited cloud storage. It is built with two way audio.

RemoBell WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell:
Remobell is wireless and doesn’t need Ac power supply. It runs on batteries which needs to be charged. It doesn’t have any led and uses night vision during nightfall. It has a 720p camera and its motion sensor is really good. It’s not weather proof. It has a 2 way audio system that records quality sounds. It’s interface is not as good as other international brands. It doesn’t have cloud storage.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel:
This doorbell has an impressive motion senor and allows the user to control the focus areas manually through their cell phones. Whether its day or night, ring video doorbell uses IR and night vision to record HD videos at an impressive 720p. It has two way audio system along with night vision which makes it record quality sound. It too like the pro version provides a free cloud storage of a month.

Wifi Doorbell Video Doorbell Camera Video Door Phone:
This doorbell can be connected with multiple phones and accessed at the same time. It has a really simple interface as compared to other brands. It is made of hard plastic. This doorbell records videos at 720p. It uses night vision during night time. It runs on Ac power and needs no batteries. It isn’t weather proof. It has a good night vision but it doesn’t provide the users with cloud storage

SkyBell HD Silver WiFi Video Doorbell:
Skyybell HD records stunning videos at 1080p. It has an impressive motion sensor that even alerts the user if somebody doesn’t ring the bell. It has night vision and IR but also has the feature of top  led which makes it record even more stunning videos. It provides the user with an unlimited cloud storage. The seller also provides a one year return warranty in case of any malfunction or error in the original device.

VueBell WIFI HD Camera Video Doorbell:
This compact doorbell has a really hard material. It records impressive videos of 720p HD. It doesn’t have any cloud storage but the user can access live video playback and live talk for free. It has a great motion sensor which detects activity outside and alert the user about it. It runs on both ac and dc power supply, but special wiring is required. It has no leds and no night vision but it record good videos during night. The seller provides the buyers with an assured quality and gives a warranty of upto 18 months.

ERAY WiFi Wireless Enabled Video Doorbell Smart Home Security Camera IP65 Waterproof:
Eray doorbell is waterproof and has a tamper alarm which adds to its durability. It records good quality videos of 720p. It has night vision to record videos during night. It also provides the user with cloud storage. But this device doesn’t run on Ac power supply. Instead it runs on batteries. But its motion sensor is not very good and it lags during coarse conditions. Also this doorbell hasn’t any wide lens camera, which makes it unable to record wider picutes.

PowPro Pdor PP-05B Wifi Waterproof Video Doorbell:
This waterproof doorbell is really hard and durable. It has an HD Cmos camera, that has wide lens and a nifty motion sensor. It can alarm the user if the somebody stays outside the user’s house for more than the specified time. It has a 2 way audio system and an easy interface. This is a smart device but its no cloud storage is a con.

Product name SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Zmodo Greet – Video Doorbell RemoBell WiFi Video Doorbell
Camera 1080p 1080p 1080p 720p
Led Yes No No Yes
Night vision Yes Yes No Yes
Cloud storage Unlimited Limited Limited No
Weather proof No Yes No Yes
Price 229$ 249$ 95$ 179$

Final verdict:
Video doorbells comes in different qualities and shapes. It depends upon the content of your need. But buying a video doorbell is a must, a video doorbell that works with a cell phone is more effective than the one that uses already placed screens, because with a cell phone, we can actually check live feed from miles away over wifi connection.

Video doorbells have added to the security of every man. They are affordable and are a good alternative to traditional bells and burglar alarms.


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