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Windmax Gas Cooktops

When it comes to kitchen accessories, Windmax is known for its dominant niche. They offer quality cooktops, both gas and electric. They are known worldwide for selling quality products and delivering the best. Choosing between a gas and electric cooktop is really easy, you do a small cost and benefit analysis and decide which one to choose.

Usually the gas cooktops win over the electric ones by a 10 to 1 margin. Because of their high heat unit (btu), they not only provide a viable solution to the endearing costs of electricity bills, they also provide the luxury of getting the food cooked or the water boiled more quickly as compared to the electric gas tops. Gas cooktops last longer because of their brittle design than the electric cooktops. So they are more durable. Moreover if you have a blackout, you cannot cook food on the electric cooktops. In such situation the traditional gas cooktops come in handy. So if you’re in a dilemma in choosing between an electric or gas cooktop, what will you do? You will buy the gas cooktop, because it saves you a lot of money, its easy to use, it works during blackouts But if there are many brands that provide quality gas tops, which one will you choose?

That is for you to decide. We are reviewing 10 of the best Windmax gas cooktops.

What is our review based upon?

There are many factors that determine the quality, the pros and cons of a gas cooktop. For example the Heat output it gives, its size, its shape, its quality, is it safe to use, numbers of burners it has, the quality of material used and lastly the type of gases it works with.

Heat output:

Heat output is the amount of heat a cooktop produces with respect to its gas usage. It is measured in BTU(British thermal unit). The higher the heat output, the faster the cooktop will cook the food. But the cooktops with higher heat output use more gas. So

before buying one, you should overlook this.

Don’t forget to read this before buying a cooktop for your kitchen

Number of burners:

Gas cooktops come in different number of burners. If you’re buying for a restaurant, you must consider one with more number of burners, but if you’re buying for home, a cooktop with lesser number of burner is niftier as the large commercial cooktops have consume a larger space.

Size and shape of the cooktop:

Cooktops have a different range in size, the industrial ones are larger and household ones are smaller. So the perfect size must be considered before buying, because if you buy an industrial cooktop, it may consume lots of space. Cooktops usually differ from one another in shapes, and design, but that doesn’t matter as long as you get the perfect size.

Quality of the material:

Windmax that offers a wide range of products that use different materials for the cooktop. Glass, titanium, brittle plastic, stainless steel and cast iron are used to manufacture the cooktops. Choosing between what is the best for you depends upon your usage. But usually stainless steel and titanium cooktops last longer and are easy to use. But the tempered glass ones are alos very good, they provide a shinier outlook when cleaned properly.

Type of gasses it works with:

Gas cooktops usually come with a one type of gas workage, but windmax usually provides options for commercial gas, np and lng. It depends upon what gas is available in the area you are using the cooktop. Also some vendors provide with gas kits and interchangeable adapters. If not, one can always buy an adapter and change the gas type the cooktop works on.


When using gas products, one is always concerned about the safety of themselves. There can be a leakage due to the bad quality of the product or maybe the cooktop isn’t burning all of the gas and releasing raw gas. Cooktops usually have durable materials, but it is a good thing to test one before buying for safety and precautionary measures. Some cooktops are tested and then they are verified before coming to the market. But some are not, so it is important to be sure that whether the product is safe to use or not.


In case of a leakage or a faulty product, the cooktop needs repairing or changing. Some sellers provide customer support while others don’t. So it is a good thing to buy a cooktop that has warranty. So based upon these specifications, we have articulated a review of Windmax Gas cooktops.

Windmax and other brands:

Windmax is an international company which provides quality products globally. They have a quality assurance and a good customer care service. They use quality materials like titanium and stainless steel in manufacturing the cooktops, their heat output is usually higher than other brands, they provide a catalogue of various cooktops that come in different size, shapes and number of burners. Moreover they provide safe to use and pre tested cooktops. Their annual sale tops most of the brands when it comes to kitchen accessories, and that is because they give you a good money to product deal and a quality product that is more durable.

We have reviewed 10 of the best Windmax gas cooktops

WindMax Brand Design 34″ Black Titanium Stainless Steel:

This stylish Cooktop has 5 burners made of cast iron which makes it almost impossible to melt even after continous usage of 12 hours. It has a size of 34 inches which is optimum and can be used both in restaurants and at homes. It cooks food faster with an effective heat output of 11259 Btu/h. The gas hob panel is black and is made of Titanium stainless steel which makes it very easy to clean after using. it works both with LNG and NG.

 Windmax 30″ Fashion Black Tempered Glass Built-in Kitchen

This beautiful glass tempered cooktop has a size of 30”. It works with Natural gas but LNG can be used as well with the help of a special Gas kit, which is offered in the initial package. The heat output of main burner is 3300 W or 11259 Btu/h. Due to its tempered glass, it becomes really easy to clean this masterpiece and it gives a shinier outlook when clean. It has 4 burners which can be used effectively simultaneously without gas shortage. The burner caps are made of iron.

Windmax Fashion Black & Gold 30 Inch Stainless

This brittle yet sleek cooktop is made of stainless steel. It capitalises a size of 30”. It’s brittle surface makes it impossible to put a dent or break this cooktop. It’s compact design makes place for 5 burners. It is only compatible NG. That means that it doesn’t work with LNG without proper adapters and gas kits. Its main burner has a heat output of 3000W. The burner knobs are made of cast iron.

It is a beautiful yet brittle cooktop. It comes in a beautiful gold and a black colour, so if you’re a fan of design, this is the right cooktop for you.

WindMax 34″ Stainless Steel 6 Burner

This cooktop has an impressive size of 34”. Which makes it compatibile for both industry and home. It has 6 burners, with an impressive heat output of 3300 W from the main burner. The hard stainless steel makes this cooktop easily cleaned. It is compatible only with LNG and NG. Its burner knobs are made of iron.

Overall it’s a sleek and hard silver cooktop that sits well with marbles and wood settings.

Windmax USA 23″ Elegant Curve Stainless Steel 4 Burners Stove

This small and nifty cooktop has a small and compact size of 23”. It’s the best to be used at home and at offices with small settings. Its stainless steel makes it thin and hard. Its small size makes it easy to fit into places. Although it is small but it has 4 burners, and its main burner only, which capitalise a huge amount of heatoutput of 3300 W cooks food faster than anything. The burner knobs are made of cast iron. It has heavy duty pan support and wok holders.

28 in Silver Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Stove NG Gas Cooktop.

This Beautiful cooktop is made of stainless steel. It has a compatible stand, which means that it needs not be placed inside a surface. You just have to put it on the tabletop or the stand. But the only issue with this cooktop is that it just has 4 burner knobs even after its 28” size. It works on both LNG and NG. But for LNG, you have to use different adapters. It has an impressive heat output of 3300 W from the main burner. Its color is silver and the ignition type it uses is pulse.

Windmax 35.5 Inch Coated Glass 5 Burners cooktop.

This silver cooktop has a massive 35.5” size. Which is both usable at home and at the restaurant. It has 5 burners, although the burners take a lot of size, but this device produces the most heat ouputs. With an impressive 3300 from 3 main burners.

Burner knobs are made of glass which give it an elegant touch and it’s easy to clean too. Its Small size makes it easy to handle. It uses both LNG and NG. It has an electronic ignition with 110 volt. It has pan safety handle and vok handle.

Windmax 28 in BlackTempered Glass 4 Burner

This cooktop controls temperature to the lowest of the levels and it’s the best option for professional cooks who care about the smallest of the malfunctions. It has a small size of 28”, which makes it compatible to be used at homes. It gives a beautiful outlook to your kitchen. It has 4 burners with the main burner burning at a massive heat output of 3300 W from the main burner. It works both with LNG and with NG. The tempered glass makes it easy to clean and give it a shiny outlook.

30″ Tempered Glass Built-in Kitchen 5 Burner Oven Gas Cooktop

This black cooktop has a size of 30”, both compatible with use at office, restaurant and homes as well. It is made of stainless steel which makes it really hard and easier to clean, It has 5 burners with the main burner cooking at an impressive 3300 W of heat output. It works with Natural gas. It has hardened pan support and a triple wok handle. It’s burner knobs are made with iron.

WindMax 34″ Stainless Steel Circular Frame 5 Burners Stove

This hardened stove is made of stainless steel. It is sleek and has a high burning capacity. With the main burning producing a heat output of over 3300 W. It has 5 burners which makes it easy to use at big setups. The burner caps are made of iron. It has circle wok holders and a pan support. It comes in 2 colours, Black and silver. And it is run by pulse ignition. This cooktop sits best with steel, marble and wooden setups.

Product name WindMax Brand Design 34″ Windmax 30″ Fashion Black Windmax USA 23″ Elegant Curve

Windmax 28 in BlackTempered


Heat output 3300 main burner 3300 main burner 3300 main burner 3000 main burner
Material Titanium stainless steel Tempered  glass stainless steel tempered glass
No of burners 5 4 4 5
Price 229.99$ 235.99$ 199.99$ 215.50$

Windmax gas cooktops; Final verdict

Windmax when it comes to kitchen accessories, undoubtedly provide quality products. They provide a wide range of products to choose from. When it comes to cooktops their high heat output serves as a benchmark among other brands. The quality they give is unmatched and has no parallel.

Windmax serves as one of the best companies that provide gas cooktops. Their wide varieties give the customers a luxury to choose between the products of their choice. There endurable products usually last longer than most of the brands, also they last longer than the Electric cooktops.


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